26 Year Old, 3 kids, petite frame 355cc Sientra HP under muscle.

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I had my consultation last Wednesday & I just...

I had my consultation last Wednesday & I just scheduled my BA date for 3/18/15. My pre op apt is 3/5 and I am freaking out a bit, anxious and excited. I'm 5'1 and about 95lbs. The PS said I'm very narrow and 400cc will be the absolute most he will be able to fit. Originally all I wanted was 250cc (just want to be normal) but hey since I'm paying a good amount for them why not go a little bigger. I'm back and forth with sizes between 300cc or 350cc. High profile, Sientra, silicone, under the muscle. My husband has been very supportive and though he thinks I'm "perfect" understands and supports my decision and knows that I'm doing this for me, to have more confidence in my appearance. In the end it will benefit him too lol. I am currently 32A. I am a mom of 3, will only have help for 4 days so Im a little scared about that but very excited to finally have boobies that I've been dreaming about since junior high!! ;). I've always been an A cup at least before children they were perky. I absolutely loved how my boobs looked when I was pregnant but after that and breast feeding they now are completely deflated. This site has been very helpful and I hope that I can help someone through my experience.

Happy dreams..

So last night I had a dream I got my boobies! Lol! It was a great dream.. ;) I'm a month away and I'm getting really impatient. I've been thinking of doing this for so long and now that I have the date it's the only thing I can think about.
I really want to go and buy some things that I will need for post op, if any of you can recommend anything especially any creams I can put before and after that help with stretch marks I would appreciate it. I got a lot from my pregnancies and hoping I can use something that won't make them worse..
Also I want to get some sports bras that zip up. But how do you know what size? Just kind of guess? I won't be able to get them after so I want to be prepared! --Anything that you can recommend I will need would be great! TIA

Ahh! Freaking out a bit.

So I got a phone call yesterday from the PS office asking if I want to change my date to 3/6 which is way closer than 3/18. In reality I would have loved to. Especially bc all i can think about lately are boobs. Lol Literally have been looking at boobs every day all day lol. Unfortunately I couldn't move my date bc I won't have any help that week with he kiddos so I had to keep the 18th. Wahhh.
But why is it that the second she asked me that i immediately got anxiety?? Anyone else feel the same way, I literally feel my heart palpitating when I think about it! Lol. Don't get me wrong I'm very excited and can't wait, of corse nervouse too but wondering if I'm that nervouse on the actual day will they give me something to calm me down?? I feel like I will be sick with the combination of nervousness and then not eating for however long.. I just have all these mixed emotions I can't wait until the day so I can stop over thinking everything! Ahh rant over..

Sientra vs mentor??

Hello everyone! Ok so I recently read someone's post saying that sientra implants run smaller then the mentors?? If any of you have sientra I would really love your feedback! I also found a rice test chart and by the look of rice measurements it seemed that sientra runs bigger. Now I am totally confused! Lol. I have pre op on the 5th so I will definitely ask the PS and update any info on this incase any of you are wondering same thing.

Not able to see photos??

Wondering why I can't see certain peoples photos? I end up finding someone with same frame as me and cc size that I am interested in and even if it says pics there aren't any there.??? The actual post does help but would love to be able to put pics to it. Does anyone know why?

Some befores and sizers

Pre op is in 3 days!

Hey ladies-- so excited for my pre op this Thursday. I wrote down a bunch of questions in my notes to ask the PS. Which I have to go through first to make sure there aren't any crazy questions lol. Every time i think of something I write it down. Good thing I guess. Better to be informed! I spoke to the coordinator on the phone and asked what size they have in between 300cc and 350cc, she said 310.. I know some ladies have gotten 325 or 330 with Sientra so I guess I will save that question for the ps.. All these numbers are driving me crazy.
Maybe I've been reading too much but.. I read that with Sientra HP the projection doesn't change the bandwidth does. I just want a nice full look but not too huge is that asking for too much??? Lol we shall see on Thursday.
Also very happy to say that my anxiety with the thought of this has definitely diminished and I'm just really excited. Some one on this site pointed out that every time you get nervous or scared if your making the right decision look in the mirror that will make you decision that much easier. Truth is I'm not happy with the way I look and if i can improve it why the heck not! ;).

Pre op Done!

