Waiting for the D&F

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I've read so many reviews on here I figured I'd...

I've read so many reviews on here I figured I'd share my story thus far. I had my surgery on Jan 9th 2013 it's something I had talked about for years and was excited for the new boobs I was about to receive....with my mom and sister supporting my decision I decided to get 400cc Gummy Bear Implants.

Jan 9- surgery went well and when I awoke my doc said he decided to go with the 385cc since I had asked for a full C/small D cup. I had shown him some pics too of what I had hoped for. on a scale of 1-10 when I awoke from surgery I was at about 6 they gave me some oxycodone and within about 15mins I was down to a 2 and very sleepy. I stayed at my moms house and slept a lot with no problem on my back. My throat was a little sore which I was told was common. I was told to wear a sports bra 24/7 and looking down at my new arrivals I wasn't that impressed yet. They didn't look that big to me even my mom made a comment about then seeming smaller than she expected. I know you have to wait for the swelling and stuff to go down so I tried not to be disappointed just yet.

Day 2- I woke up not being able to move or rather not wanting to....as long as Iayed completely still I was fine that first attempt to move in the morning was dreadful... The pulsating throb that occurred as soon as I did move was about a 7-8 the pain meds helped tremendously. Had to take some smooth move tea to help with constipation which they said was common from the meds I was taking. I also found that peeing was difficult too it jus took a minute for it to come out. Day 2 was also my first experience with zingers.. Shooting pain in my right boob..not pleasant at all. The zingers mostly occurred when I was moving around.

Day 3- I saw the DR he said everything looked great so far. I was still very sore and my chest felt very tight like I had 8 tight bras suffocating my chest area. Sore throat was gone but had a little cough and coughed up a little blood which didn't scare me I figured it was due to the surgery..I called my Doc and he said this was normal. I took a pic of my new boobs and shook my head. They looked bigger but still not that different to me. I have read many stories where the patient had wished they'd gone bigger. I was def. one of those cases. I did tell the Dr I wanted it to look natural but I also expected them to be bigger and in my eyes, they just weren't. The few friends I confided in said I needed to wait and see and I looked at many before and after pics in stages seeing that sometimes 3 months after surgery there can be a dramatic change but I also saw that sometimes the change wasn't that big so I continued to hope for the best

Day 10- Saw my Doc he said I was coming along nicely and he asked was I happy with the size I admitted I thought they were too small and he was shocked and said if I went bigger I'd be in the DD range which was surprising to me because I tried on an old bra of mine 36A and I could still fit it...yes it was a little small but it was hard for me to imagine I'm gonna be wearing a D now.... I have yet to be sized, it's still too soon but I'm jus saying. Pain had gone down a lot I was off my pain meds and just about done with my antibiotics. Still experiencing zingers mostly in my right boob and the tightness was still there

Day 19- So within the last week I've decided not to look too hard at my new boobs because I was tired of criticizing myself and feeling somewhat down about the size. I am waiting for the D&F to take place, for them to drop and hopefully fluff up and fill out and look a little more round and possibly get mor cleavage.. I'm just not happy about them yet. I see that they're bigger I can see it in my clothes too but I just expected more. The pain has subsided a lot mostly i just feel random tightness feelings and my right boob seems to feel more discomfort still, more than my left boob. My doctor told me to keep my bra on but i take it off for an hour or two sometimes cuz it jus feels better when i do...so I will update in a month or two and tell you of my progress

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