Lift w/ implant. 5'4" 135 3bf kids

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Surgery scheduled for 8/9/16. But as of tonight i...

Surgery scheduled for 8/9/16. But as of tonight i havent decided on what im doing. Breast lift with implants or without. My os sorta shows through his body language id look better with small implants . If i did an implant id want it no more than 300 just to fill out the top and roundness and cleavage.
However intially i didnt want any inplant just a lift.
I just want to be satisfied with my result. I dont want to look boxy and too flat like some lift only procedures end up like.
I need helo deciding. Im currently a 34c/d but the ps says the larger breast will have to be reduced etc. So i think i may need to get the silicone.
I just wish I knew how id look with and without lol.

Paid in full countdown is on

I paid yesterday and it's feeling super real now. I/ we decided on a small implant along with my lift. It will be a natrelle textured moderate or low implant somewhere in the 200-300 range.
Im currently a c/d so i really just want them round and full would like to stay a D . My base measured 12cm so according to the chart 200 may be too small...we will see.
As far as prepping, im doing as much as I can around the house. Hubby is off next week to take care of me. After that ill have to figure it out. I dont really have a support system for this because im not telling anyone. No one in my family would support it. I dont know what to tell my 12 year old daughter either. Was thinking just to say i have the flu. Lol.

Only button downs?

Blah blah blah. I know no one cares qhat happens in between the before pics and the after lol. I went to savers yesterday (first time #love) to get some ugly old lady button down short sleeve baggy shirts to wear for a week after.
How long will it need to wear only button downs?
What did you ladies wear or purchase for post op?
I don't plan on going anywhere for at least 4 days...

Pineapples and Beets

In preparation for the big day tomorrow, I've been juicing beets and carrots, and eating tons of pineapple.
I'm borderline anemic so the beets help with building blood. The pineapples are good for bruising and swelling.
Surgery scheduled for 3 pm tomorrow so I'll be super hungry.
I'm having some anxiety and last night was sleepless.
I also feel sad like I'll be getting rid of a part of my body. Anyone else feel that?
I also feel like what if I hate the results?

3 pm...srsly?

It's 5am.
I can't sleep. I'm already feeling dehydrated and I have to make it to 3 pm. For my surgery.
I'm very anxious and feel like I need to be knocked out now Lol.
Getting scared I'm going to conservatively with implants. Told my ps not to go over 300 because I just want a rounder fuller me but hope to stay a small d cup.
Is it too late to change?


Still in recovery so I'll be brief
Surgery took longer than expected
About 5 hours.
I had a lot to get right lol. (30 cc size difference.)
Dr. Didn't remove any tissue just skin so I maintained my size and added 200's
I was hoping he'd go bigger but he said my tissue plus additions should be a nice day size. I'm excited. Already see cleavage.

Recovery room pt 2- thru 7 hrs post op

My post op experience: stayed at hospital until around 11:30 pm .Had pins and needles in my left fingertips they   felt "asleep" for several hours after.
I had the most scratchy  throat  and the most chapped lips ever. Felt parched even though I saw the 500lt bag of fluids dripping into  my arms.(I had throat drops ..but unfortunately it would be several hours until I was able to  take )
After about an hour in the initial recovery room, I was taken to another, where my husband was. I stayed there until my release. There is had apple juice and 2 graham crackers. (Not quite the feast I was expecting,  lol) but surprisingly  although it has been well over 24 hours since my last meal, I'm not hungry .
I've been peeing so much! The first time I had to use a bed pan. It sucked. The next few  times I was allowed to use bathroom. (Thanks i.v. fluid)
Meds. Honestly I felt that the meds were not/ are working.  I had a morphine drip immediately  after. By the time I was in secondary waiting room I needed more. I pushed call button for something because I felt morphine wearing off and I literally  felt the infamammary  incisions.  They felt like I was sliced open with a pairing knife...(I was kinda ,lol).
I felt some relief but i.m.o. wasn't as comfortable  as I have liked.
PS. Was so sweet. Sensing my insomnia  from our pre-op chat  this afternoon  he sent a prescription  of Valium to help me sleep post op. (More on that later)
Due to road work/ late night construction , the ride home took 1.5 hours. This was the car ride from he'll. There were so many bumps in road (or so it felt) that I started crying. Also by now my meds were wearing off and I felt so much pain. Everything  hurt. The incisions. My arms. And I was extremely  thirsty. Started having an anxiety  attack for real.
OK so now the pain....feels heavy like 2 large 1980's ish encyclopedias  were on my boobs. (Ouch)
Since my husband just picked up  the Valium, he pulled  to the side of the road and gave it to me. (Side note bring bendy straws with you . Again another item I had, but at home not with me)
Finally ladies just want to note that it is currently  2:48 am and I am wide awake!!!
I really expected Valium and percocet combo to KNOCK ME OUT. But long still up on what appears to be an adrenaline  high.
If anyone has any insights  on this phenomena please lmk.
The percocet is doing a better job in terms of helping me with the pain thankfully.
Deep inhalations and arm movements  still hurt...but hey I literally  just had surgery so it is expected.

