31st birthday gift to me! 5'7", 135lbs, 397cc silicone unders

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Hey folks! I've been reading reviews on here for...

Hey folks! I've been reading reviews on here for several months and have really benefitted from all the stories and insights. So much so, that I though I'd share my own! So while I'm 5 days post op now I'll start with what I started with... Which wasn't bad but it wasn't really proportional. Results pending!

Pre-op: 34b
Hight: 5'7"
Weight: 133
397cc silicon unders allergen natrelle mod profile
Crease incision

Day 6 Update & some thoughts on decision-making

Hey guys!! So, I actually chose my doctor based on his "rapid recovery breast augmentation" procedure and he has such a great attitude but also was serious about the fact that he will say no to the procedure if I am not the right candidate etc. So it took me about 4 months from when I first went in to my consultation to actually finally booking, and even then I called them a week out and tried to cancel almost fully giving up my payment because I was so so scared. I was worried I would hate it, that people would judge me or that I wouldn't feel like my normal self ever again. I stayed up nights obsessing, I read like a zillion of these posts online, would wake up and say "YES this is what I want" and go to sleep crying that I might be making a terrible decision and risking my health. Both of those might be true, but after finally biting the bullet, sucking up the courage and popping a xanax I managed to get to the surgery center and out, and can you believe it, piece of cake! I tell you all of this because maybe there is someone out there like me who needs a little reassurance. This is a completely elective decision, so you need to be cool with electing to change your body. I did, and I'm actually really happy so far! It's been something I've thought about for years and as I got older and finally had the money to do so, I figure WTF not! Anyway, that's my rant. It does hurt, you need to give yourself AT LEAST 2 weeks before even looking at your boob results, most of the time even more leeway but I did RR procedure so I should have a good idea on the final product a month in. So, not everyone is the same or will have the same experience. I paid a LOT of money and did a lot of research since I believe you really get what you pay for and I don't want to play around with my body if I can avoid it. I'm guessing you all feel the same way!

So, now onto my status: I actually didn't need a helping hand at all after the first 24 hours. In fact, I had a post op follow up with my PS the next morning and grabbed a cab and went alone. Was definitely hurting, and stiff and super protective though so don't think I was doing jumping jacks, but I could function independently which was important to me. Also I could lift my arms right after surgery and was completely coherent and making jokes with the nurses afterward eating crackers and drinking ginger ale my doctor says that's great but definitely not always common. The sucky part was this horrible shooting nerve pain I had in my side right under my left armpit for 2-3 days. I think it may be related to that bruise i posted a pic of. Other than than not really any bruising and they cleaned all marks off. Once that was over I started feeling pretty comfortable. I could shower after my day 1 post op appointment where he put silicon strips over my scars (internal stitches).

The boobs: while they are still swollen & firm at day 6 (and look HUGE naked but rather normal and unnoticeable in clothes btw) I'm excited that my progress has been relatively rapid. I actually chose to do this procedure before moving apartments (smart, right?) and while i've had helpers packing etc, I've been able to pick up non-heavy things and move around quite well since Day 4. Yesterday I even spent the day packing and then went out to dinner! Right now I just got back from brunch and plan to do a bit more packing... I feel pretty comfortable and just taking celebrex morning and night, extra-strength tylenol and he gave me a script for oxycodon as needed but haven't needed it since the side nerve pain went away. There is still weight and numbness on my chest, but the feeling is almost more like I'm wearing a padded bra then "oh crap there is something foreign under my skin itching to get out!! a la Alien" which I'm telling you, is sort of what I expected. None of my friends know about it yet, I'll probably tell people once I have to be in a bikini and they are softer and less scary big but for now, you can hardly tell as long as I don't wear anything low cut. I do feel bloated and almost "PMS-y" but i think the fat feeling is a) big boobies! b) no working out c) mild constipation

Anyway... that was a long ramble but let me know if you have any questions. Posting a photo of this morning when I tried laying on my side when I woke up. They look soooo big but I'm glad they are moving around more - still feel so stiff.

1 Week Post-Op!

So today I was so excited to go see Dr. V again for my 1 week post op. The girls have been getting a bit more pliable and less swollen but this rapid recovery breast augmentation thing is no joke, my experience has been really great and I already feel so full of energy and normal again. Still keeping my boobs under clothes and not on display at all... can't wait for them to soften up so I can show 'em off. According to Dr. V I still have 2-3 months before they'll really feel soft again and I'll be ready to prance around in a bikini. Which I know, is nothing in the world of BAs but us NYers are in a hurry for everything! It actually has been so nice to relax this week and force myself not to take on too many activities.. though the time has really dragged by because it's not a pace I'm used to.

Anyway, rambling. So I went in and Dr. V said the boobs look fab and he's happy I'm recovering so fast and smoothly. He removed the silicone strips and cleaned the scars. He showed me them in a hand mirror and they don't look that bad considering. Hard to believe these big balloons went through such little holes. He replaced the silicone strips and scheduled another appointment for next week. I'm going on a trip in 10 days so he'll arm me with strips of my own to take care of while I'm gone.

