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So I joined a year ago but didn't actually utilize...

So I joined a year ago but didn't actually utilize this site until a few days ago when I decided I going to have BBL. I began my research and decided either Jimmerson or Schulman. I live in Ga but Schulman seems to be the man. Loving the family and solidarity here and am eager to join. Please tell me as much as possible about the procedure and anything else you wish to share

Wish pic decision

Does anyone know who this is?

before pic. I have a little more fat on the back . Arms are raised

New doctor Hasaan

I've am leaning towards Hassan. I emailed for consult today

Picture day in the a.m to send to doctor for update

I spoke with my surgical consultant in regards to my bbl. 12 areas of liposuction and bbl $4300. Waiting on the hubby to get home to take my consult pics. So excited

Sx paid in full. Price $3800 with bbl and 12 areas

Pre surgery pic

Labs done 19 days to Hasanified

Had my labs done . Got portal log in from vanity

Staying Residence Inn

I am being accompanied by husband who is a Medic. We are staying at the Residence Inn by Marriott for 700 bucks for the week. 5 star rating. It has a ful kitchen living room and offers free breakfast and dinner " managers reception" Mon thru Fri. Laundry on site to wash my faja. I always use Marriott properties perks of family. I am thinking of adding arms and thighs for $1000. Bringing my total to 4800. Add another 1500 hundred for room, supplies, gas and miscellaneous. My husband and I are driving from Ga. 9 hours. You ask how will you get home? Well my truck back seat folds down and so does the passenger seat creating a full size bed for me. Add my electronics and sleeping aid. I sleep my way home.

feeling lonely on my journey

I am try to pay it forward by documenting my journey. However seems like I was not connecting with anyone on here and I was about to stop posting. Just when I had given up I had someone reach out to me today that really made a difference to me. This is a very private procedure and I think I have drove my hubby nuts talking about my new booty to be. I joined this site because of the sisterhood I saw on here. Wanting to learn and talk to others who have gone or are going thru this. My purpose for this particular post is to say please don't isolate a sister because this is the closest thing to a support group for us. I am willing going to continue my updates and hope I help someone even if not many reach out to help me .

what to buy

I found this on RS. Check list of what to buy. I also bought disposal bikini underwear. Period panties are hell to clean darn sho don't want no sx panties. I bought depends in case I couldn't make it and hipacleanse antibacterial cleaner for before sx and after. I bought generic mederma for half the price. Federal law requires generic meds to contain the same active ingredient as the brand. I purchased Melba toast whole grain and dramine for nausea. Staying away from saltines to much sodium and causes swelling. Oh yeah I used my annual physical to have my labs done by pcp. Saved money yes! Oh I booked a handicapped hotel room. Don't judge me. They have bigger bathrooms and bars to keep my "phat" @$$ from falling. And enough room for the hubby in case I need help. I bought dried prunes for nutrition added fiber to aid with constipation oh yeah and fiber gummies. I got shower gloves so my hubby my rub me when I itch as well a stimulate the blood flow. Almonds for belly fat and energy. Got a package of Ricola vitamin C lounges for dry mouth. Also biotin toothpaste and mouth wash for dry mouth. I got a sippy cup with a straw to drink while laying on my stomach. I also made a follow appointment for May 4 the with pcp to ensure I am healing properly. I got my pcp support and even got a script for Diflucan because antibiotics gives me yeast infections. Antibiotics plus tight faja is a breeding ground for the Pillsbury to visit. Uh let's see. Down loaded movies and Roku ready for entertainment to plug up in the hotel. I purposely did not watch Empire and being Mary Jane so I could well recuperating. Hotel has a ful kitchen living room and has free breakfast and dinner as well as alcoholic beverages which I can't have and my hubby Durant drink. ...yet. who knows after our booty to be arrives he might start. Lol. Ok my point is its like being home. And helps keep the food budget under raps for my plus one. Also he's a Medic so I bought my own nurse kinda. I'll pay in " booty". Ok enough pirate jokes. I'm so excited to have be getting my body back. I use to be a wish pic now I m oh hell nah. If you order from Amazon. They offer 30 day trial membership to prime which includes two day shipping and a lot of free shipping. Free books to read and movies. Sign up then cancel after you stock on supplies and watch movies while recuperating. . Yelp I m a money pincher and cheap. And I like it. Just saw Hasan is extending his 3800 offer I got to everyone until the 4th. As I think of stuff I'll post it.

old me will return better

This is the old me

I forgot some facts it help you follow me.

