Finally Joined and Set the Date for my BBL - New York, NY

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I've been reading everyone's reviews for a while...

I've been reading everyone's reviews for a while now and I have decided that I will have the BBL surgery. I went for a consultation yesterday I my hospital as well as all the staff made me feel very comfortable. They told me that I was in great shape already and did not have much fat to make a huge butt. I was fine with that because I am not looking for a huge donkey booty. I met with my PS, Dr. K, and she told me exactly how she would perform the surgery and where the fat would come from. I was happy because what she said is what I was thinking. I did the blood work the same day and put down a deposit to hold my surgery date. After I came home I found a few other places that would do the surgery for cheaper but when I looked into it I wasn't completely satisfied. I spoke with my man about it and he also felt more comfortable with me using Dr. K even though it was more money. Even though I love a bargain there are certain things that you shouldn't be using a coupon for...and surgery is one of those things.
Anyway...I'm very excited about the surgery especially since I set the date for 2 weeks from now. I had to jump at this opening for the surgery because I have a week off of work at that time and need time to stay home. Dr. K says that I will be ready to go back to work by then even though I have a desk job. She says I can just buy a hemorrhoid cushion and use that. I also have a cruise coming up Nov 14th and it's extremely important that I am fully recovered by then. Dr. K says I will be fully recovered by then since she will be using "tickle" lipo and not the traditional lipo that causes more bruising, swelling and pain. I can't wait! Procedure is 2 weeks away!

Less than 2 weeks left!!!

I've been looking at a lot of pictures online of results that I would like to have. My only question is which pillows or cushions do you guys who have had the surgery already recommend? I want something that will keep me off my new booty. My doctor told me I could use a doughnut cushion but i'm worried that it will still put some pressure on my rear. Any ideas....let me know. I have 3 days off of work before the surgery and a week off after. I will use the 3 days before to gather supplies needed and use the days after to rest. Any advice????
As soon as my boo is ready I'll have him take some before pictures so I can post

Review on Tickle Lipo

Hey guys...just decided to do a little research on Tickle lipo. From what I have read tickle lipo is prefered because:
No general anesthesia required
You can interact with the doctor during the procedure
Many patients experience a tickling sensation vs. discomfort of other systems
It’s an outpatient procedure – leave under your own power
Less bruising
Shorter recovery time
Better quality of fat for banking or use in cosmetic procedures like Brazilian butt lift
Higher quality and volume of stem cells for future use in regenerative procedures


Hey guys, yesterday was my surgery! I wanted to write a review yesterday but went straight to sleep when I got here it goes:
My surgery was scheduled yesterday for 7:30am. I met with my nurse, anesthesiologist and my doctor before the surgery. Everyone was real nice and made me feel comfortable. I went into the operating room and the anesthesiologist came me a drug in my IV that pretty much put me to sleep immediately. I can only remember saying "wow, this stuff works fast". Then the next thing I remember is a nurse waking me up in the recovery room with my garment already on. Everything was pretty groggy and pretty much slept the entire way home in the back seat of my hubby's car. My doctor was great and she called me later on that evening to find out how everything was going. I wasn't in much pain so I didn't take any pain meds but my doctor urged me to so I took a percocet. I was pretty much in and out of sleep the entire night. I got up to pee with hubby's help and then right back to bed. I didn't have much of an appetite so I pretty much had applesauce and water. I woke up this morning, had to pee and then got back in bed. I got a text from my doctor checking in to find out how things were going. I gave her an update and she asked me to send her some pictures. I took the pics and sent it and she said everything looked good. I also texted her a few questions I had and she answered me right away. It felt good knowing that my doctor was very involved. Today was easier to walk around and to use the bathroom. I also figured out how to sit with pillows under my thighs so that my butt does not touch the seat. I haven't need much pain meds (I acutally didn't take any today). To me my butt feels like I just did 300 squats at the gym. So it's more sore, not really painful. I took some before pictures and will be uploading them soon. Just be patient with me...
P.S. I started my period the morning of the surgery. Apparently that does not affect the procedure at all so I slapped in a tampon and they took care of the rest.
I'll have another update tomorrow. Post your questions if you want me to answer anything that I forgot to mention. Thanks.
Manhattan General Surgeon

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