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Hey Dolls... So... after doing a lot of research...

Hey Dolls...
So... after doing a lot of research on doctors in the US, I have decided to put all my "weight" into Kenneth R. Francis, MD.
1. He is based in NY
2. Has insurance
3. Does BBL and Tummy Tuck (if your body qualifies) at the same time
4. Reviews (not just Real Self) are all great (including word of mouth)

I contacted his office today after speaking and setting up consultations with other "top" NNJ & NY doctors. I have Care Credit (enough to cover my whole procedure and some). Why would I pay an 100 buck consultation fee if we both don't know if we want to proceed? I respect the fact that he has FREE consultations. This means (in this area), he is not just in it for the money as there are many doctors that say they are not and really are.

I am looking forward to meeting him. I am overweight due to children (I have 4... 3 pregnancies ( set of twins). My body won't loose the weight like it use to due to so much trauma. I have had 3 c-sections. So most of my lower area has that dull numb feeling, like it's not there anyway. ;) So I want it off, and fast.

I was originally going to go to The D Dominican Republic and I opted out. I rather not have my body laying in The D.R. for an additional 2-7 days if I die waiting for a release as if I have to clear customs. So my best bet is to stay home (in the US) and local to my residence.

So my meet with Dr. Francis is in 2 weeks. He only does consultations Tues and Thursday.

My current photos

From Dr. Schulman's Office Today

Told me they had a constellation on Wed 3/12/2014. I'm going to go and pay his 100 buck fee to hear what he has to say.



NO NY DOCS FOR ME... You can view my TT review on DR. Fisher once it goes up...

I do not like the quality of NYC doctors. They are too much for me. I need laid back, cool, and funny. I have my most recent primary care doctor in Hollywood so if anything goes wrong my chart is already at Jackson North and my next of kin is there. So no NY for me. I will be living my son in my home city and flying from there (Philly).

I am completely turned off with the doctors here. My cousin called me today after I texted her and cussed me out saying I should have went to some doc with a C in Atlanta. Atlanta is starting to be like NY as well as Texas doctors. Why is Miami priced right with the best care and results and NNJ, NYC, ATLANTA, and TEXAS is for the most part sketchy.

I'll pass.
Paid in full with Dayana today.

Since My Other Review Has Not Posted Yet...

So... If you are going to Vanity and have had problems getting through... Contact Dayana L. This will be your best bet. You can email her at lianet@vanitymiami.com Attention the Subject to Dayana L. The number is 305-262-6070 ask for extension 213 and/or ask for her. Ask her questions and be firm with your answers! It will make life easier for the both of your transactions.
*Be advised prices vary. Don't use my pay to vanity to price your procedure. I paid more for what I needed.

Instead of NY, Going to Dr. Fisher for Tummy Tuck 4/3/2014

Anyone going 4/2-4 let me know. My original plan was to stay in NYC and get a BBL. I contacted Vanity Dayanna is my coordinator. I have Care Credit so I paid everything in full. My 6800 includes 2 garments, 5 massages, and my 7 day stay. I decided to have a BBL later. I think removing the fat from my stomach is the most important because that is the problem. I have nice legs and an ok hiney ;). So let's see what's what.

Here is clothes on... then holding my fat ;)

So here is my difference. I wear my weight well so it's really my stomach and back fat. I wish I could weigh my stomach. o.0 I think I am going to loose a couple pounds. I tend to eat when my 18 month old eats and most times I work from home so it doesn't help. I really don't gain weight, I tend to "stay at the same weight" because since December I have been working from home or just traveling. I am also an ex hard drinker. Not alcoholic but wine was not a friend of mine ;). So a lot of weight has staid on because of that as well. I always eat well though. I am a Whole Foods freak. If I eat meat that has anything unnatural in it, I get sick for weeks so I don't eat out (unless vegan or organic places). I am not fully gluten free. l still eat some stuff. So I am trying to figure it out.

Changed to Bass... Also Date changed 5/29

Hey ladies. I apologize for not updating in awhile. I got a call from Vanity about Fisher. I have to go with Bass from which I knew before due to my weight. I figured that. That was 3 weeks ago when I got "the Vanity Call". No one ever called me back so I called Ana today. I have some things to finish up here at home so I rather go the end of last month. Thank God I work from home so I can take my job with me.