Haven't gotten my CBC and etc back yet but my pcp showed me my iron was 13.5 before leaving. BP was 124/78. So those are major. I clot well because I quickly stopped bleeding after being pricked and having blood drawn. I was 200 lbs last in March now 189 I am beginning the cabbage soup diet aka mayo diet aka sacred heart diet Sunday for 7 days to lose 10lbs. I will be taking celebrate multi chewable vitamins to help with the low calorie diet.

Hasan Dolls or any Vanity vixens April 20-25

Hey RS sisters I'll be in Miami for a week. Arriving on Sun 19 til Sat. Sx scheduled for 21st. Any sx twins out there?

hubby and I are expecting ...our booty to be on 21st. so I introduced him to a threesome. her name is faja. lol

I was checking my list and checking it twice when I decided to try on my faja. Well after trying it on it lifted the old booty into a new booty. I was like hey faja where have you been since my @$$ dropped from a basketball to a football...not fully inflated? I looked pretty darn good when I tried on my clothes put on. I didn't want to pull her off. Im thinking of taking her to church tomorrow under my Easter dress. Oh i forgot i bought two padded panties ok i bought a : fake butt. One inch and two inch. Ive been wearing the1 inch for a year and graduated to the 2 inch when i switched jobs and moved to kinda ease into my booty to be. Perfect devious plan huh? Ok back to faja who will be in the relationship with the hubby and i. I am now I'm concerned that after the sx it might be to big. But hey if it is that's great that means it snatched the heck out of my waist. Ok concern over whew. On to regular program

how I'll slap after bbl

Face down

Feeling scared. got labs back! HELP does anyone know

I got my labs today. Normally it's always perfect . My RBC means corspocular concentration was 32.7 when it should be 33. And Red blood cell distribution was 11 when it should be 12. Everything else is perfect should I be concerned for being rejected?

labs are go...whew

Just got the call labs are good to go. Melt down over

I am nesting.

I have 3 boxes of supplies, I'm already packed. I know it's over kill. But my hubby and I are preparing for our booty ' arrival. Ok maybe it's me and he's just going along with me in my nesting phase. I am cheap but I spend when I want something and I've gotten my new booty everything but a crib. Lol. I started the cabbage soup diet/sacred heart on Sunday. The pounds down at the end of day 2. On day three. I stopped taking multi vitamins and only take B 12 folic acid and iron. I've gotten my clearance from my pcp. And Vanity accepted my labs. Oh did I mention I've been packed since the weekend. I've stopped protein drinks and began my antibacterial dial soap cleansing. If I had time I'd had to Jeju in Atl to get a body scrub. They remove every thing. But since I'm working up to the weekend before imma hold still. They do great massages. Can anyone tell me where or who to have come to me in Miami for massages?

My booty has a first name...it's TAYLOR (in Oscar Meyer voice)

Yes my booty to be has a name. She due on the 21st. I bought Taylor bbl pillow off www.bblpillow.com for $99+tax. She has a boppy but My veteran sis Jadastone says it's the best so only the best for my booty to be. I am not buying Taylor clothes until she gets here and gets well. Lol. My husband is ctfu laughing because we speak about Taylor like she is an infant. Don't judge me. So I told my brother who is really my longest and bestest friend ever. He said don't tell his wife or she will want one. lol heck. He said you can get them to make it rain. After I sent him my wish pic he said he'll sis you can it thunderstorm. Kmsl

bbl pillow

Just got a call from the company. Pillow will be here in days. She was very supportive about how to use the pillow. She was even excited about my procedure. My call dropped and she called back to tell how to sit. Great customer service

yeah Vanity on some real BS and I gained weight f@€k!