Next step in the Dr. V regimen is to go out and buy an underwire bra! Yea, I know, crazy sounding right after all we've read here! Well, first off he told me never ever to wear Victorias Secret again... apparently those bras are terrible and can ruin a perfectly good procedure. Secondly, he sent me directly to a bra fit stylist at Intimacy (a specialty lingerie store in NYC) who would equip me with a pricey but perfect bra for me to help coach my boobs into perfectly shaped happy places. Since the bras are european and specialty, by wearing these underwires I'll actually be helping form a perfect capsule for my end result boobs. I'll even be sleeping in this bra... which I'm a little wary of since I'm already uncomfortable sleeping like a bent plank. I ditched my little surgical crop top (FINALLY) and either should wear this fancy bra or go braless otherwise. Right now I'm still swollen all around my boobs so doc expects me to need future band adjustments as the boobs heal and swelling goes down.

Annnnd for my bra size: 34F!

Wowzas. The stylist said I'd probably end up 32DD/E if she had to guess. Considering I started at 34/36B I'm all confused about this bra size process now. Oh well, I'll just roll with it. Photos of the bra I purchased which is called the Prima Donna Madison Balconnet ($131) ... long name, HUGE price tag, but it is a perfect fit and hopefully perfect results. Photos attached plus a few more from today.

PS- I've been lying down in this bra for 20 minutes and it's so itchy :(

Bloated and big

Having a bit of a bummer day today. Tried looking for bras at macys and it's basically impossible to find even a DD much less 34DD or bigger.

My stomach feels so mushy and bloated. Just having a fat day and there's no way to smush down the boobs while without them I could pad up if I was in the mood.

Just not feeling great today.

11 days post op and having fun!

Thought I'd give a little update since I'm feeling good about the boobs again :) I guess it's a lot of ups and downs those 1st few weeks from what I've read of other peoples stories. So yea, I definitely forget about the boobs when I'm out and about now. The changes are subtle but they feel softer every day and discomfort is minimal. They are still firm of course and don't move much on their own but that's to be expected I think. I really do feel like they're part of my body though and not foreign which makes me super happy.

Found THE perfect bra: it's called the Prima Donna Caressence. I'm a 32F now but while big, they feel proportional to my chest width.

Posted a picture in the original American apparel bra so you can see how different they look pre and post op!

Thanks sooo much for the comments! Xo

One month out!

One month out and loving the look of my new breasts! I've been keeping them hidden when I'm around friends/family but starting to really want to show them off as they get softer and more natural looking. Now trying to figure out how to explain this to my friends.

I'm about to visit and stay with a bunch of girlfriends and old roommates from college and think I'll have to drop the bomb. I'm afraid they'll judge me, but it's also my new reality. So, hopefully they'll get over it? I just wish I wasn't the only one of my friends to do this so far :(

Can anyone relate to my anxiety?

Included some photos from today!

6 Weeks and HAPPY!!

Just thought I'd post an update since I logged in to reply to a comment (thank you!! love all the support on here). So tomorrow is actually the *official* 6 week mark and it's been ups, downs and incredibly stressful and really uplifting. In the last week I've noticed a lot of softening and little sharp pains at the bottom of my breasts which from what I've read means that the nerves are regrowing down there. The only numbness I still have left is right about the crease incisions which is normal I expect. Otherwise seems pretty normal. I'll post pics of the scars when I change the tapes tomorrow but i can't even feel much of a bump there which I think must be a good sign (fingers crossed!). The scars are directly on the crease and I think that was helped along by wearing the underwire bras all night and day. Next week doc said I can stop wearing them while I sleep but since they've really helped with placement so far i'm actually not in a huge rush.

Indian summer has been nice - I was able to lay out nude yesterday to get some body tan on the deck. It's been ages since these babies have felt fresh air and since the tape is on I didn't worry about the scars getting in the sun. I expected to feel swollen afterward as I have before when I get too hot and sweaty but actually they just seemed normal, if not a bit softer even. Doc told me that when the boobies stop being affected by exercise, heat or muscle strain then I'm finished healing...! The fluff and softening of the muscle will continue for the next few months though.

** Lying on my stomach feels REALLY weird. That's the first time I felt so aware of something foreign inside me... like I was lying on top of squish balls. Did not enjoy that... Doc says I should be fine to get a massage now but I'm not sure I could enjoy it... will continue to practice stomach resting?

I've gained about 5 lbs since I really laid off the exercise since my surgery and 6 weeks of laziness is starting to take a toll -- plus I've been traveling and eating like "winter is coming" hahah. I've done a bunch of walking, hiking and some light elliptical but really excited to experiment with yoga, pilates, spinning and running again... think it'll be a slow process. Even sailing the other day made my muscles ache afterward.

Anyway, thanks for letting me vent dear diary of beautiful empowered ladies! Let me know if you have any questions. I'm posting a few photos from today - as you can see, these babies can be dressed up or down depending on sexiness level i'm going for and honestly, I was worried they were too big but now i think they are just PERFECT. Couldn't be more pleased with my results and changing my review to "worth it" right now.

