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I have decided to have my BA done with DR. Eliot...

I have decided to have my BA done with DR. Eliot Heller. I've been told that I have fibroid cystic breast disease and I'm a bit nervous bc I'm not sure how having a BA would affect my procedure.
I'm 5 '6 1/2 and 138-140 lbs small 34 B Going under the muscle, Perlareolar incision , silicone implants.

I've always had self esteem issues about my small...

I've always had self esteem issues about my small bust. I've chosen Dr. Elliot M Heller to perform my BA so that I may achieve a fuller and proportioned look to my frame. I'm 138 -140 lbs 5 '6 tall with a small 34 B bust. I have fibroid cystic breast and concerned how this would impact my procedure and recovery. I've decided on Silicone implants because I want a more natural feel. The surgeon decided that going submuscular would give me the results I want he and I also decided on a periareolar incision because my fear of scaring. I am aiming for a full C small D as my end result.

My BA has been changed from 8/31 to 8/27. I am...

My BA has been changed from 8/31 to 8/27. I am getting anxious as I only now have 16 days yikes! I've always wanted this done, so the jitters, the butterflies and all the anxiety was anticipated. I guess since it's now finally going to happen I'm a bit beside myself. I've been researching profiles with similarities as far as weight, height ect. and I think I've decided that I do not want a full C, but a small to moderate D. I think going from a B to a D would flatter by body much better.

I'll continue my research as I want to be as informed as I can as far as what my options are. I would hate to have this procedure and endure the recovery for the end result to be not what I've been wanting. I have been looking at Silicone implants sizes 475 cc's + . I surely do not want to go anything less than that. If anyone has similar stats like mines and would like to share their information with me, it would be wonderful. Thanks

I'm a small 34 b, weigh 138 -140 lbs and I'm 5ft...

I'm a small 34 b, weigh 138 -140 lbs and I'm 5ft 6in tall. My PS and I have decided to go under the muscle, areola incision and with Silicone implants. I am aiming to achieve a small D to moderate but not huge end result. I would like to know what size cc silicone implant would give me that result? I have researched profiles similar to my stats and I think anything over 475 cc's would be good. Any help, information, similar stories and of course professional advice would be wonderful. Thank you

I have been very concerned about having my Ba...

I have been very concerned about having my Ba because of my Fibroid Cystic breast condition. I have been researching as I always do to make sure this would not become an issue. I am nervous already as is, and having any additional worries is just worsening my anxiety. I called Dr. Heller and discussed this with him in detail about my concerns and the severity of my condition.
Dr. Heller answered all my questions, explained to me what could be done during surgery and several other approaches if need be. I am feeling soo much better and more certain that Dr. Heller is the right PS for me! He doesn't make me feel like I'm being rushed off the phone or that any of my concerns are not valid.
At my initial consult I also had mentioned that I wanted to achieve a full C end result, but after much thought I've concluded that I do not just want to become one cup size larger then what I am currently. I know I would end up feeling unhappy.
So, I went on to express this to him also and he is fully aware of what I want and I'm feeling much more confident then I was that he would give me just that.
I'm now more comfortable and looking forward to having this done.. yay for boobies!!

I have now 11 more days until my BA! I'm so very...

I have now 11 more days until my BA! I'm so very excited, however I just got an eye injury and was prescribed percoset for the pain. I'm now concerned bc I know before surgery a patient is not allowed to take these types of medication before hand. I'm wondering is it 1 week or 2 weeks before surgery that you are to abstain from taking this medication. Urgh I have the worst luck.
I have a corneal abrasion and it's the worst pain and over the counter medication right now just won't ease the pain, now I don't know what to do. I'm going to call my PS on MOnday and ask him what I should do. I hope this doesn't interfere with surgery :/

8 days till Project new boobies! I'm so much more...

8 days till Project new boobies! I'm so much more a huge ball of nerves, gosh I could only imagine what I'll be like the day of!

My eye is now much better as far as pain, so I stopped taking all pain meds as of two days ago. I also slowed down on my smoking as I know this is a huge NO NO! I don't plan on smoking during my recovery and I'm going to try my hardest not to.

I also called my PS and asked about the risks of the pain meds I was on and just as the Dr.s on Real Self said, it should not pose any risks =) I'll be sure to post again the day before my surgery and of course share my experiences here with all of you. I'm so happy I came across this site, it has been so helpful!

Well I finally have boobs now and I couldn't be...

Well I finally have boobs now and I couldn't be any happier with my results so far, although I do have the Franken boobs look going on!!! lol
Today is the 2nd day and I am feeling so much pain! My chest and nipples are killing me. I knew that this would be the case aas far as the pain went because all the girls I know or read about their experiences said the same thing.

I'm happy however over all with everything. My PS did a wonderful job as far as I know. I mean I know I have a lot of healing to do and not by far even close to what normal boobs are suppose to look like, but from what I see so far I am almost certain things will nicely fall into place.

I went with 350cc NATRELLE ( ALLERGAN ) silicone=filled implants both left and right.
Under the muscle
Areola incision

Wowzers! Boy oh boy was the second day post op the...

