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Hi ladies, starting my Journey for BBL. 5'4,...

Hi ladies, starting my Journey for BBL. 5'4, 145lbs, 2kids 11yr old, and 21yr old
I did research on all 4 doctors. Dr. Fisher in Miami, Dr Duran (DR), Dr Schulman & Dr. Delvecchio NYC, Dr Alkon (NJ. I decided on Dr Delvecchio, because
1. I can actually see at least 100 photos oh his work. uptownbodycontouring.com
2. He seem very knowledgeable
3. I found no complaints
4 he is 1 hour away as I'm in NJ
5. Dr Schulman looks to be $3000 more
6. I have read to many horror stories on Miami and DR surgeries gone bad, please the recovery houses seem to be a scam.
I want to be close enough to go to my Doctor office if there is any complications. Since its being done at hospital all of my medical records will be on file.

Another pic

My before look...

With clothes

I'm not unhappy with my shape I just want to be her butt and I want to send my waist down

Sorta my wish pic

So, I don't want Huge booty, just a nice size. Doctor said he can get between 1200-1500cc per cheek. But, I was told by my co-ordinator who has had 2 BBL just because she wanted go to bigger, said that I will loose at -200cc's to be expected.

Consultation---via pic and phone call

I sent email to through website on a Friday to www.uptownbodycontouring.com, I also followed up with telephone contact to office and spoke to assistant Peg.
I was informed if I would like to send pictures that I can do that instead. Within 2 hrs receive I Received an email back from Dr Del, stating I may come to office.
I informed him Via email that i sent pictures to Peg, I received a phone call from DR D on Sunday stating he has not received pictures. I resent pic to him while we on phone and
consultation begin. He was very complimenting and said I look great and was a good candidate. He was impressed that I had two children and maintained well.
He stated had must tell me that depending on my body and how I healed I may need a tummy tuck. This is something he tell anyone who comes for procedure and have had children.
I asked a few question about drains, (he does use) huh? Lmyphatic Massage, (he doesnt recommend) huh? He has never use drains and never will. He stated your body will heal itself

Pssst!!!! Im doing massages. LOL

I stated that i dont want Kim K or Nikki M, I just want a nice Ass...He said I will suck you dry, abdominal area, lug handles, back and upper back..
He said he can 1200 cc per cheek. I was all up on is instagram look as 1200 cc, but from what i understand it will go down to about 900-1000cc
I told doctor that I was looking to do in Sept/Qctober. He said his assistant will get back to me with quote and we can go from there, DELVECCHIO WORK IN PHOTO BELOW


So I was expection to be around ($9000) looks like the prices go up about $1000 per year.
My quote was $10,900. uggggg!

MIAMI AND DR about $4k-$6K, Lipo 12 areas plus BBL, addition fee for recovery house, flight and taxi.

New Jersey/ Philadelfia $7k-$9k, result don't look good, they want extra money to lipo you Abdominal, and they have 3-9 pictures on there sites..uhhh NO-ABDOMINAL that's the main area. no pic..NEGATIVE

NYC and Parts of CA $10k-$15k, Location, Location, Location.... at the end of the day you are paying extra for location. However, There were enough pictures and reviews to convince me
that I would get what I paid for and if not, I will standing out side the office like WTF (NYC), fix this shit.....lmao.

Dr operates out of a surgical center in NYC as well

Deposit made, Surgery scheduled HAPPY HOLLOWEE!!!

Dr Del is based in Boston, He done surgery's in NYC on Mondays only.
I spoke with assistant peg, who is also a client of DR D and has a banging instagram with all her surgeries, pre-post.
Deposit required to book is $2000. She stated it use to be $1000, but doctor received to many cancellations week or a day before and still his office still has to pay for facility.
if its not a medical condition preventing you, you may not get your deposit back. hmmmmmm she said just make sure if I need to rescheduled/cancel to let them know at least 10days Prior, she said they will work with you.
The great thing about talking to Peg, is she had THE BBL AND TT and she was able to give me a wealth of information and stated I can text her anytime/.
She gave the store to go to in New Jersey and she stated the are a Columbia store and specialized in pre and post op and they know exactly what you need and when you needed it.

Doctors reviews on Bedside Manner- tip!!!

