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Good day. Beauties. I've also been stalking this...

Good day. Beauties. I've also been stalking this site. Looking over post ops pics n reviews on customer satisfaction. I'm 25 yes old 5'9 1/2 164lbs with one beautiful child. After I had my child. I didn't get the harsh physically side effects from my pregnancy. My body went back to its normal size. But I noticed as time went by it became difficult to gain weight. I literally haven't worked out to see if that helped, it did for a smudge. Though not satisfying. Since I'm not gaining weight my booty is staying the same. :-( such a bummer. I'm interested in the bbl but I don't want those fabulous booties with the lines on the side. I like my bump to keep their cuffs. That's the only line I should see. I don't want this hips were it looks like there competing with my rib cage. I'm looking for a bbl sis around the same height. To start this journey with. I posted a couple of wish pics n the present me.

What about Daniel Del Vecchio, MD, for BBL?

Someone recommended him. I've check him out. He's done some good work. Has anyone heard otherwise? I've been looking for ppl on here who chose him. That's has before n after pictures I haven't been lucky I also came across some more wish pics. This MD seems like he can delivery the result I want.

Still doing research.

hey beauties. I came across some more wish pics.
I'm still doing research on which doc. Works best with what body shapes. Cause No matter how often a shaper is worn. I noticed bbl don't look nAtural or good even after 11 months post op. . I'm still editing my list of supplies. Cause I'm not planning on going outside for any missing supplies. Once I get the procedure. I was curious on which doc prefects your original shape or gives u a better one. Not just the plump, arch and lift. I heard about abdominal etching. Short cut to attainIng abs. Results look really good. But I rather get my abs the long way. I'm still keeping up with u beauties reviews n tips. They're very helpful n sometimes entertaining. I hope everyone has wonderful holidays n New Years.

Loves these styles n body ideals

So I'm finally stabilizing my weight of 165 but now my chucky boyfriend( yea I like teddy bears even though I'm in shape, they keep you warm n provide shade my type gotta be 6'1+ and 220lbs+ ). Anyway he doesn't want me to get a bbl and lasik with brightocular. By the way I'm still growing im a qt inch from 5'10 now . So I figure now that I keeping on the weight I'm ago for 173lbs and see how that looks. Hopefully I'll have a enough fat by then. To do the bbl. I'm still procrastinating on which Doctor to trust will get it right cause a lot do the tuck not abdominal etching. Aka the head start to abs work out. I respect that my boyfriend admires my body now. But I'm not paying no mind to his disagreement about enhancing my shape. Hell be happier when it's over with. But I think he fears I'm a leave after I get those things done. But truth betold I ain't going nowhere cause he hasn't stop sweating me and making sure I'm happy since day one. But that's a secret I rather him see it for him self than tell him. Ill just feel more comfortable when I get to the weight and shape I want. And keep that shit forever!!!!! Big Booty girls rules. !!!!

More wish pics <3

Still looking for specials n proof a doc won't let me down

More wish pics

What's your preference ?

So When it comes to bbl.

Who's your doc preference for lateral?
Who's your doc preference for hips?

If you prefer both which doc preference do u believe has the magic hands to create both in one.

Which doc you feel is great with shaping but lack with liposuction in desired areas?

If your not sure about the physical difference between lateral and hips. Check out this short YouTube video http://youtu.be/zktEmTWlX2Y
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