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I'm been stalking these site for two years ????......

I'm been stalking these site for two years ????... I had my consultation with Dr Daniel Del Deviccho and have decided if I go through with the sx he will be my doctor... Can any ladies who went to him share their stories... My fear is complications that's all I'm scared of.... I know the risk is the same as flying or driving but that's the only thing pro longing my date... Besides that no one supports my decision to do it anyway.. So im alone of this Journey


Any del delvecchio customer who had a bbl have pics of the lipo done to stomach... His page only shows the back

Any Ladies Cannot keep date with Salzhauer Plz let me know

Hey I'm Looking for a May or June Date... If any ladies cannot keep their surgery date please let me know

FisherDoll June 2015

Soooo after a year I finally booked with Dr fisher... Dr Salz was my 1st choice but his booked out to dec already... Deciding on hotel or RH mary a nurse I heard great reviews on opens Her RH April 2015 and I love she speaks fluent English a plus,, and really was down to watch informative felt like I knew her for years after one phone convo.. She's 1000 for 5 days but being comfortable after surgery has no price

2 month Away Can u say NERVOUS

Okay so June is right around the corner... I'm going through that is it worth is phase I don't want any complications... Just booked my hotel I'm thinking should I book my massages with Marian now shez so popular I don't want her to be Booked!! I need her after surgery I want that fluid OUT ... Before pics.. My daughter tore my body up lol

What to bring to miami

Ugh i didn't start anything yet... No shopping at all lol.. I was thinking just about 6 maxi dresses some lounge pants and seamless tanks.. Thanks to all you ladies I ordered 2 garments from MarBoston.. ???????? vanity will not get anymore money out if me...

Vanity sucks June 9 cancelled

Fisher won't be in June 9.. I just requested a refund looking for anything doctor im done with vanity

being seeing good bootys for Dr O

After calling vanity and then telling me my date was closed then two dollars later I call they say the doc opened it back up was the worst.. They gave a speech Ooh the doctors can take off when they fill so we never know .. The Brooklyn came out of me Cuz I read them from 0 to 100 and they said I would get a refund a blocked my number .. Lol losers ... Since my massages and everything was booked as ask Mirian the best massage lady i hear in Miami about another doc and she refered DR omulepu... She had a girl who just got a bbl done with him staying with her and offered to have the girl call me... She was so sweet and I can't wait to me Mirian when u get to miami

35 days to go .. Loving the new o dolls projection

I been debating about DR Ompleu because some of the reviews I seen were wide and flat not a bubble butt.. I been gettin more faith I think u have to express what u want.. One girl I think her name is whatamistresswants ask for a Deep V and I like it not as faking looking as a shelf

Liking spectrum better already

I got a call 7 this am from Ruth I guess she the manager confirming my surgery date and making sure I have all the papers for my medical clearance ..... So after being 100% sure I'm on board I booked my hotel the fairfeokd inn suite.. Since I'm staying for a week l wanna be comfortable living room everything

29 Days to Go

Time flew so fast. I didn't buy much but the things I'm using now prior to my surgery.. I started drinking pineapple juice try to do 2 cans a day take iron pills and vitiman c ... Palmers oil to keep my skin good using a month before and after surgery with bio oil ... My pads and gauze im going to but while I'm there since I come in a day early... I don't want to carry to much ... Just sundresses robe and 6 tanks to go under the garment.. I will by a stage 2 garment from mirian when I go to her for massages

Cleared for SX

Did my blood work
Yesterday DR O put is stat and I got cleared today

Jealously and Envy comes with BBL territories

I know I'm venting right now but am I the only one.. You tell your friends and ppl around you that u want to fix yaself and get so Many negative comments.. Ooh u better hope u make it , you crazy for doing this blah blah blah... But deep down inside they wish they had the money and Gutts to do it themselves .. I'm learning that ppl will take especially when I get back and look snatched with a Nice ol booty I just gotta prepare myself for the shade now

15 days away and rethinking this SX

I just was seen from this site that 2 ompleu dolls had a infection.. One were they had to cut and drain her legs... I was reading one girl page and got me to thinking.. Why u rarely see any dolls from other places needing a blood transfusion but at vanity it is so common... Idk what should I do.. I have everything booked and ready... I'm going to call spectrum on Tommorow and let them no I request blood work to be done when I come for my post op visit after surgery... They say blood work is included in the price so I'm going to take advantage of it.. I need to know my hemo that's the most important in determining if you need a transfusion

Feeling a lilttle better 14 days to go

I like that spectrum called me today and yesterday since its gettin closer to my date .. Go over the do and donts and ask if I have any questions.. I asked for my blood work to be done again after.. She informed me they usually don't but if I requested they wood... So I said YESS I want to check my hemo on my list op visit ... Praying everything works out for me 14 days to go .. I started taking iron pills this week also

Another Ompleu doll with an infection

I'm schedule 9 days away and idk what to do im too close to canceling losing a deposit is better than complications after.. It seems like within this last month or two since he been working both clinics in seeing alot of infections and maybe that's because is work load is too much but something it not right

This had been the craziest Journey

My first choice was DR Salz booked until October when I called next Dr Fisher I booked with vanity did some bullshit over we over booked him that day for June he has about 8 surgeries a day.. No way I want to be rushed and just a number so I got a refund went to spectrum with DR Omp.. Now he is at vanity also doing the same thing working all day all night till midnight and giving all these infections... So I'm canceling I'll lose the deposit before I need to be in the hospital... I'm looking into another surgeon like I should have been instead of going cheap I need a place with after care and not just a drive through surgery who I can't get too .. I'll update you ladies after the surgery .. and give a review on the doctor...

