34B to 34DDD! :) Sientra Silicone Smooth Round HPs

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*Treatment results may vary

Hi, Ive had a TT/Lipo. Now I'm ready for the BA. ...

Hi, Ive had a TT/Lipo. Now I'm ready for the BA. Feeling very good about my doc and am thrilled with what she's done for me so far.

This would be the completion of my Mommy Makeover. I am a mom of two kids (ages 10 and 8 years old) and breast fed both but for a very short time. Still, the damage is done. I've already had a TT and Lipo this past September. Don't ask me why I'm not freaking out over more recovery time. Especially when this time - I'm not taking time off of work (I have none, maxed it out for the year!). Ha. I'm really excited and am looking forward this last permanent fix.

Currently my date is tentatively set for December 5th in the afternoon, to be confirmed by my Doc.

My stats

I'm 39 yrs old. I weigh 125lbs. On my docs scale it's 122. Needless to say I like her scale better loll.
My skin is thin and I've lost volume.

Per my Breast wall measurements I should go no larger than 300cc. I'm comfortable with 265cc. Doc will bring in 286cc as well just in case.

I thought I wanted "gummy bear" implants but I'm completely happy with my choice of silicone.

My TT journey (Keeping it sep from my BA journey for some crazy reason).

What noone ever tells you about breast implants

I found the history timeline on them interesting. Also - the cc sizing as compared to fruit. Now I have a better idea of where in the 200s I should go without worrying. :)


Mammogram scheduled!

Got that done today. That was a challenge. Luckily I do not need a referral or have to meet an age requirement. Just need to be "in network" and I'm covered.

Another hurdle jumped.

Reading other BA experiences is very informative!

I feel bad not sharing as much as others do. It's weird because I feel like I shared so much with TT and now I'm quiet. I am most likely internalizing it all. I haven't shopped for supplies or prepared here at home either. It's as if this BA is not happening or that I am totally ignoring it until after my pre-op on 12/2. I'm worried about recovery and not having enough time off for it - but then I'm also positive that if i need more days I'll just take them. I'm going into this thinking that it will not be close to the recovery of a TT. So I'm mentally preparing myself. ;)

Plus, I am thinking a LOT about size. So much to process...


So I am looking at a lot of reviews on BLs w/implants and just BA's in general trying to get an idea of my very own "wish" pics but based in reality. Looking at real experiences here on RealSelf is very helpful! But now I'm confused. I was thinking of implants around 265cc with MAYBE 286cc...

But now I'm wondering if I want over 300cc? That the mid 200cc range is too conservative. I want a full look.

Advice anyone? Of course all of this I will discuss during pre-op with my doc but if I'm an empty B cup - I need to really think hard and fast about what amount of CCs is going to bring me into the Ds effectively. I want a nice set of Ds..not full C. :)

Screening Mammo this morning

Got lucky and am at a radiology center that will take me first thing this AM to get a "screening mammo"
(Not diagnostic). Once this is done I will breathe a sigh of relief because it was very difficult to find a place with any avails this week and in advance of my surgery!

I had an appt at one location uptown for 8am today, however, received a phone call late Tuesday evening that it was canceled (due to the holiday) and moved to the location I am now at for the last appt of the day!

I called first thing and was told I could come right in that they would fit me in. I hopped in a cab so fast!!!

Never trust online appt scheduling!!! It seems so convenient yet is so flawed compared to speaking with a real person!

Baseline Mammo? Check!

Ok! Got that out of the way by the skin of my teeth. I have no family history and my manual breast exam on 11/13 was good so am hoping that there are no wacky results causing a delay to surg date!

I'm paranoid now about yet one more thing...

As Tony Soprano said "Just when I thought I was out!!!"

Cleaning the house this weekend..freaking out a little because....

I have to tell my bosses when I go in next week (after my pre op) that I'm calling in sick for two days at the end of the week because I'm getting titties.. lollz..

I can't lie and say i'm sick and then come in on Monday with a fuller sweater...

What did everyone else do?

My co workers are cool and my group is cooler..so i definitely don't want to lie about it. I don't have anymore vacay days left so I'll need to bang out sick...

Supply list - what was your most important must have while recovering? I'm going to order all that stuff today....

I don't know why, maybe because I went nuts preparing for the TT with all of these supplies but this time around I am like "AH whatverz" and I know I'm going to regret that if I don't get on it now...LOLL

Hubby is cleaning out the attic bc of a fan that was replaced up there and the dirt it caused - well, it is all in my house and

All of the crap from the attic is now in the house. Really do not want to deal with it. OH WELL. It is fun seeing old pics. God, we've been together forever and looking at photos from before kids and even up until now (as you can imagine, i am a detail-oriented gal. We have so many keepsake items and photos like you can't believe. The problem with that stuff coming down from the attic is start going thru it and I was wasting time looking thru old photos..

Fast-forward to a few hours later as this took up all of the morning until way past an early Italian dinner I am exhausted! and now the house is a bit messy even tho everything is back up in the attic that needs to be (that isn't garbage or recycling). Wahh. and I was mopping and cleaning all weekend too..

