Office review: Incompetent and Arrogant Patient Coordinator

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I initially contacted the doctor via Zwivel about...

I initially contacted the doctor via Zwivel about BA. I contacted the office through their website with follow-up questions by email because I live thousands of miles away, but they went unanswered. And then out of the blue I got an email from a patient coordinator, Shirley.

"We never heard back from you. My name is Shirley and I am the patient coordinator for Dr. Hyman. We saw your appointment request on Zwivel. Please give us a call at your earliest convenience so that we can set up a Free consultation."

Not even "hello" or "thank you" in her email. She needs business writing training.

To which I replied "Well, I contacted you via your website with follow-up questions but I never heard from you. I've already chosen another surgeon."

Then her reply was "Sorry about the inconvenience but we never received a follow up question. Good luck on your journey."

Yeah, right. Shirley speaks to the quality of care and service patients receive at this clinic. Even if I got a reply from them, I wouldn't have gone through with Dr. Hyman because there simply were too many disturbing reviews on ratemds and yelp.

Do yourself a favor and read reviews thoroughly on here and online.

Got a reply to my review so fast

It's funny that my question went unanswered but a "rebuttal" came right after I posted my review.
Subject: There was no need for a negative review

Hello, How are you? i just wanted you to know I try and follow up with each and every single person who reaches out to the office. I am only one person and I am trying to do the very best that I can. This is the initial email I sent over to you and never got a response back. You can check your spam and see if its there. This is why shortly after you received the follow up email. Again there is no need for the negative review when I did indeed reach out to you.

May 16 (11 days ago)

Hi bunny gir1, thank you for reaching out to us. My name is Shirley and I am the patient coordinator for Dr Hyman. I wanted you to know that Dr. Hyman specializes in Breast Augmentation. We have several Transgender patients who have had breast augmentations over the years and other several procedures. Breast Augmentations usually run anywhere from $6,500 and up. We offer free consultations but since you are abroad we can also offer an email consultation. I can set it up directly with Dr. Hyman. Please tell me how soon you would like surgery and tell me more about desired look and size. I look forward to hearing from you soon.
I checked all spam emails and found none. Isn't this a bit strange tho, especially after she wrote to me before (as I wrote in my review) "Sorry about the inconvenience but we never received a follow up question."

Also the doctor quoted $10,500 for silicone implants for your reference.
I have nothing more to say for now. All readers can decide for themselves.
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