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I have been doing my research and looking into...

I have been doing my research and looking into various PS to do my BBL. When I thought I found the perfect one I later came across Dr. Dan Del Vecchio. I changed to this PS because I was able to see his work and gain insight on his experience in this procedure. I contacted him and had a virtual consultation and sent pictures. At this moment I'm waiting for patient coordinator to contact me with quote and pre op appointment. In the meantime PS wants me to lose 5lbs which seems easy but comes with discipline because I have been gaining more weight lately. I really got more out of his consultation than I did with my original consultation at New Look New Life. I am confident this will go well. I love the fact that he has plenty of before and after pictures and his procedure is not as lengthy as other surgeons. I am looking forward to my small waist and big booty. I will keep you guys updated along the way.

Bbl Quote!

Spoke with the patient coordinator and received my quote for my surgery for $9600. The price includes the surgery, Garment, Facility Fee, Anesthesia Fee and all follow up appointments. I'm so excited and confident that this will go well. I will be putting my deposit, and hoping that I'm given a date sooner rather than later. In the meantime I will be on a strict diet to lose this weight and doing a 30 day ab challenge with my co workers. I just ordered my juicer so I can start my vegetable and fruit smoothies. I am on my game plan ! So until the next update wish you dolls well and will do continue to be in touch :)

Wish Pics

Healthy Start!

One A Days, Iron, Vitamin C &D... Getting my body prepared. I suffer with anemia so I have to be on top of my levels at all times!

Finally got a date. Scheduled for March 21st!

Finally received a date for surgery I'm so excited! Seems far away yet I know as it gets closer my nerves will be a wreck. So I'm going to take this opportunity to get my body prepared. I also found out that with my insurance I can receive 25% off of massage therapy ! I'm excited about that as well. I'm just focusing on my weight loss for now and will continue to keep you dolls updated !

Correction-March 23rd For Surgery

I originally put March 21st but I'm scheduled for March 23rd.

A Booty In The Making

Jus updating you guys as I promised to do. So instead of losing 5lbs I gained 6lbs. I am so annoyed with myself and I have six weeks to pull it together. My nutri bullet finally came and I'm about to open that sucka up and start juicing. I need to be 200lbs at least before I have my sx. I'm confident I can do it I jus have to be disciplined as I love junk food. If you dolls have any suggestions on weight loss tips please share them I'm open to trying ! Until next update wish you dolls well! :)

Green Machine!

Started juicing today! Lots of greens to build up this iron and continue to get my body prepared for Sx!

BBL Pillow

Does anyone have the BBL pillow or know anyone with one? I was thinking about ordering it.

Picture of BBL Pillow.

This is the BBL Pillow it did not load in my last post

Time Approved!

I received my time off request back and my time was approved. I'm so excited everything is coming together. I was worried that I would not have enough time to heal, but no more worries :)


My girlfriend saw me standing and caught a disgusting picture of me from behind. And I told her "you see why I want to get surgery" and that's when all hell broke loose. She was not for it and tried to talk me into not getting it. When I told her about my process so far she expressed that she was more upset at the fact that I was trying to go at it alone. I told her I knew she would react that way so I avoided it. She said I mines well had told her because she didn't kno how I was gonna walk in the house one day with this huge ass how was I going to explain that lol we laughed it off and things mellowed out! Now I have some support through this process I'm so ecstatic! :D

Weight Loss...

So I've came down 4lbs so far! I'm going to keep at it too. I'm juicing, eating small healthy portions and awaiting my Atkins starter kit. I'm feeling good about this and continuing to stalk RS ! 5weeks to go before my big day:) until next time ladies !

Supplies Etc.....

It's time for me to start preparing and buying supplies I need for my sx! Unsure of garments, some people say wait until I get feedback from my surgeon. Some say one with cheeks out others have it in! I hear Dr. D does the cheeks out. Anywho I like to be prepared. A month away from SX and about two weeks from my pre op appointment. Jus praying my iron levels and everything else is good. As for my weight lost I'm 6 pounds less 14 more to go;) until next time dolls !