Anyhoos...now that I'm thoroughly exhausted - am going to drag hubby with me to a Victoria's Secret or to a mall. Need to buy an unlined - no wire bra that I "wish to fit into" per my doc. Yay...

Sorry for the rambling post.
YAy! Bringing that to pre-op tomorrow and we'll talk

My trip to Victoria's Secret for "research"

The underwire counterparts are gargantuan compared to the wired bras. I feel like for sake of sizing I bought the wired bras in 34 and 36D. This bra was 38C and looks ridiculously larger for some inane reason.
I also bought a VS sports bra in large.

Correction: Meant to say "non underwired counterparts"

Another correction - looks like I grabbed a 32D and a 34D and not a 34D and 36D like I thought. ARRRGH. Regardless - the 32D cup looks so small. And the 34D doesn't look like I want to be that size...again, more small. But let me know your thoughts, please. :)

I think I need to figure out how to exchange these bra's (the 32D and 34D) for bigger size Ds at some point tomorrow before my appointment.

Also - got my period today so I'm feeling tired, crabby, moody and just plan irritated by things hubby leaves around the house after he's done with it, the sound of children or barking dogs.

I resign myself to not think anymore about this until tomorrow.

Pre-Op: CHECK!

Hello...what a long day.

First off, want to let you know that my mammogram results are good. So all systems are "go". Per my Final Report of my digital scan: "There are no suspicious masses or significant calcifications identified." and "No mammographic abnormality is seen. Routine follow-up mammogram in 1 year is recommended."

Signed all of my paperwork. Got my prescriptions. The time for my operation currently is 3:00pm EST on Thursday, Dec. 5th.

After enough hullabaloo and a lot of soul searching, I have decided that I wanted to "go boob or go home". I have renegged my initial idea of 265cc or 286cc and am settled on (asked for) 350cc in Sientra. Most may know it as the "gummy bear" implant.

I can not decide if HP or Moderate looks best on me so my doc will order a few sizes in each style and said ultimately, it will be what looks best on the operating table. She knows what I want and I trust she will make me happy. The confusion was basically will High Profile look too 'porn star' ish on me or should i stay with moderate profile.

So that's was my day! My appointment had me out of the office for a good portion of the afternoon. I took up a lot of Dr. Polavarapu's time but she never made me feel rushed. I'm really glad we covered things the way we did. Now I feel really good about everything and I'm really ready for Thursday.

Dare I say that I am a bit excited??

Did not sleep last night! How am I going to function today? So tired.

Worrying about cc's and if I'm going too big! Can you believe?

On the way to my pre-op appointment yesterday afternoon I also felt like I was being selfish doing this surgery. There was a small voice saying "why are you changing things that are fine" and "why are you doing this?"

I felt like that when I was close to surgery date for the TT/Lipo too. Your mind plays such tricks on you...and you almost feel like "walk away, change nothing" however getting my TT made me so happy ad continues to every day, yet these feelings are very real! I know bc they are part the reason I walked away from my TT before! The other reasons were that I always found flaws in the docs I met with. Loll.

Anyhoo--The emotions are a roller coaster! And to feel them happening again like clockwork as I'm ready for take off is becoming predictable yet tedious. Just another two days to mull through and I'll be fine.

Underarms waxed? Check.

Nails manicured as well. Figured that would make my life pleasant during recovery!

One more sleep

I have gotten no sleep the past two days. I'm excited, not worried. Precoccupied, busy with kids and work. Hubby is coming down with something (oy vey everybody!) but hopefully he hangs tough.

Told two of my bosses today (and am sure the word spread like wild fire). There is just NO way my flat self is going to take off two days this week, then walk into work on Monday with a rack. I'm not even going to pretend it didn't happen. I won't make everyone around me pretend. I mean, on my immediate team. It was hysterical. I can't even believe that most everyone I work with knows before the fact. Now whatever word doesn't spread around, will be known after the fact. Because it will totally be obvious. There's no hiding it. Let's get real. You don't go from an empty B to a D and pretend there's no pink elephant in the room so I am not going to try. ;)

I'm just glad I work with a super cool group of people.

No food past 6am today. Hospital at 11:30am. Surgery at 2pm.

My doc told me to bring a zip up hoodie to wear home today and no eating past 6am. Or that my last meal could BE at 6am. I woke up at 5am and I'm having a cup of coffee. That's it. I am good in that I will be fine skipping a meal until tonight. I can go into starvation mode without hesitation for a good cause (wink, wink).

I had a good pasta meal for dinner last nite and ice cream for dessert. Then I thought, let me do milk of magnesia since my tummy has been nervous and I feel like I need to 'go'. Well I did the max reccomended (4 tablespoons) and drank A LOT of water afterwards and then BOOM...right as I was about to go to bed a few hours later I was up and in the bathroom non stop my bowels were clearing out. HA! My husband was like "geez, you shld have just taken 2 tbspns".

My tummy is still gurgly but I'm all good. I think I pooped out 2lbs last nite. And now that I've had coffee, forget about it--I'll clear out any residue and I think I should be good to go! I wish I had thought of doing this before my TT surgery. I bought the Milk of Magnesia but never used it, instead using stool softener pills prior and post op -- which did nothing! When I finally had my first BM, it was painful and horrible.

