35 Yo, 5'9", 130lb, One Breastfed Baby, 375 Mentor M+

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Like many of you gals out there, I am in this site...

Like many of you gals out there, I am in this site for one thing and only - to become a better version of myself. My breast never developed beyond small A. When I was pregnant I finally for my desired C, but I gain so much wait that they didn't even look that much bigger on me. I was thinking to get my BA after I have a baby and also was waiting for something better then liquid silicon and airline was not an option on my mind.
So here I am)))
I've seen dr Khuthaila and loved her right away. We discussed my options in terms of sizing, but I am still hesitant as to which size to choose. I've tried in 400cc MP, which was way too big, and also 350cc MP which looked so much different compared to 400cc. I really don't want to go obviously augmented, so my choice is 350cc, but I am afraid that I will be regretting not to go a bit bigger to 375cc. I have a couple of weeks to decide, because I am scheduled for March 24.

Not exactly sure yet how this site works, but I will try to post as many pictures as I can. Though this morning I was thinking to myself that I will miss my smaller boobies...but I won't miss my small padded bras)))

This weekend is my pre-op

I love my body and my breasts, but I still wish my boobies to be bigger. After breastfeeding they didn't change much in terms or the size probably because they were small to begin with, but they are not as firm anymore. And don't get me started with "omg moment" when I have to bend over for sexy times, that view is not pretty at all, I am sure you can relate.
Let me add that I am doing it for me only, I didn't ask anyone's opinion to base my decision on, but I did tell some of my more "boobier" friends about it and as I suspected they had their why's. I listened to all of them and one thing that was in common - don't go too big. One of my friend that actually had a BA a couple of years ago, which has same stats as I do went for 375 and she got D, suggested not to go that big, but she still is happy that she've done them.
So, I decided on 350MP round silicon. I am slender and if I put in too much it will look too much. In any case if I want them bigger, when there is time for a replacement I can always revisit sizing topic.

Wish boobies

Some wish boobies to check back later and compare my results

Yesterday was my pre-op

Yesterday was my pre-op appointment and I am so excited in a very normal happy way. We spoke a lot about size and how it's placed. She didn't have 375 to try on, so I've tried again 350 and 400 cc's both in M+ and they both look great, and we both reviewed the measurements of implants of 375 M+ and we both decided that it was perfect size for me. I didn't want to go any bigger, it would look unnatural and a heavy in my clothing for my slender body.
I was told not to work out my upper body for at least 4 weeks following the operation (including sex). Incision will be 3cm long. I can shower the next day, because she doesn't put any tapes and bandages but small strips of tape that are meant to cover the incisions, which are water proof. I may want to try to move my arms as soon as I feel comfortable. I can start walking right away. My first post-op will be the first Monday after the day I am scheduled for my operation, so I am taking that day off as well.

The countdown begins

I am 7 full days away from the day I was thinking about for way too long. As I was reading through all the reviews i didn't want to have a feeling most of you had that the time before the surgery was dragging. And here I am, a week shy of it, not so shabby. Three weeks passed by really fast probably due to busy schedule and other things.
After reading suggestions I ordered this bra (picture attached). It should arrive before my surgery.

Tomorrow is the BA day

...and of course I am freaking out now, in a very normal day. It didn't sink in yet that that day is actually here, the realization of it probably will come when I will arrive to the operation center and my doctor will mark me and I'll have an IV in my arm. Here are my couple of pre op in swim suit...such a sad view and I can't wait to shop new swim pieces.

Less then 24 hours left

One day till I will arrive to the "boobie-land". I am freaking out, I am happy, I don't know what else I could have done to prepare for all and everything. I have to still get some supplies tonight. I was scheduled for 1:45, but I got a call yesterday that my time was moved up to 11:45 and I am invited to arrive at 10:30, which is so great, I won't have to starve and dehydrate for long.
I am packing some crackers and I also need apple juice for after the surgery. I am thinking about getting yogurt, but I am not sure I will enjoy it as much. I already prepared and seasoned fish, packed it into different bags, all I have to do is throw it in the oven that would be accompanied by some frozen veggies, and viola.
My friend is meeting me at the center tomorrow before the procedure just to hold my hand and tell me that everything will be just fine. And another friend is arriving after the surgery to drive me home and stay with me for the following 24 hours.
For some reason I am freaking out about the anesthesia, which is so strange because I've done it before and it all was just fine.