Ladies I know sometime you girls like to be comforted when you're talking to a doctor about cosmetic surgery. Please remember you're not going to develop a relationship with a cosmetic surgeon. They are as vain as they want to be. The only relationship you need to maintain is with your primary doctor. Your relationship with your cosmetic surgeon is going to last until you get the surgery.

you're never going to hear from the doctors again so try not to get so upset if they dont seem caring enough. I only want to develop business/financial relationship with my cosmetic doctor. When, where, how much, Can you deliver my results. They are not paid to care about you. I see reviews where they said this doctor made them feel good and this doctor made them feel comfortable in their skin. If you were comfortable in your skin you wouldn't be there asking for alterations. their just telling you what you want to hear so you can leave the deposit. so if a doctor says "this is not going to work, that's not going to work and you get your feelings hurt that you don't need cosmetic surgery You need emotional support. I also noticed that most people don't deal with the doctor after they've gotten the quote, that their relationship is with the coordinator, or the nurse. try to remember that and keep it moving. I was already prepared for the doctor to be technical with me. Now if your doctor has a nasty attitude and seemed uninterested in the procedure that he's going to give you then that's a different story. if your doctor's Technical and telling you what he can and cannot do and you need to lose weight or you need to gain weight don't get mad just do what they tell you to do. Honesty is the best policy! Let the doctor results speak for itself! I'm hoping my results come out good...

Finally, made deposit

So today I finally received my email stating that they were through the deposit amount and it also had 7 attachments

Pre-op medical clearacnce, Massages

I'm still scheduled for 10/17 pre-op /final payment and
surgery on 10/31. I was able to find a Massage therapist in New Jersey and spoke to her in depth, she was very familiar with BBL and Massages. I felt very comfortable. She said the massages she give are very Gentle and that she has set up specifically for BBL massages or she will adjust to my needs. She also stated it is essential to have them after procedure no matter what the doctor says. She suggested I wait until post op 1 week before starting the massages. She stated generally you would only need 5-6 massages once a week, but it is based on an individual basis. I have to let you know ladies that the massages in NJ runs between $60 and $150 per session!!!!!
I found a place 9 miles from my home. they are a little expensive, but it close enough to deal with the price. I'm going to book their package deal.
1- 60 min $80
1- 90 min $120
5-60 min $360*******
5-90 min $540
heard that its cheaper in Pennsylvania and New York but those towns are at least and hour away. so with tolls, gas, traffic and have some one drive 50 miles om either direction for me twice a week. Its not worth the trouble.

Medical clearance.
I will be going for that on 10/3. I have been taking iron pills. my last blood test was 15 for the iron, which is good for surgery, but I'm naturally anemic. so I have been taking iron every 4 days to keep levels up.
so I have to get
Physical and History
CBC blood work
Medical clearance letter.
will keep you ladies posted.

Gained 5 lbs,145 to 150lbs

So I gained 5 pounds very slowly. And it all went to my midsection and my thighs I am so tired of carrying this weight around. I'm at the doctor right now just did my EKG my blood work my physical and they're going to fax it over in 4 days and then I'm ready for 10/31

Blood count 11.4, need 12. WTF

So all my blood work and EKG came back great except for my hemoglobin which was 11.4 so I'm on daily iron pills 2 times a day and I'm drinking kale with orange juice smoothie

Blood Builder

So as I stated in previous post blood count is 11.4. I finally received a,call back from Dr Delvecchio. To make a long story short as long as I take the blood builder 3x a day he said I should be good to go for 10/31. Pre-op 10/17. Keep you posted

Massages a must!!!

I'm learning so much before my BBL. I have two massages places near my home. Learning so much from Instagram . Bella_barbies and purebeautycenter

Faja and massaged info!!!!

Pre-op stats
Wt. 147
Ht 5'5
Torso 30"
Waist 34"
Hips 41"
So I went to the Pink room in NJ, I met Maricela, she looked over my paper and measured me for garment. This is what I purchased. 2 leonisa garment, 012807 $40 ea or you can get Spanx to wear the 1st
week to prevent faja burns. Stage 2, D prada faja hook 3 rows, and zipper on side (large). I tried it on with an foam felt good and soft
My surgery is 10/31, my massage start on 11/3, 2-3 time a week for 2 wks, the once a week if I'm healing correctly.
The massage package for me. I'm only getting Lipo of abdomen, flanks and lower back. So my massages are $50 each, or 10 massages + 1 free $400, $35 ea, and she said I can pay 2 payments $200. Yessssss!
So wish me luck.

I'm home and snatched!!

I made home. Will update later this week

One day post op

So changing into leonisa until Thursday, then faja after massage

How I'm feeling

I feel ok, a little stiff so I was awake , plus I had to pee all night. So I walked around the house. Can't wait for massage Thursday

Massage and Faja.