So, I feel like I have gained weight. I have cameras in my home and I was erasing some of the feed earlier and I look huge up top. Oh my lord. I think it's time to Master Cleanse and get back to drinking my Apple Cider Vinegar. This is the disadvantage when working from home. I need to find a workout group in my area.

I Have A Buddy Now

I was asked by my girlie and we made the change yesterday. Might as well save some money. My friends and family are down there anyway so I wasn't taking anyone with me.
I am also going back on my GNC's Total Lean. I want to loose about 15 lbs real quick.

Flight Booked

So I just went coach coming into Miami and 1st class flying out with wheelchair service. I am a frequent flyer and in the AM is the worst time to fly. I always catch night flights. More space and peaceful. The AM travelers get on my nerves going though TSA. So yeah, Monday it is. -My buddy and I are ready to go!

"Recovery Home" Drama

So Orni books my room until 6/1. I paid for 10days. Not to mention she saw my itenirary. Also there is no sofa bed as promised. So I told them, they will be paying for the cot. This trick wants to argue me down on the phone. Then she's like ok I'm going to fix it now... what? The whole twist is this, if this isn't straight and I have to deal with the likes of this chick, I won't be going anywhere and will be going down to stay at my timeshare!

Bass is Gone on Tues 2/27

So some lady called me from Hialeah and asked me could she switch my date to Wed vs Tuesday. I have made plans for Tues (my family taking of work to be with me) and now this bullsh*t? If it wasn't for my girl, I would be done with these clowns.

Broke Buddy***LAWD

So the police just left me hotel room because the broke, no credit, late flight, can't get a rental at Hertz due to credit broad I decided to give a 500 deal to (AFTER CONTACTING ME) said I took 500 from her. So the officers laughed at this idiot and I told her to stay the night because her mother was tiered. It is sad when you have disgraceful children. - So the broad was LATE. Didn't want to give me my money. Nothing. This is why... YOU SHOULD ONLY GO THROUGH YOUR SURGERY CLINIC TO BUDDY. I was nice enough to allow this girl AND HER MOTHER to stay with me (never even got in my room comfortably). I never needed nor WANTED a buddy. I have recordings of this NUT CASE disrespecting her mom (SHE DID IT IN FRONT OF FISHER AND HE JOKED ABOUT IT), disrespected me... I guess Vanity is getting a bunch of nut cases lately. They already told me not to deal with this girl. As I type this, I am sitting in a room the EVER SO SWEET officers bought me to. This girl even got disrespectful with me in front of the officers. THE ONLY REASON why I let her stay tonight, because she paid for 1 night (groceries 60+ dollars I just helped her struggling ass out with, I left... 2 Fajas with receipts I got her being nice because I had extra money through my payment-moreso because I am a person of my word). I HAVE PICS OF THIS GIRLS MOM LAYING ON THE GROUND OUTSIDE THE HOTEL, also video of her mother cussing her out because of her disrespect to her and myself. As I type, I am sitting in my $610.00 room for the night while she sits in a matchbox. The officers couldn't stop laughing at her and they told me just what to do so she reaps what she sews. I have plenty of text messages of her complaining about money. "Hey, when you thew that stack on the ground for the cops, was that your rent." lol . Go pay your rent and have a seat. The hotel offered me some perks because of how I handled the situation (the embarrassment to the property with this nut being rude and disrespectful.

I will have the camera footage in the AM. Will be uploading as proof. It was so bad, I guess vanity can hear mental issues, I was told to leave this chick alone when she contacted me last month THROUGH REAL SELF. Listen, if you have all your stuff together... Don't help no one. THEY ARE IN THE SITUATIONS THEY ARE IN FOR A REASON. Let them spend their 1k rent on a hotel for P.S. because they are vein. Do not allow people to contact you from R.S. unless they are 100% legit and ready to go. People like this girl and not worth the hassle.

