Anxious for my BBL 3/25/16. New York, NY

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I chose a surgeon who has an excellent reputation...

I chose a surgeon who has an excellent reputation for fat transfers but I don't see that he's done that many BBLs. Now, I'm worried he may not be skilled enough to give me the results I want. Even worse, I'm almost paid in full. Don't know what to do. Want more projection, shelf, and hips & to snatch this waist!!!

Follow up with Salzberg - original ps

Today I met with my original ps to discuss my concerns and his plan on how we were going to achieve the look I want (going to attach wish pics). I found him to be really honest, upfront, and knowledgable. Most importantly, he mapped out my body and figured out how we could get the most fat transferred to hips and butt plus, my lipo for back and stomach.

I did also reach out to Delvecchio, who was my second choice. His patient coordinator was really nice and I was excited to see his before and after pics but I felt he was too busy. Obviously, he has had awesome results and is well sought after but I felt like I was just waiting around for almost two weeks for a call back and consultation. That was a little scary to me. What if after my surgery I need help and, I have to wait around all day for help. With Salzberg, I already know the kind of patient care I'm getting with both him and his patient coordinator. As someone who suffers from anxiety, this is really important to me. So, I'm going with Salzberg and I'm really excited.

IUD Problems

Getting everything ready for surgery and all of a sudden I have excruciating pain in my abdomen. Go to my gyn and my IUD has been misplaced. I'm less than 4 weeks away from bbl and now I may have to have surgery to remove my IUD. Would hate to have to postpone my bbl again!!! Hoping this gets resolved soon and that I'm healthy enough to keep my 3/25 date!

IUD surgery done. Ready for BBL!!

Surgery for IUD was a nightmare. Really painful. I have heard nothing but horror stories about the IUD lately. I can only speak for myself and say it was the worst experience ever and I don't recommend it at all. The IUD literally moved and got stuck in the bedding of my uterus. That being said, I was nervous the surgery would cause too much bleeding & bring my hemoglobin levels down to the point where I would have to postpone my BBL. So, I stayed on top of my feosol (iron pills) and make me heal pre-op vitamins. This coupled with a good diet had the Drs in shock bc my blood count was normal and I had no more bleeding only 2 days after surgery. The pain was another story but at least I was cleared for my BBL this week! 4 more days and I'm nervous but excited. I have this big fear that I'm going to pay all of this money and come out looking the same; that my body is going to re-absorb all of my fat transfer:( Friday is the big day!


Waiting for my IV. Today's the day. No food or drink since midnight last night and I'm about to die of starvation. Other than that, the doctor and staff have been great. We reviewed the results I'm looking for and he marked me up. Now to pray for the best. May God watch over me.

Post-Op Day 1

Pain is bearable as long as I take my pills. With this garment on I feel like I didn't get anything done. He did 600ccs in each cheek but I feel like I look the same. Right now I feel so sick (throwing up from anesthesia and dizziness). I can't even worry about that right now. I'm going to try to be patient and wait it out. My garment isn't that tight and I'm taking blood builder so I will just hope for the best. Guys, if you knew me, you would know that this is me being the BIGGER person right now bc usually my temper is FIREEEEEEE but I'm choosing to have faith right now. Pics to come soon

Day two

Last night was crazy to say the least. The oxycodone was so strong it literally had me hallucinating at one point. I know this is a strong accusation to make but I'm being completely honest. I saw clowns and crazy things. I called my dr and switched to Tylenol w codeine. My boyfriend was laughing at me but that was too scary. I'm not touching those pills again lol. I always hear about people popping percs on songs, etc but that is something to be taken seriously. I would rather have a little more pain and not deal with the oxycodone.

6 days post op

I really don't know how I feel. The results look almost the same to me as pre-op. The pain, fevers, chills, dizziness, and extreme discomfort is making me regret the surgery, to be honest. Plus, they forgot to do my back flanks so I need to go in for a revision.

Before & After

I made a collage. Thanks for asking for more before pics bc I do see the difference now more. I hope this gets better.

2 weeks post op

I have cried. I have yelled that there is barely any difference. I have driven my dr and my patient coordinator crazy; beyond crazy. As you guys saw, I really felt they did nothing on my back. Well, 2 weeks later most of that turned out to be swelling and my back looks good. Yes, my butt did get a little smaller as the swelling went down but I'm at solid 45. I hope I stay this way!! I still have swelling in my stomach. Self-massage with castor oil has been getting rid of the lumps and every day it looks better. Best part of the day - when nothing fits anymore

2 weeks post op

Quality of work

I'm not sure what to think. Every day I wake up, I'm smaller. I'm following every protocol. Not laying on my back, not sitting, nothing and feel like I'm losing everything. They say the quality of your surgeon's work will determine how much fat survives:( now I don't know what to think about my ps or if I'm just expecting too much. Recovery sucks especially all of the emotions that go with it after you spend so much money - you want everything to be perfect.

Part 2: waist training

Lost 1 1/2 inches in my hips but I'm still not sitting. Drove today, 4 weeks and 1 day out, and I feel pain in my sides smh.

Round 2 - Del Vecchio

I'm meeting with Dr Del Vecchio June 27th. Hoping he's going to be my Round 2 dr. This is my new journey. Saving money for another procedure:( putting on weight for another procedure:( & hopefully this time being way more prepared in terms of the reality of recovery (def need more than 2 or 3 weeks). I'm at 40 30 45 measurements. Want 40 26 48. Yummy

Almost 6 months in

They say true results are after about 4-6 months and I agree. Things have pretty much settled and though I'm getting ready for round 2, I will not complain about round 1. It was a great first step to my desired results.

Update on Drs

Had my appt with Del Vecchio. Thought he was nice, to the point, but too expensive. I was not going to pay another 10k for round 2. Salzburg offered to do round 2 for a fraction of the price but I know he's a breast expert not bbl expert so I'd rather not. Now it's between going to Miami or Cali, Colombia. Will update soon on round 2 prep

Round 2 - prep. Going to Colombia

Need to make this happen asap. Reached out to to drs who have had great results w my family members so I'm excited. Waiting to discuss price/estimate. Will update bc traveling for surgery is complicated. Need my passport and time off from work an kids to recover. One step at a time. Pic of me now getting ready for round 2
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