In the Process of Getting my Bbl Done by Dr. Delvecchio - New York

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Goals to have natural looking, more volumn and big...

Goals to have natural looking, more volumn and big bubble butt than what i have now. My desire on bbl to have a more attractive look on my butt and importantly to feel good about myself and in my clothing and bikini. I finally found Dr. Delvecchio and feel comfortably with him to do my bbl procedure.

Finally booked my surgery date!

So i have about 2months to get ready for my bbl procedure with dr. Delvecchio. Getting little excited now, two months will fly by fast! Within that time i hope everything will go good as i planned.

Went to get my ekg/cbg tests today

So i done got my test for the ekg/cbg at me pcp place. Waiting to get the results and they'll fax it to dr. Delvecchio office. Hoping the test results will be good and then another step closer to my bbl surgery date 3/21. Cant believe is about 3weeks away...time flies!!

Getting closer to my surgery date!

Just paid all my total payment today and they got my faxed results from my pcp and everything looking good. Javonica gave me the time for my surgery at 12 or 12:30 on 3/21 but she'll call me few days before to make sure the time is set. I will be getting my precription medication in the mail so i can fill it out before my surgery day. So while waiting for the date i'll be trying to eat like a pig so i can gain more pounds!

The waiting days to the surgery is almost here!

Is right around the corner from my sx date 3/21...3 more days!! Mostly everything and preparation are set. I have to be at their central park place by 12:30 on monday. Getting little nervous and i hope everything will go well, cant wait to get this over with! Am also hoping my result will come out good and what im hoping to get. Will update again soon!
Boston Plastic Surgeon

Had a in person consultation with Dr. Delvecchio yesterday at his nyc office and it went well. Soon to book my surgery date with him. I researched info and read mostly good reviews about him, so decided to choose him to do my bbl and plus he specialized in bbl so that's a plus! His price range is pretty decent as for being in new york area. My first impression with him is his honesty, friendly, straight forward, funny and importantly i felt comfortable with him. His staff also are very nice and friendly. Cant wait and looking forward to get my bbl done before spring and summer so i can show it off then! :)

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