34yr, 130lbs, 5'4", 1 Child. Natrelle 410 Gummy Bear, Tear Drop 450cc

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I haven't had my surgery yet, it's in less than 2...

I haven't had my surgery yet, it's in less than 2 weeks and I'm very excited and also nervous.

This journey started shortly after giving birth to my 1st child last September, a little over a year ago. Finally, around April I decided to book a consultation appointment with Dr. Vendemia. I chose him because of his rapid recovery method. I wanted to return to work as quickly as possible. I wanted very little down time and as little pain and discomfort as possible.

Once I met him I was impressed by his confidence and I was very happy to learn I was a perfect candidate for rapid recovery BA. He recommended I go larger than I wanted and really educated me on some misconceptions about implants and expectations.

Soon after I booked the surgery date, months in advance and now the day is almost here! Will post photos and updates soon.

Before photos


More before photos

I day post op

Yesterday I had my surgery. I arrived at the facility on time and was called in about 30 mins later. A nurse came in and took my medical history. Some time after that Dr.Vendemia came in, answered some of my questions and made his markings. In case you're wondering for you future surgery you get a done of antibiotics via your IV during surgery. He says there's no real proof that AB helps after sx. Right after the anasthesialogist came in to ask more questions about my history with anasthesia. She placed in my IV. Then I took a pregnancy test. Not pregnant! Yay!

After all that I was ready to be seen. After they gave me "something to relax me" I was out after a few minutes and had no memory of that. I don't know if people ever dream while under general anasthesia but I did. I woke up soon after with pain and a lot of pressure on my chest. I became alert fairly quickly. I was wobbly at first but after the second attempt at walking I was better. I took my meds and soon after I was ready to go.

At home even with the celebrex and extra strength tylenol I was extremely sore. It felt like the soreness you get after a major upper body strength workout. But I was able to slowly raise my arms. Getting up was difficult and painful but nothing I couldn't handle, just needed help.

Now I'm on my way to the follow up appointment and I'll see what the doc says.

1 day post opictures photo

I'm not showing much here because I still have my bra, wrap, and top but you could still see a difference

1day post op

Before and after

10 days post op

The first week and up to today I felt very sore in certain places and very tight. I couldn't stretch enough. Now, after my first day back at work my muscles feel more relaxed. I can stretch a little more comfortably. As for my new twins there many sensations going on at once. I feel numb under the breasts and hypersensitive at the nipples. My incision sites are tender and itchy. Since it's cold now sometimes when I step outside or when I feel cold my breasts feel hard and numb. It's a very odd feeling. The swelling has gone down a bit but not a lot.

Last night I finally slept laying horizontal in bed. It was more comfortable than sleeping in an incline but not better for actual sleep. I still wake up at least twice a night with difficulty going back to sleep.

Other than those things, I'm cleared to do nearly everything I did before with the exception of lifting heavy items and exercising, and drinking alcohol (at least for another 2 days).

One more thing, on Tuesday after my 1 week post op appt I went to get fitted for a new bra. The dr says I will stay in this bra 24/7 to help shape my breasts. It is an under wire bra at it was very expensive. The most I ever paid for a bra. At first the stylist adjusted the bra on the 2nd hook and advised me to keep it there. This was a 30 in band size and I was use to wearing 34. Granted, 34 was too large for me, but 30 felt like I was literally being squeezed by a wire. I couldn't breathe, couldn't move, couldn't sleep. I was so uncomfortable. Finally, the next day I moved the hook to the last one and felt better.

I will post more on my recovery and any new developments in the next couple of weeks.

New underwire bra caused bruising

The new bra I bought WAS too tight. Today I woke up with this bruise under my right breast. There was blood on both sides of the wireday bra. Luckily since latching the bra on the last hook and wearing for 48 hrs, it has fit better, but for anyone buying a new bra after a BA pay attention to how it fits. If you can't think of anything but the tightness of the bra it is too tight. I suffered the consequences of being distracted by a fancy bra boutique and the stylist to be aware of how the bra was actually fitting me. Don't let this happen to you.

I got away with no bruising from the surgery and ironically got one from a bra that was suppose to help and now it will take weeks for this to go away.

12 days post op and bruise is looking better

Feeling almost myself (15day post op)

So it has been 15 days since my surgery and I feel almost normal. I can easily move and stretch. I don't feel the soreness or tightness in my muscles and even though I'm still sleeping on my back I'm getting a better night's rest. My breasts on the other hand are a different story. I still feel the tightness, which I understand will take weeks to improve, and my incisions still hurt but not so much any more. I heard it's called morning boob, like morning wood, when the breasts feel hard and uncomfortable. I wake up with that every morning and it comes and goes through out the day. My bra is more comfortable than when I first started wearing it but only a little. I still hate it. Other than those things I'm feeling pretty good.

15 days post

15 days post op

7 weeks post op

My breasts feel like my own. No more hard sensation, numbness, and hypersensitivity. No more heaviness, pain and discomfort when I turned on my side. I've also been working out and dancing. I feel terrific. My breasts are a lot softer and they look natural. No one can tell I have implants. I'm still healing, I have bandages on my incisions. Things are starting to settle and soon I will have a natural and beautiful slope under my breasts.

Looking forward to the up coming months.
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