Round 2 BBL in NYC. New York, NY

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Please read my first review on Dr. Deborah Pan in...

Please read my first review on Dr. Deborah Pan in New Haven, CT by clicking on my name. I decided to start a brand new review because all my bew posts on Dr. Del Vecchio were going under my horrible review of Pan. Dr. D deserves his own review where I can rate him appropriately. So, I am 15 days away from super aggressive lipo and a BBL and I am very calm. Not really nervous. Just anxious to wake up and feel a huge butt. After all I have been through in life: birthing 3 children naturally over the course of 13 years, putting myself thru nursing school and now continuing my BSN all while always working full time, I feel I deserve this and I just want to be happy this time.

Here is a price breakdown for those of you who want to know:

-In NYC the BBL is $8500 for cash patients, or, as in my case, $9500 because I am financing
-You will need to fill 2 prescriptions, one antibiotic and one pain reliever
-Dr D provides you with your first garment coming out of surgeriy but you must buy at least one other one
-Some women purchase a boppy pillow to sit on after but to tell you the truth I hated it, there is a new pillow out there called the bbl pillow. It's about $50 plus shipping so I think the total was $76 all together. Let me tell you, this is the best invention ever! It is a hard foam that has grooves for your thighs and when putting it on any chair and sitting on it allows your buttocks to hang off the back freely

So far, those have been my purchases/costs. I will post a picture of the bbl pillow if anyone wants to see it.

2 more days away!!!!


The time has come for me to go through this journey once again. It is Friday, February 06, 2015 and I will be on the OR table in just 2.5 short days. I have to say that I am not even nervous right now. Javonica called today and confirmed my appointment for Monday and I also paid an extra $500 for fat injection to lips. I heard the weather has changed too and snow is no longer expected! Whoo hoo! I feel like this week so many things have been happening that were signs to not do it including losing my cell phone one day, my keys the next day, stomach aches and diarrhea, and 5 inches of snow forecasted for Sunday night/Monday. But I know Dr. Del Vecchio is the best at what he does and I love his results especially the last few on his IG. I got a new phone, got a new car key made, stomach feels better, and I am ready! Recovery is going to be hell with three kids at home but I need this and I want this so bad. I promise to update every single thing as I go. Here is a pic of the old butt today at work.

Twas the night before

Yup I will be on the operating table tomorrow morning. Icey rain is forcasted so I hope it doesn't get canceled. I finally got this faja on and here are my pre booty pix. Update tomorrow! Kisses!!

I'm here!

And they are not here yet

I'm homeeeee

So happy. Update more later. Especially in love with my new lips!!


Hey ladies thanks for all the compliments. Look at this!! Its from doing those little chichos next to the boobs. Its bleeding/ oozing too. But it doesn't hurt! Btw just took a zofran because I started to feel a lil nausea and now i feel ok

Can't sleep

Its 2:22 am and I've been up all night. I just went pee and decided to weigh myself. I have 15 lns of swelling!!! I was 182 yesterday and now I'm 197.5. This is cray!!!


Black n blue still love them tho

Before lips

Some of you have asked me if I had before pix of lips which I thought I did but cant find. So... I pulled a few from my past but I have lipstick on in all of them... Hope u can get the idea. On another note, my post op swelling is still significant with me being 15 lbs heavier than I was on Monday morning before the surgery. Dr D said to drink lots of Gatorade-- I had 8 glasses of water, a cup of juice, two diet sodas, a smoothie, and a gatorade yesterday. No change. It will be my day to shower later on and I am afraid of taking these garments off and getting new one on! Ouch! I cannot get comfy for crap! It's so frustrating I broke down n cried for a min. Laying on your stomach and face does not help this facial edema. Update with pix later when i shower

Recovery sux

So I am 48 hours out and took a shower today. Washed my faja and put it back on. I didnt realize the top part was an extra small -- wow-- cuz im still retaining fluids. Still 196 lbs this morning. I have a pounding headache. I am a little more comfy on the couch today but still very uncomfortable. Here are some pix from the shower and after the shower. Keep in mind im very swollen and am 18 lbs heavier than i was Monday

Day 3

My thigh leaked all night I guess cuz my husband gave me massages. My only real complaint is this f$&@ing headache. I ear my heartbeat pounding in my ear and it wont go away. I have to stay drugged up on the dilaudid and tylenol otherwise i cant deal. Heres some day 3 pix. Ass is so tight