Not feeling nervous just super impatient at this point. I'm going to get my eyebrows waxed since I haven't had time to clean those up. I wish my surgery were earlier bc now all I am going to do is be excited for the rest of the morning! Trying to be patient...after all today is the day!!

Ready for take off...

I'm all checked in as a patient dressed and waiting in my room. Everyone is so nice, great experience so far. Recognize a nurse from my TT. She recognized me too. I go "I hope you remembered me as a good patient!" She said "oh yes, you were one of the good ones!!"

Next time I write it will be with a gorgeous set of boobs into way! So excited.

Long day but wanted to post pics

Just got home. Long day but def worth it. Exhausted. Throwing up and falling asleep. Talk more tomorrow. Here are some pics...

Hydrating and keeping food down

I have stopped vomiting up as of waking up at 8:30am this morning. A total of three times at the hospital and three times at home. I am now able to keep down food down and water and finally that includes vicodin. Before i nodd off to sleep, I have to say I am so pleased. I do not think I will feel boob envy or greed. I got exactly what I wanted. I have been groggy and exhausted so I don't remember what my doc said but hubby digested some details so here they go:

I got a breast lift on my right boob, lollipop/benelli technique.
I have Sientra Silicone Gel High Profile, not the anatomical gummy bear though they tried - They did not fit right for me and I knew that might be an issue going in and to avoid spinning of THAT kind - hence the back up plan of the round gel silicone. I believe they are textured. I am extremely thrilled!

My dog ears were removed and the incision closed shut with a clear liquid band aid (polymeric bandage).

My left breast has 325cc
My right breast (benelli lift) has 355cc

My implants are dual plane whereby they were placed under the pectoral muscle up top and below the breast tissue on the bottom. Otherwise known as partially under the muscle. So I've got 70% underneath the muscle and 30% the lower half that hangs outside of the muscle. To create a more natural look and feel for me.

When I lay down they fall to the side like natural breasts and when sitting up they have a full look. My doc told hubby she thinks I will possibly be a small "DD".

I think that's everything. I am tired and ready to nap again. I'm very sore but this is so tolerable. And there was a point where I couldn't keep down anything so I was not on painkillers until later in the morning. If I can wean off, I most certainly will as I hate the groggy feeling the vicodin causes. I'll play it by ear! Not dog ear! Since those are gone. That is just a stinging sensation and I'm so glad what was taken care of while I was under because really I would not have wanted to do this in office. I'm too queasy for that. Imagine that - high tolerance for pain, very little tolerance for seeing being awake to see a simple snip n stitch being done.

I feel good! I know alot of ppl commented that they felt like there was this immense pressure on their chest. I don't feel like that. Is it different now having boobs? For sure. Am I well-endowed here on top now? More so than I ever imagined I'd be and everything that I wanted too! It may be too early to tell but I have been up and walking around the house and so far I do not feel like they are anything more than really sore and really achy. I'm not allowed to use ice packs. Just rest and heal. Rest, rest, rest. Hydrate. Etc..

I ordered a medium Marena post-op bra - a size medium and it was the right choice. It looked huge when I bought it, but now as I wear it I fill it up perfectly.

When I started this journey, I really began in a conservative way. The more I thought about it, the more I was ready to dip into the D/DD range. I knew thats what I wanted. Will i fit in any of my clothes now? Who knows..All of my dresses are petite and fitted up top so this may mean a whole new wardrobe!!! OH EM GEE...

My sister said she loves them, they look great. And then she joked "You used to be a sweet girl...but now.." haha...

I was told that the right breast (benelli lift) will take a few months to fall to match the left (implant via aereola), so not to feel like its not perfect or judge anything too soon. And also a good piece of advice - not to be too judgemental about scarring and imperfections - because as women we've lived looking at ourselves in the mirror accepting what we've seen but then all of a sudden we get plastic surgery, get it fixed and "its not perfect" or something is always "wrong". And that scar healing has much to do with the patients skin type and own ability to heal; Everyone is different. So that was a nice lil pep talk! And so true.

Also - I never thought I would deal with this but, my own parents (who live 1200 miles away) were upset that I chose to get my breasts lifted and augmented and voiced their opinion loud and clear. They were negative towards me AND then when I stopped calling them, chose to take it up with my husband last night when he called everyone in the fam just to give an update on my recovery. Ridiculous.

Okay that's it for now..Off to visit some of my real self'r girls and say hi and then conk out and fall asleep. More pics tomorrow when I'm a bit more rested/settled. I'm just so exhausted. Surgery was 6 hrs! Started late (4pm) and I woke up around 11pm with boobs. Left the hospital tired and groggy at 1am - got home around 2am. Needless to say yesterday was a long day!!

I hope my fellow Dec 5 BA girls are healing well and happily on the other side..


I haven't been taking my full prescription bc it makes me feel hazy and in a trance. Hate it! So I'm fine taking 2 Tylenol every couple hours instead.