11/1 was a rough day, went for massage on 11/2 I feel better. Going for another massage today. Faja was tough getting on. I was so swollen


My measurements
Waist 34
Butt 41
wt 147


I'm mention to one of the dolls about faja. I'm wearing Dprada. But as soon as I can gonna switch to http://designveronique.com/ or www.contourfajas.com I have to talk to a few dolls to see what they think. My post op followup is 11/14

Freeze you faja

Freeze you faja, I just confirmed a new tip on keeping you faja longer instead of buying a bunch. I saw it on you tube, but I just saw a post on instagram from I doll I'm following @thecabralstallion. See pictures

Passed out in shower

So I have been doing bird baths,for 4 days based on post op instructions. It also stated for your 1st shower have someone with you because u may pass out. I felt perfect walking around, cooking, ect I was like fine. I called my hubby to stand near shower door (walk in shower). On YouTube I saw a video to take Luke warm to cool shower, anything hotter will dilate the vessels and you would swell up. So we standing there. I'm changing the temp if the water and soaping up wash cloth I started wash and started getting very dizzy, very fast, so my hubby grabbed me as I was trying to wash with one hand. The room started spinning, all I felt was superman pick me up and take me to the sofa wet and all. I woke up about 1-2 minutes later. I was,in my stomach and he was washing me up. Girls.. Do not take your 1st shower alone. The new rule is he gets in shower with me. Lol. That's normally reserved for freak'um mode, but every day until I seem ok

Freeze faja confirmation , Faja and board

I had my 3rd massage today and bought a 2nd faja, so I can alternate. It was confirmed to me to freeze faja for few hours and thaw out. When you put it on its nice and tight. You don't have to wash each time you do it. I spoke to Marisol at inthepinkroom.

Massage was great. I had swelling on my lower back. I didn't have triangle board on. I have it on now.

So I will be alternating between 2 faja. On is zip Dprada and on is adjustable Dprada. I have on ab foam and triangle foam I have massage scheduled 3 times a week to start. Drinking calendula tea flowers 2 times a day, arnica gel as needed, water, Gatorade, vitamin. As of right now no faja burns, no lumps.

Day 6

Well here some updated pic. Post op I came home 13lb heavier. 159. As of today I'm am 153. My normal weight is 146. I feel better today. Changing faja. Shower no incident. Alot of bruising

My Instagram delvecchiodoll1969

My Instagram delvecchiodoll1969

8 days post op.

I'm not in alot of pain. I take my tramadol and ibuprofen on time. Swelling has gone down alot. I'm now 151 lbs. Normal wright is 146lbs.


Here is the video on my Instagram page. So far happy with my results. I have to wait at least 3 weeks to see if I'm going to loose volume. I hope not
Instagram: delvecchiodoll1969


Here is the video on my Instagram page. So far happy with my results. I have to wait at least 3 weeks to see if I'm going to loose volume. I hope not
Instagram: delvecchiodoll1969

Massage and new Faja

On my 4th massage and bought dprada faja 11105

11 days post op..I had to try on a thong

So I wanted to get an idea,oh how I may look in thong. I feel great. All of swelling is almost gone. Stomach is a little sore. The main aches are my hips ans back of legs. Very sore. My lower back is always stiff. I get 3 massages a week

Massage #5. 12 days post op

T.L. & Beauty Works
982 Stuyvesant Ave, Union, NJ 07083
Ida & Marysol

Massage #5. 12 days post op

Love this 3x per week, 1 hr sessions.

T.L. & Beauty Works
982 Stuyvesant Ave, Union, NJ 07083
Ida & Marysol

12 days post op

My hubby wanted photo preview until he is able to touch!

Hand massager

In between my massages I use this, when I wake up stiff

2wk follow-up with DrD

Dr D was happy with my results. I told him it went down and he said don't hung up on that. He said I looked great, but asked me to gain about 5lbs. He wants it to plump up a little while it's still settling. I hope I don't loose any more Volume. Here are my side by side comparison

17 days days post op

Well today makes 17 days post op and I feel great! The only sore areas are my lower back which is,very stiff and my sides. My button has,dropped down into a lower position.

I made the chair with hole. This foreverbooty

So I was reviewing realself foreverbooty. She made the chair. I made it and works

Starting 4th week Post op

Sorry ladies, I'm have Instagram page and do instant updates there. We'll my bootie did go down.
41 Hip/button

After surgery
30 w
46 butt
160lbs. Swelling

3wks post op
28" w
43" button

Recovery was tough. Main complaints now is the burning stinging sharp pains all day...skin is sensitive hard tobsleep. I snatched Faja off in middle of night. It's getting better. I was told 1month mark will be better.

Instagram delvecchiodoll1969

You have to have a page marked for surgery. These are private pages. Private community

BBL Stages for me

Getting there!

