33 Years Old to Kids and I Have Been Wanting This Surgery for a Long Time Finally Decided to Go Through It. - New york, NY

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So I've been stalking this website for over 2 yrs...

So I've been stalking this website for over 2 yrs now because I've always been interested in having Breast Augmentation Surgery. I've always had small Breast a 34 b to be exact. After my second child who will be two March of this year my breast really stretched out and lost all volume. I think is time to do what will make me happy.

Night before surgery!!!

It still seems surreal that tomorrow is the big day for me to have my long awaited BA surgery. I'm up late preparing and getting ready for tomorrow. I have to be in at 10:30, my oldest will be in school and my little one will be at home with my boyfriends mother. I'm trying to keep it cool and think all positive thoughts. More than anything I am very anxious. My boyfriend will be accompanying me, he has been here every step
If the way and I appreciate him so much for everything!

On my way

So I am on my way to the office for my surgery! Not nervous just anxious but that might change once im there. Hopefully I won't be in much pain after surgery and I can do a update. Wish me luck guys!

I made it!

Survey was a success. I went in at 10:45 this am prepped with the surgeon and anesthesiologist then went right to surgery room. That gave me a Iv then inserted a cocktail that made me relax we chatted for a couple minutes then the next thing I know I was sitting in recovery. I woke up kinda dizzy with a lot of pressure on my chest and discomfort I would say about a 5 out of 10. I walked through the bathroom, used with help of course then came back to recovery room and was given a Tylenol extra strength which wasn't really helpful. I woke up with a sports bar and some gauze over my incision. I came home, are some chicken soup took my meds and tried to rest a little. I went with 400 cc and I think I might be having boob greed. Will they look fluffier and little different after they settle? I really hope so, but for now I'm being patient and aiming for a smooth recovery!

Everyday is a little better

So I was given approval to shower today and it made me feel much better this morning I was very sore so I took my meds for the lAst time. Since then I've bee taking only extra strength Tylenol. I removed my bra and took a shower. I'm still sore and I can't move my arms much. My breast are still hard snd tight.
Gonna try to get some more rest.,

Day 2 post op

No pain meds today

I tried my best to go without any meds today and I did great. Whenever I felt discomfort I tried to rest. Also I have been using arnicare cream for swelling and muscle pain and that has been a big help. My girls are looking great but my nipples look a little misplaced but I'm thinking its from still being so swollen. I love how they look and I'm very happy, I just hope they don't get any smaller.

I have made it to the first week!

So it was one week ago today that I had my breast augmentation and I must say it has been a roller coaster ride of emotions. I was so nervous to actually be going through with the surgery and I was scared out of my mind. I knew the only way to make myself comfortable and feel be about my body was to have the surgery. As the days came closer the nervousness went away and was filled with anxiousness. Surgery went fast and smooth. First couple days weren't painful but more uncomfortable than anything, my chest are still a little swollen and very tight. I went in yesterday for my post op and Dr. Senderoff said I looked great and he was surprised at how well I am healing in my left breast he put 405cc's and inf my right breast he put 360cc's. My left breast had no volume and was smaller than the right. It has always been that way even as a young girl. I feel like they are dropping a little and are starting to look better. Shopping for a sports bra was fun and exciting, it felt good to look in the mirror and see those beautiful girls! Today and yesterday my nipples have been very sensitive and hurt a little. I've been able to do more things around the house but I'm trying not to over do it as I still have my stiches in. I go back for my second post op next Wednesday to remove left over ends of my stitches.

Some more one week post op pics

A couple 3 week pics

I have had two prior consultations with another doctor that was good. I was still hesitant about the surgery. My main concern is anesthia, I hate the thought of being put under. So in January of this year I was referred to Dr.Senderoff by one of my friends who's friend went to him. I went in for my consult and I was amazed at how comfortable they made me feel. His assistant also made me feel great. I booked my surgery the same day and did my pre op while I was there. So I have decided on going with a silicone implant with 375 cc on one side and 400 in the other due to one breast being slightly larger than the other. I'm 5"4 125 lbs with a athletic build so i think that will be a good size for me.How amazing, I have been anticipating my surgery since then and March 3 is my big day! I haven't really been thinking about it much because I don't want to get all nervous. So I'm About 6 days and I think it's time for me to start preparing. I am welcoming all you lovely ladies to feel free to help me prepare with tips and some of your experiences. I'm including a picture of me post op.

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