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Let me first start off and saying I've had a BBL...

Let me first start off and saying I've had a BBL before and this surgery is even more daunting to me then my BBL.

I'm looking to do a breast lift/ reduction with no implants. I have pretty full breast and they are very heavy.

To be honest they have gotten bigger after I had the bbl done do to fat going "other places".

I really interested on getting full C perky beast. My dream is to wear something backless. I don't quite remember me ever being able to do that.

With the years of gaining and losing weight my breast has been through the ringer. It's time for some love. Since I have given my other parts some "TLC"

I'm looking for a doctor to complete my look. Since my BBL was a great success. So my journey begins here. Looking for my dream doctor!

Consultation & Chemistry

I'm going to do a few consultations before I lock down one surgeon. I need to find a doctor that not only has great results but also wonderful chemistry. I wish more people would update their journey on this forum as they do on the BBL. It is why we are here. I will try my best to update as I go along. Well let the week of appointments begin.

Breastlift in DR or NY?

This site is truly a gift and a curse. What I mean by this there is so much great information on here! However on the flip side narrowing your results can be difficult. I have taken some interest in DR. NOT for the price, although very nice. More for seeing how this particular doctor and his assistant has been so on top of things from the beginning. I'm talking about the one and only Luis A. Fernandez Goico!

As mentioned before I'm not new to surgery. With my first surgery I knew the minute I picked my doctor he was the one for me for bbl. He has had unfavorable reviews lately, but during his earlier days he was unstoppable. I sort of feel the same way about Dr. FG. I really wish I had more pictures though. There is one lady that recently had a BL and she looks amazing. I need to make a decision by tomorrow as I plan to have this done no later than February. Decisions... Decisions.

Some pictures I love.

Breast Lift Doctors in DR

So I'm so torn. I really want to have a good lipo and Breast lift at the same time. I don't know if I have picked the right Doctor. I think he is kind and very detailed in his review, however i do want someone the will make my shape perfect.

Has anyone gone to doctors in Colombia?

I have to make a decision this week. I have been researching on top of research and sometimes it can leave you more confused then clear. I have taken interest in Doctor Fernandez Gocio and would like to make a final decision. However before I do I was trying to research Colombian PS. Trying to find before and after pictures of plastic surgeons in Colombia is like going to down a rabbit hole. Any help please!
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