*Ya'll should have saw her... broke as hell all day mad as hell with an attitude. Her mom telling her chill. Made because of all HER STUPID MISTAKES.. SHE HAD TO PART WITH THAT MONEY. I will tell you this. Thank God I have money and people here. My folk hopped on the phone right away... Cops heard everything like oh ok, we see she is loud, and disturbing the peace... I just said I'm going... THE WHOLE TWIST IS... MY NAME IS SOLELY ON MY ROOM (well not me & the police)... LOL... If my son was here... and this took place... Like the officer said, you are wise and we see you have this to do (I have real money). Every dog has it's day. Checkout time is 7:00am when the police and I get there hun. (Like I said, the officer called and made my reservation for me so we can outweigh her little 500 (minus 60 &120/120)- Aye bumb... SEE YOU AFTER SURGERY... Trying to keep up with the Jones on a Good Times budget.

Love Oni & Bass is Super Cool

I love Oni. Very helpful. Very sweet and caring. Bass is funny ;) All the drama, my Aunt prayed with me and for me while the hotel and officers were completing the police reports and camera feeds... I feel good. The devil is a lie. This isn't about money for me, rather peace. I am at peace. I have a full day to relax and catch up on some work. I got no work done today and I had so much to do. Because I was trying to help someone, I got screwed. Well, I don't harbor over things that don't effect me... but me not working today did ;) I love my job. I thought I was going to come here and chill. Since I flew 1st class (there as well- upgraded), I decided to still come because I kept my word to this girl. I could have switched my flight same day to Tues. Oh well. Learning experience. I am happy. I am so happy I have good people around and that the US GOV hires some employees that knows how to read BS from lies. I am just so surprised at myself that I didn't know better when the broad said she wanted to go chill SOBE. Hype to sight see when you came for PS? I should've known when she said she never got on a plane. Dealing with a booger. ;) I am happy. Just crazy I have been up 24 hrs for a bumb. I wasn't going to Vanity till July. Well, I'm here and I thankful to God. I thank God these are my stomping grounds as well as just the person I am.

Up Early...

Still have to deal with Vanity about last night. They just called me to tell me the booger was there and "you should have known with that big cut on her face". "We have tons of calls from her trying to get her rate cheaper always telling people wrong prices for our doctors". "We told you". Why I still have to deal with this is beyond me. Now the disrespected feeling is turning into laughter. I am waiting for the hotel manager Maria to come in at 9am to make sure my room is cleared. The police will be escorting me there and back again. Another unnecessary ride in a police car ;)

