Brazilian and Underarm Laser Hair Removal. New York, NY

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I was very skeptical and nervous at first but as...

I was very skeptical and nervous at first but as soon as they showed me to the lady that would be performing the procedure, I felt very comfortable, she is originally from my native country and she made great conversation which made what she was doing less awkward. She explained the process in detail and told me I might need more sessions than my package covered because I am on birth control and also wouldn't see any difference after the first session.

3 days later...

I forgot to post how the actual procedure went on my last post, it was not painful at all, it felt like a pinch every few seconds and the girl told me to let her know when it got too hot so she could give me a break from it for a few seconds.

When I shave, I normally get a 5o clock shadow same day and there's a stubble by the next morning, waxing lasts me almost 2 days. But after the first treatment it took 3 days to even develop a stubble. Then the growth was slow but still happening for the next couple of days. I was instructed not to shave for a week so I just watched the growth happen.

10-14 days

*I have been writing down the process elsewhere so I am now posting each step as a separate post*

The growth has been very slow so far.

Underarms: I had to shave at day 10 because I was going to be wearing a tank top and even stubble looks bad.

Brazilian: some are almost half a cm long (which is insane since normally if I don't shave for this long you could braid them!). I pulled some out to see how long they were and they actually came right off, I then noticed some had fallen out into my underwear as well. This kept going on for about 3 days with no new growth so I decided to just shave it off.

3 weeks later

Underarms: zero hair whatsoever

Brazilian: 10 days after shaving, on the top I can feel a stubble on one side while the other side is still smooth (they've always grown at different rates). On the bottom it is all still smooth.

I am seriously very glad I did this because it is crazy to me that it has taken this long to grow back. The girl told me it would take more treatments for me because I am on birth control, but I am seeing effects after JUST ONE TREATMENT

Hair is coming back in

Underarms: hair is starting to grow, it can probably hold off until my next treatment (she told me to shave the least amount possible between treatments)

Brazilian: very slow growth on the one side, and now the stubble is visible on the other side. Bottom part seems to have had a growth spurt this week because they are now about half a cm long.

1 week after the second appointment

I had my second appointment last week, I am still so happy i did this!

Underarms: growing much faster than last time but at least they are thin and soft, I guess the laser activated the hair follicles or something.

Brazilian: smooth city! There were some hairs that looked like they were going to come out to be a stubble, but then became more like in-growns which were easily pulled out with no scar. So now I'm still hairless a week later.

Best investment EVER!

Forgot to mention...

For the second appointment she asked if I felt comfortable going up one level, I tried it and it was barely bearable but I took it because I figured I'd get better results with higher levels. Now I see a little burn on my inner thigh, so I will tell her to go back down to the level from the first treatment next time, because that hurt!

2 appointments left on my 1 year groupon

It has been a while since I updated this, I no longer shave AT ALL, I'm told to shave the day before an appointment but I have no hair to shave! love it!!!
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