I'm allowed to shower today so most likely will do so later today. Just resting on the couch right now. :) Had my cup of coffee but it hasn't gotten me 'moving' yet like it usually does. Boo hoo...

Debating taking milk of magnesia to get things moving.

Right now feeling a soreness. Sometimes little lightening strikes of aches here and there. I slept on my back (on couch) a little elevated and was totally comfy. I think I can go to my own bed tonite. We'll see!

Drinking lots of water, trying to hydrate. Having no issues getting up to and fro the bathroom. I'm just moving slowly so as not to use the chest muscles or strain anything.

My plan for today and tomorrow is just to sit on my couch and watch tv or read alot. ;)

what is everyone else doing day two post op? Am I missing anything?

Pics 2 days post op

Hi - I haven't showered yet, too tired, just want to rest and not be too "movey" or "shakey" this early - but I did enlist hubby's help for some post op pics.

My doc said not to pay attention to the right breast (benelli lift) not matching the left bc it will take a few months to drop and match. It is higher right now. I love what I see and its only two days post op! My weight pre surgery was 126lbs. Post op 132lbs. I'm curious when the swelling goes away what I'll land on.

Does anyone have any advice on reducing swelling? I am not really uncomfortable. Feeling pretty good. Just going to rest on the couch and catch up on some DVR'd tv shows.

I took a really good nap!

I am just resting. I took a good drug-free nap (haven't had Vicodin since 6pm yesterday) just now and am just resting on the couch. Not lifting a finger. My dog ears are stinging a bit and my breasts now feel like my nipples are on fye-ah! a bit (mild..just thought it was worth mentioning).

Hubby helps me get up out of the couch and I feel the pressure on my chest slightly. Nothing that Tylenol and Bayer can't help!

I really can't wait til I can start trying on clothes and see what fits..I am afraid to do that just yet. hee hee.

Resting some more.

It's actually not boring to rest all day on the couch when your body is busy healing. Normally I'm the get-up-and-go girl, but I do not have the urge and though I've been on the couch for days, I do not feel like I'm cooped up. The days are passing fast. Tomorrow is already Sunday and yet, when I was on the phone with my sister, I lost a day somewhere and thought it was Friday for a minute.

Making progress healing at home while resting and taking anti biotics and tylenol. I have my appetite back. No bowel movement yet (boo hiss..sure hope I get that gone before I go back to work on Monday) but I feel like I'm sitting up and getting up better on my own. Definitely feeling sore though.

Oh! I'm so swollen that my belly button looks like an 'outie' right now!!

Srsly thought today was Friday at one point. Watching more 'girl drama' tv!

Eat. Sleep. Poop.

Was hard to settle in last night (on the couch bc hubby didn't realize I was ok to sleep in bed and let my daughter sneak in and snooze in our bed! lol) but when I fell asleep I slept well until morning. I admit I was a little crabby right before bed bc being like this right now is uncomfortable, but I woke up this morning clear headed, if not a little sleepy still and tired. I'm able to get up from a reclined position without feeling so sore. Something is stinging me ever so mildly on my right breast (i can feel it) and I think its the stitch hanging out rubbing against the bra but I'm not allowed to snip it per docs orders. Other than that I can honestly say that things do get better by leaps and bounds each day. I feel like i fast-tracked my recovery (for me) by staying off the vicodin. Less to recover from there.

I think I feel gurgling in my boob, but I can't be sure...

Hubby asked me "how does it feel?" and I wasn't sure how to answer it because right now I'm just focused on moving past feeling what I'm feeling and I don't think I can even describe it. For sure I feel sore and that I'm carrying extra weight in front but it doesn't feel like its not a part of me.

My nipples are always erect and I do not have any sensation to them. They are completely numb to me. My stitches/scars are mildly sensitive. Nothing that is painful just I def can tell where the work was done. Other than that the muscle soreness is better. I'm walking more steps with less soreness, that's good.

I still feel tired. Had my first bowel movement this morning and it was easy peasy. I did take a digestive stimulator though before bedtime last nite because I was kind of worried that my coffee, tea, shakeology, pineapple or fiber intake was not helping it along, so I took a few pills of my digestive stimulator left over from a colon cleanse i had done a while back (Herbal Blessings) and 'lo and behold' this morning went #2 without any issues. That's out of the way.

I'm definitely looking forward to sleeping in my own bed tonite and getting back into routine/work tomorrow. I was worried it would be too soon, but judging by how I feel this morning I will be okay tomorrow for sure.

I'm going to take a shower later and figure out something simple/easy to wear tomorrow. Possible wrap dress (look out!).

All in all pretty boring stuff. Just more of the same 'sitting around like a seal on a rock' on deck for today. Girlfriends who have had this done told me to take care of myself which meant to 'do nothing'.

Nice Hot Shower

Took a nice hot shower. The right breast with the lollipop scar is more sore and irritating. Had to go poopz again.

Hopped on the scale and it says 126 --so I guess the swelling is going down. I'm washing my marena compression bra so I put on the VS sports bra that I purchased and I must say, I look so much better in it this weekend than I did last weekend!

