40 Year Old / Lost 65 Lbs - New York, NY

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I lost 65lbs 4 years ago and I lost all of my...

I lost 65lbs 4 years ago and I lost all of my breast due to this. I definitely need implants but was hoping to have a lift with minimal scars. That's my fear but hopefully I have a good experience. I have chosen my doctor and hope he gives me new life. Nothing like having sagging breast even in a push up.
I just want to know how long after the procedure can I go back to the gym or ride a spin bike?
How many CC would be best to see results as if I had work done. I would like 325-350 but don't want that look of two balls and that big cleavage separation I tend to see. What would be best to give me nice results?


I'm nervous yet excited. All I can think about is what kind of pain I'll be in.

24 hours later

I feel soreness under the breast fold and my armpit. I've been taking the pain meds which just puts me to sleep. My Dr. is amazing as well as his staff. I've been eating apple sauce and throwing up but I heard that's normal.

Happy it's over

7 days progress

I am so happy with my Doctors work. He and his staff are overall amazing.
The tape was taken off and now I'm able to use Neosporan 2-3 times a day. I took off the bra to wash it and put it right back on. I just noticed this morning that my right nipple is swollen and looks like it's hanging. I will call the doctor later and watch it in the next days.
How do you think it looks so far in 7 days?


I am concerned with the look of my right areola. Any ideas? I heard it's swelling but I don't see this getting flat and look good.

3 weeks

I am so happy with my doctor and results. My biggest concern was scars from and anchor lift being African American. No matter your race health is what helps with the healing process. I want to go to the gym so bad that waiting til my next appointment is driving me nuts. So for now I attend my meditation classes to help ease my mind of the gym.
I still have a few stitches poking out and will ask about that next week. I went right back to work a week after the procedure in the classroom. I did not take the pain meds at work but kept Tylenol with me just in case but no need. Every time a child wants a hug that would bang into me so I told them I had surgery on my shoulder and be careful. That worked.

12 weeks later / 300cc

I love the natural look but wanted more projection. As you can see I look plan. More pictures to come in the following weeks.
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