A Month Away

30 days to go. A bunch of mixed emotions. The time is flying, and I keep looking at my body much more and imagining what the new one will look like.


Can't wait to take bedroom selfies with my flat tummy and snatched waist !


Bust 47
Waist 47
Hips 43
Weight 213.4

More Pre Op And Wish Pics!

Wishing I may I wish I might....

My Obsession!

I am obsessed with following this site and my anticipated surgery. 28 days left and counting. Cant wait yet not anticipating any pain or discomfort and kudos to the strong woman in recovery :)

Paid In Full !

Im paid up completely now. Spoke with Johanna and my pre-op appointment is on March 9th at 10am. Don't know what to expect at this appointment but so looking forward to it. Will continue to keep you guys updated... :)


Just received a call from Johanna and my Sx has been moved a week from the original date. So my new surgery date is March 30th. I have to change my time request in hopes that I can get it. I don't want anymore changes I'm ready for this. Was a lil disappointed but at least it's only a week later. So to look at the positive side of it I get more time to continue to lose weight and be more healthy. Down 10lbs and I'm excited about that. Well until next time dolls :)

Weight Loss Progress...

A few more pics of my weight loss starting to fit my clothes differently I can imagine after Sx :)

Time Approved

Well I was worried that my new time request would not be approved as my office has few staff, but I received my paperwork back and my new time was approved. Not taking much time off because I can't. So I'll be out for 8 days in total. I did inform my director that I was having surgery so if Im not well after 8 days I will bring in my documentation dor sick time. So now it's the waiting game for sx...

A Lil Bit Of This; A Lil Bit Of That

I spoke with Johanna today and my Pre-op is confirmed for Monday @10am. I will definitely be wearing a tampon to take pre op pics because my period is scheduled to come by Friday. I haven't lost any more weight just remaining steady right now. Continuing to take my pills and eat healthy. I stopped by Rite Aid and picked up a few things. Going to purchase a pillow this weekend. Well dolls that's my update. I update again on Pre-op day until next time :)

Facts !

Thisi s definitely my body !

Some More Wish Pics

Here are some more wish pics to take with me to my Pre-Op on Monday. I'm sure Dr.D will go to work on this body :). Aunt flow is supposed to arrive tomorrow. I hate the idea of going to my appointment with it but I don't want any delay in my process. Ready to get things over and done. I will be bak to update you guys on Monday. Don't forget to push your clocks ahead, until next time :)

Pre Op Appointment..

Here waiting for the man of the hour Dr.

It's Really About To Happen....

So my pre-op with DelVecchio went very well. I finally got to meet him in person and was worried about how things would go. He was amazing. Has a great sense of humor wit a few jokes which eased my tension. I felt like it was my surgery day already lol. He answered all of my questions and I was not rushed. He even told me he will do my inner thighs and dig the hell out my abdomen since I will be come back for a tummy tuck; along with my back. I'm so ready now. I have my scripts for antibiotics, percocets and my order for blood work which I'll be having with quest on 3/14. Overall I am confident that he will deliver great results. Three more weeks and I will be transformed. Until next time dolls :)


Went for my labs on Saturday with Quest. Only cost me $15 whoop whoop I thought it would be more. But they expressed my results would be forwarded to Dr.D so I'm just waiting and hoping I'm clear to go for the 30th. I'm Dr.D's second surgery that day. I will continue to keep you posted as my two weeks dwindle down im so anxious now . Until next time; be well !

Labs Back

Received an email from Javonica expressing that they needed my labs back by 3/20. So I contacted Quest and my labs were ready and faxed over. Javonica said she got them and now waiting to see if I'm clear to go. I hope so I have my fingers crossed and I will keep you guys posted:)


Received the email confirming that I am clear to go for surgery! I'm so happy, my health is my biggest concern and to know that I was clear to go I'm even more ready to get this process complete. Hope all is well ! To be continued.......