I feel tired from all the hullabaloo and now I'm back on the couch relaxing. Yaawwwwnsie...

Been sleeping on the couch bc that's where i'm most comfy!

So, it's a good week. I LOVE my girls. They are fantastic. I do not regret the size for one minute. Although I worried a day or two *after* that I maybe went too big. That regret has passed once I got into my grind and daily with them. They are fantastic. I have nothing but love for them!! I, for one, am glad I super sized them. :)

Pics: 7 days post op

One more pic

What's interesting abt this is I feel like the 265cc sizers (earlier in my journey) almost look like what my results are now. How can that be?

I tried on a bra I bought pre surg - 32D didn't fit, too small. 34D just right! :)

Ok so I'm washing my surgery bra and instead of hanging out in my VS racerback sports bra - thought I'd try on the bras I bought pre surg. I need to return them bc I don't like em, but I fit perfectly in the 34D.

34C VS flirty push-up bra

Look at the crazy boob-age!! Loll



Everything smooth sailing except for some piercing discomfort and I am sure its due to the stitches still in my Right boob where my lift was done.

I have a follow up this afternoon and they get taken out. Can't wait.

Other than that, doing my massages and the bewbs are sore but in a "sensation" kind of way. It's not uncomfortable. Just a constant feeling of sensitivity.

I'm taking it easy, not lifting things, no heavy house cleaning (light duty). No jump rope (hahah) or strenuous exersize activities. Just going about my routine and daily. It's just these two stitches are stinging me and they woke me up this morning.

I know they've settled somewhat but I can't tell

Can you? I just dunno.

Uno mas photo

Selfies are probably a bad idea. But I have no choice. Hubby is at work and I'm not asking kids or dogs to take it lol
Hopefully this is a decent comparison/angle shot 13 days in.


Looks like I left the shower running a wee too long. Ah well, got lots of pics before I hopped in.

Let me know what y'all's think.

Hope everyone is healing well!


Turns out its a stitch that is making its way out but not surfaced yet

Doc put a bandaid on it but it's VERY uncomfortable. It hurt too much to let her try to attempt to get it. This ever happen to anyone else? Waiting for it to pop thru..

UGHH.. I hate it..

I know I'm a baby and if this is my biggest problem...

Why are women so competitive? Sheesh.

My doc is the best, my doc does it the best way, my doc, my doc. Oh just really?


OUCHIE and Boob "Can't-show-em-off-enough" itus.

Why have I not seen anything on this part of the healing? My breasts feel super tender and raw the past few days. This is something new. I guess increased sensitivity and my doc said it could last a few months!

On a positive note, a bandaid and some neosporin have helped with the pain I felt with the nagging 'poking from the inside' stitch that has yet to break through. It is non-existent now.

I wonder if being pre-pms (Aunt Flo due to arrive within the week) could be the reason my breasts feel this way? Usually they get swollen and sore prior...Hmm..will have to make note and see..

So far they look great and I'm really happy with them despite them being so early on. I do my massages and use Vitamin E oil on them.

Nothing new other than that. They are the perfect size but it is so laughable how I feel like they don't "show" enough in my clothes!! hahaha. I don't have boob greed, this is something else. More like "Boob-can't-show-em-off-enough-itus"!!

My "Wish" boobs vs what I got

I didn't really create a wish boobs post but I did email my doc a pic if boobs I wanted and told her I wanted to go from 250cc to 450cc! Lol

She was not giving me 450ccs and I had to trust her judgement.

Maybe it's because I went back to work a few days later..

but I feel tired still. I literally did nothing all weekend but sit on my couch tired! That's bad. When is my energy coming back?? Is it just me? What is everyone else doing at 2 weeks post op.

Comparison Pic

Me in that 34D that I bought before my surgery (that I am not planning to keep).

Merry Christmas!!

An old photo of New York City in the 80s

Merry BoobMas to Me

You can't put this under the tree!

Feeling tired a lot. And sore/sensitivity.

20 days in. I took a nap felt better. Lots of family festivities and food do the day is about to start again. Round two of food festivus that is Christmas!

The Pencil Test - if a woman can hold a pencil under her breast without dropping it, then they fail.

Feeling really good lately! I am hoping to shop for an un-wired bra today or tomorrow since I'm tired of wearing the VS sports bra and the Marena compression bra feels a tad uncomfortable.

I cleaned my house for the first time yesterday "hardcore" and felt fine. Sweeping, mopping, wringing out the mop pail non stop, Vacuuming stairs and all over like a mad woman. Cleaned for four hours straight. It's been a while since I've had the energy to do that. The soreness is starting to lessen, that's freakin' great!!!

So that's what's new these days; Got my energy back pretty much, the soreness is decreasing and I passed the pencil test!

Hope everyone has a Happy New Year with their boobs! ;)

More pics 3 weeks post op

My plan for New Year's Eve..

When asked recently "What are your plans for New Year's Eve?", I told my girlfriends that I think my boobs are so awesome (it's great to have boobs! I finally know what its like) and that I will be staring at them on New Years Eve. Haha!!

PS. These are girls who were blessed with 'large racks' and now I can run with them (the big dawgs!).. lolll.

