BBL Long Time Waiting- Will I Finally Look Good? - New York, NY

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Hello RS Sisters! I have been stalking this forum...

Hello RS Sisters! I have been stalking this forum for quite sometime as I'm sure many of you do lol...I first found out about this site back in 2002 when I got my full TT , however the doctor I had it done is not associated in here nor he does BBL...I kept my nice flat stomach for many years along with my nice flat booty lol, but as of a few years back decided to get married and comfortable and guess what got 50% fat back. So I decided that since I have always hated my flat booty, why not transfer some of that unwanted fat to a better place :) I know this procedure is by far even more painful than giving birth for real but if I did once, I can do it again.. To be honest those painful memories of my TT had faded away until I started reading some of these detailed and grueling stories here yiiiiikes. Thanks ladies for keeping it real. However I'm on board and wanna troop it with the Booty Gang Express.

I have a consult scheduled with Dr. Schulman June 11. I live in NY and as much as I see many great results from other PS out of state, the thought of flying back while still healing sounds like torture. Besides after all the great results I'm seeing here if these are all real then Dr. S knows his stuff.. I just have one concern ladies , I've noticed some of his angels are left w rolls on back. Do you feel he is not as aggressive with the back area as many would want him to be? It's where most of my fat lies so I wish he does not take it easy with it or I will not be so happy.. Where else will he get fat from my legs and arms don't have much fat or at least I don't think so but then again I'm 5'4 147 so pretty obvious I have enough fat. I don't want a big booty that everyone will be able to tell from a miles.. I can't think of explaining this story to so many people so Natural is gonna be my wish. I just wanna be happy with my body, not hide even from my own husband because I think he is unhappy to. He has never made me feel unsecure and loves me to pieces but I see how sometimes he goes a little goo goo gaga when he see JLo and Kim but come on they are beautiful. I hate that I'm thinking in such vain way but at 46 it's all about making me happy and I'm gonna go for it.. I just pray all goes well and that I'm happy with my results. I will keep everyone posted with my consult outcome on June 11. Thank you ladies for hearing me out and I hope to hear from you guys soon to keep me motivated and hopeful.


Finally met with the famous Dr. Schulman lol.....he was very pleasant although I felt slightly rushed. Perhaps they need to schedule an hr in between patients since their waiting room only fits about 5 people and this allows anyone with many questions. He did tell me I'm definitely a candidate. I was surprise to hear from him, however that no fat can be taken out of my abdomen since a good part is carried there but apparently the good retainable fat is mostly from my back, flanks and arms.. I can lose my stomach rather easily once I do some good cardio so not worrying so much. I didn't schedule the date but most likely it will be for beginning of Nov. My husband came with me and right there and then I asked him are you sure you ok with me getting a BBL (as he is one paying). My fear is that he becomes unsecured or raging jealous husband because other men attention. I'm already warning him the possibility is there. Not like they don't look at me now. Dr. Schulman said he will transfer all the fat he can possibly get out of me but didn't assure me it's enough to get a Big O Booty even if I wanted one. I hope I don't get booty greedy because I might just be disappointed. I will be happy if I can finally wear clothes and have that nice siloette with just enough lift on my back to look proportionally beautiful.


Hi I'm all set and scheduled for my BBL yiiiikes! First week of Nov....I'm hoping all goes well and be good to go for holidays. One of my main concern is that I currently have back pains especially during the night.. I've been battling with pains forever and no one seems to really diagnose me, so frustrating. I had a full tummy tuck 10 yrs ago and although I was very happy with my results, my chore was weakened by the muscle repair I had. Many times I think this is why my back hurts but then I feel is something medically wrong. I'm tRying to do gluten free to see if I feel a difference but it's so hard to stick with and do.
Ladies if you have had a BBL preferably longer than 3 mos; and had back problems did it make worse??? Have anyone had a full TT and had back issues after???