Wowzers! Boy oh boy was the second day post op the worst! The pain was so unbearable I actually had to call my PS! I was experiencing some drainage in the incision site more so on my left breast and I had thought that it had dried up sticking onto my stitches. My left nipple was in so much pain! the amount of pain was so bad it felt as if my stitches was about to rip apart. I was so worried that at 5:40am this morning I had called my PS and left him a message to reach me as soon as he can. My Dr. called me almost immediately and told me that although he preferred me to wait until my Post op appt on Thursday to change my dressings, but if the pain I was experiencing was that bad I could change them myself by applying bacatricion ointment on top of the dressings and soak the bandages with saline and remove it gently I could do that.

I decided to wait it out.. not only was I afraid to remove the tapping myself I was more afraid to see the stitching. In addition, I didn't want to mess with anything potentially causing any issues with my healing. I instead toke my pain medication and tried to sleep it off. I made a good decision because after speaking with my Dr. This morning and with rest, the pain actually subsided and doesn't hurt as bad as it did!
It doesn't feel as if the stitches are sticking to the bandages , in fact I don't think now that the pain I was having had anything to do with that at all. I guess it was just part of my healing process. I tell you it is so true when they say the 2nd day is the worst!!!!

Thankfully today the pain is getting more manageable. I had my surgery on the 27th and today is the 29th, day 28 was awful!
I'm hoping that as of today it only get's better from here on out.

So far I'm bruising a little bit in the center of my breast, but it doesn't hurt at all, and again the pain is much better =) I'm also starting to notice some changes as well. My boobs have soften a bit, but they are still very high just not as tight as it was before. if you were to ask me if I would do it again I would say yes despite the pain,
Although I'm not close at all to healing, but I like what I see so far and I think I wold have a very nice end result ! I'm very happy that I had chosen Dr. Heller as my PS! i would definitely recommend him to all my friends and to any one else looking to have their breast augmentation done nicely.

I am now 2 weeks and 3 days post op. I am not sure...

I am now 2 weeks and 3 days post op. I am not sure that I am happy with my results yet :/ I know it's way too early to make any firm decision about how the end results would be, but I can surely say that I am unhappy with the size that I am. I am also not very comfortable with the left breast incision scar. My right boob as far as scaring goes is almost unnoticeable already, however my left scar is concerning me very much because the scar is somewhat raised.. like a keloid. To make matter's worse my left boob is not at all up to speed with the right one. The left breast is still high and weird looking as where my right is almost perfect!

Urgh I knew what to expect going with this procedure and I am well aware that it takes months to a full yr for things to even out, but it's scaring me that the left breast is just not right!
I told my boyfriend already that I intend on going bigger because I'm not happy with the size I am. I am pretty much the same size I was when I was wearing those dreadful over padded bras my whole life. I think after healing I'll be a full C, but that's not at all what I want to be; although the dr. did tell me that a D might not be achieved bc I had little breast tissue to begin with. I don't understand it though, because when I breastfed my 3 children I was a full D!!! I was way bigger then I am now and I'm just feeling dissapointed right now.

Well I'm almost 3 months post op on the 27th and...

Well I'm almost 3 months post op on the 27th and already I think I am developing signs of cc. The left breast is nice and soft and already seemed to drop, soften and beginning to fluff, however the right boobie is still high, somewhat firm and painful at times. I have been aggressively massaging the life out of them hoping that things would change and that I would not have to have any revisions done. I contacted my Surgeon and I've made an appt with him this Fri the 21st. I am praying that he can shed some positive light to this nightmare. My right boob has gotten a bit softer, but no way does it feel normal. It feels almost like a ball in my chest and I'm so disappointed. I will keep everyone posted, wish me luck :/

Today I had my 3 month post op and according to my...

Today I had my 3 month post op and according to my surgeon He doesn't think that I have cc. He explained the reason for the tightness and firmness is because I had less breast tissue on my right beast then my left, also my muscles were very tight. I also leaned after looking at my pre op photos was that my right breast was higher then my left as well to begin with. Funny, I never caught that lol My surgeon prescribed Singular 10mg 1x daily for 3 months to help relax my chest muscles. He explained that this sometimes help with the tightness but not cc since he doesn't believe I have that. He said that if anything it is too early to make that conclusion based on my pre op condition, however if no improvement within the next months by my 6 month post op then he would release the muscle and make the pocket a bit bigger. I feel so much more relieved, now all I was told to do is massage 3x's a day for 5 minutes and take the medicine. I hope that's all I need to do. I will keep everyone updated. Thanks gurls for all your help.
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My experience with Dr. Heller was overall pleasant and I felt comfortable from the very first day I met him at my initial consultation. He is courteous, polite, detailed and explains everything and answers every question you have honestly. The procedure I had was a breast Augmentation. My pre op measurements were 34 b and hoping that my end result would be a 34D. MyFreeImplants.ComUpdated on 10 Aug 2012:Myfreeimplants.com Realself.com

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