Gonna hit up Target today for some wireless bra's

Just for the meantime. I love the suggestions I am getting from my REAL SELF girlz. I love Soma bras and have quite a lot of their stuff when shopping in Alabama with mom bc I usually love to hit up any sales. The reason I'm hitting up Target is because I do not want to spend too much money for any bra's right now. And Target also sells house supplies. LOL. One stop shopping.

I will keep you posted on my first real foray into "post sport bra/surgical bra life"!

Two wireless bra's and two bralette's

I very well could be another size but this 36D in the wireless soft Beauty by Bali felt like a good fit. Granted I did not measure myself yet. I just brought like 20 bras into the changing room and tried em on til one style felt decent enough.

Hubby laughed that constantly saying "wireless" bra makes it seem like WI FI. lol..that my boobs have wi-fi. lolll

Comparison pic

If you look closely one is taken against my mirror so the nipples are reversed. Sorry!!!!

4 weeks post op already!

Taking a break from the Bama vs Sooners game (it's killing me!) to take some pics. C'mon Bama, let's go!

Roll Tide!

4 weeks post op and this is how i feel

First off, let me recap my boobs and what I have: Sientra Smooth Round High Profile silicone implants. My left breast has 355cc's Areola breast lift and my right breast has 355cc's with a Benelli/lollipop lift since that breast was way more droopy!

Here's how I'm feeling lately:
-I am back in my bed and sleeping on my back again slightly elevated with help of a few pillows. The only reason I took so long to go back to bed (hubby was getting worried) is because I was too lazy to 'rock the boat' and have a bad nights sleep. My couch was so good to me post-op! I appreciated that. Bye bye couch. I'll never forget you.
-I am starting to sleep on my sides without any thought to it. I never slept on my tummy post pregnancy so being able to sleep on my side again is a success; I've got that back. Wahoo!
-Mild soreness daily. I would say it is comparable to how your breasts feel when you are getting your period - constant soreness but not unbearable or alarming. All else is well.
-When I drink cold water I feel it in my breasts; It's as if it radiates through them because they are so sensitive right now. I guess that is a good thing!
-I am extremely pleased with my size and outcome.

My expectations were a bit fuzzy at the start, which maybe was a good thing in my case since I'm hyper and tend to run with things once I have a plan in my head (Aries trait); I wanted the 'girls' to look youthful but that was about as far as I thought about it. I didn't have a date set for surgery but figured about as far as 'implants only' to happen around Feb/March of 2014 so as not to bog hubby down with yet another surgery so soon after my TT. Well, not only did my surgery date move up by leaps and bounds (January? No. Late December? No. First week in December? Yes please!), I now wanted to go UP in cc's by an additional 200! My doc quickly put the kibosh on that (i think she saw my crazy eyes) and reigned me in to a reality of just 100cc's more from the 250cc range and Moderate Plus profile that we started with. I didn't think I needed a breast lift but it was strongly recommended. So there you have it! Hubby loves the new person he sees in me post-op! The 'new me' bounces around the house and dances impromptu half-naked and is an even happier person than before---if that is to be believed even by my own self because I have some serious energy and cheerfulness issues as it is for one person on a given day versus hubby who is calm and collected with just about everything. Loll! Ok, enough of my ramblings...there is nothing new going on. I took a pic to go along with my update because a post without a pic is no fun! Hahaha!!

Happy 'Boob' Year to all. Enjoy the weekend! :)

Do you wear a bra to sleep? Do I need to?

Was thinking I sleep without one. Went to the gym today for the first time. Felt fine. I'm so exhausted today but totally thrilled that wearing two sports bra's makes me feel snug enough to run on the treadmill.

Feeling tired today. Watching the FSU vs UA game and not happy right now bc Auburn is winning. I am (a BAMA fan) rooting for Florida State U!

Boobs feel good. Didn't wear scar strips today bc I opted to put Kelo Kote on instead.

5 Weeks in

Hi Ladies, sorry I have been M.I.A. for a bit.

Let me start off by saying I was glad that Auburn lost and FSU won so that now I don't have to hear it from the Auburn fans all year. Hahah..It was a crazy game that I stayed up well past my bedtime for (and paid for it the next day). I love college football.

I got back into the gym everyday this past week except for Thursday when I had a lunch with an old friend. A bad lunch. Good old friend. Ah well. Then I had a bad dinner yesterday. There's always today to correct that sitch. Fresh Direct now delivers to my neighborhood! They are an amazing grocery supplier. I love them and used them over 10 years ago in my old neighborhood but was remiss they didn't deliver to where we moved and really hated the supermarkets here. They still suck over a decade later and YAY - if you hang in long enough - good things will come (loll). Having access to a better crop of fresh and amazing food is going to make my new year so exciting and adventurous. Plus, its via delivery and I just click and hit send and boom- my cupboards are filled.

I love my boobs so very much. All is going well, I have no complaints. In fact, I noticed that this 5th week has driven away most of the soreness that made me miserable as soon as the 2nd week hit. No feeling in my nipples. If there is any sensation its directly around the nipple area that I am sensitive currently. Nothing that is bothersome though. So all is moving in the right direction.