Heyy everyone! Had my pre op today and wasn't sure if I was going to get in today bc we got soo much snow. So I canceled it this morning then called back and was able to get in. Took me an hour to get home from there and it's 15 minutes away.. But that's ok it's behind me. I'm feeling really excited!! Got my scripts, so just have to fill them this week. Was told I can't take any Motrin or aspirin 2 weeks prior. But Tylenol would be fine if I had to. Also was given antiseptic soap for evening before and morning of. As of now my surgery will be Wednesday, March 18th at 9am!!!

Sizers** I've been so confused over sizes. I went in and asked a bunch of questions tried on a few different sizes and I really liked 355cc so I'm going with that! Dr said he would bring in 315 and 355 in the op room. Also made sure he understood that I really want to look as natural as possible with a little extra umph! Lol. He said I would be happy so I will trust him. And I felt really comfortable with the size but I'm glad he's taking the smaller one in too.

I'm really excited but I'm scared sh#% too!! lol. Does everyone feel that way??? Need some words of encouragement right now!! & what do you think of the 350s?

A little bummed out..

I'm a little bummed out..I'm still really excited just worried now. My friend who is sup to come stay with me on the 18th for a good 5 days just told me she might not be able to come on the 18th.. That is my surgery date and we planned this over a month in advance.. I have 3 kids under 6 and I'm freaking out now. Idk what I'm going to do.. On a positive note my husband is great, said not to worry that we'll figure everything out and even if we have to bring them there he will. Of course I wouldn't allow that! My surgery time is 9am and honestly, I would have to get 2 kids ready for school by 8 get dropped off for surgery (BY MYSELF!!) have the hubbie drive everyone to school and then come back with our youngest after.. That def makes me feel selfish! And that's not even considering if my surgery time changes, which could happen. They said to be available of they call and expect anything. Ughhh just want to scream! I'm so glad I can vent on this site lol. I will try to be positive..

Keller funnel

I forgot to mention my ps uses the Keller funnel on his BAs has anyone gotten their implants put in with the funnel? If so, how was ur experience with that & how is your incision? What are thoughts on that?
I read that it reduces chance of bacteria getting on the implant (I definitely like the sound of that) and it allows for the incision to be smaller..
Also Good news found out my friend will be arriving Tuesday night for me :). What a huge relief! 7 days to go!!!
**Thursday have an apt to get measured for post op surgical bra!
& Still have a good amount of things to do this week.
*Hope I get everything done in time!


Hey everyone! At my pre op last week, they talked to me about exparel. For an extra $300 they will Inject the medication through all the layers before closing me up. They said I wouldn't need to take as much medication because it really makes a huge difference with pain. (Also can avoid nausea and constipation which is caused by the narcotics) seems like a no brainer. Has anyone used that before??

Notifications are not working!

If anyone has replied or asked me any questions I'm sorry I haven't answered. For some reason when I click notifications it says I have none but it's showing 50+.. Any ideas on how to fix? I've tried signing out and back in and it hasn't worked. Tx

Excited and nervous!!

Holy moly!! Can't believe 4 days until I go for my surgery!! I know I will be in pain but I just can't wait until it's over and I can start healing. I finally paid the rest of the balance on Thursday and i also had my surgical bra fitting at the office. They measured me with the sizers and said I was measuring at 32 c which is exactly what I want, so hopefully it will still be that way after. The bra is very nice and comfortable so we'll see how that works out. I was able to do a good food shop and and got all of my medication filled! Now we just wait!! Lol. Soo excited and nervous, ive literally been dreaming about boobs every night. I can't wait until it comes true!

Yayy 355cc

On the other side best pic I do so far will update better tomorrow

Day 2 post op

Hello everyone! I've been out of it these couple of days.. Honestly hate taking pain meds because hey make me sick but I have no choice bc of this tightness and soreness!
I did get the exparel And thank goodness I did bc if it would have hurt more I don't know how I would have done it lol.

I will tell you a little bit of how everything went: Tuesday I got a phone call, my surgery time got pushed back to 130 instead of 9am. So no biggie just gave me more time to freak out about it lol. Wednesday morning came got all my preps done, my kids off to school. At 12 I laid down in bed for the last hour on my stomach thinking this is the last time il be laying on my belly for a few months at least lol.
The hubs and I got there at 130 they took me in had me take a preg test, wipe my chest down with a wipe, and put on a gown. They were able to hook up this air heater to the gown so I was nice and warm. Felt great!
Then the anesthesiologist came in asked some questions took vitals, hooked up iv. They have me the special mix and walked me down. I remember lying on the table saying my kids ages and then I was out, don't even remember the Doctor coming in lol.
They said it took me 15 minutes to finally come out of anesthesia (probably bc I was exhausted lol) it seriously was the best nap I've had in a while lol.
I woke up saying omg on so happy I hugged the doctor twice I hugged the nurses and everyone I could not stop talking lol. Was really happy! Day of surgery was not bad, next day (yesterday) sucked pretty bad! Today I actually got of of bed by myself still tight but not as sore. Hopefully will only get better. I'm very happy with the size and results so far! Will update the best I can. Just so out of it from the meds i really have never been able to tolerate them but obviously need them rigt now!
One more thing last night my boobs for really really hot I was getting scared bc they wer burning up. It was just due to inflammation I kept ice on a little longer and then they wer fine. Sorry of this is all over the place :)
Thank you to everyone who wished me luck xoxo