So I'm happy it is over and I gained  200 ish cc twins. I'll  be posting play by plays. I felt the tops of my boobs and my upper pole felt great. I trust my doctor. He said he tried on several sizes.  Being that they changed the initial plan on the table( which was to reduce the larger one to match the smaller one) and instead just gave the smaller one a larger implant  to make up  the difference along with a great nipple lift to get it symmetrical  with smaller boob. I remember  during a consult  he told me one measured 2 centimeters  from optimal  placement. And the other 4 centimeters. I also custom picked out my new areolas. I picked 40mm so hopefully  that's what I got. Can't wait to see them. He showed me pics of me in the o.r. sitting up on the table and they looked so good.
My husband  said he showed him the pictures  also and went  over additional details with him. That was cool since my husband  is also  a medical professional and has been the best caretaker  so far.

Anyway ladies if you're still reading  thanks. I know the details helped me tremendously  over the past month that I've been planning.
I hope I can help others and you guys please provide feedback  for me as well. I can use helpful suggestions  and encouragement.

Insomnia and no appetite

I didn't sleep at all since surgery. Literally have been up for 2 days. I feel cranky because I need to sleep but can't. I also have no appetite. I'm forcing myself to eat prunes and drink water .
Pain is no joke today everything hurts. My armpits feel like a boob is stuck under them.
In summation not a good day today.

Sneak peak

I wasn't suposed to see this until day 3 but I wanted to readjust some gauze.
These were last night. And one with 2 bras was this morning.I'll be patient until shower day tomorrow. Can't wait to see both but so far I like what I see.
I still need pain meds. I downloaded an app. So I don't miss any doses. Still lots of pain. I think I slept a total of 4 hours since surgery so still not getting much rest. I also have not had a BM since the day before surgery so that's) Since Monday night and it's now Thursday. I've been taking colacell and eating prunes and tons of water though. I gained 4 lbs FYI. Not sure from what though. How much do these implants weigh ???geez

More sneaking

Super bloated.

Shower day

4 days p.o. I'm allowed to remove bra and shower. I'm excited. However i haven't had a bm since the day before surgery. That's 5 days! Nothing is working. Help!
I am able to sleep at night without waking up for meds but this morning im feeling like I need the pain meds again. So unfortunately I must keep taking narcotics until I no longer need them. I'm really going to try to rest today. I feel I've been doing too much.
My measurements are 31" band 38" around breast. They measure big but don't look big. I wanted to stay around the same size as I was just fuller and Perkier. I got what I asked for. :)
I noticed very few people get small implants but I must say I'm happy with this size.
What do you guys think?

Wish pics vs. So far

As I scroll through real self I've realized everyone's depiction of perfect boobs (aka wish pics) are so different. I see many people prefer really big boobs. Not too many like me I started feeling a little down thinking ok maybe I should have gone much bigger. Then I had to remind myself of what I wanted. So posting my wish pics to remind myself. And by the way I think my p.s. did a pretty good job .

Day 5 update

Hi ladies. You have all been keeping me Company these last few days. Well my husband goes back to work tomorrow so I'll be on my own with the kids. I'm really hoping that it's not a disaster tomorrow. I'm also in the middle of potty training my youngest so I'm not looking forward to being back on duty.
Anyway here is me today after a shower and some bio oil because I felt like my skin was stretching and itchy.
I'm in the Walmart bra everyone suggested. I got a 38 to account for swelling but honestly I don't feel that swollen. This bra is very roomy. My band is a 32. I'll have to run out and grab some 34s maybe for a more snug but not too tight fit.
I accidently rolled on my stomach last night. I woke up scared I'd damaged them...but I guess they are ok.
I also think I see some dropping but since I have textured I assume that mine are pretty much going to stay and not drop and fluff as much. Idk.
Also some have asked me about my size. On table p.s. said full d. We will see what happens.
I'll get more info on what happened during surgery when I go for my post op next week.
I have not noticed any oozing or bleeding
I have been sleeping with 2 bras on. I wake up and they feel heavy so this helps relieve the heavy feeling.
My nipples are so sensitive. Even the air from the fan gives them a tingle.

My old nipples were tired and hardly got aroused after months of breast feeding and bitting. Lol
I'm very excited for easily aroused boobs.

2.5 weeks boobie blues

Swelling has gone down. Feeling blah still not back to in my routine. Not in love with how i look. Sad face. Not sure why exactly but i think its the combination of trying to heal and not feeling like myself yet.
As far as side feels normal the other feels like im lactating. That engorged breast feeling. It is uncomfortable. And im also stuggling to find a bra that i feel comfortable in.
They mostly bother my insicions on the bottom.

Tape off

Scars not terrible. I love that they are not floppy anymore. :)

3 months

Loving my boobs. Seriously. They look great in bras and in lingerie. Super confident topless. They to me are a great size not too big. When i want to look much bigger i wear a push up bra and my cleavage is amazing.
Kristopher Hamwii

Dr. Hamwii made me feel comfortable immediately. I booked my surgery after my first consultation. We had many consultations over a 1 month period. We spoke and discussed things over and over. He did a great job and is very meticulous and went out of his way to make me feel confident in his care.

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