27, 32A, 270-325cc Silicone, 5'4, 120lbs, No Kids - New York, NY

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Scheduled surgery for March 17th! I am thin and...

Scheduled surgery for March 17th! I am thin and live a fairly active lifestyle. I would like a natural, full look and think 270-low 300s will get me there. Expecting to be a C cup post-op. Right breast is significantly smaller than my left. There is a 1 cm projection difference, however, in front-facing pictures the size difference is not too noticeable.

Today's the day! :)

Surgery went well! I was scheduled for 7:30 and was supposed to take about 3 hours because of my asymmetry. I woke up at around 1 PM and felt pretty good...no nausea, just a tight feeling in my chest. I don't know what size I got but the PA is supposed to call me later today. I'm dying to look! My right breast (smaller breast) is starting to hurt a lot more than my left. The pain on my left side is minimal...I'm surprised. I am starting to feel nauseous now :(

Post-op Day 1 :/

I made the mistake of not taking my anti-nausea medication after I returned from surgery yesterday and threw up about 10 times. I have the situation under control now so I am feeling much better.

I still don't know what size implant was put in. The patient coordinator said she would get in touch with the PS after her surgery this morning and tell me later tonight. She said the PS probably told me the size after the surgery but that I may not remember because of the anesthesia.

Anyway, I took off my bra for the first time...I am a bit disappointed because they look a little small to me. They feel bigger than they look in pictures so hopefully as they drop and "fluff" they will begin to look bigger as well.


The doctor called and said I had 240cc moderate in my left breast and 345cc full projection in my right. I couldnt believe the size difference. Posting more pics.

Post-op Day 2

I'm recovering mostly on my own (had a friend stay over the first night and a few others drop by). I woke up at 5 AM in a lot of pain and with a lot of swelling...I thought my boobs were going to burst! I was scared because it was really difficult to get out of bed by myself, but once I finally did, I was able to get some ice packs and take my meds. I don't feel too much tightness now...mostly just feel a sharp, burning pain in my left incision.

I was feeling good this afternoon, so I took a bath and got to take another look at my boobies. They look bigger than they did yesterday so I am feeling better about the way they look. I hope they are at least a C cup. I was starting to get really bloated today but thank goodness I was able to have my first bm! I've been taking colace and eating prunes.

Post-op Day 3

Waking up was a little bit easier than yesterday. I am feeling very bloated despite having some bm. I was able to take a shower by myself (washed hair and body). Overall, feeling more mobile.

Post-op Day 4

Slept for 6 hours last night. I am running out of pain meds so I am only taking them as needed. My friend took me to Walmart this afternoon and when I got home I was exhausted...didn't expect to be that tired. I picked up a fruit of the loom front close sports bra but the elastic digs into my incision so I will wait until the incisions heal before I wear them.

Post-op Day 5

Went to Victoria's Secret today and was measured to be 34C! Usually, my band size is 32 so I am wondering if I may be a 34 because of swelling? Bought a cute bra top from Urban Outfitters and am loving the way it looks. I was unsure of my size before but am really loving the way they look now :)

I had Chipotle for din and could feel my boobs enlarge as I ate it lol!

Last night in Hotel

Going home in a couple of hours. I will miss this hotel! I'm glad i have realself.com to document this experience so I will be able to look back and remember :) I am still taking pain meds. The left side of my rib cage seems to be the most bothered and swollen. Had an appointment with my PS yesterday. She said I was healing very well and changed the tape for me. She said to take Motrin for the pain I was feeling on my left side. I tried sleeping on my sides yesterday but that was not happening. Thank god for the wedge pillow that I bought. I don't think I would have been able to sleep without it. Going to treat myself to a mani/pedi and some more shopping tmw!

1 month post-op

4 Months Post

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