5'6 125 Lbs Getting 450cc's Silicone! - New York, NY

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Well hello ladies :)) I've meant to start this...

Well hello ladies :)) I've meant to start this sooner but work and procrastination got the best of me. (Will upload pics soon) I've been wanting a BA for about 2 years now and its finally gonna happen :D At first, I wasn't originally going to go so big, probably around the 300's but after all this time and reading and reviewing, I definitely didn't want to regret on the size. If I'm gonna go through all this, it has to be worth it! =p So yeah I'm 5'6 about 125 lbs and have small A's.. I wasn't sure if something in the 400 range would fit me. I've been to FIVE consultations and SO happy I found THE one. I honestly feel like this doctor is heaven sent. He's the only I felt that connection with and was able to talk to him so freely. One doctor I went to recommend 375 maybe 400 (wasn't sure if I had enough breat tissue) There was another that said 339, I wanted to die. I didn't understand how girls smaller than me, shorter/skinnier, were about to fit D's/DD's. That day when I got home I literally cried because I felt like my vision wasn't achievable.. THEN the very next day, I had an appointment (which now is my PS) and EVERYTHING changed. Not only did he say I could fit 400 but also 425! I couldn't believe. I didn't even think as far as 425. I just wanted a little more than 400 since I'm going under the muscle and that looses volume. He THEN said that I could also fit 450! My excitement was through the roof. My chest diameter was roughly 13 inches. He showed me this phamphlet with the different sizes for the implants. The 425 was 12.5 and the 450 12.8. He even said I could possibly fit 475 (which was at 13") but he felt that would be pushing it and I agreed. 450 was waayy more than I ever imagined. I was so happy. When I spoke with the pricing coordinator, she said if I was deciding between 425 and 450, to go with the bigger one lol. She said it wasn't much of a difference. And like most you ladies, we sometimes get scared of the number because we think it's too big, but I'm DEF going with the 450's and I can't wait. My procedure is scheduled for May 9 :) it can't come soon enough.

Some pre op pics..



A week and a day!

So the coordinator just called me. They're ordering 425 and 450 since my right breast is slightly bigger. When I explained this to my doctor, he said it was a very small difference, it wouldn't matter. But I was scared one would be bigger than the other. I saw a profile where the women also told her doctor that one breast was larger and she got the same amount implants on both and one was significantly bigger. I definitely didn't want this to happen. And with the vectra 3D image, you can see that the right boob is bigger. So why aren't I happy ? Cuz I want 450! Lol I'm sure I won't be able to even tell which boob has the 450 lol It's so easy getting stuck on these numbers lol. I have an appointment to see my PS today, so I'm sure we'll get everything cleared :) But I guess I'm happy I'll be getting even boobs.

I'm also going through the nipples. Which scared me a little at first, but I didn't want a scar on my breast. I just figured it'd be easier going in the crease as oppose to elsewhere. But another PS also said he would of gone periareolar. Any advice/tips for that ?

2 days away!

I think the nerves are starting to kick in now...

Last Friday my mom and I paid off the balance. She thought I was going to do 400 so when she heard I was doing 450, of course she was freaking out. I explained to her that I'm not gonna go through all this and have regular size boobs that I should of been born with and she was like 'yeah that's true'. Then....Saturday, my dad was telling me how she was basically like complaining to him that I was going sooo big and that the PS said one size and I was going above and beyond that size, I'm like great, here we go... I was very upset and even started crying because they don't understand how we feel :'( I was telling my dad that I'm not gonna look ridiculous and I was telling him how you lose volume by going under the muscle and I was getting so fed up and frustrated. Then I was thinking what if 450 is too big? But I'm gonna stick to my guns because if I'm unhappy after surgery, that's MY feelings, not theirs. If I'm not 100% happy, then what? They don't understand anything about size, volume loss, how the impalnt inside the body is different than of course outside.. But when Friday comes, I'm gonna ask my PS that if I can do 450 without any problem then 450 it is. But of course if I'll have complications or anything then I'll do 425. I just want to look the best that I can for my body and not have any regrets.

Just a few more hours....

By this time tomorrow I'll be a whole new person! I didn't wake up nervous today, just thought how I can't eat after midnight lol Although I never eat late anyways lol I wonder if I'll be this okay tomorrow, I doubt it lol Can't wait to be part of the club! Wish me luck ladies !

The day has come :)

Good morning ladies. I am on my way to boobieville lol. Woke up calm again. Wish me all the luck. =))

Made it to the other side!

Sorry for the late update ladies. Was feeling lil out of it. I have more pictures of me with the bandages; I'll post when I have little more energy. Happy Healing redglory and Lilhen 68 :-*

I'm back lol

Okay soooo feeling a little more like myself today :) Tomorrow I'm having my first post-op visit, so I'll finally get to see what these babies looks like :p Had a dream last night about it that they were kind of small and the implant was like outside lol I dunno weird. I don't think it'll be too big tomo but I know once they settle it'll change.