I m mad enough to "cuss" because I rarely do. But I scroll down and see a new Hasan special for $4100 to include Brazilian butt lift 12 Lipo areas a free garment and five free massages I was told it was 4200 for Brazilian butt lift and 12 liposuction areas because they didn't have PayPal and I paid cash and in full that my price would be 3800 the very next day they post the $3800 special so actually I didn't get a deal I'll let that slide then today I see they post a $4100 special which is $100 cheaper than what they told me that includes massages I called vanity wanting to know how you could do this to a client I could have easily made down payments which I don't like payment either but it's the principle of the matter so I said I want a garment and massages am I wrong for this and on top of that I have gained 5 damn pounds. how the fuck did this happen ok voice chat I didn't say fuck I said freak so now voice chat Google is trying to change my words ugh no damn punctuation just works Network words fuck it I'm done. try my best to rally for you vanity I should have pay $12,000 to go to shoot me Ugh Schumann bitch thank you and got better service oh oh well At end of the day you get what you pay for at least I'll get the results I won't I rather pay that amount then to pay your Jimmersion $12,000 to be treated like shit and Hassan does a better job.

Noticing newbies posting reviews but no comments or answers

Hmmm... about to step on since toes

I'm on one tonight

Still mad with Vanity.

back to bbl ...olive oil for constipation

If you want a quick fix for constipation caused by iron supplements try this. it's has the good fat for your belly try a tsp of olive oil and lemon juice. Lemon juice a natural deodorizer for your poop. Fun fact

News alert!getting full body liposuction and 4 massages.

I got upset with Vanity yesterday and called. I spoke with Claudia she wasn't much help. So I emailed surgical coordinator and no response. So the cop kicked in and I decided time to take action. I have new coordinator. I know understand the Vanity/BBL McDonalds type organization. Here what I unearthed being the great detective that I literally am. Vanity runs like McDonalds. You get great food for cheap but the service is rushed and they serve billions. In saying that they are in the business of fast service. If you go to a sit down restaurant and have a server wait on you and is there for your beck and call then you pay more right. Just like Mickey Ds you get a heap for cheap but you end up with a fat ass literally. Lol.

So to cut cost they sell you what you want you get to the window and pay and off you go.

Another thing about the deposit in the bank account. The reason this happened is PayPal has security features that does not allow Vanity to link into through the portal you received after you pay down payment or in full. This locked the system not allowing you to use paypal with a Vanity. Also the portal is designed to be utilized to "place your orders "and communicate with Vanity staff instead of phone emails. Sx date invoices email etc is suppose to run through the portal. However the portal is currently malfunctioning.

OAN I decided to do full body to include legs and arms. After finding out that aggressive really means aggressive I am forking over the extra few hundred to have thus done and receive the massages for free or inclusive for my inconvenience. So overall I am pleased thus far after my pcp and I decided to probe into this a bit further. I basically said I want the best deal for my money. It is true money talks and bs walks. I said chose Hasan for his results not price. I am fortunate enough that I can pay outright. But do you know how the rich get richer by finding deals. Just because I have it doesn't mean you will get it. So do you want my money and make me happy or I can take it else where . So I am getting the full body and massages for well under $5000. I absolutely love Hasans work. My first two choices were almost three to four times what I am paying. But one DrJ is has a similar treatment of patients but more like Applebee's you pay more to sit but wait time is forever and service is sometimes more aggravating then McDonalds. Schulman in NewYork is the man great reviews and customer service I d equate him to Bone Fish Grill. Great service nice atmosphere but sometimes the few is great but a little blah. I hope this help you understand and know how to feel about the Vanity situation. If I were paying the 12000 to 15000 to be treated like order number 83 then I'd take my business else where. But I do understand that you all feel like you should be getting better customer service for your money but just look at as I am paying for the procedure ie the burger and not the waitress/coordinators . Good luck. 12 days to Taylor "my booty to be arrives" oh yeah it was very important to me to have my pcp in on this journey. He will be caring for me when I arrive home. So happy trails. Unless something else hit I'll chill on the updates until preop appointment.

pissed is not the word

I just got a call from Vanity stating Dr. Hasan has a family emergency and trying to convince me to switch doctors. To doctor O. I think they over book these surgeons then try to find an excuse to boot you to someone else. They had the nerve to offer me a free garment and board. Wtf. Oh and free massages which they have already comp . This isn't a drink order sorry we are out of coke would you like a pepsi. I am starting to think we need to boycott this facility. They treat us like this bc we allow it. These some McDonald's for real.

anyone scheduled for Hasan this week!

