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I remember the first time I spoke about having...

I remember the first time I spoke about having breast implants when I was 14 years old. I was hoping that my breast would somehow grow past their A cup size, but unfortunately 24 years later they are still the same. I have spent the past 24 years wondering what it would be like to get implants, but never acted upon my wishes due to my family and friends insistence that it was a bad idea. I finally am at a place where I have taken matters into my own hands and am ready to do this for ME and not anyone else. I definitely am nervous about the pain following surgery, but I think I will be able to handle it. I am planning on having 350cc silicone implants on both sides.

My surgeon is Dr. Joshua Hyman, whom I actually found off RealSelf. He has amazing reviews, and I liked that he also did reconstructive breast work. I went to meet with him a few weeks back and automatically felt comfortable. He was super down to earth and extremely knowledgeable at the same time. I had such a great feeling about him that I cancelled all my other consultations and booked with him!

One Week Until Surgery

My breast augmentation surgery is exactly one week from today on Monday, August 12th. I already started to take Arnica Montana as per the advice of my surgeon (Dr. Joshua Hyman) to help prevent bruising pre-op. I have decided to go with 300cc silicone implants, which I hope will bring me to a full B/small C cup. I am most nervous about anesthesia, but work for another surgeon and know how seamless the process actually is. I am also worried about the pain, but have a pretty high tolerance and think it will be fine. My co-worker had a breast augmentation years ago and said she never even took any of her pain medications (only Tylenol extra strength)! She said that the pain feels like an elephant sitting on your chest, which I have heard other people say as well.

I started looking at all these cute tops in stores that I have never felt comfortable wearing with my flat chest. I know I am going to have to do a lot of shopping pre-op, which I am super excited about!

I am waiting for the day of surgery to get some good post-op pictures to post to share with everyone, but I am pretty much a true 32A currently. I know it's super helpful to see other's before shots to get a sense of size with the implants.

One Day After Surgery

Tomorrow was my big day! I was lucky enough to have surgery early in the morning (8:30am), which was performed out of Dr. Hyman's office on 85th between Park and Madison. I arrived at the office, signed some paperwork and was brought into the back to have my vitals checked by a nurse (who was super nice). I then met with Dr. Hyman, whom took my before and after images and answered all my last minute questions. Finally I met with the anesthesiologist Dr. Skolnick, whom I had heard great things about from other people, which eased my mind. Dr. Hyman kindly gave me a big warm blanket and brought me back to the operating room. All I can remember is lying down, making a few jokes and the next thing I knew I was awake in the recovery room!

The initial pain was what I was expecting and was quite difficult to bear at first. I spent all day yesterday sleeping in bed, and only ate mild foods like crackers and rice. I didn't throw up, but did feel nauseous and dizzy when walking to the bathroom (my sister helped). Having someone stay with you is crucial for those initial 24 hours!

Today I feel WAY better. I am still taking the pain medicine, but am able to walk around, type and go to the bathroom on my own. So far I love the size- I have a little bit of cleavage and fullness that is not over the top. I will take a picture shortly to post! I definitely am still sore, but not nearly as bad as yesterday.

Breasts Pre/Post Surgery

Day 5 After Surgery

Recovery has been way more simple then I had imagined. Honestly the pain was only bad on the first day, in which I stopped taking the prescription pain meds after day 2. It's definitely hard waiting for them to take final form, but even in the last few days I can see changes. I am so happy with my decision to have the surgery and already feel way more confidant about my body!

Day 15 Following Breast Augmentation Surgery

I am feeling great! My breasts finally are starting to feel like part of my body. I went to VS last week and measured a 34D bra! I was surprised given the moderate size of my implants (300cc), but am very happy with the size.

Day 11 After Surgery

Day 6 After Surgery

Day 2 After Surgery

Two Months After Surgery with Dr. Hyman

Overall Experience with Dr. Hyman

2.5 Months After Surgery

Currently wearing a 34D/32DD at Victoria Secrets
New York Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Hyman is anything but a cold plastic surgeon that is out to make money. He is extremely down to earth and seemed generally interested in my concerns and listened to all my questions. His staff is also beyond helpful and always gets back to me quickly on my concerns. Given that he is one of the top breast surgeons in NYC AND is such a nice person I knew he was the right surgeon after my intital consultation.

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