*It is important to know these things ladies so you know to never cut deals with people. I switched my sx to this girls and all. Flight $739 (2 first class). Know the law before you book with anyone and get it in writing. Alot of these girls that are going in for sx have mental issues (call Vanity and ask about their ride this week). Nothing is what it seems. I am just glad I kept a paper trail. When I paid for anything for this girl, it was swiped CREDIT (not debit-never cash except 60 for food at Walmart). This girl tried to say I robbed her then Vanity got on and said, "This girl (me) just paid 300 for garments for Ms. Jackson. She has to be withholding truth" (written in police report). I have a perfect credit score in my 20s and money in the bank). I am so glad I have witnesses. When she called the police her mom walked right on pass her while the cops were there. The Sergeant said, "Was that her mom?" Why did she walk past her daughter if you were suppose to rob them; she should be telling us that not in awe". Oh how I love my dear Dade County. When your doctor laughs at you (not with you) your whole visit and draws the "crazy sign" on your body chart.... You got issues. Real Self is cool and all but the thing is this, make sure you are booking with like minded individuals. I am not crazy and would NEVER disrespect the person who bought me into this world. I am a business professional (like I said, I am very upset this is interfering with my work), money means nothing and credit in this society means everything (I know the value of a dollar), I like peace and everything to be in uniform and set in place. We never made it to the room together before I just left. Why would this Wack Job feel comfortable staying in my room if she has "money"? That is crazy. Like the officer said, that is very strange if she has money. 1.5k should be a breeze to go find a room. If I '"robbed" anyone, why would you stay in my room? How idiotic. When I showed them all the texts of this girl and the recordings (that they added to the docket), they are like, she complained about money on 4 diff occasions about money. They are beating me up like you should have knew better especially when she didn't meet up with you to pay before hand since you live not far from each other. You have your stuff in writing but she showed us nothing. She has no contract of why she gave you money and you just put 240 on her account through Vanity. So too bad, so sad. I really feel bad for that girl's mother. I would NEVER (God rest her soul) treat my mother they way she did. The embarrassment. Like I told the officer (they ran my name anyway and saw), you see where I live, my work, my Aunt will jump for me (ALL WAY IN WESTON, FL ON VACATION). Look at me and look at this clown. Vanity, my Aunt, my papertrail.... That is enough for a suit. If my account with what I paid is any where effected and I don't get my money.... she receive that blue slip right on in the mail. Please ladies, save yourself the hassle. You never know who you're dealing with when these people contact you through these places. Since she told the Captain how we met, the cap was like oh leave that site alone. "Do they do mental screens?" lol -Well on my way to Extended Stay to see the manager with the Po-Po and then off to Aventura to the Cheesecake Factory and M.A.C. Going to enjoy my stay and have my Aunt take care of me while I am here. My Aunt was like,"I would never had met this girl's mother. I don't deal with people like that. "She is so mean. *Thanks to Oni and Vanity. They have been so supportive since I spoke to Claudia and (the guy taking her position-she's training). They thanked me for caring about the company and trying to be discreet. They are very decent people and I know people have issues over the phone (like I did) but like I told Claudia, I will see you when I get there. Sometimes communication can be off.... *** ONI JUST CALLED AS I TYPED... Ms. Maria the manager was updated on everything and spoke to her staff and the police.... Ms. Jackson is not allowed on the premises at all (not even to pay) and if caught will be arrested. They were said to have asked Vanity to go to their R.H. and they can't. Also, look how the devil is.... The mom was talking crap... AFTER I LET YOU STAY? Ms. Maria said I should have never left. So now, I hope you got your money's worth girl. Like I said, TRUTH WILL ALWAYS COME TO LIGHT. I will be getting a written statement from Maria and giving all statements and Police Reports to Vanity as requested. - Time to relax for surgery!!! Glad My Aunt will be staying with me. An R.N. * Prayer works. Thank god for cameras and papertrails!!!

My Nee Room and Other Room

So I have two rooms. One at my lovely SPG and the other at E. S. Y'all should see how the room was left when the manager showed me. All I could do was apologize. Embarrassed? Also my 60 (really 40 when I did the math) was retrieved. My aunt said not to eat it lol. I'm so grateful to everyone here who saw what happened and are there for me. I am have surgery in less than 24 hrs. I'm excited. Never nervous because the power of prayer is mighty. God reigns supreme! Those who walk by faith are strong in deed. So I have no worries. The devil will always be stopped in the mist! Soooo... Tony Roma's is looking good ;). I don't eat out much so I'm thinking a good Cesar Salad. Idk. My Hotel gave me free room service (up to 50) this am because the police officer booked me and took me. That was so sweet. Thank you God!!! I am just so grateful for God's mercy. (look at me getting all holy before sx) lol! Praying for everyone today. Nice meeting you too Jess.

Delusions of Grandeur (lol)

Getting ready to stop eating. I received a call from Vanity to take it easy and get ready (awww). Chef'n up my last meal. ;) I'm dog tiered. Praying all goes well. My knees hurt from praying ;). Please keep me in your prayers. As soon as I wake up, I will update! -Thanks everyone who called and texted! It meant the world to me.

5:15 On MY Way Auntie There Before Me

So my Aunt just called like, I'm here. ;) Yay. Wishful thinking would be to have her in the room with me (it's not going to happen) although she was in the room other times. She is a powerful spiritual person so her in the building is enough for me! ;) We are here!

I'm Alive

I am just high. No biggie lol. I come out of SX and my songbird has passed. RIP Maya Angelou. - I am fine, no pain... My Aunt is my RN. Staid with me all day. I feel good. I literally just got in. Wanted to let you ladies know all is well. My recovery was 30 minutes. My mind was to wake up! Lol. I'm here. I feel nothing. Nothing worst than my Corset I wear at home. I am going to pop these pills in my hand and off to lala land. Thanks for all the love! Will be back tonight!