I noticed when doing my breast massages there was a tiny bump in my breast on the side. It could be something that has always been there. Will have it looked into when i talk to my doc. I have to schedule a check up. It doesn't hurt when I push on it. I moves around easily when I apply pressure to it. It's literally in the area of my side boob. I know it's there so I feel it when passing my hand over it.

I feel like there is healing activity (obviously!) going on inside there. I don't want to call it strikes of pain or soreness, but there is definitely some life going on in those boobs.

Thank you for your advice about still wearing the bra to bed. I did on and off. I think my Marena surgical bra no longer fits as Im sore once i take it off and my girls are not happy. So I need to seriously retire it. So the 5th week ushers in the need to find more support than a bralette to work on the days i don't want to wear those Bali bras. LOL. I have limited options this week.

I use the elliptical at the gym because I'm not crazy about how using the treadmill bounces me around despite having two sports bras on and feeling very snug.

I'm feeling really good and I'm moving around a lot no pain whatsoever. It's winter They can't commute in a real bra yet (wired) and when they go out, their momma is too cold to not wear a sweater over any fitted, sexy shirt. They definitely do not like winter. They want warmer weather and sleeveless tops as a choice in the mornings..They also want to go bikini shopping. so my boobs make appearances accompanied by a sweater over any fitted tops. It's such a hard life they are living out in the real world!

Hubby says "Put those things away!"

Hahaha! Went to grab breakfast with him and he wanted me to zipper up my sweater coat..
Also my pic from post shower/gym workout. By 'gym workout' i mean just doing 30 mins on treadmill on Monday when I jumped back into routine. I am by no means a fitness guru. I'm just a baby learning to crawl!! Hoping to keep my results.


Ahh - so many pretty bras to choose from!!

I can't wait to do this when I wake up tomorrow morning/have my coffee

6 weeks

Getting ready to go out to dinner with hubby and some friends. Taking the 'girls' out in this shirt that definitely shows them off. ;)

Jeepers, Creepers!

Hi gals, Sorry for removing my photos. I got freaked out by the 'creeper' going around PM'ing everyone (myself included) thereby ruining my imaginary world here. I went from sharing an experience to exposing myself. :( Not a good feeling at all.

I look forward to continuing to share but on my own terms, not as freely for sure. Sorry if that disappoints anyone at all and thank-you for understanding.

Don't send me personal messages if you are not of 'Real Friend' status.

' Surgery Enthusiast' who has no profile to speak of sent me a personal message asking only "did you have your breast surgery yet'

no hello? no greeting or introducing yourself? I know why - because they have no profile!!

10 weeks post BA - 21 weeks post TT and Lipo

Hey momma's. Sorry I have been MIA. I lost touch shortly after the dumb idiot going around PM'ing. It changed how I felt about sharing, so sorry about that.

Here's what I do know...Bikini season is coming up. Some trials. I don't like either of these bikinis.
Today a stitch on my nipple popped open so i cleaned it and put neosporin/bandaid on it. There was some pus. Literally the size of a pimple. I'm not concerned as this has been the biggest issue I've had post-op. I'm not in any discomfort.

I feel great. 'Girls' are happy.

=My bathing suit search continues..

Found High-Waisted briefs at J Crew / Board shorts and got my bikini tops at Victoria's Secret.
Now just waiting for them to come in. We'll see how that run goes, I'll be sure to keep you guys posted. Ihave this image of myself that doesn't fit the things I buy. I'm a full figured woman. I've got the hips the booty. I need to shop bigger than my mind does. hahhaaa...

14 weeks post BA

I also had a TT but that's 25 weeks post op.

Things that happened a month ago that I googled and figured out how to resolve: stitch wasn't dissolving and starting to cause pus/wound. I pulled the stitch as much as I could, snipped it to the skin as close as I could so that it wasn't sticking out anymore, applied bacitracin and the wound closed. That was in a few places too! All good.

I can sleep on my sides with no bra and i'm comfy.

I love my size, i do not have any regrets and feel like I should have gone bigger. I think this size is very right for me. I bought bras a month post op and so now here I am 14 weeks post and I feel that I am uncomfortable in those bra's now. LIke I have dropped. My bralette that I used to live in the first month or so, I can't even wear it's so tight and my chest feels like its compressed! Boy things sure still do change.

Lots of love and bewbie vibes to those about to take the plunge. I look back VERY fondly on my surgeries. I had complete faith and trust in my doc. I am really impressed and amazed at how happy I am and self confident I am now. All those decades of feeling trapped by the saggy breasts and saggy belly. I feel good. I do not know where my implants are, meaning I don't feel them. To me these are my breasts. It just feels so natural. I'm really pleased. I was scared about how it would turn out but so far all is great.

Of course there will be the matter of breast scan which will cost me out of pocket but that's in a few months from now (baseline mamo pre BA and i'll need one post BA). I'm planning to do one before this year is out. Just to have a baseline so they can see what it should look like with the implants in. :)

Hugs and will be back in a month. Hopefully I'll be a few pounds less (need to join a zumba class..been a bit lazy/lax).

