Breast Still Too Large After Breast Reduction - New York, NY

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After suffering under my big and saggy boobs for...

After suffering under my big and saggy boobs for over a decade I finally got a breast reduction. I was expecting to be very satisfied after my surgery, as I really didn't care about how they would look, as long as they would be very small and light. I thought there wasn't much that could go wrong if I didn't expect anything but having light boobs. Unfortunately that wasn't the case and I am deeply disappointed.
I used to be a size F on my left boob (weighing about 1000gr) and an E on my right boob (weighing about 830gr) band size 34, height: 5 4", weight 130lbs and narrow build with small hips. I wanted to have a very small boob size because I thought it would fit my body better, as well as my big breasts were hurting my back, shoulders, neck, ect.
I got my insurance to pay for my surgery and had to have at least 300gr removed on each side (thought I was hoping for having at least 500+gr removed from each side.)
I conveyed this to my surgeon and she asked me what cup size I wanted to be. I was a bit confused by this, because I had read many times that a surgeon doesn't really operate by cup size, but rather by how much weight should be removed. I told her that I wanted to be a small B - the smaller the better.
When I woke up after surgery I was told that my surgeon had removed 387gr from the left boob and 237gr from the right. I was shocked to hear that only so little had been removed but thought that she probably knew what she was doing. They also told me that my surgical bra was a 36B so I was affirmed that my boobs would be small enough.
It's been 6 days now and I know that a lot can change within the next year, but my boobs are still huge and, what bothers me the most, really heavy. I still have shoulder and back pains, my bra straps dig into my shoulders, my shirts crack open in the front, and my boobs still don't fit to the reast of my body. I could cry everytime I see myself in the mirror.
I am furious that I went through all this hassle and pain just to end up with a slightly smaller, uglier version of my old boobs.

I just really want to know why my surgeon would take only so little after discussing that I wanted as small boobs as possible.

I also feel very hopeless now. After years of pain and suffering and feeling bad about my boobs I finally saw a light at the end of the tunnel. Finally hoped for a life with small boobs, and now they're still big, and my insurance won't pay for a second reducting, especially since they're not THAT big anymore. I also think that my surgeon didn't do such good job with shaping my boobs (even though this is just a minor concern for me it bothers me that she didn't make them prettier if she already didn't make them smaller). One areola is way bigger than the other, as well as one is lower than the other, and one boob is higher and smaller than the other.
To me it seems like she really just wanted to get it done as quickly as possible, without caring about doing it right.

On the other hand, it's still early, and I'm just the tiniest bit hopeful that things will improve with time.
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