24 yrs old/ 5'4/ 148 pounds. READY FOR MY NEW BODY!!!!!!!!!

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23 years old & one kid!

Hello ladiessss! I really want to do the BBL procedure. I've been self conscious since I walked in the doors of high school. I never really felt good in my own skin. I always hid my body. I always bought shirts a size bigger or longer so it can cover my butt. I don't even feel comfortable walking around my husband naked. Reading all of you ladies reviews make me sooooo happy and it motivates me. I just want to feel comfortable wearing a body con dress and have my husband like "wowwwwww"! You know? I'm currently looking for a GREAT DR in NYC or MIAMI. It's time for change. Any advice ?

Thinking about going with Dr Salama

hey ladiesssssss!! Ive read some really amazing reviews about Dr.Salama. I will continue doing more research on other Dr's but so far Salama is number one. Oh man, after i read the reviews, i instantly feel nauseous. I know we all handle pain differently but ahhhhhhhhhhhhh! I am just soooo tired of feeling this way about myself. RS has opened up my eyes and i am in love with the work thats being done. Does anybody know if i have to fly down to miami to have a consultation?

More wish pics

Still so interested in BBL but still confused on which doctor to choose :(

Hey ladies! So, Im stuck between Dr.Fisher & Dr.Salama. Salama seems to have the projection gift and Dr.Fisher seems to have the curvy gift. There's a price difference with both doctors but that's not my issue. I wanna pay for something that I am going to LOVE and not do it because it's cheap.

Ladies, I definitely want to get work done in Miami but who's the best BBL DR out there ???

Wish Pics!

Plastic surgery Stimulator app

This app is AMAZING!!!!! Ultimate WISH PIC.

Booty goals!!!

I can't choose ...

I can't choose between Dr.Salama & Dr.Fisher HELPPPPP!

More Booty and flat tummy wish pics


In love with ass right now! I can't wait!

Wish pics. Sleeping, eating, dreaming BBL!


SALAMA OR RAMI GHURANI :( !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AHHHHHHHH


Booooooooty goals!

Booooooooty goals!

Choosing a Dr! UGH!

Choosing the best Dr has to be the hardest part! I had my mind in Dominican republic but I wouldn't dare. My mom wasn't trying to hear that anyway lol. I've been doing so much research. The deaths with BBL is soooo scary and I can only pray that GOD sticks by me the whole way through. This surgery been stuck in my mind since I was a youngin! Now that I'm older, I just want to be confident in my own skin! I had a dream last night that my body was done and I was just feeeeeling myself! I was just so happy lol! That dream made it more clear .. I need to make this happen! Now with choosing a Dr, fishers work looks amazing! I want my waist snatched and some poppin ass projection lol. I mean of course, I want the Dr to do only what he can but yah understand. I will most definitely choose a Dr before November is up. I want to finally set my date and get this journey started!

Oh man, REAL SELF and the women on here give me sooooo much life!!! You ladies motivate me to make my dreams, my reality! Thank YOU!

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