For RS member Jomin

Hi - I missed your message in my inbox! So sorry. Here are some photos of me during my Breast Aug with lift journey at approx the 4 week mark.

To Lilhen68

my tummy tuck scar cover up tattoo - the outline.
the fill and shading next visit. my hope is to be able to sit through it and finish in that one.

Stomach tattoo (piece)

Okay - final session was last night. Wasn't sure if I was going to be able to finish it off but I held out and I am done! When it's all healed the red parts (blood) will be shading. This is not a color tattoo (erm, piece) at all. I wanted only black ink obvs with shading and highlights. I love it and for going from nothing at all to this piece, woo! If I had any idea of the pain - I would never have started! But ..once they start you need to finish!!

Chris Koutsis from DaVinci Tattoo Studio in Wantagh, NY (Long Island) is the artist.

New Bra time...

Hi ladies, it's been a while! Just wanted to share with you that I'm feeling GREAT, I sleep on my breasts no problem. I'm really loving them. After so many decades of what I had/was, I feel like every day is a new day and fun gift with them. LOL.

I fill out my clothes and as well had to clean out certain clothes and give away/toss ever since my BA. Not a problem and no love lost there. Hehehe.

My bras that I bought back in February a few months post op are uncomfortable and I feel like they are too small. Which is weird. Must be because my breasts have settled. I just need a better more comfy fit. That will be my goal on the weekend, to get a few new bras. Although today I wore a new dress and did not need to wear a bra with it.

One more pic..

It's so weird to think about going without a bra, but this dress had a lining and really didn't call for one. It felt great!

A year and half later

Hi ladies!
My breasts feel great. the nipples i will say have sensation coming back and are tender. So i don't really like them being touched yet since its not a good feeling. I'm curious 6 months from now how that feels.

I am still a 34DDD. I am posting a few pics where I am wearing a bra and one of me not in a bra (tank) for two perspectives.

I do not feel like I have breast implants, I can not feel them. My nipples sensitivity is the only remnant of that but I imagine as time goes on, it will get better.

I was debating nipple tattooing (darken the areola) but i mean, at this point it becomes a perfection game. Where does it end? I'm very satisified with what I had done and I did it for me. I fill out my tops so much better now.

I joined a gym so will start getting back into a routine in a week. I put on 15lbs since surgery. YIKES> Warning to all that this happens when you slack..It was easy to take off bc I was so motivated by the surgeries I was about to have done (tummy, then breasts). Year and half later, the pounds creep on!!

I will update again after I've been to the gym before the end of the year.

Hope that anyone debating Sientra implants (it's just brand, like any other) is confident after seeing my experience.

Photos of Breast Lift w/Implants as they appear in clothes. :)

Few more photos of how good they look in clothes. One photo (green party dress) is from a year before the breast lift w/implants. I had to add padding to the dress.

Almost 2 years post-op!

I can not say that I've been fitness minded, but i am active because I'm always on the go. So there's that. I keep my weight off by eating fiber and protein at every meal. Here I am wearing a light weight (no support) tank bra from Walmart. I just love the color and these are the 'bras' i put on when i get home from work and change into comfy clothes. :)

I have not gotten (as promised) any other tattoos but i STILL love my tummy tatt. No one sees it tho. Wish I could show it off more. :( lollz

Hope everyone post op for a mommy make over or just BA or TT are recuperating well.

Feeling great! No "RAGRATS" <
I weigh about 142. I wonder how much of that is boobage? I feel great and my jeans are a size 27 in Gap jeans. While I know I have put on weight since my surgery, I also acknowledge I was underweight at the time of my surgery. I was soooo excited that it was easy to literally not eat all the time. I would skip meals! I never even excersized.

I set up a home gym in my basement and am getting myself the Tone It Up! Series and going to get started on that this weekend. Not to lose weight - but to feel great and just start a routine.

I really can't say much more at this point (2 years post) that hasn't been said over and over in many reviews post Mommy Makeover. This choice you are waiting to make because you are nervous? Make it! Do this for yourself. Your life will change for the better - your confidence will skyrocket!

My doc did not want me to have the bigger implants and some days I wish I had listened to her when I think of ALL the clothes in my closet that I can never wear again. WOW! So this is a serious investment. However, when I am home, I love my size and they are perfect. I feel like a woman! At work, I am like "OMG my body is so 'jessica rabbit' it's going to scare people!" loll really is the only reason i worry I went to big. I never was one to follow the "tiny, natural titty look craze" because I also don't believe in the "porn star titty look" craze either. DO YOU. Eff what anyone else thinks, last time I checked - they weren't paying my bills. :)
Next time I post, I'll be about 5lbs lighter and a bit more tone and fit since my Tone It Up! book is coming in the mail today! :)

Enjoy your boobies.

Because bewbz. (34DDD)

I am glad I did not go bigger. These are big enough for my frame.

Question to the BA/BL masses out there: What is your favorite bra style / brand and what is your current size?

Fort Worth Plastic Surgeon

She is amazing and infinitely patient. She is thorough and has a good judge for what will and won't work on you.

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