Sooooo happy

Just took another shower and snapped a few pix in some pj pants--- ass is everything i hoped for. Ahhhhh im in love

Lip hole

I have a hole in the side of my mouth at the crease where the fat was injected. Its a big ass hole and its staying open all week. It doesnt help that I eat and brush my teeth but Ive been tryna avoid hitting it. Lips r still huge too. Good thing I am not going back to work for another 10 days. Anyone ever suffer with this lip hole? Im in pain tonight. Ugh

Woke up to pee

And was messing around with pix the purple pants was from in the office right before I had surgery. I see a big difference amd its only day 3. Happy happy

Day 4

Lips change every day
Still sore and uncomf... Feel much better with massage but my husband is over me and not doing it. He went back to work last night and its been a struggle.

Did I mention recovery

SUX... Lol

Super swollen

My lower back is so freaking swollen and numb. Its filled with fluid.

1 week post op

This week has mainly sucked. Let me make something clear--- i love my results. I dont have pain really but am super sore and numb and tender. I have fluid in my lower back that is the worst part and lumps in my upper abdomen that I am hoping are not seromas or hematomas; dont think they are. As you can see in these pix im extra swollen today, my lower back tattoo disappears in the swelling. The doctor Nor his office staff have returned all 5 of my emails-- so i guess i have to call. I was never given a post op appt and im back to work next Monday. I am a nurse and can remove te sutures myself but i need him to see me and tell me i look ok. I finally had a bowel movement today and do feel better with that. Yesterday i was popping narcotics like candy and today i have had none. Looking forward to my husband massaging me tonite. Let me warn all you ladies if you plan on doing this surgery with small children PLEASE get help for at least a week or two. I have 3 kids but my smallest one--the 2 year old-- has been such a pain in the butt. She jumps on me, punches me in the face (by accident) cries, whines, wants to lay on me, really not conducive to recovery. I hope it gets better. Another annoying thing is the way we have to lay -- my arms fall asleep in every single position and i cant take it anymore!!!!!!! Ok rant over

Day 8 post op

Today I left my house for the first time in 8 days. It was hard using the BBL pillow in a car seat. I went grocery shopping. Im home now and took some bruise pictures. I can't wait til the weather gets warm and I can sit on my ass like normal. This is so depressing lol. Btw... Dr D is awesome and gives amazing results but best believe u will not get good aftercare! Be prepared to be on your own after the surg. The next time he is in NYC is a month from my surg date and i Hope my boss will give that day off to me.

Post op s e x

Sooo i wasnt going to but i decided to give it a try. My husband said he felt like i was a different woman and he liked the way it felt lmao. Heres his view

Today is a good day!

I went to bed at 3 am so I got hardly any sleep but OMG i finally woke up feeling great today! No pain, no soreness, good mood!! I got the 2 big kids out for school, made hubby and baby a big breakfast, cleaned the house, did homework, and oh yea i love my butt!!! Ahhhhh!!! Excuse the dirty mirror lol

Good things always come to an end

So my husband went back to work tonight after being home with me for 3 nights. My son got suspended from school. Im starting to feel like crap again and I am sad :(

So I was thinking...

This picture here gets me so pissed. The pic on the left is post op from sept 14...when the doctor i chose told me i had poor quality fat and this was my result..a 250cc transfer. The pic on the right is me now after choosing a way better bbl expert with an 1800cc transfer each cheek. I want to send this pic to her to show her that it wasnt my fat quality b i t c h it was you who sucked. But i dont wanna go back n forth with her ass since she pissed me off recently. What do ya think? Should i let her know she needs to take some classes n step her bbl game up? This is like the number 1 procedure for women nowadays. I cant believe i spent money, lost time off, was under for 3 hrs, went thru serious recovery all for that--- just to have to go thru it all again 5 months later. Thank you Dr Del Vecchio for making my dream come true. And to Dr Pan you f'ng suck!

Lips tonight

They are going down, esp on the left side. I can feel it in my mouth. I loved the look so much maybe I will get fillers in the future that last a lil longer.