7 week update - scars & belly resting

Things continue on well. Still trying to adjust and get comfortable showing these babies off. I think they look great but I'm not really used to getting attention for my boobs... Working on being comfortable with my new look. And hope people don't get too distracted by boobies... Or maybe this is all in my head?? Fingers crossed that comfort will come, I have faith! Also trying to get used to lying on my stomach - such an odd feeling!

Adding some photos I took today of my scars. They are right on the crease and very unnoticeable unless you get up close - but thought it might help those of you out there wondering what the healing process looks like at 2 months. Fun stuff!

More photos and feeling great at 6 months!

Not much progress.. But thought is share a few pics I took when I woke up this morning. They're a weird combo of firm/perky and big/squishy...! My doc says they'll soften up to the touch even more at 3-4 months. So far they look exactly what I wanted!

Photos didn't upload 1st time...

I'm in a weird wifi situation but hopefully these photos upload. So great that others can use my photos as a guide to their own look - never thought that would be the case but makes me really really happy to hear!! It's funny, I'm still not completely used to having larger breasts but when I look at old photos of my chest it's SHOCKING. I was SO FLAT! Wow. And now I realize why I spent the first few weeks after surgery thinking omg omg I went way too big... I just wasn't used to the updated look. Now I'm comfortable and really actually proud of them. Thank you all!

3 month update

Just thought I'd log in and give and update on how things are progressing. Really enjoying my look now - been spending lots of time in bikinis and the only questions I've received relate to how good they look! Definitely get some comments even when I'm dressed conservatively which makes me a bit shy... Questions from women asking if they're real because they're too good to be true.. I guess that's the problem - natural fake boobs are a bit of an oxymoron. Oh well...? Just can't wait until they feel softer and feel more like a part of me. Some general numbness still, no pain, and I've been able to be quite active. Here's some pics! Couldn't have asked for a better result but do still wonder if I should've just let them be and not messed with nature : /

Four Months Later - and happy!

So I've had a few requests for updated photos and since I'm at about the four month mark - here they are!

No issues at all at this point, love the look and they feel natural. When I lie down is the only time I feel awkward or notice them really. Definitely feel like they are a part of my body and I'm adjusted to having them almost completely.

Five Months Already!

I've been traveling quite a bit lately so haven't been great about updating so here's a juicy post and some photos.

Size: Many people say they wish they went bigger but I'm very happy with my size and even sometimes (mostly when i'm on my period and they feel swollen) I feel like they might be a bit TOO big. They're definitely noticeable, but I like looking natural and if they were any bigger I think it would be much too attention grabbing. If I had a smaller frame I would have gone smaller but because I have broad shoulders/torso it couldn't be avoided. That's just me though! I like smaller boobies too but I just felt like mine were getting too pancakey and was embarrassed to be naked before. Now I feel sexy all the time - sometimes even when I would rather not draw attention to myself.

Feel: They've definitely softened up and move naturally now. From the side I do notice a bit of unnatural roundness on the top half of my breasts but I think they are still settling. When I stretch my chest they also do ball up and get firmer but I have regained feeling in the bottom half of the breasts now so really they're starting to feel like a natural part of my body at this point.

Exercise: Can do everything and running has become more comfortable, though I definitely need to wear stronger sports bras for support. I'm really focusing now on toning my back and core muscles since those were the least used while I was healing.

Scars: Still can see distinct scar lines but doctor told me that's to be expected for at least the first year. I use bio oil regularly and cover the scars in the sun - easy enough to do as long as I'm not topless tanning all day long ;) Fortunately they blend really well into the bottom crease so you would have to look closely to notice at all.

Placement: They have dropped quite a bit so I feel like when I don't wear a bra or supportive bikini they look a little low - I guess that's where that 'natural' look I wanted comes into play. No matter, just have to wear a bra whenever I can - just like anyone else with DDs. I also have to be conscious of how to dress - somethings I used to wear now make me look fat since my chest is bigger. Also, mildly revealing or sexy things can look super sexy/hot -- which is good/bad depending on my mood. It's motivation for me to get the rest of my bod toned and in shape to show these babies off in the best light too.

People's reactions: Well, the cat is out of the bag with most of my close friends. Can't keep anything from those fabulous people who love me ;) Mostly their reaction has been very curious, supportive and encouraging. They love me no matter what I do and they think they look great, though I hate the idea of people gossiping about me I guess there's not much to do about it... Self love right?! Anyway, I'm happy and they're happy for me.

Dating: Like my friends, men I've dated have reacted with everything from surprised curiosity to admiration -- and that's only if they do find out they're fake. It hasn't helped or hurt me as far as I've noticed, though I do get more random stranger attention. My guy friends will tease me in jest but nothing inappropriate, all been very gentlemanly and shy. It's my girl friends that all ask to see and touch them.

So that's it for now, Let me know if you have questions! And I hope the photos help you with your own decision and process : )
New York Physician

Always friendly and educational. Took his time with my concerns, spent lots of time getting to know me, my personality and lifestyle in order to give me the results I wanted.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
4 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
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