32 Years Old, Mother of Two, 5'3" Tall, 108 Lbs, 32a with 295cc Natrelle Implants Under the Muscle - New York

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Hi ladies, I'm a petite 32 yo with two kids ages 3...

Hi ladies, I'm a petite 32 yo with two kids ages 3 yrs and 11 months. I've always wanted to have boobs but never got the courage to do it. Right now, I think I wanted to do something for myself as I don't get to do much for myself and all my time gets spent between family and work.
I had three consultations and de idea to go with Dr. Hyman as he made me feel very comfortable and I also havery a friend who went to him and was very pleased with her results. Deciding what implant size to choose was a struggle, I wanted to go up to a full 34b as that was my size when I was breastfeeding and I was very happy with them (but always thought a tad bigger wouldn't hurt ;)) anyways, I tried on a 255cc sizer and felt comfortable. The docs assistant and the doctor suggested I go a little bigger and go with a 285cc or 295cc. I went back to try on sizes and another docs assistant was there. She had her BA a few months the back and said she was about my size and went with 400 something! So that's when I got even more confused, her breath did not look as big as I thought 400 something cc (low end maybe 425cc) would look. So they ordered me 295cc and 325cc. I did not want to have boobie greed and wanted to get my money's worth... the reviews and pics on here helped and I decided to go with the 295cc Natrelle high profile.
I'm had my surgery about 10 hours ago and I'm typing this on my phone (hope it does not get deleted like my first review yesterday).
First, my surgery was scheduled at 730am and I got there late! Omg I felt so bad but nyc traffic at that time is the worst! Didn't realize it would take 1.5 hrs to get to a place that normally takes me 20 to 30 mins to get to! Anyways, everyone was extremely nice and did not make me feel bad. I really appreciated this as I was already so nervous and did not need the stress of feeling horrible for being so late (although it's so not me to be late and grrr). Moving on, when I woke up in the recovery room I felt like maybe 5 mins have passed. My husband walked in and then I noticed that I now had boobs! It was surreal! I was so happy. Hubby said they didn't look too big and thinks I got the correct size (I really hope I did!)
I was given 1 percocet but asked for another one as I had read the ride home could be rough and oh boy! Were you guys right?! Every little bump, pothole, rough patch on the road was hooooorrible I wanted to scream at the top of my lungs and couldn't as talking made it sooo much worse. I wanted to cry soo bad. Hubby definitely got yelled at but he was so nice about it and tried his best. Nyc and darn potholes ufff! Anyways, once we got home we sneaked upstairs as kids were being cared for my mom and a friend and I did not want them to see me like this or possible hurt me with their loving hugs :(
That's going to be the worse part for me I think. I can hear them downstairs but I can't pick them up so I'm staying away as they would not understand why mommy is not picking them up.
Once I got to bed hubby helped get me comfortable but every little move hurt. Finally got me in comfortable position kinda sitting up in bed with about 3 to 4 pillows. I was cold so had heat blasting. Ate soup, grapes and water then took Antibiotic and muscle relaxer and after about 2 hours I felt so much better. I was able to move my arms and use phone.. If recovery keeps on going this way I think I'll make a lot of progress very soon. Here are some pics. Hope my review helps somebody out there :) I'll keep you updated.

12 Hours Post Op

Hi ladies,

I couldn't help myself. Here are some post of pics about 12 hours after surgery. They are rock hard but this was expected. I also have to wait for them to drop as they look really weird right now. Also, they look a little smaller than what I expected. I'm thinking I'm going to regret not going with 325cc high profile instead :(
Please tell me your thoughts

Post op pics - Day 2

Hi all,
Today I've been feeling pretty good. I'm now able to move my arms and I can get in and out of bed without assistance. It's uncomfortable and it does hurt sometimes but I think the pain meds help a lot. I didn't take my pain meds for over six hours and every movement hurt so much. So I don't think I'd be doing this well if not for the pain meds. I'very attached some pictures please let me know your thoughts. Btw, the breast tissue around the implants is starting to soften up and it is not as tight anymore. However, implants are so high and hard! I really hope this goes away soon.

Day 3

Hi all,
It's amazing how great I'm feeling. I've been taking 1 pill pain med every 9hrs or so (I was told to take 2 pills every 6 hrs). I'm taking the antibiotics and muscle relaxer as prescribed. But I'm feeling so much better. I can now get in and out of bed without difficulty. I've been doing light shores around the house and playing with my toddler and 10 month old :) sooo happy!
Regarding the size, I do feel I should have went with the 325cc. I found some pics from when I was breastfeeding and my breasts look bigger than they do now after BA! Suuucks. I'd definitely suggest u show ur PS pics of what you want and don't want. I think that would have helped me and he would have advised me to go bigger :( Here are some pics. Let's see how it goes, I hope I start to love them soon. They're still sitting pretty high but I think they dropped a little. What do you think?

Breastfeeding boobies

Here are some pics of my boobies when I was breastfeeding l. Thought 295cc would get me to that size but it doesn't look like it :(

Day 4

Hi all,

I've been feeling pretty good. I'm able to move my arms now and any movement involving my pec muscles does not hurt, it feels a little uncomfortable but it does not hurt. Here are some pics. I'm really hoping they drop and I don't need additional surgery. Do they look any lower? They look the same to me. Mom says they're a little lower.l, I don't see it though.

Day 5- post op appointment

Hi ladies,
I had my post op appointment today and everything looked great! My PS said not to wear the bra anymore and gave me a band to wear on top of my breasts today help them drop. He also showed me how to massage my breasts. My boobs definitely feel softer (I can now say "my boobs", I have boobs!!!) Sorry can't help the excitement sometimes. I was worried because my boobs are so high they're kind of square looking but I think they are dropping and need a couple of weeks. PS said to give it anot her 10 days or so. I can't wait!!!

1 week post op

Hi my dear rs buddies,
I now understand the emotional roller coster a lot of you describe in your reviews. I've been trying to be patient but some days are better than others. I think my breasts are showing some improvement but I'm still not happy with how square and high they look. Im happy with the size and think they're not too big or too small.. I still think the 325cc would been slightly bigger than what I got and that I would have also been happy with that size. Here are some pics.

2 weeks and 2 days post op

Sooo once again, I typed this long detailed post, try to attach my pics and boom my review is gone and no pics attached smh. Here are some pics and I'll try to update as soon as I get a chance. Gotta go back to chasing my 3 yo lol


I don't know what to think yet :/

Almost 1 year post

New York Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Hyman is amazing. He's very reassuring and down to earth. Also, answers all of your questions and manages to make you feel at ease. I also have to mention that his staff is wonderful. The anesthesiologist, nurse and front desk were all very nice. Shirley, in the front desk is so sweet and helpful. She went out of her way to make me feel comfortable :) I have a couple of friends who are already considering having breast lifts and BA after I told them about my BA and I'm sending them to Dr. Hyman for sure. He's not only aneed amazing surgeon with excellent bedside manners (kind of hard to find in my experience) but prices are also reasonable. I was so uncomfortable with the idea of any plastic surgery prior to meeting Dr. Hyman but now that I found a doctor I can trust, who knows, I may consider getting a couple of other things done ;) Thanks Dr. Hyman and all staff, especially Shirley, you're awesome :)

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