Haven't Been To Sleep Yet

This the easy part for me. I just hate drugs or to be sleep. My aunt is over here sleeping before me . Lol. I took my drugs feel a little laggy not sleep. I tell you ladies this, if you can't handle a TT, pay you never have to have a csection! This pain is nothing. The issues is just the hunch over. I don't know the sensation of pain is nothing for me. I actually want to go for a walk but my Aunt will big out if she hears me get dressed lol. I'm draining good. Doing all of that on my own. I have all my bed pads she bought me. I am ok. I'm happy. No depression like they say drugs make you feel. I miss my son but at a min. I'm kicking back. My Aunt actually is doing a Fast... She said God led her to so that every Wed so we are liquid down! Lol. I have been through WAY WORST. I have been walking like nothing. I'm stuck in a chair though. The bed won't work for me until about 3 days but all is well. A breeze. My aunt also bought me her electronic compression cuffs but I have my stockings on. Will post pics when I get cleaned up.

Forgot To State...

God knows I don't want to talk about "Delusions of Grandeur" Ms. "Sexyme88" , when the officers and I told hr to be out at 7:-00 am, the left all their stuff here when she went to surgery. I guess she thought we were playing. Ms. Maria had to her and her mother's belongings from the room because they didn't not want them on the property. How retarded? Did you think it was a game what the police and I said. The lady Ms. O told her last night I am having you put out by the end of her shift either way (we only let her stay because of her "diabetic" mother- that was intoxicated. Please KEEP MY NAME OUT OF YOU MOUTH WHEN SPEAKING TO VANITY. They call me each time and laugh at you. Also so you know, because you embarrassed Vanity, if you didn't go in so early in the AM, the manager and owner we NOT going to allow you to have surgery because you embarrassed them. The word is all around the office. You better humble yourself and come to terms with you STUPIDITY , because next is me getting that blue sheet to your door starting the process here.

*Absolutely right, I came for surgery not to bullcrap around like an play with people's time/money and/or to cut deals. Get a life, hope you got your money back from the bank that was overdrawn. I wish you the best~

Thank You R.S.

...for handling this situation accordingly. Please continue to monitor my account and I applogize on the behalf of this girl because it is my fault for not going with my 1st mind and not cutting deals to help out. Again, thank you for a speedy resolution.


Let's be clear on who runs the show. Dr. Labrador is the "Chief". That is my entry doctor and my exit doctor (alongside Fisher). I do not like Bass and (because of how I conduct business) do not have to see him. His assistant Sheila told me to make sure I told everyone on R.S. that she is awesome... So there you go Sheila. You are the best!!!- I am walking straight, no hunch, not on any meds (only muscle relaxers at night), feeling good. My massage today was a breeze and my removing of padding and tape. I also had a couple staples removed. Oni is always with me and saw my scar... It is perfect (straight across and tiny). I will be posting pictures very soon (after second padding comes off Monday AM before my flight). I love Dr. Labrador. Such a sweet/ gentle man. He apologized about a lot as well as I with the drama of my recovery stay. Labrador, Oni, Maria (Hialeah), and Fisher (as well as nurses) are the only reason I will return. I went in at a great weight so my swelling is minimal. I am tall so my weight is in height. My stomach looks great. Dr. Labrador also had Sheila drain me. When I say she basically did another massage and drained... oh my word ;). She is awesome.

Well, I have to go back Monday and give you ladies/gents some pictures as well. Also, R.S. is being watched often by these owners of these places. The C.S. guy I spoke to Monday knew alot about my page before I even mentioned it. (I am glad). The thanked me again and I found an extra 350 on my account, that Oni talked me into leaving there to come back and see her. Oni is my love. She deals with alot but tries not to allow that to hinder her professionalism with you. In my opinion, the recovery home is worth it. I just like to make people's job easier so I didn't need store runs (had my god brother/ aunt take me) or anything extra. I only need what we agreed to. I K.I.S.S. Concept my way through everything.-Simple so whatever I needed has be granted by Vanity and overall, I would deal with them again, when that Claudia goes on a EXTENDED VACATION. ;p

I Was Just Told LoL (As I don't part take in RS any longer)

I guess die slow like my mother shoved feet in her throat lol. 2 weeks and getting drains removed today. No issues and/or complications. My ladies got pics I sent to. You never removed drains until after draining under 30ccs/24 hrs. I came home with these things and made them wait to remove anything. Still on antis and no pains (after 4 days). Juicing and blending 3 xs a day. Vitamins taken again as of now (today) with my shake. Funny how God is called now. Thanks man up stairs, I never have to lift a finger.

