Im NOW the City- 300cc Textured- silicone, subglandular & Lifted - New York, NY

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About me- Hi. I have spent over 10 years looking...

About me- Hi.
I have spent over 10 years looking into implants, more saline since silicone was available. Then life happened, padded push up bras worked, falling in love and I got distracted.
FAST FORWARD to 2013. It's time for a lift in confidence and a boost for mankind!
( cheesey right?)
I need a lift and decided on small implants after a late term miscarriage that left be brokenhearted. Everything happens for a reason, Im strong again and determined.

Being an active person, Im hoping for low downtime, small natural- ish looking implants and Im open to over or under and want sills. I've spent months and countless hours on this site reading and looking at photos and experiences. Thank you to the everyone who has shared both good and bad!!

My Consults…..feels like INSULTS by some =/

My Consults…..feels like INSULTS by some

I’ve done my research as most of us have. Looked through thousands of photos.
Looking for boobs that look like ours. Looking at dream boobs.
After doing this I have met with 5 Plastic Surgeons with all the right credentials, bells and whistles. They all offer free consults if you mention real self.

Here’s my experience recently.

First doc, female. Nice office with a fancy address. Office is bright and airy. The doctor is warm and friendly. She allowed me to ask my questions and address my concerns. She took my measurements and took her time to talk and explain what she felt would be best for me. Our consultation flowed effortlessly since I did my homework. At the end, I felt confident, comfortable and SO excited.

The boys! Next 4 consults can (sadly) be grouped as one memory. Nice offices and some had fancy addresses and pretty (dolled up) secretaries. They all had warm hellos and a brief interest in what I WANTED. I wanted to know their opinion on me getting a lift and going over the muscle. Immediately I was told NO! Definitely not” “ I don't do that” wow I thought. Before I can ask why, in all 4 instances which is interesting, I was TOLD …..under the muscle is the best technique. One even said if I went large enough I wouldn't need a lift!! That was my cue to exit that particular consult. Another concern was the measurements were off between the doctors! What the?!
When I was allowed to ask why not, given MY research, body type, lifestyle and body fat, I was told going over: would fail, I would need a lift again, no one really goes over anymore, and guaranteed risk for capsular contracture.
I felt cheated from each of these “consults”. I didn't get to show pictures or ask questions because I knew I would not be booking with that (those) surgeons.
I’m NOT knocking the male PS, but their approach was different, cold, distant and far from warm. The opposite feel they give with their plush offices. Oh well. Not upset at all. They made it easier for me.

I immediately called my first PS and started the paperwork and have set a date.
Would you believe 3 of the offices sent a follow-up call/email offering dates in October!! The gall!

So do your research, know your top 4 concerns cause odds are there will be more but you have to narrow it down! Print out photos but be realistic. Be positive! If something doesn't feel right, walk away.

Ahhh! 11 days to go!!!

BUTT what?!!

Had to mention, One of the PS that I met with asked me why I didn't consider breast implants when I got my butt done! I thought I was mishearing. He repeated himself and said they can do both at the same time. Thanks doc , but my rear is homegrown! A nice compliment…. but really. It was the blk leggings- lol

Repeat Visit and booked a date!

Went BACK to see my PS and reviewed OUR plan.
After my failed consults with other TOP PS, I readdressed my concerns and fears with my PS. She made me feel so happy and confident. She was embracing and patient. Listened to my concerns and had a positive and real reply. She didn't sugarcoat anything. * * We toyed with smooth Sills vs textured Sills * * *
and I’m happy with TEXTURED.
PS says I have enough boobage skin/tissue to cover the envelope.
She measured me again. She’s so good her numbers matched our first consult! We tried on sizes and discussed projection. Im aiming for a full B small C. that's not asking for much.
Silicone, Textured, 305cc mod projection by Sientra, Over the muscle with a vertical lift.


• Try, try, try before you buy. Looking and touching IS NOT enough. =)

How is it possible that majority of sports bras are not zip up?! Future idea?
Ive spent the morning buying and trying and imagining how BIG the gals are gonna look. Ended up with 3 zip ups (Kohls, Marshalls, Burlington Coat factory stores) and 2 more ( reversible by XOXO) over head bras for months later when I can pick up my arms =) ( on sale)
So tempted to buy UNpadded bras but Ill be patient and wait until they’re in, settled and fluffed. Im a deflated 36b, I bought 38 C assuming swelling and its fits nicely with room for the twins! . Make sure you try them on.