Took some before pictures in the maxi dress I'm wearing the day of sx. Also going to put my prescriptions in today so I won't have any delay to gettin my medication. I went to two parties last weekend and could not take a drink lol ! I Don't smoke. And still taking all my vitamins and eating my vegetables. Plan to pick up all my food next weekend and clean the house. I'm excited !!!!!!!!!

Garment Crazy

I see so many posts about garment and ppl paying so much for them...
Delvecchio said I can order a simple garment nothing over the top possibly from target or tj maxx. I found this one from bare necessities for just 37.50 and I have another on the way from Leonisa thanks to Denali83... For $30 !


I was wondering how hard is it to climb stairs post op? I live on a third floor walk up and was concerned if I should just camp out at my moms the first few days ... Anybody have the same situation...?

A Bit Of A Scare...

So it's now four days before my surgery and I receive a call from Johanna stating she is sorry for the shirt notice but I would need clearance from my doctor for surgery. I had a WTF moment because I had no idea all I was told was to get my bloodwork. Now I'm screaming callin around trying to get this before Monday. Mind you my doctors office is closed on Saturday and I never even told my doctor I was having surgery because I didn't want her to know. So now I'm ready to cry thinking boy this surgery not meant to be. But God is good and I'm clear to go once again and I know he got me :)


Picked up my scripts today and it only cost me $15.98 to be exact. I was unsure what my insurance would cover but it worked out well. Later heading out for dinner with my family and then tomorrow cleaning and laundry before the big day :)

Can't sleep....

In and out of sleep. Having dreams and thinking about how I'm going to look. I hope I'm making the right decision.

On my way

Well guys I'm in the car and heading to have my surgery. My surgery is scheduled for 10:30am but have to be there by 9am. Have my girlfriend and my mother in tow and my nerves are at 100 lol but I'll be okay I will update you guys as soon as I can. :)

I Made It......

Hey everyone! I want to thank you all for the prayers, comfort and support thru this process. I am home and relaxing, I feel like shit lol. I will update a thorough review and pics when I can finally shower and take off this garment. Dr. D recommended 48 hours. I haven't let you guys down or forgotten you :) !

Surgery Review...

So where do I begin. I arrived at surgicenter by 9:30am. Was supposed to be there at 9:00am but we got caught up in traffic. So my girlfriend, and mom is with me and we wait patiently. I was second got surgery and Dr.D jus finished up with the one before and she went into recovery. I went and got marked up by 10:50ish and my nerves were still calm. I met with anesthesiologist and Nurse Olga who was a sweetie. So by 11:15 it was time for me to be walk over to operating room and baby I was on pins n needles. I jus remember lights and the anesthesiologist saying you are going to begin to feel drowsy. Next I remember waking up in the recovery room and crying. I was so happy I made it out okay. I jus wanted my family. My girlfriend said I was in recovery for 2hrs and had her and my mom nervous. Surgery was only two hours. Dr. D came out wit his phone and showed my mom and girlfriend my picture expressing that I did and looked great :)! He's the best. As for the pain level the first day was a 7/10. The perks kept me nauseous and I hardly could eat. And constantly being on your stomach is a pain in the ass literally lol ! My girlfriend continue to keep me walking often and it helps a lot. Day 2 was more tolerable I stopped taking perks and now taking ibuprofen for pain. I've been peeing a whole lot I guess this is normal. Been using a plastic cup as it catches better. I ate well on Day 2. No bowel movement yet but I'm at Day 3 post op and I will shower today and show some post op pics:) thank you guys again for your support :)