Post op day 11

I'm kind of pissed... I feel like for 1800 cc each cheek my butt really looks the same today. I wanted more projection. Instead I look even wider than I did pre op. I agree I do fill out my clothes a little better. Ive been out n about in the car using the bbl pillow trying to stay on my thighs so I hope I am not squishing my butt. I so would do a round 3... Lolol

Update with pix, back to work Tomorrow NOOOOO

I have to admit-- I am a picker. So i been pickin at these sutures. I got most of em out without issues. But here is the left groin which is a terrible location anyway due to sweating and bacteria... I pulled at it last nite but it didnt come out. Oops! Today I pulled back the bandaid and it was clearly infected. I pushed on it and the suture and pus came out. Now it looks nice and clean. No pain no erythema (redness). I emailed Dr D and he told me to leave it open, clean with perixode and cover with bandaid and it will close fine. I was about to rush over to my pcp to get stiched up-- good thing I didnt. Here are pix of both groin wounds and some booty pix i took in my room. I am going back to work tomorrow and I feel like the world is coming to an end. It feels exactly like When I went back after 4 months maternity leave lol. Back to the grind people. Ugh

Pix didn't upload

Dr D is the man!!!

Back to work today and everyone wants to touch my booty. I didnt think my result was that good til I saw my work scrubs pix. All smiles over here.

Pic didnt upload

3 weeks post op

Monday will make 3 weeks post op. Of course I am not 100% happy because For $9500 I wanted a booty like Deelishis, know what I mean? But I am happy after looking at these pix because the booty is more rounded out. At this point I have not been 100% faithful with the garment. I have three and sometimes I just don't feel like washing them. Yesterday I did not wear one to work or to bed. I woke up a couple pounds heavier in swelling. I am still sore all over especially my damn knees they hurt so bad!! My left knee and thigh is completely numb. I havent had any compression on my pits at all so they are very lumpy and sore. I do not sit on my butt at all and dont plan to for awhile--as long as I can. In the car I use the bbl pillow under my thighs and the boppy behind my back. At work I just use the bbl pillow and it is so uncomfortable to keep your back arched all day. Here are some pix taken right now, and a couple before/afters. What are your thoughts?


The top is getting softer. I can bounce it! I cant wait for the summer to show it off. Cant wait for tummy tuck and to add more fat to the middle cheeks if i can.

1 month post op

Tomorrow will make 4 weeks til my surgery. Today I feel real sore and I am still uncomfortable sleeping. My medial knees and lower back still swollen and sore and numb. I go for my post op tomorrow with Dr D in NY and will ask about tummy tuck for next year along with adding a bit more fat if I can ;) here are some comparisons of 2 weeks ago and today, as well as pre op and today

Anyone need garments?

Hey upcoming surgery ladies!! I am going to be getting out of my stage 1 garments. I just bought 2 two weeks ago for $200. We cut the buttcheek holes out. If anyone wants them (3) in total I would love to get rid of them all for $50. I also have a brand new butt lifter panty for $35 never worn I don't want that needs to go too. I have washed the garments in Gain so they are super clean and smell good! No blood or body fluid stains at all. Open crotch. Hooks up both thighs and zippers. Very easy to get on. If anyone is interested DM me and I can send you pix!

Ass fat... Yea I know

Every day comes with different feelings as yesterday I was kinda sorta feelin a certain way BUT today I am feeling myself. Dr D is the KING of this waist!! It's about 29-30 inches and mind you I am 186 lbs!! And its not the girdle its not even tight!!

Just because one update a day is not enough

Here are the garments I am getting rid of. The panties are unworn. Everything else is worn but clean no stains and only a few weeks old.

Couple pix in my phone

Just want to be that review that is totally transparent and keeps ya up to date! Here's a couple pix in my phone...

New garments

Came in mail today. Dr D suggested the website and i bought 3 of these. So cheap! $30. Very comfy!


Last week I wrote a letter to Dr Pan, the surgeon from last year who didn't give me any results (see review 1). Although it has been quite sometime since my last BBL, it has still been weighing on me heavily that I needed to show her that Dr. D gave me the results that I really wanted without an excuse of poor fat quality. I felt so much better after sending it off with pictures of my new result. I came home from work yesterday and look what I got in the mail: mind you--Dr. Pan DID refund me her portion of my fees last year for $4500, but I was still out $3500 for anesthesia and facility fees. I really respect and appreciate her for this.