Cheap is As Cheap Gets

Aye, these chicks keep blaming these docs an C.S. centers for not knowing their body. Grow up. If you know you were draining before you left, why would you take drains out? A doctor can't tell me NOTHING on logic. Real Self is a funny place man. The internet is funny period. While Big Deb said NO R. I. P. I will say this... Hahahaha See the strange thing is, people will just listen to anything a HUMAN says about their body. Do your research on your own body. These chicks are so quick to throw pennies at these docs and listen to the cap game. Lol. Like I state, Bass is cut and dry. I like that. When my RN aunt asked him a question he got snappy and that got handled. Other than that his apology was accepted (because we should never have to announce who we are when you hold keys). How does one know what anyone has when they didn't pay for anything? I don't understand. Listen, R. S. These kids are crazy. This is why a lot of individuals have left. "Urban Consumption) as my lady friend calls it. These docs dropping prices and getting a bad name because of kids who don't know their own body. It's sad. Fault yourself for your stupidity and keep it pushing. What did that young guy Meek Mill say (so I can put it into laymen terms- urban) it's levels to this sh*t? Learn life? I think that was it. Hahahaha. People kill me. Vanity sales rep/ price teller now gon MADD? Have a chair, damn a seat.

Here's An Update Live From My Bathroom Floor lol

My plastics dept called me a couple days ago to tell me they are having a graduation today so the appointment I had can not be kept unless I can come early. Being as though I have a life and a household to run I took my drains out my damn self. Lol. I had to stay home today to help my little cousin get situation in school. So yeah. I know my body and my limits. No help, here is my set up. This is the only pic(s) I am uploading. I will miss you guy/gals. Y'all know how to find me

Cont... (My Phone Cut My Post Off) I D NOT Support Self Drain Removal***

So I had to jump on now. DO NOT, I REPEAT DO NOT REMOVE YOUR DRAINS YOURSELF if you are not capable or in a need to. - Also I wanted to just tell ya'll my food regimen. A lot of you ladies know I am NOT a red meat eater (at all). My fish is ALL WILD CAUGHT (albacore tuna, and sardines are King Oscar). Checking organic like eggs farm raised brown. I use to eat Paleo but cut out read meat so I eat "Smart". I am 90% Organic (with eating and household supplies) and am a juicer and blender.

So... after Tummy Tuck I drank ALOE every day like I do regularly. I stopped drinking my Bragg A.C.V. and will start back today now that I have no need for antis... I do not eat/drink anything that contains High Fructose Corn Syrup, BCTs, PCAs, listen, if it isn't perishable I won't touch it. No lunch meat unless cooked. I have fully ate this way since 2011. Low sodium/ Only natural sugar and mostly diluted with water. I drink Poland Springs (home delivered) as well as Voss and Fiji (water matters). So there you have it. I have not wanted anything but liquid so I BLEND (not juice). I eat Kale EVERYDAY X2. Raisins. I juice Beets. I have to take a pic of what my fridge looks like right now. It's a mess with fruits and veggies, like all over...lol. Oh Mango too. Pineapples are FINE IN A CAN!! They are actually more "safe" that way -statistics say-(dole or organic brand not in syrup but 100% pineapple juice) because of chemicals in transport and anywhere else.

So mix it up... everyone's body is different. I also have not smoked since 2010. I am an ex beverage consumer ;) I do not partake in anything as of 2010.