Thankful for any feedback please

3 Weeks For My BBL (mixed emotions)

3 weeks to my date and most of me is like ignoring the date. I'm going thru some weird emotions like I can't believe I'm going thru w this omg. Some anxiety and nerves lingering. I don't have anything prepared, should I be hauling ass ? What's most important I will need ?

On The Other Side Ladies!!!!

So I'm home squirming and trying to make myself comfy so hard...,haven't even slept because I guess due to being on my stomach every time every time I'm about to fall asleep a gas burp bubble comes up and I feel I'm about to choke omg so annoying and scary. I only ate crackers and an egg and water so far..I have to say all at the surgery room went very smoothly, staff and anesthesiologist were very nice and attentive. Dr. S was great! I'm just now concerned because it really doesn't look that big - granted I know I didn't have that much fat to transfer but I've seen other girls here with about same measurements and I've seen difference. I know is too soon to tell but I pray that my results will be satisfactory if not great. I'm seeing major bruising on my sides right under my pit, wondering would that have happened if I wasn't using my arms to lift myself and move around in bed ?? Will pits pics soon

Does the Percocet cause heartburn???

I decided to take the perk after 2 days because I couldn't take not sleeping but I feel is giving me heartburn. Anyone has this problem??

Toilet Seat Cushion

So I finally had my first Bowel Movement boy how scary!! I had my husband wrap a traveling neck pillow in a wee wee pad with tape, then taped it onto the seat..u squat holding most my weight while I pulled that thong to the side and the rest is history boy what a great feeling !!!

Tomorrow is my first shower and no Medisol!

I tried ordering the medisol on Amazon but the shipping date was end of next week and tomm is my shower :( .. Omg what else can I use? Does anyone know where else they sell this? Pharmacies don't have? I haven't looked

Day 5 post op- Shower Day

So hubby helped me shower and what a task ...our local pharmacy couldn't get us the medisol adhesive remover until end of day and I just couldn't wait. Needless to say hubby couldn't peel that padding off my back for nothing omg I felt as if he would pull my skin with it. I tried dial and that didn't work either. I was afraid to be without my garment for too long because I knew getting back in it would be hell and guess what guys was. I washed garment and threw in to dry and had to put back on damp oh well. I'm back in the sausage casing. Took a peek and pics here goes not sure, hubby says is noticeable we shall see.

Omg These Adhesives!!! WTF

Foams came off but the this sticky glue seems to wanna just hang out here for life omg and can someone say ITCHY !! From the remover ?? Glue? Who the heck knows ? Should I hang out in hot shower for long? All I have to say is wow the price we are paying for beauty is way beyond an understatement to the unknown ! Lol ...trying to stay positive tho and so can't wait till this experience becomes a blur

2 Weeks Update

2 weeks today feeling better but still with stiffness especially in the sleep is still about 3hrs before I have to get up and move around before I can sleep an additional 2-3 hrs. Sleeping on my stomach is still a challenge but I do not want to jeopardize all this sacrifice and pain.. I have definitely gone down about 1 1/2 inches but it's still looking nice , I just hope it doesn't continue to shrink (god please no). The lumpiness on my back is also concerning me feels so weird but I will wait patiently and hope is all part of this process instead of freaking out. I see me doc in 2 more weeks.

12 Weeks Still Sore :( Is this Normal??

Hi everyone been MIA due to recovery and life...I can't say I hate my results because Dr. S did the best he could with amount of fat I had..unfortunately my body didn't adhere to most of the fat grafted but is still way nicer than what I did have or should I say didn't loll...My only concern is that I thought by now I would not be feeling the numbness, tingling and pain I'm suffering with on my back/flank areas; my butt hurts too if I'm sitting on anything hard for longer than 10 mins sleeping face down for 8 weeks was not bad enough..Ladies please share if at 12 weeks one is still feeling this way and when will it get better cause my fear us that this pain will never go away :(
Dr. Schulman

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