Post Op Day 3

Hey dolls!! Jus want to update you guys. I'm very very stiff and sore in abdomen area. My babe has been a great support to me and helping me thru this process. Taking the garment off killed me earlier today and I tried to poop and only managed to get little out. Urinating a lot and drinkin plenty fluids. No issue with my appetite and I stopped my pain medication. This has def been a process thus far. Haven't taken any pics cuz haven't been in the mood too but that too will subside I'm sure. Jus wanted to update you guys.! :)

Emotional.....Post Op Day 4

Not much has changed except the waterfall added to it. I have regrets at this point and I know plenty people say it gets better but when. I am walking, eating, taking medication and I just can't get this right. I just feel like venting. It's easter weekend and I'm stuck in position with my neck up ! Frustrated right now and hope it gets better and easier:(

A few pics!

More to come I'm coming along slowly

1 Week Post Op Follow Up!

Waiting on Dr. D to have my follow up. So far I'm not in any pain just very stiff still. I plan to discuss massages and other tips on a smoother recovery. I haven't done measurements since surgery but I will soon as I can. I have no complaints and I'm impressed with my body more and more. I cannot wait until my booty softens. I will update again at week 2. Here are some pics.!

2Wks Post Op!

So today makes two weeks post op. I must say this has felt like the longest two weeks ever lol. Overall I am still sore in my abdomen area. I have been faithful in wearing my garments up until this past weekend which I took it off and slept my best sleep since having surgery. I love my new body yet I have to shop because I can't fit my booty into my old pants. I managed to hit up the mall this weekend so I can buy some work clothes because I'm back to work today. I must say week 2 gets better. I plan to do massages soon as I have a lot of fluid in abdomen and back. My stomach is retracting well and I doubt I need a tummy tuck but I won't speak too soon I will just continue to wear my garments and waist clincher as well. The only thing I haven't done was measure myself because I cannot find my tape but I will proceed with that this week. I cannot complain and I am thankful to Dr.D for creating a masterpiece :) I will update u guys again next week.

3Wks Post Op

Well tomorrow will make three weeks post op. This week was much easier than the last. I am very sore on my right abdomen and have hard spots that I've been massaging myself. My stomach is really retracting back well and I'm loving my curves jus my stretch marks have stretched more any tips on what to use to help that. I also am not in love with leftover rolls in my back. I can say I'm experiencing booty greed because I'm feeling like my butt can use more projection even tho my gf says its big enough. Still haven't measured myself I'm bad with that. I did weigh myself and went back down 7 lbs after swelling subsided. I'm not sitting directly on my booty been on my stomach and using bbl pillow. I drove for the first time yesterday with bbl pillow and it was uncomfortable after 15mins into driving. Overall I'm happy 80% but we are our own worst critics I can't stop looking in the mirror at myself.


I kept saying I would and I finally measured myself after three long weeks. I will still update u guys at my month mark on Monday. Yet for now here are my measurements before and after:

Bust 47in
Waist 47in
Butt/Hips 43in
Weight 213.4lbs

Bust: 46in (lost inch in my bust)
Waist: 38in
Butt/Hip: 47in (yay) !
Weight: 217lbs (plan to lose more)

1 Month Post Op!

Well come Monday I will be one month post op! And everyday gets better.!

So... The Good ;bad and ugly!

I love my body/shape and even my forever changing booty lol! I keep telling myself even if I don't keep all of my fat comparing my before and after for this post is what makes me realize it was all worth it ! My measurements are still the same and I'm waist training. The booty is softening slowly. Still stiff in some areas. Haven't had no professional massages but my massages have helped a lot. I see Dr.D for month follow up on May 4th.

The bad!- these stretch marks. I've been putting bio oil now and waiting to see if there is improvement. My private still swells from time to time.