Garments- TT Ladies- Forgot

*Forgot this too. Putting Garments (Faja) on and you are draining is not recommended. Stay in your binder. Do NOT rush your body! You will swell, so what, take your time in your binder and when done draining wear garment. I just opened mine for the first time and put on. Also with other procedures if your garment is cutting leg circulation, it's too darn tight. Get a size bigger. - Don't be vain. Wear what is correct. Looks are 10% of this ride. Nothing is worth not listening and being informed or not getting enough detailed info. Ask 1ce and ask again. If it doesn't look right, it's not. Drain holes: H.P. 100 Proof Alc and A&D don't cover it! A&D does that for you. It "seals wetness". Also scar. Do not try to put creams and stuff on it until like week 3-4. If you had staples more so. Be patient. I have a fast healing body. So fast so, all 3 csection cuts were the same line and scar and 3 different Johns Hopkins grad docs, in 3 different states. So this scar is perfect. Dr Bass was shocked when he saw me my exit Am ( I did let him see me lol). Oh also DR Bass is sometimes in Doral too in the early am. If you're there and need him talk to your coordinator. So yeah... That's all I got. - I may come back when I see my boy Fisher in Sept ;) Maybe lol. And NO ONE ASK WHEN BECAUSE NO BUDDIES NEEDED!

Found A Little Sale...

I have a glass scale and didn't want to mark it so I found this online while looking for something else. A scale and a digital measure meter. I normally use my tape I always get from bra shopping. I like this thing. Logs 8 areas so I did it befor going into my garment. -I will mark on my scale my weight weekly and my inches. (Doing that before (my adult life) so now it has to start regular. Since SX I lost 27 1/2 lbs.

Some Of My Other Group Ladies (IG & FB)

As me for the name of my juicer. I have a Omega Nc900hdc. I paid 320 for it some time ago as a promotion. Blender I have a Bigger (gallon glass) Glass Oster I paid like maybe 70 for. Storing fruit is the hard part: Must Use Ball Mason JARS (or any Mason Jar that breaks down in 3 pieces). Don't buy none of that quick fix fake miracle crap. It does not work if you are not physically healthy inside out. I rather one try B12 shots or something (stop 2-3 weeks before surgery if that is you thing) then trying all this junk. I'm seeing a lot of my TT ladies going through it. Everyone is worried about "supplies" and not thinking about what really matters. You must heal INSIDE out or you will NOT heal at all. The same stuff you go buy that people call "pure" you can find in fruits and veggies before hand. I have not put nothing on my scar neither but will only use Vitamin E 56k I.U. Nothing more, nothing less. Also with garments. Your garment (if made by companies like Ann Chery, Salome, Vadette-Vanity's Choice) can be taking to your local seamstress and altered. 2 is plenty then find someone skilled enough to alter it because when you buy them constantly, you might not be buying the correct size because you are in "middle sizes" (especially online)... you can always sew down not up. Go to a real hosiery location or corset maker: NYC = Orchard Corset and see if they can sew the type of garment you have. I can't stretch enough the healing part. Healing is the major part. Don't go on no diets because a C.S. Center tells you, you need to be a certain weight. That is one of the worst things you can possibly do. Working out is natural and perfectly fine but changing eating habits before surgery (TT more so) can cause complications. If you know your body, you know what you can loose a month. Don't be pressed. If that is the case, weight loss should be done 6-8 months prior to SX date. That quick fix junk alters your sleep, which then alters your body's oxygen, which alters your blood count and circulation. If you are warned by your health care professional, listen. If your gym trainer tells you, listen. If you are going off your own knowledge and have very little, hire a DIETITIAN. A doctor can only tell you anatomy. A dietitian mixed with a DRs advice will get you to where you need to be (HEALTHY BEFORE ANY SX). Walk and don't be lazy. I started cleaning my house (no one can do it like you do) 3 days after coming home so a week and 3 days. I walk with my family daily. I am at LA Fitness 4 xs a week. Just ordered a treadmill though Sams so I can work in home a little more. I also have LEG WEIGHTS. My leg weights are helping me tone my legs a tad more (already toned there). So I walk in my weights. (10 LBS X 2). Inside out is key (before SX). For some it's a physical appearance change and some a LIFESTYLE change. It doesn't end with appearance. BBL, MM, and any Lipo, you have to heal the right way. Working backwards only cause complications.
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