Thinking About Getting This Done - New York

I am researching doctors and considering doing...

I am researching doctors and considering doing this surgery here in the states. I am a bit scared to travel outside and get it done. I am 42 4 kids and I want to feel confident again. did anyone end up with a bumpy stomach or butt? I am a bit concern that my stomach would look bumpy and my butt feel bumpy.

Ready to start this journey

Going next week to leave a deposit and start my journey. I found my doctor and I feel pretty confident it was like love at first sight lol. Dr. Andan made me feel comfortable and I'm
Ready to begin this process.


I made the deposit and scheduled my surgery for October 17 the date might change but hopefully it all works out!!!

my doctor will be Dr. Gordon Andan

Dr. Andan made me feel very comfortable and I trust that he will give me exactly what I need.


so I have scheduled my surgery for December 28th so excited :)

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