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I've been stalking real self for a long time now...

I've been stalking real self for a long time now and I've finally made my decision to have it done with Dr. Delvecchio. I've had my consult and he was very nice and very informative. I didn't feel rushed and he answered every question I had. My current measurements are 34-29-47 and I'm 5 feet 4 inches talk and I weigh 154 lbs. Dr Delvecchio told me he can probably get my waist to my goal of 24 inches. He also mentioned that he can add a little fat to my hips to make them more rounded and less straight down. I really hope in the end my measurements can be around 34-24-48. I really just want the cuff under my butt and a tiny waistline to go with it! Lol. Hopefully I'm not asking for too much! I've seen it done and I've even seen pics of a past patient of Dr.D who had a 24 inch waist and 47 inch hips once he finished with her! Can't wait until it's my turn!

"Nervousness setting in"

I still have about 4 months until my surgery, but I'm beginning to get nervous. Part of the reason is because I'm scared about going under anesthesia, but the other part is not knowing what my results would be. I just haven't seen consistant results with Dr. D. Some of his results I LOVE while others are not exactly what i personally am looking for. I was told by a friend that I shouldn't compare because no two bodies are exactly alike so each result varies, but it's hard when you see drs in DR consistantly giving AMAZING results. I guess I'm just thinking and worrying too much. I just wonder, what is it that's being done in DR that gives those results every time?? I just Pray he gives me EXACTLY what I want :/ for $9600, I could've had two separate surgeries in DR if I wanted to! But i feel safe with Dr. D and that's also very important for me.

Why so many round two's?

I've been reading more and more reviews by people who had their surgery with Dr. D and I've noticed a lot of ladies saying they're going for a round two. This worries me a bit because I DONT want a round 2. I still have faith in my doctor, just wondering why at least more than 2 reviews I've read mention that they love their results, but they want a round 2? Are people really as happy with their results as they should be?? I really don't want to have to get a round 2. Praying my results are what I'm looking for. And another thing..what is the type of lipo that gives you the upper thigh gap. The little triangle up top. My boyfriend has been stressing to me that I need to tell my DR to please make sure that's there as well. What is it called? It's kind of a thigh gap, but only up top on the thighs. Forms a perfect little triangle.

It's getting real!!

Things are starting to feel more real now. Got my labs done and I'm cleared, just need to my EKG next week. I spoke to my boss today and was approved for 3 weeks. Now my nerves are setting in. And also a little anxiety. I have no idea which is the best garment to buy and also how many I need. My waist is currently 29 inches. Not sure if I should buy a garment that fits me as I am right now-or if I should get a smaller size since after surgery my waist should be a few inches smaller. Any advice would be appreciated, time is flying and my surgical date will be here quicker than I realize. Yikes!

How soon can I have sex after BBL?

Just wondering, does anyone know how long someone should wait before having sex after a bbl? I have all there questions coming to mind as my day approaches :(

Less than one month away!

So my surgery date is less than a month away and now I'm having lots of thoughts and praying I chose the right doctor. I pray that based on my current measurements he can give me what I'm looking for. But I can't help but worry. I guess I will leave it in Gods hands and and pray for the best.

Which garment should I get?

Hi dolls. I'm confused as to which garment I should buy to change into immediately after surgery. I am about to buy my supplies and I've been hearing so many mixed opinions. I know I will leave the surgical room in one. I also believe I am supposed to change out of that one in 24 hours. Which garment should I change into after that? And for how long should I use that one before changing into a smaller one? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks dolls! :)

I did it! Can I change into my garment by myself?

Hi dolls,

I just had my procedure yesterday. I'm more sore than in pain. I will post some after photos soon and get into details on how everything went later today because I am still feeling tired and barest got any sleep. Question...dr D told me indeed to change out of the garment he gave me in 24 hours. Which means today. I am all alone right now. Does anyone know if it's a good or bad idea to change into my other garment alone? I've read about girls fainting a and getting lightheaded. Any info from vets is appreciated. Thanks dolls! Xo

Review about day of surgery

The morning of my surgery I was super nervous. I arrived at 7:15am as I had been told. I was full of emotions and "what ifs. We're playing through my mind. But I just say Dr.D and his team put me at ease. The anesthesiologist was really nice. He made me feel very relaxed. I went onto the operating table around 8:15am and woke up in recovery by 10:15. Gigi and Olga are amazing nurses. They made sure I was hydrated and comfortable. I couldn't ask for a better team to look after me. Javonica came In to the recovery room too and asked how I was feeling. I felt so relaxed and like I was in safe hands with all of them. I'm currently 4 days post op. I'm very uncomfortable with all of this compression and bruising, but overall I must say my experience is not as bad as I thought it would be. The Percocets help a lot and I've also been taking arnica. I am super swollen so I will post pics once some of my swelling has subsided.