The ugly!- driving sucks! Bbl pillow is a great idea but damn its uncomfortable. I deal with it to a certain extent yet Becuz my hips were done I have a lot of stiffness/soreness on the sides and it hurts after I sit on the bbl pillow too long. Thinkin a month in I wud have this sitting thing down pack but I don't. Still worried I will lose what's left if I do.
I will update again next week yet I'm still on followin everyone. Talk to u guys soon:)

Quick Update!

i jus want to update you guys. I notice A lot of us worry about losing the booty post op. Last week that was my main concern watching it in the mirror and constantly looking to see if I still have it. Well I measured myself five days ago and I was 47inches and today I'm 49inches.! So ladies it can happen don't sweat! My appetite has increased and I think I'm gaining it in my ass. Stomach and waist remain the same. I also weighed myself and seems as tho I'm still losing fluid because today I'm 213.6lbs. So I've lost 4lbs. Soon as I meet wth Dr.D on May 4th I'm focusing on excercising and if I'm clear to begin working out. Nothing extreme just enough to maintain my figure he created :) I don't know what's to come with my ever changing body but I'm here to support others thru this. Feel free to message me or comment.

Change of Post Op

Dr.D is going to Washington how dare he lol my appt for follow 1 month follow up has changed to May 11th instead :/ ! Added a few pics I took at work today...

5 wks Post Op

Nothing has changed since last post! Still measuring the same. I really want to have lymph massages because I have some fluid spots that are beginning to hurt. If anybody kno any lymph massage places in Brooklyn please let me know. I ordered a butt lifting garment from Amazon so my booty won't sag as it softens. I won't be exercising til week 6 and very little. I continue to have booty greed but I have some other goals to accomplish now and a round 2 is not in the budget. So I have to work with what is left for now which I love anyway Becuz I had nothin and my girlfriend loves it too lmao! Other than that dolls I will continue to update along this journey and hope u all are well. Until next time :)

Pics didn't upload

Here are 5 wks post pics

6 Weeks Post Op

Hey all hope all is well. As for me not much has changed my booty still holding on at 47inches. Waist went up an inch but it's because I've been lazy with my waist clincher the past few days. I did order a vedette shaper which I love out of all of them. Found it on amazon for $36. I will update some pics when RS allows me to post them smh. I also missed my follow up on Monday but will reschedule with johanna. And I'm scheduled for my very first professional lymphatic massage tomorrow how fun :/ anyway I will update u guys on how that goes. Want to wish my soon to be vecchio dolls well and everyone else up for sx soon. I also want to say happy healing to those already out. Any questions don't hesitate to ask :)

Booty Angels Delivering Softie Dust

Well I couldn't sit on my desk like this before. The fluffing fairies are slowly approaching..... Poofffff poowwww lol!!!

7 Weeks Post-Op

Well ladies I'm a week shy of the two month mark who would have ever known this would be. Recovery has been a process. There are times when my babe hugs me and I'm like ouch from occasional stiffness and soreness in my abdomen. I've been slacking in garment/waist training. Whenever I begin to swell I sleep in my binder.
I begin exercising today definitely focused on abdomen and keeping the booty tight and lifted. My hips are still sore in certain areas but it's manageable.
My measurements are 37in waist, 47in booty and my tits are still at 46in. I'm happy and content with my results. Jus can't wait to be completely normal again. Thanks Dr.D I have yet to say it to you face to face but soon have another follow up.
I've added another pic with my booty lifter garment which comes all the way up the waist.
Ladies I shall update again in a week. Hope all is well!! Happy healing to some and well wishes to those in the process:)