Just a couple pix from this morning

Why is my butt so long!? Lmao. Thats genetics, not PS. No garment on today as they are all dirty. I have slept in my latex waist trainer x 2 nights and my rolls are dissapearing! I am also including another wish pic fpr next year, I have the shape already now I need more bubble! Found out my Dermatologist does Juvederm today when I went and had 3 moles removed. She says she does her own and it doesn't hurt. So maybe thats up next ! Wont tell my husband tho. He wont be able to tell anyway as I always draw my lips on

Stupid pix didnt upload

Here ya go


I just want to day thank you to all the ladies on here. When I am feeling down abt my body ya always make me feel so good with your kind words. Ya know I post a LOT!!! And I have been wanting to update you ladies for some time now. I want to take some thong pix but believe it or not I own not one thong !!! It is my goal to purchase some sexy lingerie soon and see how I look. I also haven't put on any clothes. I wear scrubs all day and spandex on the weekend so I can't even say how this booty is sittin up in somn tight! More pix to come soon. Here are a couple from work today. Everyone tells me its big enough but my greedy ass wants more projection as you know. I am obsessed with getting my tummy tuck, nose job, and more fat and I want it now!!!!! Unfortunately it won't happen for a long time unless a miracle occurs.

Finally bought some...

Thongs lol. It makes me so sad that i still got all this fat hanging in the front. On a mission to get that done asap!

Just some pix

Pix today

Lips update

Soooo here is the progression of my lip fat transfer. It's all gone now! Sigh : / i loved them for the 2 weeks they lasted. They will be back soon. Trying Juvederm!

Cellulite is back!

My happiness with the cellulite being gone was short lived. I dont know if its cuz i continue to lose volume... But its back on my booty cheeks. Not as bad as before but still. So whenever I get down because I want more volume i start doing picture collages to see how far Ive come. Here are two collages I did this week--the left is before any BBL and the right is now. Big difference from the back, but not from the side. Planning tummy tuck, rhinoplasty, and more fat transfer in Feb/March of next year. Im about to just put the deposit down and make it offish.


Heres some sexier pix. Its all about the angles!! Im starting to feel flat again--but Ive been sick and have lost a little weight.


Had to crop them a lil

DR D got deleted!

Some hating a$$ flagged DR D on IG. He has a new page now. Everyone go follow drdandelvecchio on IG now! Oh yea so I picked a date for my next surgery. Waiting to hear back so I can put my deposit down. Exciteddddd

I wear a long lab coat over this a$$ everyday at work is a photo shoot


That hater from the other day can kiss my a$$. Where did she go, anyway? Thanks ladies for defending me. I love all ya!

So I been buggin outttttt

I swear I just woke up the other day and my butt was gone. I've been depressed about it. Cellulite is all the way back. I wrote Dr D in a panic and he has not responded back yet. I love him, but I wish communication was better. I read something a girl posted on IG the other day that said "your surgeon did not do you a favor. He did you a service. And you paid for it." It's so true. Everyone has their iphones next to them at all times--wether you're busy or not and can take 2 secs out to respond to your customer. I just wanna hear that this will be fixed when I do my TT. Just some reassurance. Here are some pix.

I almost forgot these

One of these pix is a wish compared to me and the other is pre op me vs now


After looking and looking and talking to some other girls, I have decided that maybe traveling is an option for me. Right now I am leaning towards Dr Miami. Trying to convince my husband now. As soon as he says yes, the deposit will be made. For half the NYC price I can get what I finally want. Let's hope I can convince him. Here's to round 3 in MIA?? Lol

Feeling much better

I was so down a few days ago looking at all these perfect body wish pix we all know and love and wondering why I don't look like that post round 2. I was so mad at my doctor lol. I feel so much better today thanks to all the ladies who commented on my pic, telling me I look good and reminding me most of the other women we love had have 2 or 3 rounds. I feel relieved, I think I even got my husband on board should I choose to go to Dr. Miami in February... But I still may give my doctor a chance to make me bigger and I trust him with my life. I think the prices between Dr. Miami and my doc would be the same for TT, rhinoplasty, and more BBL but I would have to travel to MIA vs. Boston (closer to me) and less hassle with 3 kids. I'm gonna relax for now, try not to let it stress me, take care of the health issue I got going on, compare the prices next week and see what's up. I just wanna be happy in my skin once and for all and not have to worry about it anymore. It consumes me at this point and I don't like that. I need my life back! Here are pix from this morning. 3 months post-op.

