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I'm 30 yrs old, a mother of 2, one 3 1/2 the other...

I'm 30 yrs old, a mother of 2, one 3 1/2 the other just turned 1 yr old. I've been planning to get a breast implant ever since before I even have my kids, then I decided to wait until after I finish, and I'm glad I've made the right decision. Before my kids, I was a 32A, then after breastfeeding 2x I became 34AA. So my ideal size was always a 34C, full and big C. After my consultation with my doctor, I decided to go for Saline 375cc.

I just had the surgery yesterday 1/4/13. I'm not gonna lie, it was painful! I think I underestimated it since I had 2 c-sections. But I could hardly walk right after I woke up. My husband had to help me to put on my clothes. Thanks to Vicodin I was able to sleep through the day and night. To be honest, I thought they look kind of small, but when I took everything off to take pictures at night I do love them. The only thing is they are too far part, leaving a big space in between. But I've discussed that with my doctor before because my original boobies were very far apart so that its gonna happen.

Day 2 1/5/13 (today) Still had lots of pain in the morning, took antibiotics, and continue with the pain med. Started feeling better in the afternoon, skipped the Vicodin as well. But still very sore. I've read that I should sleep elevated, is that true? What difference does that make since I've been sleeping flat? Can someone give me some advise on the post op massage and arms movements that I should be doing? I've asked my doctor about it but they told me that they will go over it during my post op follow up which still in another few days. Please feel free to give some suggestion and advise!! Thanks. I'll upload some pictures shortly.

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