Some before pictures

I can't wait to shop new pieces

about surgery...

Needless to say i didn't sleep well the night before, waking up and dosing off again. i didn't feel any anxiety, i tired not to think about my procedure at all and it might helped me. i kind of looked at it as something inevitable and relaxed. Thankfully my friend was waiting for me at the center to keep me company for the time being until I got admitted, he is so sweet (and yes it was a male friend). We spent about 15 minutes while i was filling out some additional papers and providing my ID.
Then i was called, I was asked many questions about my health, was given items to changed into and just waited until someone got me. I was put down onto the special rolling bad and waited for about 15 min until my PS showed up. She marked me, took my pictures and then anesthesiologist came by to put in my IV and give me something special to relax. Then i was rolled in to the elevator and then in to the surgery room, and then moved to a surgery table after which it all disappear. I've heard voices calling my name and i couldn't figure out why someone was waking me up because it felt so nice to be asleep. I felt pain and pressure right away and i asked for pain meds. I was given one pill and it didn't help. I asked for another because my paid was becoming more intense and they gave me the fluid in to my IV, which helped so much. My other friend picked me up, helped me dress, and i was so happy that i packed my prescription drugs with me, so i asked my friend to find it and give it to me. When i got home around 4pm i went straight to sleep. Woke up after 6, ate, called my mom, my other friend, and on the last call i realized that i was just falling asleep and i sad that i have to say good by :). I took another pain med and fell asleep for another 3 hour, then i woke ups at 12, 3 and 6 this morning. My pain is tolerable, but i was not executive this kind of intensity of pain, but i guess its just more of my muscle pain after a very intense work out.

Second day update

A little bit over 24 hours update - felling much better, just the tightness that still bothers. Girls got very swollen and I am putting ice packs. Still taking Percocet every 6 hours, and it helps sleeping as well.

Today I walked a lot...

...and about 3 hours later I felt tired, but pleasantly tired. I hope that it will help me to get back to feeling normal, plus I am back to work on Tuesday. Tomorrow is my first post op check up, really don't know what to expect.
I was able to shower today and wash my hair, but I didn't lift my hands over my head too much, it was still doable. Some of swelling had gone down, but girls still look torpedo-like. I am not sure how I will be able to conceal then at work, because all of my work attire slim fitting...I guess I have practice tonight and maybe pick some loose fitting tops tomorrow after my appointment.
I am happy to report that I feel much better then yesterday and my energy is up from the day before as well. I took half of Percocet last night before bed time and Tylenol this afternoon, thus I experience only the tightness in my chest area and slight pulling feeling argue incision site.

I resumed working

Thankfully my work is not demanding and I sit in front of a computer all day. I felt very good on the first day, I was wearing a new wire free genie bra. But today I felt that I had a need for carrying my breasts in my hands, and once I got home and changed I realized that the bra was giving me that feeling - it's just simply too tight. I went with size M, so I believe I should have gone with L. I still sleep on my back and most of the night I am not promted anymore, but I want to turn to my side because I am a side sleeper. I also loved sleeping in my belly, but I was looking forward to BA also because it would eliminate this bad habit of mine, it's just causing face wrinkles. My muscles were a bit tighter then yesterday so I went ahead and took Tylenol, which didn't help much :(, or well. I tried to stretch my shoulders because I fought myself hunching again. It's just work in progress. Today I felt implants weighting my chest and they still don't feel as part of me. I was reading online that it may take from several months to a maybe never have a feeling of unity with twins. I hope we will become friends and they will feel like my hands, that always were there. They changed and dropped a bit and begin looking more normal, though they still a bit high.

10 days...