Okay so surgery day....I was calm up until they were telling my mom to say goodbye to me. Then it was hitting me. She was tearing of course but I tried to compose myself. They walked me into the surgery center and I was still pretty calm. They had a dark blue blanket and covered me and the anesthesiologist was having a little trouble getting my vein. They gave me some gas and asked if I was feeling buzzed and I was a little but then it went away. Then I think they finally got the IV in and the nurse said they were going to give me a cocktail and I said I love cocktails lol During all this time my legs were shaking because I was nervous.

When I woke up, the nurse asked my pain level from 0-10 and I said 0, I was just cold and I think a little light headed. I did bring some goldfish crackers and that helped a lot. So before they wrapped me up in the bandages I did look down on my left breast a little and I remember it wasn't really so big. I didn't see the whole breast though, just looked at the top. And I remember the doctor saying that it was small, that he would of went 100cc's more. I'm like small? They're not small. (I've seen pictures of girls after surgery and yes it doesn't look big but then they grow out and stuff) And he was the one that said 450 was basically the most I could go without pushing it. So he doesn't know what he's talking about lol The nurse said it looked perfect for my body. I got in a cab and went home. My yorkie was going crazy. Every time I come home I always pick him up and he licks my face and stuff. He knew something was up since my mom kept following me everywhere I went lol I ate a little, took a Percocet and took a nap. When I woke up my dog was soo happy. My mom said how he hadn't eaten but once he saw I was okay, then he ate lol poor thing.

So Friday was okay until night time when I took the anti infection pill, and about 5 mins after I threw up. And ever since then when I took the Percocets, I was throwing up too. Saturday I was a bit better and wasnt throwing up anymore. Then Sunday, I got my period like 4 in the morning and that just gave me a headache. But at least I wasn't throwing up anymore. But having the headache was annoying.

I'm doing okay for now, just waiting for tomorrow I guess :) Here's some more pictures. I took others but on my digital camera, I'll post those when I feel better better.

On my way to my first post-op =)

All covered up :)

Girls revealed!

Omg they look soooo goood. The first pic looks kind of small but it's not. Looks better in person. I am beyond happy. It exceeded my expectations by a mile. I did not expect them to look this good so soon. I will take more side pictures and probably post tomorrow.

So when I get there, the DR was like did you have a breast aug? You look good. I'm like did you put 450? Lol He told me I don't need to wear a bra, I'm like uhhh okay lol just the band 24/7. He goes you don't need to wear a bra lol look how much money I'm saving you on bras lol YUP that's the point, not having to wear a bra lol I feel good with the band on, when it's off I feel like I need something tight on lol I will be seeing him again Saturday.

More pictures ;)

Day 2 with bandages off/Day 6 in total

450 in left, 425 in right

The left is bigger, not sure if I should of did the right breast 450 also but it's very minimal. Either way, I don't care, I'm happy lol

Few more ;)

I think today they're popping out a little since they're not suffocating in those bandages anymore lol

1 week

So it hit me yesterday that today is 1 week since my surgery, but it doesn't feel like a whole week since I had the bandages on for 5 days lol I'm not in the best of mood today, not sure why. Guess I just want to be "regular" again. I feel like the pics didn't come out well since I'm not in a good mood, and nothing goes in our favor when we're not feeling it. But I think the top of my breast is looking better.

I got an email from Macy's and Forever21 both with sales on lingerie. Tease? I think so lol I still haven't even tried on shirts or sports bra that I've bought because I still don't think I can lift my arms all that way up yet.

So here I am 1 week post op/3rd day since bandages been taken off. I have an appointment tomorrow with my PS.


So today I woke up in a better mood until I went to my appointment.. My right boob on the side close to the arm, sometimes bother. Like a nerve or something. I'll reach for something with my left hand at times instead of my right. So I explained that to him and he noticed right away. He said that the right is a little tight, and I need to push the implant down a bit, about 3 times a day. He said the left looked good and my left side is great, I can lift my arm a little higher but not my right so much. He put the strap on tighter on the right, to keep the pressure down on it. Hope everything gets better by next week. I know one breast always heals differently than the other, and many woman on here always have that one breast that takes a little longer to go down, I just hope everything will be fine. And I'm sure it will. It's only been a week..

Day 11

These pictures are from yesterday.

So I'm doing a lot better. I've been doing the push down exercises and I don't feel that discomfort feeling as much anymore, just a little but very light. So I hope that means I'm getting better? Just trying to be paitent.

Some fun ;)

3 weeks

I had my follow up about 3 days ago and my PS said I looked really good =D He couldn't even tell which was the breast that was higher lol He still wants me to wear the strap for a little while longer. He thought it was already 3 weeks that passed and I said no it's only been 2 lol So I'm very glad I'm doing okay. I'm continuing the push down exercises as well. I have another appointment next week :) Happy healing to all you ladies =)

One Month!

It's been 30 days and I can't wait for the next 30 days when they're much much softer hehe My right breast is still a little higher but my PS thinks it has definitely improved. I noticed that they're getting closer together. Before when I would put a finger between the crease I didn't feel any boob and now I can. Friday I'm going on vacation and can't wait to dress these girls up in bikinis and cute shirts :) I haven't gone bra shopping yet but I did try on a lingerie that was a size medium and twins were def popping out, so that made me happy lol

Taken Last Week

Bikini time? Hehe

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