2 Months P.O

Hey ladies hope all is well! I am officially two months p.o and I feel amazing. Soreness is still there in certain parts of my body (abdomen, left cheek and back) the soreness in my hips are gone so sitting is even more comfy. Yes I said sitting. I sit without pillows but on harder chairs it's a lil throbbing ache on my left cheek. My booty has not gone down still measuring 47inch and its softening up more and more and looking much more shapely. Two weeks ago this wasn't the case and I was greedy for more but today that's diff. I think I can be complete with my look now and I love my new body. I went to the gym and did the elliptical machine on Friday. My swelling in my back is easing up and tightening so I'm feeling better about that. Haven't had another follow up with Dr.D yet which is my fault cuz I missed my appointment. By the way my massage was great it really loosened me up even more I can't complain. Recovery sucks but I can say the end results makes it worth every ounce of pain and discomfort. Today I wore a pencil skirt to work! I own one other one that I only wore once when I had no ass. And I hated how I looked in it. Today I'm wearing one so well and I feel sexier than ever. The ass pokes out my shape shows and I think I may be buying a few more lol ! Ladies enough of me I hope u all are well in whatever stage ur at and I continue to wish the best :*


I was posting every week but had a few inquiries on how I am doing. I am two months and two weeks post. A lot has changed in just two weeks since my last post.
First I sweat like crazy when I'm at the gym which I've never been the type to sweat so I assume it's remaining fluid circulating and finding its way out. which leads me to the second the booty is SOFTER lol ! I can twerk and jiggles when I walk lol. I'm not used to having ass and I'm still covering it up with sweaters don't know how long that will last becuz Summer is here. It's grew another inch as well which I will post my measurements at the end of this post.
Secondly I have no more hard spots and developed a small tiny bean sized pocket of fluid on my right abdomen. I've been massaging it and it's gradually loosening.
My main focus is waist training and keeping this booty from sagging. I also am working on my arms and upper back becuz I still have fat there.
Overall I'm content and happier with my body. I have to learn to stop covering what I can't hide anymore and just sport these good ole curves I've earned lol. Dr.D u the man and by the way I missed yet another follow up johanna gonna kill me but I must make my next one and will keep u guys updated. So here are my measurements and pictures. I continue to wish you all well on this journey and feel free to hit me up with any questions or concerns. Til next month ttyl

Bust: 47in
Waist: 37inch ( yup it's smaller :))
Hips/Butt: 48inch

3 Months PO

Hey ladies it's 3 months post and I can't believe how far I've come thru this recovery. It's been a journey and some! As for any changes I continue to measure myself my measurements are constant. I haven't been consistent with my waist training but my waist is still the same as last month.
One thing that has changed is my ass. It's softening up more and more and my cuff at the bottom is real and it's rounding out. Oh how I am infatuated with ass lol not jus mines but all of yalls too lol .
I have some soreness in my butt still and a lil on my sides but nothing too harsh. I honestly feel so good about my body. I have been going thru other things but as for my surgery I am pleased. I had my mind set on round 2 but like many say u have to wait to see how your body changes and it's true I see so much changes since I came out that surgery. I hope you all are well those post and those pre. I wish u all the best and I promise to update each month up to 6 months PO. Happy 4th of July to u all

4 Months PO

Hey everyone seems like the months are flying.... Especially when your having fun. I can't believe it's been four months already and the healing couldn't get better. I am definitely at 90%. I still have occasional swelling in my lower back and stiffness in my booty at times. My booty is completely soft on one cheek and the other cheek is not as soft but it's getting there. My waist remains the same I haven't been training so it's not going down. My appetite has increased and it causes my butt to increase but in the lower portion so squats have to keep it lifted. I am still experiencing booty greed and want more. My tummy looks great despite these stretch marks I'm trying to make disappear. Overall I'm very happy and feel sexier. I wore a jumpsuit for my birthday in which I've never owned one due to my spongebob old body. Now I'm flawless :). Crop tops, pencil skirts and skinny jeans are now my best friends. I wish all of you the best with healing and those who are in the process it is well worth it . Any questions feel free to hit me up til next time !

After my procedure I am now able to completely rate Dr.Delvecchio in hopes that it help others along their process. From the very beginning I never felt unsure of his knowledge about the procedure. He is very professional, down to earth and patient. And on the day of surgery I trusted him which made this easier to go forth with. I look forward to working with him for aftercare:)

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
4 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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