Today is it! Having doubts. =(

So today is the DAY! but Im not as excited. I got a call yesterday from the surgical center and the woman on the phone was NOT nice. She wasnt able to answer 2 simple questions regarding my surgery. After I vented and cried, she called back and gave me the info. Maybe its a sign, I shouldn't.
* Left a voicemail for my PS and sent a text msg to her, my PS call me YESTERDAY and no reply. Maybe its a sign NOT to go.
Help. 3 hours Im supposed to sign in.


Done! I did it! Here they are!

I did it. SO after meeting with my PS in person in holding, I was reassured and ready to start the new ME. Silicone, 305 over the muscle.
Anesthesia and CRNA were amazing. I got Versed in the I.V...drifted off and woke up with Big Firm BOOBS! they look Good!! I peeked. In LOVE. I was given a bit of a numbing agent so night one was a BREEZE. Walked around with my bestie, got sushi and drank jasmine tea. No nausea. Feeling good!

In holding and after- PICS

Thursday, 5 pm. surgery


Very tight, nipples are numb. PS says it to be expected will gain sensation in few days. they are firm and warm.

pics, post op day 1, friday

Pain- Ice- Heat and sleep

I had pain 5/10, took percocets for the first time and it made me loopy. Felt slow and dizzy. Had tightness in the chest, had to open the sports bra and ice the girls. I use ice packs wrapped in satin scarves, I left them on for 30 min and off for 20. Only use them when awake, dont want to decrease bloodflow to your new investments =)

Heating pad on the lower back. I dislike sitting up to sleep. I have a wedge pillow and plain pillows. Cant get comfortable =(


I was really paranoid about something going wrong, so for the first week, I took pictures when I woke, then after I showered. About Post of day 5- I reached for something that was falling and got the WORST pain I have ever felt! It was a shocking/ pulling tingling sensation to my R breast. Immediate reaction was to bring arm back to body and cup the breast. PS says it normal and nerves and sensation are coming back.

Worst PAIN was when I reached = bleeding

with that, the R boob had active bleeding. didnt leak through but stressful. =(
Called PS, given support and watched it. It didnt bleed through.

first shower, 3 days after

feeling good. The boobs are sore in the morning. Hot shower felt SO good on my back and running across my new girls. I was with Dial soap just in case! Firm to touch but soft. Nipples are numb, cant feel a thing. They are not as high. Pretty impressive for 3 days out. So blessed!!

First Follow up....( day 6)

My PS removed all the dressing and gauze, removed the steri- strips and I almost passed out. Hasn't sunk in that I have a lollipop incision. She says its healing very well ( from eating so healthy and clean for a month!!!) It looks weird to me, but healing so I wont complain. Thankfully she put a brown tape around the incisions and told me to rub my nipples often to help nerves "wake up"
I have numbness but its gotten better. Ive also settled already. They're big though =(

Bra Shopping

Got the OK to buy bras. Ive settled, minimal swelling present and they are MANGOES. No swelling under my arms and I have to escape this sports bra.
Didn't go to VS yet, everything was pretty padded so I haven't gone for the official measurement, ( yet) Maybe next week, when steri strips are gone =)
Bras from Macys, and Gap.

BRA then I YANK the under wire =)

Its hard finding non padded bras, what gives!? Tried on my old padded bras, fail.
Its nice not needing pads anymore.
Bought a few nice lacey bras, once they fit well and were found supportive I clipped the ends and yanked the wire. Feeling pretty good

DAY 13- Ouch =(

Figures the 13th day since surgery and Im hurting bad. I drove which may have been a bad idea since the next 2 days my boobs are hurting. It hurts to touch them, nipples are waking up and super sensitive. For the first time Im thinking this is a bad idea. Too swollen to fit into my sports bra. Ive been icing and advil.

Sloshing!! ;(

Spoke with PS and did my reading. I have inflammation in my right boob and a lil on the left. PS says it will go away from days to few weeks!!
Can't touch and feel it slosh/fluid BUT when I walk I feel extra vibrations of water. It's a gross feeling. Why is this happening! The driving maybe, walking for several hours but empty handed, nothing heavy. My gf suggests Taking midol ( bloating) and icing them. This sucks, a lot. Feels like a half bottle of water inside my boob. Yuck! ;(


sore. it hurts. This sucks. Need to take it easy.

Dr. K My first impression, professional, attentive, patient and genuinely interested in ME. Her office is clean, bright and airy with amazing views of Central Park. Her experience starts in Canada and she has a practice in the city and long island with a focus on breast surgery. She was my first consult out of 5 and I ran back to her. We worked out details which are: Sientra Sills,Textured ,300cc, over muscle, lollipop lift in 14 days!!!!! Stayed in touch with Dr. K to date sending pics and addressing any concerns. I am SOOO happy with her. Professional, very caring and very open. I would go to her for anything Plastic. She's amazing!

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