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As many of you, I've been dreaming about this day...

As many of you, I've been dreaming about this day to come, when I'll be able to wear those summer sexy tshirts braless. By nature, i have a pretty "straight" kind of figure, and i was hoping these implants would bring up more feminism and shape.
I bounced a lot between the Mentor textured teardrop implant and the smooth round of the same brand. I finally decided to go for the round smooth one, after reading several doctors' opinions on the textured teardrop ones.
My surgeon proposed 350cc or 375cc, due to my lack of tissue. I got 350cc of the round smooth moderate plus implants.
I am in my 3rd day post surgery now and Im afraid I do not see what was expected.
I see them very flat, pointy and wide apart from each other. Also their size barely changed..! Please tell me, did any of you have the same weird aspect at first, and then changed in time? I just refuse to believe I went through this pain and inconvenience and gave up gym for 6 weeks for ...such an unsatisfying result. I had an amazing surgeon, very cooperant and helpful. I totally blame myself for not insisting on a bigger size and maybe i also chose the wrong implants.

12 days P/O

I totally lost control over myself with this boob GREED (yes, capitals!). I read abt it before having my surgery in other reviews but never though it will happen to me.
I should have listened to my doctor's opinion and gotten the HP instead of the M+, that way i could have benefit of a slightly bigger size option, maybe not considerably larger but the thought i could have gone bigger and didnt is simply destroying every drop of joy i have.
If I could reverse time I would go to my doctor and instead of "i want a modest natural look" i'd say "even if you have to push it with your foot, i want my DD in!" :)

16 day P/O

Dropping more and more every day, getting softer, incisions healing well. Boob greed obsession still there

3 weeks P/O tomorrow

I start liking them every day.
I get a lot of compliments from my friends. I never tried on a real bra yet, and can't wait to confirm my C size. I am worried to be a B, which would be totally unacceptable, hoping for a D in pre-op. I can't wait for my follow-up and tell my doc what a good job he's done. And the incisions a very little and unnoticeable, probably less than 3cm. They are also getting a bit closer to each other (or maybe i got used to the look). But they are soft and as some girls said, they feel and look much better as they get squishy.
I also started going to the gym for very light walks, or slow stairmaster, the least i could do at this stage. Sedentary lifestyle got me all soft and fluffy.

1 month Post/op

In two days I will be one month post surgery and i think i recover well and quickly.
I went for bra shopping today and i chose two bras, no push up, one C and another one D cup @VS. I tried on a double push up bra but they looked very weird in it. I will try other companies.
My breasts are small, I was expecting people to notice my change, but no one did. I am happy I did it, I feel like I wanna shout it out in all 4 directions :) I am working on myself accepting them and moving on. I get lots of compliments. Moreover, I have two friends that will go with Dr. Ghersi as well, that's how much they loved my result, which encourages me a lot.

1 month follow up

Yesterday I had my ine mont follow up.
My doc was in a surgery, according to the nurse and I got examined by another doctor.
He said I am healing well, however i didnt get clearance to start exercising, nor to wear an underwire bra. My doctor in comparison with the one who examined me yesterday had very different opionions in which concerns above. For example, my doctor said I could start my gym routine in 6 weeks post/ op. On the other hand, the other doc set my time at double, which is 3 months post /op... Confusing. I went online and did a research on my own, and it looks like each doctor has it's own recommendation (in a normally healing case, of course) and it can be from 3 weeks to 3 months...
How about you ladies, how 'permitting' are your surgeons?

Ladies don't be afraid to go bigger!

Ladies, have the courage to choose a bigger size of the implant if your surgeon allows!
My surgeon proposed 375cc as the largest he could do. Even if it's about 25cc i changed my mind the second before surgery amd asked for 350. Honestly, now i know that even 450cc wouldnt have been too much, if that would have been an option. 350cc didnt give me the fullness I was aiming for. However i do have a nice side boob that i love haha
Good luck to all of you doing it, and have more courage, you will not regret it!

I am love my breast!

I am startng to like them more and more every day. They dropped nicely, smoothed out, they feel good aside of that. My friends are complimenting the natural look of them.

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