Just messin around

I am not sure its the Prednisone I am on for the Chron's or what but my mood has been elevated these past few days. Dr D finally wrote me back and I am happy he did. Deposit will be put down this week for the TT/rhino/more BBL with Dr. D for Feb 12. Suc i gotta wait so long but time flies and everything in due time

Love these jeans

Took these last weekend. I like my heart shape in jeans although I cannot wait to do another round and get the fullness I desire

Dont know where the pix went

I've been neglecting realself

Hey ladies, I've been so wrapped up in my surgery instagram that I forget to update here. Enjoy!!

Updated pix

Hey girls
I am going to see Dr D on Monday for a 4 month po visit. I am also doing Restyane lip injections so I will post pictures on Monday


Hi ladies--a lot of you have asked about my faja in the recent pix. I got it from ebay. I am 5'4 and about 180 lbs but very wide in the hips and not too much in the waist. I ordered an XL but the legs were so hard too get on, and the top half under the boobs was way too loose--i wore this faja 2 times then washed and dried it and could not ever get it back on. Nevertheless, it is a good option and much cheaper than the other name brand ones that look exactly the same! Buy bigger and get it tailored!! I havent been consistent with a garment at all and actually stopped wearing one everyday at 7 weeks post op. I am now 4 months post op. The brand of this one is Moldeate and the store name is in the pix.


I saw Dr D today and got my lips done with Juvederm. Good experience. I Was so nervous I took xanax and was sweating like crazy but it was nothing!!! Here are some pix


Lips day 2 were amazingggg. Today I woke up with lumps :(. I have been trying to massage them out but it is not a pleasant feeling. They went down some but I still feel and see them. The swelling has gone down some and I miss the huge lips. What I do know is that I now have a brand new addiction and lips gon be my new thang! I hooe I don't lose anymore lip volume hahahah


I much rather post on IG but for the ladies who don't have it I don't want to leave ya out!!!! Updated pix :) and a vid! Enjoy!

Pix never upload


Dr D created a monster


Realself sux today lol hope u can see the pix now

I don't come on here much

But I thought I would come share a few of my current pix that I put on Insta for those of you who don't follow me there. Looking forward to my next round of surgeries coming up in February.

News & Lips

Hello ladies!! So, my next surgery (tummy tuck, nose job, and a lil more butt) is scheduled for February 11 next year. Due to health issues, and to make a long story short, I am pushing it up to next month. I just have to get the time approved by work. I am really nervous and scared this time around. I am starting to remember all I went thru last time and now times it by 3. Ughhhh. I can't wait to finally have this tummy off and my nose not so pointy. To be able to look in the mirror and say and feel I am pretty. To not have to only buy certain clothes and panties based on how well my pouch hides inside them. To be able to wear high waisted jeans and a crop top without a bulge above my vagina. I want my body and self confidence back. I just want to feel good. And when you look good, you feel good. I will keep you all posted and be ready to have a brand new review from me!! Here we go again!!! Ahhh!!!

On another note, I got my lips done today. NOT by Dr D. If you know me on Insta, you will see who did it. I got 2 cc total between the lips. This Juvederm did not contain lidocaine, so it definitely burned and hurt when it went it. Totaly different experience from the first time. Plus, she injects in the lips, where Dr D did it from the face into the lip. I just woke up from a nap and my lips are swollen and sore. I absolutely love them. Let's just hope everything was 100% legit like I think it was and my lips don't fall off. I felt like I was getting back alley butt shots or something ;) here are some pictures.

Update 5 weeks po tt, rhino, bbl

Every day it just gets better & better. Trust me ladies, recovery will get easier! And when you see your curves it will all be a distant memory. Summer can't come fast enough.

Guess who's back?

Hey ladies, it's everyone's favorite bug booty! I've decided to get back engaged with this site because I realize not everything is on the gram. I do prefer you follow me on there though, if you are able. Stay tuned for more pictures and an update of my journey (another round coming soon!) Yay!!

Dr D is the best. I am so lucky to have gotten in when I did and I am in love with my results. Ask me anything I will answer asap!

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