Skinny my Whole Life but Finally Got my Bbl with DelVecchio - New York, NY

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I was simply unhappy with my butt and finally...

I was simply unhappy with my butt and finally decided to do something about it.
I have always been a thin girl and gained about 20 pounds for this procedure.
I have to maintains weight in order to keep my butt so we will see what happens.
So far I am post op day 2 and not feeling to bad.
When I first woke up, my pain was through the roof but subsided after 30 minutes.
As long as I don't move I'm not in much pain.
I make sure I take the Percocet around the clock even if I'm not in pain so that it doesn't sneak up on me.
Day 2 so far is worse in regards to pain when moving so I try to stay still.
It's not unbearable yet! I'm expecting it to get worse.
Will update you soon.

Post op day 2

This nausea is kicking my butt today. I feel hungover. If I stay still, my pain is minimal. Put on second garment and took some pics.

More before pictures

Post op day 3

When does my skin stop hurting so much? It feels like I have burns all over but I know it's just from the lipo. If I don't move I feel fine. But if I even move one arm, I'm in pain.
The swelling is out of this world! My legs look like ham hocks over here.
Pain isn't fun but it honestly isn't the worst pain I've ever had so.

Post op day 3 pic

Tips on driving

I have things to do! I can barely walk but I'm planning ahead. Any affordable ways to stay off my butt while driving? Outside of the boppy pillow. What techniques have you used?

Feeling discouraged today

I took some pictures without garment and I'm like ummmm what did I just do? My butt looks almost the same as before to me. My side profile is so Wack. 2 liters of fat must have went somewhere!!

Itchy itchy itchy

Okay I'm like so damn itchy
At the incisions my inner thighs there they took from
Everything itches!
Is it okay to scratch? Did anyone else experience this?

Not sleeping well

When do I finally sleep without pain?
All night long I have to change positions and moving is still painful for me
I just want one night of comfortable sleep :(

I need encouragement!!

I'm being a baby
The pain isn't what bothers me
It's the 24 hour discomfort
The unbearable tightness of my skin
The exhaustion
The inability to function and take care of my child properly
I'm post op day 5 when does this get better?

Post op Day 9 update

Hi guys. Okay so I will say day 8 is when I actually started feeling like I could function. So if you think you're gonna be fine in a couple of days your wrong!!
Pain was totally tolerable. I stopped taking narcotics days ago. I take Motrin when needed.
I feel tight and I can't bend and maneuver myself yet. The bruising is still everywhere despite taking arnica.

Swelling is still very present as seen in pictures. One of my thighs is actually bigger than the other not sure what that's about. Dr. DelVecchio said its normal.

Had my 1 week visit with him. He's awesome! So is Javonica. It was literally a two second visit though. I travelled very far for that short ass visit lmao.

Anyways, I am doing well. Would like to try to drive tomorrow but so far I can't get the right formulate to keep my butt off of the seat.

Before and after pic

Before and after pic

Shrinking butt

I knew it was going to shrink but my butt is really starting to look like before

Bruising is almost gone
Swelling is mostly on left side. Left leg is bigger and left cheek is also bigger.

We will have to to just wait and see what happens at this point

Two weeks post op

What can I do? My butt looks similar to pre op maybe just a different shape. Time will tell. I'll update next week.

Me in a dress

Garment is on. Looks a bit better in clothes.


Took the advice of one of the girls of PhillyGal and put the triangle back on for more compression and voila! My lower back went down and my butt looks better!

Post op 3 weeks

Still feeling great! Some lumps in areas and swelling. Loving my new body! Hope my butt stops shrinking.
In other news I'm 6 lb lighter than when I went in for surgery :(

5 weeks post op (10 lb lighter than pre op)

Hey guys
I feel great totally functioning without any problems
My skin is still tender from donor sites
If I sit long my skin is very tight upon standing
Overall I would say this has not been a hard journey
My only concern is that I'm not happy with my results
Dr DelVecchio said I need to maintain wait in order to have a bigger butt
If I gain 5-10 more lb to maintain my pre op weight at 150 I will have a bigger butt because that'll be the only thing that grows
So.....I'm going to have to keep trying to eat more I guess which is hard for me
I'm naturally 135 lb
So if you have a fast metabolism like me, I don't recommend surgery unless you are sure you can maintain weight

My results are amazing!

Ladies give your body time to heal!! I am now 6 months post op and my butt looks great! It's the perfect size and looks like I was born with it. I definitely turn heads mor now. Will post pics soon!

Only complaint is my lumpy and deformed stomach
Still waiting to hear from dr delvecchio regarding that :/

Lumpy stomach

My butt looks great but I've sacrificed my gorgeous belly

My results 6 months later!

I literally had no butt This is such a huge improvement But like I said after emailing Dr. Delvecchio pictures of my abdomen he hasn't responded giving me any relief on if my stomach is fixable or not I don't want to have to spend money to fix that now

Omg it's only 5 months!!

I thought it was 6 months but I'm only 5 months post op

Deformed abdomen

So apparently I have sacrificed having a very beautiful stomach
Its ruined
Lumpy and uneven
Tried to talk to dr. Delvechhio about it but they made an appointment for me while he wasn't even in NYC!!!
I'm sure you can imagine how upsetting that was after taking off work and paying for gas, tolls, and parking.
So at this point I'm considering going to someone who specializes in revision.
It's pretty disgusting smh.

I'm at a lost of what to do?
Can anyone offer suggestions here?

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