4 was posted op

Feeling myself

Went to a party. 4-1/2 wk post op

Went to party. I had to dress as catwoman. Had fun. Faja underneath

Whate ever you dp "Get Massages"

Alot of doctors tell yiu to wait for massages. But after speaking with dozens of post BBL, the massages was the best thing I started 2 days after surgery on 11/2. Today was my last. I did 10 massages. I have no lumps at all. I thinj my dovtordid top notch job with lipo skills, and massage took care of the rest.

5 week post op

Taking a break from faja

Washing it. Lol

Faja break


Got some jeans

Size 13. Lol

Updated pic

Updated pic

Pain and discomfort 5wks post op

I'm still in pain/discomfort. The sides of my are sore. I have sharp shooting pains all day but it was worst 2wks ago. Like someone taking a needle and sticking me. My lower back is very stiff like someone is pulling the skin. So I'm stretching. My butt doesnt hurt it's still tender, but soft. It seems like a takes 2-3 months to heal. I spoken to many ladies ans these are the exact issues they are having. Having sex, but he can't bang it or grab cheeks hard. But I'm at the gym. I started shopping for clothes. But it's mainly the stiffness and soreness in lower back. Now I had a great doctor no seroma / hemotoma, lipo burns, where as some ladies are having these issues in addition tovthe regular stiff. I'm not sitting directly on it yet. I use happy boots pillow. With all that being said. I'm glad I did it and love the way I was contoured. This surgery is not for the faint at heart. It takes a level of committed for the best results and tolerance to pain.

For the residual nerve, fire shooting pain

For the residual nerve, fire shooting pain associated with Lipinski. ARNICA and PENETREX was not holding it down, I found aspercreme with Lidocaine from Walmart or Walgreens works better

New faja short..

I don't swell anymore. I'm 5 was. So I picked up this short and waist trainer. Started gym today

Today..5'5 147lbs, 28" waist, 43, hips


Since I refuse to wear a Faja after 2 month..

Since I refuse to wear a Faja after 2 month.. wearing these Faja buttlift..short with waisted trainer

Mr before and after ( 6wks post op)

I'm Happy!

8-1/2 wks post op. Gym bound!

Started gym 2wks ago. Results are gratifying

81/2 wks. No faja

OK ladies everyone heals different, I chucked the Faja after 3 wks, since I wasn't swelling, I was more or less compressing skin and was in more pain. I was informed if you can go without Faja for 24hrs, you probably don't need it. Generally, it can take 3 months or more for swelling to stop.
With that bring said I took my father off I didn't swell all over I have minor swelling in my abdomen and my lower back so I wasn't wearing it just for that. I found other ways to compress my lower back and abdomin.

I was also told to wear faja,for 3 months or more for best shape. Uhhhhh, my doctor achieved the shape I needed. Once the swelling went down it was apparent.

Wear super tight faja will mess up your results. Get a bigger Faja so booty and hips can breath and take waist in. Don't kill your fat.

Wear this also since no faja

I found wear girdles, Spanx hi power short other versions of it. And waist cincher

Happy New Years!

9 was posted op

Pic...9 wks. Post op

9 wks baby!

9 wks...

My follow is 1/9. I feel great no complaints

Slaying at 47yrs old..9 was post op

If you can go to this doctor..please do

More pic

More pic

I'm a Diva, ima ima Diva, Hey!


10 weeks

A little swelling in lower back. I do not wear Faja wear Spanx with qaist trainer

I love we my doctor

Q2 weeks post op!

12 weeks faja free

I just wear waist trainer with and without out spanx

3 months

Ladies don't be afraid of that you gonna burn that booty No major cardio. I'm building definition, core and legs. If you stop at BBL you will get possible back rolls or flabby. Rd2 is not for me

13 wks I stay in the gym

13 wks

Another pic oh using sweet sweat

Using sweet sweat waist trimmer during work out along with gel. AMAZON.

Happy Valentine's day! 14wks

The thighs tho! Dr D. put fat in them on the sides

4 month's post op

No issues. No Faja, no girdle, no pain

5 months no faja, no girdle

34dd+ breast done by Dr alkon NJ (2013) saline
28-1/2 waist
43 in butt/ hip
148 lbs

6 month PO

Still looking good I'm 150, 28" waist, 43" butt. No regrets. No complaints. I don't r any garments girdles. I'm in no pain I'm okay

7 months PO

I don't waist trainer or wear compression. I gained 4 lbs. I'm 150.butt fat s still 43". Thighs nice and thick

More pic all 6 month+ post op

10 months. PO

10 months

10 months P/O

10 months
Dr Delvecchio

My surgery was done at the NY Center. It was a great experience. I had no issues with the process, consultation, preoperative or post operative. When I called Dr December called me back. Peg was responsive to all my questions and we are still in touch while I recover. So far I'm happy with my results. I'm 3wks at the time I did this review.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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