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So here we go... My long time dream about getting...

So here we go... My long time dream about getting BA just came true today. As I said, this was my second surgery with dr sadeh (I had rhinoplasty done on jan 26, 2013, click here to read my review). I am happy with it's results, and didn't hesitate a second when choosing a doctor for BA. Also, my friend got a procedure done with dr Sadeh after I told her about my experience, so the doctor gave me discount for the reference, which is awesome! (My friend is happy with her results so far, also, she got it done only 3 month ago, and as I already know, it gets better with time).
So I came to the office at 7:15 am this morning and was very nervous about getting anesthesia. I don't know why, but for me it's the scariest part. Everything went well, I woke up after the surgery was done, and felt so much pressure on my chest right away. It was hard to breathe. It is still hard, but I'm getting used to it. The doctor came to the room and put the bandage on, which hurt a lot. My breast was supersensitive obviously, but after he put it on, it felt much better. Then my boyfriend came to pick me up, and the nurse Diane helped me to walk to the cab. I have to thank Diane a lot, because he hold my hand from the beginning to the moment she put me in a cab, trying to calm me down because I was very paranoid for no reason. My boyfriend took me home, which is 30 blocks from the doctor's office, and it was the longest ride in my life. I hate New York's roads!! I felt every hole on the road and it was very painful, I almost started crying. Then we came home, my bf put me in a bed, run downstairs to get me flowers, magazines and everything else i wanted (so sweet of him! Really made it easier for me to handle all of this). Unfortunately, he couldn't stay for too long with me since I have a cat, and he is allergic to cats. He left after an hour or so. I stayed in bed napping until my girlfriend came to visit me around 5 pm. She helped me to eat, made tea for me, opened bottles with mess for me, helped me to change and even walked me to the bathroom, because I was afraid to faint. It is scary how i cannot do anything on my own right now. It's even hard to lift a blanket. I took a pill of Percocet after I had some food, and then around 8 pm I took a pill of Valium. Feeling good hehe :) overall I'm doing ok, just feel a lot of pressure on my chest and can't lift my arms. Expecting the day 2 to be harder since the anesthesia is going to go away, and then it's just me and Percocet. Also, I have to mention that I had 34B before the surgery and expecting to have full C cup or small D. The bandage will be taken of on Sunday, so we will see.

Day 4 post op

Hi everyone! I just woke up and today is day 4 after I had my surgery. The second day after the surgery was not as bad as I expected in terms of pain. I felt a lot of pressure but other than that it was tolerable. My friend came over and took care of me. She made a lunch for me, made some tea for me and helped me to eat since it was challenging even to lift a cup with tea. She kept me company and stayed over to make sure I was ok. On day 3 post op I went to the doctor's office and he took the bandage off. What a relief! It felt so good! I was a little bit shocked how big my boobies are! To me they look huge!!! Maybe it's just because I'm not used to them yet. Also i do realize that they will get smaller as swelling goes down. After I came from the doctor's office I took Valium and just felt asleep till the morning. Day 3 was easier to handle. In the morning one of my friends came over and helped me to take a shower. It felt so good!!! I felt like a human being again! Then in the afternoon I took a walk in the park with my friend, which was a little challenging but the weather was so nice I just couldn't stay inside. Then my boyfriend came over and even took me for dinner to a small cozy restaurant since I'm afraid to go to packed and noisy places where somebody might push me (New York I love you). My boyfriend loves my new boobies, of course lol he keep staring at them, it's so funny! He doesn't think they are too big at all, he thinks they are just perfect haha today I woke up and it was easier to lift myself from the bed than before. Those previous days the biggest challenge was to lift myself from the bed and to make myself a tea. I don't feel that much pain but when I woke up I felt a burning sensation on the sides of my boobs, is it normal??? I touched them, they feel cold, but it's a little burning on the sides and underneath. I took a pill of Percocet and it got better. Other than that everything is ok, just getting used to this weight and missing my gym routine. Hope everyone is feeling good! Thanks for your reviews, guys, it's been very helpful!!

Day 3 post op

1 week post op

Today is 1 week post op. I feel much better comparing to even a few days ago. I take my antibiotics as prescribed but cut pain killers and Valium to only 1 pill a day when I really feel some pain. I am now able to make my own tea, and today I even made oatmeal for breakfast myself! I noticed that I could only carry max 2 lb of weight and getting tired quickly if I do it (the other day I went outside to get some chicken soup and 6 blocks seemed to be 10 miles long!). My boobies are dropping little by little, I don't see drastic changes yet, maybe because I already liked them when the bandage was taken off. Today I'm going to take the stitches off and I will post some pictures then. Have a good day everyone!

Day 7 post op

My apt to remove stitches was rescheduled for tomorrow so I just post some pics I took today. My right boobie is different than left but I'm trying to keep calm and carry on :-) too early to judge!

Day 9 post op

I went to the doctor's office yesterday and some of the stitches were removed. As you can see in my previous photos, the right boobie's pocket is slightly lower than the left one's. It was bothering me, and doctor pushed it up with a tape and also put me in a bra and told to wear it like that till our next apt on Friday without taking shower. I can't imagine how I'm going to make that happen. But beauty requires sacrifice! I'll do anything for them to look perfect! :) I'm feeling good otherwise. I even had a photoshoot yesterday (probably was still too early, but money were good and in couldn't say no). Also, I took a t-shirt over my head today for the first time and it didn't hurt!!! Yayyyyy!!! So happy!!! I'm attaching pictures in my fancy aka agent provocateur bra :-)

18 days post op

I went to see my doctor on Friday which was exactly 2 weeks post op. He took the bandage off my right boobie and voila! the pocket under the right boobie was fixed and now they look identical. It was worth of all that discomfort and itching I had to deal with for a week. I'm still wearing the supporting bra (I don't know what's the right name for this thing) and now I'm doing massage/implants displacement 3 times a day for approximately 5 min east time. It is not the best feeling in the world, especially it was very painful at the beginning to do it. Now it's getting better and easier to do but still not very pleasant. I have another appointment with my doctor either this Friday or Saturday, and he said that he might give me a surgical bra to wear. Other than this, there is nothing much to say - I don't feel any pain, just my breasts are very tender sometimes, especially in the morning. Wish everybody a good day and speedy recovery for those who had surgery done! Xoxo
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It was my second surgery with Dr Sadeh (you can read about the rhinoplasty that I had done with him in my profile). I am very happy with results of my rhinoplasty, and as result, was very confident in dr Sadeh before going with BA. The stuff at the office is very professional and makes me feel very comfortable every time I visit them.

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