... update:
My friend asked me if I already had my period after having BA and she said that it may be different and now I know what she meant. My monthly guest arrived 3 days earlier then scheduled and it just very different - I had cramps, and I don't remember having them after I had my child; the flow is heavy, which after I installed an IUD it did increase, but MAN it's just heavier then usual and the color is darker.
Everyday I see my twins change a bit and looking prettier and prettier. Left one is dropping faster then the right one and it's visible now on pictures. I will ask my PS at my next visit on Saturday but I think it's because my right side is stronger then my left, cause I am a righty. I also feel more tension in my right side pecs and I keep using this arm to pull doors and I feel that I need to be more cautious about it. Today I feel my incisions more most likely because implants are pushing on them, but it's also a topic of a conversation with my doctor.
I keep sleeping propped, but with every passing night I get used to sleeping on my back.
The other day I went through my lingerie and I threw away all my A bras, that felt so good)))
I hope all of you, ladies, having a fantastic time of the day!

Two weeks together

You know the feeling when you kind of starting to think that the situation you are in is not gonna get better and kind of mentally preparing to get used to it in a future, and then next moment the situation changed and you get a feeling of a relieve. Last night when I was going to sleep I was talking myself into accepting that I will not be having a unity with my newly acquired assets (aka twins) for some time and I will have some discomfort that accompany it. Well, this morning I woke up and I though - wow, they feel like they're almost mine. Today marks exactly two week boobieversary and I can't be more happy that I start feeling change in terms of my left girl is having more sensation and I can see it when I get chills, the nipple reacts to it. My right lady friend is feeling much better today. I didn't feel as much pressure on them and they becoming less foreign for my body. Though when I wear my jacket it feels strange that my boobs are so much higher in front then before. I can't wait till the time I can ditch that winter clothes...looking forward to t-shirts and jeans)))
I hope everyone is doing great today!!!

Ps.: I can't seem to find a bra that I would like to wear. The most comfortable a as of now is the surgical bra. The genie bra is too tight and when I wore it the other day I almost ripped it off by the end of the day.

Scar and second post op

I've seen my amazing PS and we talked about my recovery. She said that all I am feeling is a normal healing process and I should be patient because two weeks is just still too soon to think that I would be feeling super well. My incisions look so good then when I was trying to take a picture I couldn't believe it myself. I also spoke with my friend who had her breast done and I asked her when should I expect to connect with my breasts, she mentioned 8 month mark for her, but also everyone is different. Feeling better everyday. The best part is being able to dress them up and down, totally rewarding despite the little pains.

3 weeks update

This Thursday (4/14) was my 3 week mark and I can report that I feel so much better. Is mile at myself that I felt almost regretful making thi decision. At this point I feel so much better - I don't feel any tightness in my chest muscle, skin seemed to adjusted to the size of my new girls, they feel soft to touch, but not as soft as I would like them to be yet. Ivan see them slowly settling lower and loosing that high riding slope. As I was going through my bra stash and throwing them away, I found a couple of nursing bras and I was happy that they fit me, plus they were unwired.
I still sleep on my back and I caught myself rolling to my side, but it feels comfortable now.
I treat my scars with aloe that I picked from veggie store nearby, and my good friend recommended it saying that she had a terrible scar I her forehead that she didn't think would ever disappear but now it's gone. I still will be ordering scaraway strips to put on inbetween my aloe treatment. I also noticed that my Econ feels so much softer when I apply aloe to the entire breast area.
I hope all of you are well and healing wonderfully.

Little swim suite

These are the photos I wanted to upload but forgot. Same swimsuit as in prior pictures.
My ladies are getting softer and softer everyday. The best part is that I don't even feel them anymore. I still have a slight burning feeling in my left girl and the sensation didn't come back to that nipple either. Tonight I caught myself being rolled over to my side-belly position pretty much laying on my right breast. It felt comfortable, but I didn't want to get used to sleeping in my face-in-the-blanket anymore. I started seeing a difference in my morning appearance after I stopped mostly in my back. And my eyes lids are not as puffy as they were before. The skin on my breasts stretched enough for me not to feel bothered with it. I still use aloe leif for incisions scars. But I am still going to buy scaraway strips; my plan is to apply aloe in the morning, let it dry, apply scaraway and have it on until I am back from work, then apply aloe again after an evening shower.

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