Spectrum and vanity

So I decided after long and hard that I'm not going through with the surgery with either of them... I kno my date is 4 days away but I'm requesting a refund due to unprofessional.. I called all day no one called back Vivian said to be on vaca DR Omplu is not board certified nor a plastic surgeon any doctor could perform plastic surgery but that is not his field.. He does so good work but my life is more... Have u wonder y ghuarni works the same office but is double the price Cuz he is double board certified and comes with medical insurance.. I don't no y I tried to cut corners anywho I have the money so no need to be cheap and not find a certified doc that doesn't take on more than they can handle and have good staff and post op care... I'll update you ladies Friday with my results from another clinic

light pick ups

I see a lot of dolls over pack and bring extra things so I just got the basics that I think I would need... Skin wise also bringing my bobby pillow a round back cushion im going to by and try out also

Decided to go with the New Doc Sx 2mar

So i am in Miami and after the infections then I seen a recent bbl done by Dr O and it was okay so I was thinking an Okay ass is not worth the risk thT comes at a higher chance with this rush clients... So I decided to go with a Board Certified two patients a day doc in Miami.. I met him today he was very honest let me kno my stomach will not look good until I do a tummy tuck.. His receptionist ass was awesome she let me feel it and everything that raise my confindence in him.. He said I can do 1 liter per check so that's 1000 cvs a cheek he put a breast implant behind me some me how much volume it would equal too... Pray for me ladies will update

I'm okay

Omg so after all the back and forth with spectrum and vanity I was done... No since in playing cheap with my life.. So I stumble upon Dr Blinski on Instagram he is a very old school Board Certified Doc not many reviews on here but I took my chance.. From day one when I called the staff Jackie everyone was amazing the whole staff gives you there personal email and phone number no 1800 number that spectrum calls from no operator when u fist call live PPl and get this he only does 2 a day he told me I take my time I don't rush and I felt like yes I'm a spoiled Bratt do I need to be catered too...
So first thing they tell you your surgery time when you pay my surgery was 6!am..

I got there waited for about 5 minutes Dr B went over my paper work again ask the questions I took pregnancy test then he drew me up.. Know a lot of PPl say he has a bad attitude I disagree he can he a little aggressive but I'm from brooklyn so it didn't bother me he tells u the TRUTH how your body will look talk about family he a doctor his father was and his other son is a ER doc in nyc he told be i could go bother him lol.... Soon after I met the anesthesia guy so cool too made me feel at ease next I was on the table and sleep in two seconds
I woke up with my garment on in a private recovery room with your own nurse.. She was so nice checked my vitals every 10 minutes I was there in recovery 2 hours after surgery then back to the hotel my cab...!

Now the pain omg it's just stiffness I have no other pain I feel normal no aching just stiff if I try to move you def need help gettin n and out of bed walking anywhere ... My BF waited the whole time just fed ke soup and is the best post op nurse ever I will post pics soon

Post op visit

Recovery is no joke u def need someone with you.. Dr Blinski been wonderful

So far I'm happy and it's just the beginning

I'm super swollen but I'm so happy I decided to ditch spectrum and go with a private practice... Very personal no wait and cares about the patient.. His son is a ER doctor in Ny and he gave me his info in case I need anything when I get back home..I will definitely be Gettin my further Sx with Dr Blinski they make u feel like family..,thanks so much will update again n about a month

Front pics

5 days post

Garment waist trainer ab board and foams on.... Playing around n clothes

9 days post op went out tonight

Took off my garment used a spanx

1 month post

So I'm at one month mark.. Ughh finding clothes for work is annoying.. Next my stomach is still swollen have to do massages I only did one... Already considering a round 2 but I'm going to wait to after sept to see how everything falls.. One hip went down faster than the other.. Every one saying my butt big but to me it's okay

Umm thinking of round 2

So I have days where I love love my booty and days where I feel it could be bigger and lipo to the top of my belly could of been more aggressive... I go visit him in October so ill see by then..when I sit my belly is not flat still bludge. What revision looks like and I'm really considering a boob lift with implants

5 Months PO

IF I look at before and after Im totally happy and feel like it's def worth the pain and money... But know that im here I feel like I need one more round with a tummy tuck and I'll have my dream body

Going for round 2..last one

So I kno its early on but im doing a second round already.... I want my butt bigger and it's already nice so I kno after this I would be completely satisfied... Going with the the Same Doc Dr Blinski over course I feel so comfortable with him

6 months review

So I had some pictures done...

A year out

Stomach still needs a tuck... Comin soon... Booty is still growing lol

Round 2 comin soon... Blinski of course ????????

I had my bbl done in June 2015... it's def worth it it changed my shape overall but I lost weight since and I just want to add a little more.... (I loved the swollen booty) lol

Round 2 June

Def doing a round 2 this will be the final for my butt
Then a Mommy makeover.. a tuck with lift and gel implant 2018
Then she is done ????????
Miami Plastic Surgeon

I had a phone conversation first.. He answered all my questions and he is very confident in his skills and I like that

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