Back to reality with some extra swag (haha)

Hello all realselfers! Well today is one week and a day. I'm feeling pretty good still a little stiff and only really sore down the middleof my new boobies. On day 6 I had an apt they were still pretty hard and my right is still higher than my left. (Due to it being my dominant side). I can already see a slight difference with wearing my bandeau and doing massages. They are softening up a bit. I keep telling myself to have patience, my left looks so good and my right is taking longer :(. Before my BA my right was a tad bit bigger now it's looks like the smaller one BC it's higher up. Patience, patience!! I'm happy with the size though, hopefully the right will drop and even out with its sister ;).
I seriously have not stopped though, getting everyone ready and off to school and all the house chores, I need to relax!!
My next apt is aug 9th so we shall see what is said then. My nipples thankfully I have had sensation the whole time but now they are super sensitive I can't even blow air on them or they sting!! I have this weird tiny bubble on my left, dr said due to inflammation it's right near a bruise and it will go away.. You can't see it but I can feel it and it freaks me out at times lol (again patience) I have only been taking Motrin BC it's the only thing that helps and I take a 1/4 of Percocet at night to help me sleep.
I forgot to ask my dr but when do they tell you it's ok to have sex? I mean I feel to sore for that right now anyway but just wondering??? I will post some pics later!! Happy healing to all you out there!

A couple of pics.

8 days post 355cc Sientra HP behind muscle. I will post squishiness pic later when my kids aren't up my butt! Lol
I'm def liking them so far just wish the right one would drop a little more and be the same as the left one already.

Not to thrilled!

Hey everyone! So today I'm 11 days post op. I've been trying to be patient with my right breast dropping it's not rly happening though.. The hubby said it did, tx for trying to make me feel better babe but, I can see it's still high...
Yesterday my boobs wer soo sore to he point where I started thinking there was something wrong. So I started doing more vigorous massaging using the arnica oil and man did it help! They feel great today and I can notice a huge difference in softness. I'm in love with my left one, right one needs to catch up. I've been trying not to use my right as much hoping to relax that muscle a bit, it's just kind of impossible to not use it... Has anyone had this problem?? How long will it take to drop?? I do like my shape better with the new girls just want to finally love the way I look without a top on..

17days post

It's my 17th day post op and I haven't really been happy with my right boobie.. I took some pictures from day 12 until now the 17th and I see a slight difference hopefully it keeps happening. On day 12ish I literally started crying thinking that I would look like that forever, was over thinking and looking up every little thing it was making me sick. I'm done looking things up and I'm just going to let time take its course.
I've been messaging and wearing my band over the right, really trying to manipulate that one down.. I've been feeling pretty good, occasionally if I don't keep up with the messages they start to feel tender as if my milk was coming in lol. They are a lot squishier now, still don't feel like part of my body yet.. I've also been really trying to not over use my rigt arm to much to try and relax that muscle. BC I work that right arm rly hard no wonder the muscle is tighter.
My left boob is soooo itchy I can't stand it lol nervous about the previous stretch marks I have I don't want them to get worse. I can't wait for my apt on the 9th to see if there is anything I can do about that. I've been applying ice pack if it gets unbearably itchy and it helps. It's not too craZy though I remember I was just as itchy from my c-section incision..
Also slept on my side for first time and it wasn't bad. I've been still using my wedge pillow sleeping slightly inclined. Hope your all healing well! Here are some photos!

One more pic bf and after.

I will get copy of my pre op pics next apt!

3 weeks and a day already!