I want to catch them in this lie

worst day ever. not sure if worth it

I am too upset for words. Checked into Vanity around 10ish. They lost my labs. Then labs were incomplete. I do my photo shoot. Guess who walks by Dr. HASAN not on family emergency as stated by Elizabeth. I see Dr. Hasan. I tell him what happened then he demands they get my paperwork right. Come 4pm I am finally signing papers and getting another pregnancy bc pee isn't accurate enough. I leave around 430 in tears from stress from Vanity. Suppose to get to time for sx by 5. No call. Call them oh wait until six. Call again wait. Call Elida my sx coordinator supposedly my sx is now in July. They have wiped my sx off the calendar on the portal. It's 8:12 and I am without a time or apparently a sx date.

pray for me. Hasan good , Vanity is the devil

I will update you soon. Omgoodness I'm stressed.

on the other side and I brought back a message from Hasan

I'm a very sore. But I have an intestine story. But I have a message for all Hasan Dolls and Vanity vixens. Just bare with me.

med time so here's a present

Ok so my sis Kacy Luv Been My RIDE OR Die . And I decided to post before I med out for the night

Taylor is a beast

The hubby took a pic . So I threw @$$ in a circle

pic didn't upload


Message from Hasan and Rosa Parks

Sorry for the delayed post. I was concentrating on my healing. Ok here goes. If you are following my journey then you know I received a call from a Vanity Rep stating Dr. Hasan had a family emergency on the Saturday prior to my sx and she suggested I "google" this other doctor and switch to him. I was like hell to the no, I paid for Hasan and I am already in Miami and Im getting Hasan. Fast forward to Monday day before sx I'm sitting in the lobby waiting for my preopt appointment. I see Dr. Hasan walk thru. WTF. Shortly thereafter I m called back to see him. We speak , Great bedside and insightful and through doctor. He tells Vanity this is what I am recommending and get her paperwork together today, I don't want my patient stressed for sx "in the morning" I want it done today before she leaves. Oh btw I arrived at Vanity at 0930 hours. So mysteriously my labs disappear then I need another pregnacy test. I was there un til 4:30 when all I had to do was sign paperwork, see doctor, and take photo. Women who started from scratch were done before me. My siste Kacy Luv came in and did her postopt hours after me was done well before me. So finally I finish up and have to get Kacy Luv to airport by 7. I was told I would get a call at 5pm in regards to sx time. When I didnt Kacy calls them and they say Illl know by 6. Call back at 6 no time. Goes by BMI so I should be first. Still no time Call back at 7pm they are freaking closed. I call my coordintor ELida Ramos she tells my hubby someone changed my date to July 21 come and for us to come in to see what happened. So now I am frustrated and homicidal jk but I did want to slap the hell out of someone. So I call Kacy Luv after she arrives back home. She says sx startes at 0530 be there when the doctor gets there since you were suppose to be first. My husband and I are at Vanity at 445a.m. We wait for them to open. They come in ask who am I here for and I say Dr. Hasan. They take me back prep me for sx. Guess what ? I am not on the schedule for sx. So I tell Dr. Hasan everything to include how they tried to pawn me off on another doctor and how others girls are being told Fisher and He are on vacation and their dates are being changed. He was was not amused because he was losing patients. He said I am always available and If your RS sisters want me or Fisher don't change stand your ground. What happenes is they use Fisher and Hasan to lure us in then try to pawn you off to another doctor. They overbook these doctors then push you off hoping you are this close and will give in. Not me. Taylor was due on 21st and dammit she was coming on the 21st. So Hasan stated he only does 3 BBL per day but for me he was doing 4. I was number 2. He said dont cry and dont worry about the road to get here I am going to give you what you want. Hasan is a wonderful doctor. An excellent sculptor. He does not mind wish pics. He just wants you to have realistic expectations. He is considerated and funny as heck. His bartener Ricky is gorgeous and very good. His sx team are great. He plays Hip Hop while operating . I went under to "she's a brick house" and woke up a freaking brick house. So basically I staged a sit in for this A$$. So Taylor was deemed Taylor Rosa Parks. When I went in for postopt Hasan said "dang who is this woman with that big ole booty and tiny waist." He popped my pretend collar and said you have been Hasanaified and let your RS sistas know I m the Man. True Story

Taylor Rosa Parks Hasanafied

quick pic during garment change
Miami Physician

Changing to Hassan

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