40 Yo, Lost Volume Due to Age/fitness, 5'5", 110 Lbs, 325CC Silicone Mod Plus Unders - New York, NY

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I had been losing volume over time due to my...

I had been losing volume over time due to my musculature from working out and just my age. I had always thought I'd wait until I was 50 to do anything, but I started to feel like my body was disproportionate. I had a decent chest but once I hit 40 I felt like it really disappeared. I felt like my legs looked heavy because I have a small waist and had lost my chest so I looked like a pear. I didn't like how I looked in clothes unless I was wearing a bra that added cup sizes. I started researching doctors on the web.

When I would look at "befores and afters" most doctors had some I liked and some I didn't. I wanted a VERY natural look. I do not like the fake look, if I want them to stand up, I can wear a pushup bra, I wanted them to look real when I was naked. So in looking at pictures on the doctor's websites, I loved every single result from Dr. David Hidalgo's website. There were 2 other doctors that I liked most of their results, but Hidalgo was the only one I liked ALL of his results.

I made an appointment for a consultation with 3 doctors. Two charged a fee and one didn't. While waiting for my appointments I made rice sizers and did a ton of research about what I wanted, silicone, profile, CCs. I asked a doctor friend I know about Hidalgo and he called a surgeon he knew and that surgeon said Hidalgo had an excellent reputation. I went to my appointment at Hidalgo's office and they gave me a very informative packet of information which they asked me to read.

I met with a nurse and she went over what I was looking for from the augmentation and the size I wanted and asked questions. Then I met Dr. Hidalgo. He was quiet and professional. He took some measurements, also asked about what I wanted and told me what he could achieve. He didn't ask me for "inspiration pictures" and I didn't offer to show him any. We talked about MY BODY and what he could achieve on ME. He said it's important to look at your body and what can be achieved so you're not disappointed with your results.

I met the patient coordinator and went over prices. He was by far the most expensive. I asked her about the before and afters from the website. I told her that was EXACTLY what I wanted to achieve, and was nervous, like, were those just his 20 best, or do all of his augmentations come out like that. She said, "they all come out like that, he's known for that look."

I cancelled the other consults, but again, they had half I liked and half I didn't. What if I spent almost ten thousand and got the results like I didn't like? I didn't want 70%/30% odds I would get perfect results, I wanted better odds than that. So I decided, you get what you pay for and booked with Hidalgo.

I struggled with size. Originally i thought I wanted 375CC or 400CC, he recommended 300CC or 325CC. We settled on 325CC. Morning of surgery I panicked and said to do 300, but he said he had both and would see what looked best. I thought I wanted a "D" but then I found out that is completely random, and bra cup sizes depend on band size and every bra is different. I was professionally fitted after my augmentation and I am a 30F bra. I can wear a 32DDD but the band is a little big and the cup is a little small, and every brand fits different.

After surgery I pretty much had zero pain. I didn't bruise. I was getting up on my own that whole night of my surgery. I was home alone the next day and made my own snacks and was getting around fine. I washed my own hair after 5 days, I wasn't supposed to pick my arms up over my head for a week but did it by accident a few times with zero pain. I was amazed at how pain free my recovery was. I didn't get "frankenboob", my chest never looked weird or strange. After one week I was wearing a regular bra and out in public. I went on a beach vacation with y fiancé after 5 weeks and looked normal. The only 'negative' is he recommends an underwire 24/7 starting at 1 week and until 8 weeks including sleep, and even after that he recommends you always stay in an underwire if possible, to keep your perfect results. So I wear an underwire almost 100% of the time still, I don't mind. I followed his after care instructions to the letter. No working out for 8 weeks, wear an underwire bra 24/7, try to wear ir as much as possible after that. He had strict instructions and I had zero complications since I followed them.

The surgery was worth every penny. I think my results are perfect. It's exactly what i wanted, they look and feel SO REAL!! They're a definitely bigger than any woman my size would have naturally, but because they look so real, I don't think even naked someone would just automatically know. I had decent natural shape and volume, many people already though my chest was fake before surgery, so I don't get offended or anything. I think they look like what you would say is a D. Bra shopping is tough once you know how it's supposed to fit, augmented breasts don't fit in a bra the same, so that's been the only annoyance. They don't sell 30F bras in many stores so you have to special order and try them on.

I HIGHLY recommend David Hidalgo. If you want perfect natural looking results, he is worth the money. I paid for perfection, and I definitely got it. He is not as 'friendly and charismatic' as some other doctors I met, he's very professional and quiet, but I don't want a chummy friend, I want a doctor. I respect his soft spoken demeanor and professionalism. I am attaching a photo from 5 month mark. Excuse the poor photoshopping of my arm, I did it for privacy. There is absolutely no photoshopping of my breasts.

A few people asked for a before pic….

Here is my "before", excuse my poor photoshopping off of identifying marks…. :)

Dr. Hidalgo gave me exactly the results I wanted. He achieved absolute perfection when he performed my breast augmentation. He is not flamboyant or as outgoing as some may prefer, he is quiet, but very professional, and I felt very comfortable with his soft-spoken caring demeanor. He is known for his very natural results, if you want the 'fake' look, he is not the doctor for you, but if you want perfect natural results, he is worth every penny.

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