40 Year Old Mom of 3- New York, NY

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Stats: 40 years old, 5'3", 110lb. Started out as a...

Stats: 40 years old, 5'3", 110lb. Started out as a 32A pre-kids and appear smaller post kids. I breast fed 3 kids all for at least a year, most recently finished in 2012.

I am very athletic, running at least 1 marathon, 2 half-marathons any many shorter races per year. I bike, play tennis, snow and water ski, and have 3 young kids. I want a natural look and to be a full B cup.

My doctor recommended 190-275cc, mod profile silicone implants for reasons all discussed on the site. Here are a few pre and sizer pictures.

Postoperative day 2

I feel great! I am taking ES Tylenol every 6-8 hours as needed plus 1/2-1 methocarbamol every 6-8 hours as needed. I showered today, did some walking errands in the neighborhood, and am going to dinner tonight. Things which are difficult to do: open medication and Gatorade bottles, open the refrigerator door, and reach for items above my head. Here are a few post op day 1 and 2 photos.


Ps. I ended up with 255 on left and 275 on right. I had about 15cc difference in breast tissue pre-op. I thought I wanted to go smaller until the day of surgery when I got sudden boob greed and told my PS to make the final decision while I was under anesthesia. I think he made the right/best decision!

Post op day 3

Still feeling great! I should mention that I planned a lot of extra child care and am finding that I don't really need it. Other than bathing my 2 year old, I am pretty much able to do everything. Today, I am able to open Gatorade and medicine bottles and sl. My strength is back but I am still taking it easy. I did a ton of sit ups and core work outs before surgery, and I think it's paid off. I took off work all of next week and now realize that I didn't need to. I guess it's best to plan for the "worst" case scenario rather than scramble.

Post op day 3 pics

Please excuse typos in previous posts. I tried to edit, but it's not allowing me to. Here are pics from today.

Post op day 4

All is well. Nothing new to report. I'm looking forward to my 1 week post op check so I can get cleared for some lower body exercises! I feel like a sloth. Here are some photos taken in a fitted tank top (which I owned pre-op) while semi-reclined. I'm happy that all of my clothes other than the pre-op bras still fit! I've invested a lot into my wardrobe over the years and was very adamant about wanting to be able to wear all of it post BA - just more filled out. So happy that's the case!

Post op day 9

Had my one week post op check. All good. I am now suppose to wear an underwire bra 24/7 for 6 weeks. Still no exercising until next Wednesday which will make 2 weeks post op. I am a little sore on my right side in the mornings but am totally fine on the left. I've been to a few events/dinners in the last week and no one has noticed which is what I wanted. I fill out all of my tops and dresses nicely.

Pod 10

I drove for the first time today. I definitely felt some unused muscles for the first time since surgery but I was fine. Looking at my photos from post op day 1 and 9 I can see the swelling has gone down a lot, and I have more fullness and definition in the breasts. They are also softening substantially and are starting to move with me.

Back to work

I went back to work today. After 10 hours on my feet, I felt more pressure on my incisions than I had since post op day 2 or 3 and took an ES Tylenol by the end of the day. I came home and rested on my back for an hour and the incisions felt much better after that plus the Tylenol. I suppose it could also be aggravated by the underwire bra 24/7. I bought the most comfy one I could find but I never wore undersides before the BA. BTW - no one at work noticed which is what I hoped for. I chose my outfit wisely and wore something loose and conservative. It's freezing here, so it's easy to cover up.


Bra shopping

I am a 32c or 34b, depending on brand, style, etc. Here are a couple of pics.

First workout!

I am now allowed to walk briskly and ride in a stationary bike as per my PS's instructions. I spent 45 min on a stationary bike today. It felt great to get my heart rate up after 2 weeks of rest/taking it easy.

I don't love wearing an underwire bra 24/7, but it's tolerable. My incisions are sore by the end of the day but fine without any Tylenol.

Mondor cord

My right breast incision appears to have developed a Mondor Cord which is probably why the underwire bra has been uncomfortable on that side. Have others had one of these and did it resolve?

Some numbness

I have some numbness on the right between my nipple and the incision. The mondor cord has gotten better with some ibuprofen and some warm compresses. I really only remember that I had surgery 3 weeks ago when I open a heavy door or reach for something way above my head. I's still limited to the stationary bike as per my PS but that's been fine.

More pics


It's very cold here, and I discovered that shivering is uncomfortable/paintful! My chest muscles on top of the implants tensed up quite a bit and were actually painful for those few minutes while I was shivering. Once I stopped shivering, the pain went away on its own. Other than that - all is well.

Bra sizing

I went to a proper bra shop and was measured at 32C. I think it's important for people to be fitted correctly by a proper bra shop once the swelling goes down. I was wearing mostly 34Bs post BA as that's what I measured at VS, and they were quite uncomfortable.

One side not dropping as nicely and is sore

I had my 6 week check up last week. Looks like my right side isn't dropping as nicely and has also been sore. It was sore when I had the mondor cord and continued to be sore. My PS is concerned that mild contracture might be happening, so I am on singulair now until my next visit in 6 weeks. They look amazing in a bra and in clothing -- one can only tell when I'm naked.

Other than that - everything has been going well.
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