Post op Pic-Day 5

Hi dolls,
I finally felt like snapping a pic today. This tecovery is no joke but every day does get better and better. I am still swollen as it is only day 5 post op. But overall I am loving my results. I had to take this pic to make myself feel a little better because I do have my moments when I feel fat and a mess. Struggling to get up out of bed, barely sleeping, only being able to lay on my stomach, and the fact that I still havent had any bm sometimes get to me and make me wonder when will I finally feel normal again! But today, before my shower I snapped this pic and it did help make me feel a little better. My waist is currently at a 27 and my hips are at 48. This pic here is my current result on the left and my pre-op body on the right. I am loving it so far. Dr. D delivered!

Not Easy! This sucks!

I didn't think recovery would be this difficult. I would read other reviews and on,y see reviews about how much they either loved or hated their results. But I don't recall reading too many reviews about how uncomfortable these garments are or how sleeping is practically non existent. Maybe it's more difficult for. My perspective because I live alone and I have no one to care for me during my recovery. I'm not sure- but here are some cold hard facts. These garments are so uncomfortable. My lower back is killing me and so are my legs. My legs are bruised. My arms are sore from sleeping on them. I've only had one bowel movement in a week. My hair is a wreck and and I'm bored as hell being stuck in bed all of these days. Today Is my first post op and I'm worries out going outside and possibly slipping on all the snow that us out there after the blizzRd that just happened this weekend. I've cried practically every day and I'm not sure if it's just me or these Percocets that's causing some of these emotions. I know sooo many wonen who have gotten thus procedure done-most havingit done out of the US and not one ever told me about how difficult the recovery is. It's like they go and cone back new women looking for the next party to show off their new body. It's not that I'm regretting it, I just am really wishing someone could tell me when it should start to get better because right now it's exactly one week since my surgery and I'm pretty miserable I must say. :(

When will my waist shrink?

Ok so I am currently 13 days post and still pretty swollen. I can feel it in my back and see it in my stomach-specifically my lower stomach area. Right after surgery I weighed myself and I was 35 pounds heavier than I was right before surgery when they weighed me. With that said, I am 13 days post op and still 15 pounds heavier Thani was pre-op. Also, my pre op waist was 29 and as of today it is 29 again. When I came out the hospital my waist was so swollen it was about 38 inches, so yes,it has gone down- ut what I'm hoping your is that 23-24 inch waist. I'm hoping once the swelling goes all the way down then I will see those results. I have read reviews if dr d patients who had 42 inch waists to start and ended up with 33 inch waists. And another dr d patient who was 20 pounds heavier tha. Me pre-op and her final results got her a 24 inch waist. I'm in a d'prada that I got fitted for so I know I am wearing the right compression, I've also gone to get massages. I've gotten 3 so far and having a fourth tomorrow. I bought calendula tea and I've been drinking thT since yesterday too. I mean, I've been doing everything I think I can do. Or maybe I should just be patient and see what happens in the next two weeks? I might be jumping the gun, I am only 13 days post op. Guess I was hoping to see immediate results.

Current Pic

Swelling in my stomach and back still there. :( but this is where I a right now.

6 months post

Just a quick pic. Waist at 26 inches, hips at 48. Still hoping for three inches off the waist. Will begin waist training soon. Gotta say I must be used to it because I was starting to feel like I looked the same pre and post but then when I compare photos I do see the difference. Dr. d contoured the hell out of my hips and waist.

Pics...almost 6 months post

I can't believe I'm almost 6 months post. Feels like yesterday. Here's a quick bathroom selfie I just took. I can tell my butt is still taking form..and I must say I do like it! :)

One year and a half later-BOOTY still there :)

Hey Dolls!

I've really been neglecting my posting-but I'm going to make it a routine to start logging in again! It's been a year and a half since my surgery with Dr.D and my booty is still holding out. It hasn't gone anywhere and I still get compliments all the time. It was worth it in my book. I've also started an Instagram page with surveys tips. Would love for you to follow me-it's called daily_recoverytips. I will be regularly posting tips about recovering and preparing for your surgery based upon what I experienced first hand. Really just a way to help any future dolls that may have some questions. Feel free to ask me anything either here or on IG. Xo
Boston Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Delvecchio id very knowledgable on the bbl procedure. He delivered what I requested. His staff is amazing and made me feel very comfortable during the whole process. He is board certified and a true master.

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