I waited until today to do an update BC I had a post op visit this morning. I went in he took my strips off and clipped the end of the stitches. He used dissolvable stitches so he didn't have to take them out. Which I was very happy about. I had no discomfort at all. Talked to him about my high righty and he said beautiful improvement and that it will go down. Just have to continue wearing band and my massages. I also asked about my nipples being different sizes and one being lower than the other, BC pre op they were same size.. He said BC there is more upper pole than lower it is being stretched but he assured me that once it drops they will even out. I was supposed to take my pre op copies but, of course I forgot to take them.. I had my 3 kids with me and thank goodness for a girl who works there that I know she kept them busy for a bit. But that is why I forgot. I have a follow up in 3 weeks. So I will make sure I grab them then!
He also showed me pics of my actual surgery!! I was like ugh I wasn't expecting that lol. But you could see my nipples and boobs looked even. He explained -With the anesthesia your muscles are completely relaxed once that wore off my muscle contracted and was tight again it will just take time to relax..
They are very squishy and are feeling good. Still a little numb on the bottom, my nips are way less sensitive, still experiencing tiny tiny bit of morning boob. I'm not concerned but I forgot to ask about that -how long does that usually last??
Also already have picked up my 28lb 3yr old, I try not to but it's so hard to not pick her up and squeeze her ;)..
I know I'm forgetting to mention something... I had to stop writing like 10x to help the kiddos ect... Lol happy healing everyone! Here are some pics.

6 weeks and 2 days ;)

Hey realselfers I've been MIA. The site signed me out and I couldn't get back in. Lol.
I have my 6 week apt on Monday the 4th!!
Can't believe how fast that went! I feel great and so much more confident!
Right is still a little higher than I would like but I'm over all really happy.
I did have mondors cord on both but they are completely gone now. I just kept up with messages and I was wiggling them lol I feel like that really helped with stretching the skin on the crease!
One little thing is I have a little dot that is poking out on my rigt incision. It doesn't bother me at all and isn't noticeable, I'm pretty sure it needs to be clipped. We'll see how that goes on Monday and I will post an update. I hope it doesn't hurt :/.

Sizers vs implants

Had my 6 week post op apt

I went in on the 4th for my apt and they had to clip the stitch that was sticking out, thing is I can still feel it. I will probably call early next week to see if I can go back in. Even though it doesn't rly bother me It's kind of annoying just being there..
Other than that I'm soo happy with my results and it's best thing I ever did.
I have pre surgery pics and holy crap The difference is def jaw dropping!
He said I could wear reg bras now and I ended up purchasing a bra at the office. There is a woman there who does fittings for post op bras and she has a great selection of bras "specifically for implants" that or she's a rly good sales woman! Lol
Either way I needed a bra and it's rly pretty. Just $$
Still not 100% sure on my exact size. First one I tried on was a Demi bra 34 or 32 D fit perfect!
I also tried a 34C which I ended up buying. So I guess it depends on the bra.
I have to say I was shocked, in a good way lol.
Never being able to fill out even an A cup to a C/D cup!! Soo exciting!!
Happy healing to all of u!

Sorry I've been MIA!

It's almost 3 months post op. So easy to lose track of time now.
I went back to dr a week after my 6 week because that stitch was still poking through.. And at that point the skin was growing around it. It was sooo painful getting it taken out but it's gone now lol.
I'm extremely happy with my results and it's the best decision I ever made!
Still getting used to the muscle thing. I jumped in my pool last week and i thought I was going to drowned I couldn't really use my arms LOL hopefully that will go away in time! Good luck to all u lovely ppl and happy healing! Here are some pics!

Forgot to mention!

Forgot to mention that I was having issues with breakouts in between my girls.. I have rly sensitive skin and even the slightest bit of moisture makes me break out. I started using stride-X about a month ago and it completely cleared up the breakouts. I just use 1 wipe at night, down my chest and it completely went away within a week! Hope this will help anyone having similar issue!

6 months..

Hello all! Wow how fast time has passed since my surgery!
I've never felt better and more confident than I do now.
Best decision I've ever made and my husband definitely agrees ;).
I can feel the implant a little on my left side but I think it's bc I'm so skinny.. And my right side (dominant side) is fine probably bc my muscle is a little bigger. Regardless I still feel great about them and I'm happy!
My true bra size is 32D it's comfortable and fits properly. I got a vs push-up ????????. Love love love it!! Will be getting more! Also love that I can also wear no bra and feel awesome!!!
Hope your all healing well and feeling great!
I definitely recommend getting a BS if your unhappy with ur small size it has truly changed my life!!!

Here is one pic from a couple weeks ago

Not much has changed. Just so more settling. Happy happy!!
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