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I really would love an hour shape body... bubble...

I really would love an hour shape body... bubble butt, small waist & slim arms... I want the side profile to match the back profile... I LOVE Yaris Sanchez shape... this is my wish body... I have 2 children im 202lbs 5 feet 6 inches I hope I can obtain this look soon. Just want to feel sexy. Look great in everything I wear since I love clothes...

thinking Yily

So im loving the pics of dr. yily's work.. i just cant wait to look the way ive always dreamed lol... & i def cant wait for all the shopping...

being pretty isnt enough

So yea im pretty but my body sucks.. its not the worst but the not the best obviously... I just want clothes to fit the way they look on the mannequins. . I want to feel sexy in lingerie which I never wear cause in my mind its like what for? So my bf thinks im perfect & thats nice but lets face it hes lying.. lol he says whatever I want I can have but he hopes I dont change...


So there's a few steps I wanna take before the surgery so that I can maybe avoid the tummy tuck & armlift. just do lipo & bbl. So im gonna start the gym next weekend.

Lose 20lbs.

So ive decided to try and lose 20lbs which would make me 180lbs. Im gonna be trying Garcinia Cambogia extract pills to hurry the process along... hopefully I will get the results I desire in a quick manner. While im on this journey of weight lost, I hope to find my dr & schedule the surgery for sometime in February 2014

recovery house

Can anyone give me a few recovery houses in D.R.

day 4

So its day 4 of me taking 100% PURE GARNICIA CAMBOGIA extract pills 2 pills 30 minutes to about 2 hrs before a meal & I truly believe its working. Im not snacking as much & im hardly ever hungry. Its lunch time & all I got was a bbq chicken pizza & a water couldn't finish the whole slice! Im stuffed! So its definitely suppressing my appetite! Im super greedy & loves my snacks especially after I smoke mary jane. I havent checked to see if I lost any actual weight but ill keep updating.

lost 7lbs

So ive lost 7lbs with these pills & im feeling more energetic & just feel good.

wish pic

Me modified lol plastic surgery app

dr. robles

So im considering Dr. ROBLES. I like her breast lifts with minimal scaring lol idek if I'm getting one... anywho from what I see she gives u a nice shape. I want round cakey booty but I dont want it to be so crazzy that when im with my family I cant even cover it up a lil bit... I want a conservative booty lol

12 lbs down 18 more to go!

My weight lost goal is 25-30lbs... half way there... feeling good...

cant wait for march 2014

So im hoping to schedule for the 2nd week in March. My good friend and I will be embarking on this journey together! Thank god that I dont have to do it alone. Im so excited. Cant wait for all the new clothes I can wear. Shopping, shopping, & more shopping... 2014 will be the year of the cake!!! Lol

quoted 5200

I was quoted $5200 from robles. Tt, bll & lipo also includes everything but flight... im not sure if I want a tummy tuck tho idk if I need it either... so I asked that I get another quote without the tt.


So im 190 10/15 more lbs to lose. Excited.


Ok so im thinking about ass shots. Because frankly picking a surgeon & traveling and all the hassles of the procedure makes me tired just thinking about it.

Dr. Shahine

So I found a local Dr. with decent prices that I'm considering that has beautiful work. I like Dr. Shahine's work because it's not over the top but very flattering. Now at first I wanted a VIDEO VIXEN body but then I thought to myself bitch ur an exterminator! Lol what imma do with all that body but waste it lol... I want a fatty but I still want to look normal & natural. He doesn't put you to sleep which cuts a lot of the risks that come along with any surgery! Of course you wouldn't feel any pain. I've watched to videos on YouTube of him doing bbl & lipo while the girl was awake and having a full blown convo I mean she was laughing and all. Lol I also looked at his bbl before and after pics which he had like 70 which is more than all the Dr.s I was looking at. So if I can get it done for less than $7000 (was my budget for d.r. including airfare tho). What I also like about a local dr. Is that I can go to post op visits months later with no serious cost. So its not set in stone but I think me & my PUDD going to him. If we can afford him.

care credit?

Has anyone used care credit before?

update from Robles

So I was quoted 5200 for tt, bl & lipo but I dont want a tt so I emailed them saying so. She quotes me again with the aame exact email. Lol I knos shes busy and that but I clearly stated I dont want the tt and sent a pic of my belly. Now I may need 1 but I dont want it. I just want the cake my stomach isnt the worst. To that rubbed the wrong way.


Helppppp... idk who to choose... to stay in the states or to go to D.R. & not sure about a tt...

not sure

Unsure of what I want to do... I really want the surgery but im not 100% sure if im done with children. I have 1 boy 9yrs & 1 girl 1yr. Im gonna be 28 in about 2 weeks. Decisions decisions. .. on the other hand I think im done and im def done with this body.i hate it. With clothes im ok but without them I am not. Literally turned my self off the other day. In disgust almost fuckin cried. Anyways if I do it its gonna be in march for sure. I already put in for the vacation time. Havent gotten mybpassport


Like I was saying lol I haven't gotten my passport yet either.. I've read that u can just go into the place & have the surgery same day type of thing. Im willing to do that. The max I can spend will prolly be 6000 absolute max... Anyways now im rambling.. lol

186 lbs & undecided about which doctor

Ok so idk which Dr to go with... I want natural but bomb results. Looks like I may be traveling alone :( smh I was 202 now I'm 186 so there's progress.

New wish pics

I still wanna be thick. I wanna lose 15 lbs more & tone these arms up.

Back at it....

I'm really trying to get this surgery sometime this year... heal over the winter & bam winter gut turned into a summer butt! Lol.... my fiance might be my partner for this trip. Who better to accompany me... I'm excited!!!!

email consultation

So today I'm gonna take the pics & send out my email consultation request.... see who responds.... Yily or robles? I guess who ever has the best prices or time...

pre & post op list

So I really need help with what I need before & after surgery... I see everyone has these really long elaborate list... just wondering if u really need all THAT... I don't wanna waste money shittt!... If anyone can help thanks in advance. ..

Yay or nay?

So are any of these good?


Sent in my pictures, waiting on a quote!

to tuck the tummy or not to tuck the tummy?

So I think I'm just gonna get the tt fuck it might as well go hard or go home!!!!!

Which doctor?

Met a woman today that went to dr. Ramon Rodriguez Estrala she looked SNATCHEDDDD & she was 50!!!!! Robles or him...

This or no

Just wondering if these were good

Dr. Ramon Rodriguez Estrella

So I just got a quote back from Estrella $4000 for bbl, lipo (whole back, armpits, flanks etc) & tummy tuck! I think the price is good. Now I will say there's not many pictures on realself.com but I've met a patient 6 months post op that went to him & she looked freaking awesome (but I think I mentioned that already lol) . Anyway decisions decisions!

My mom is coming with...

So I'm too thrilled my mom is coming to support me. That was the plan from the beginning but then I thought she wouldn't be able to because of her vacation days. So then I was trying to see if my fiancé would come but I'd rather my mom. Mommas girl lol... plus my mom speaks fluent spanish. I understand a lot but I don't speak it... smh


Thinking O shit.. I need a passport.... going tomorrow to see exactly what do I need.


So I'm trying to go in September. Will be emailing today to see what day can I schedule my surgery!

plastic surgery app

Can't go in September

I'll have to wait til the new year fml....


I'm losing weight (184.5lbs) & now my breast look saggy... ugh probably gonna have to get a breast lift no implants tho...
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

Whoever I choose I just hope I get the best for my money...

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