Hi ladies, starting my Journey for BBL. 5'4,...

Hi ladies, starting my Journey for BBL. 5'4, 145lbs, 2kids 11yr old, and 21yr old
I did research on all 4 doctors. Dr. Fisher in Miami, Dr Duran (DR), Dr Schulman & Dr. Delvecchio NYC, Dr Alkon (NJ. I decided on Dr Delvecchio, because
1. I can actually see at least 100 photos oh his work. uptownbodycontouring.com
2. He seem very knowledgeable
3. I found no complaints
4 he is 1 hour away as I'm in NJ
5. Dr Schulman looks to be $3000 more
6. I have read to many horror stories on Miami and DR surgeries gone bad, please the recovery houses seem to be a scam.
I want to be close enough to go to my Doctor office if there is any complications. Since its being done at hospital all of my medical records will be on file.

Another pic

My before look...

With clothes

I'm not unhappy with my shape I just want to be her butt and I want to send my waist down

Sorta my wish pic

So, I don't want Huge booty, just a nice size. Doctor said he can get between 1200-1500cc per cheek. But, I was told by my co-ordinator who has had 2 BBL just because she wanted go to bigger, said that I will loose at -200cc's to be expected.

Consultation---via pic and phone call

I sent email to through website on a Friday to www.uptownbodycontouring.com, I also followed up with telephone contact to office and spoke to assistant Peg.
I was informed if I would like to send pictures that I can do that instead. Within 2 hrs receive I Received an email back from Dr Del, stating I may come to office.
I informed him Via email that i sent pictures to Peg, I received a phone call from DR D on Sunday stating he has not received pictures. I resent pic to him while we on phone and
consultation begin. He was very complimenting and said I look great and was a good candidate. He was impressed that I had two children and maintained well.
He stated had must tell me that depending on my body and how I healed I may need a tummy tuck. This is something he tell anyone who comes for procedure and have had children.
I asked a few question about drains, (he does use) huh? Lmyphatic Massage, (he doesnt recommend) huh? He has never use drains and never will. He stated your body will heal itself

Pssst!!!! Im doing massages. LOL

I stated that i dont want Kim K or Nikki M, I just want a nice Ass...He said I will suck you dry, abdominal area, lug handles, back and upper back..
He said he can 1200 cc per cheek. I was all up on is instagram look as 1200 cc, but from what i understand it will go down to about 900-1000cc
I told doctor that I was looking to do in Sept/Qctober. He said his assistant will get back to me with quote and we can go from there, DELVECCHIO WORK IN PHOTO BELOW


So I was expection to be around ($9000) looks like the prices go up about $1000 per year.
My quote was $10,900. uggggg!

MIAMI AND DR about $4k-$6K, Lipo 12 areas plus BBL, addition fee for recovery house, flight and taxi.

New Jersey/ Philadelfia $7k-$9k, result don't look good, they want extra money to lipo you Abdominal, and they have 3-9 pictures on there sites..uhhh NO-ABDOMINAL that's the main area. no pic..NEGATIVE

NYC and Parts of CA $10k-$15k, Location, Location, Location.... at the end of the day you are paying extra for location. However, There were enough pictures and reviews to convince me
that I would get what I paid for and if not, I will standing out side the office like WTF (NYC), fix this shit.....lmao.

Dr operates out of a surgical center in NYC as well

Deposit made, Surgery scheduled HAPPY HOLLOWEE!!!

Dr Del is based in Boston, He done surgery's in NYC on Mondays only.
I spoke with assistant peg, who is also a client of DR D and has a banging instagram with all her surgeries, pre-post.
Deposit required to book is $2000. She stated it use to be $1000, but doctor received to many cancellations week or a day before and still his office still has to pay for facility.
if its not a medical condition preventing you, you may not get your deposit back. hmmmmmm she said just make sure if I need to rescheduled/cancel to let them know at least 10days Prior, she said they will work with you.
The great thing about talking to Peg, is she had THE BBL AND TT and she was able to give me a wealth of information and stated I can text her anytime/.
She gave the store to go to in New Jersey and she stated the are a Columbia store and specialized in pre and post op and they know exactly what you need and when you needed it.

Doctors reviews on Bedside Manner- tip!!!

Ladies I know sometime you girls like to be comforted when you're talking to a doctor about cosmetic surgery. Please remember you're not going to develop a relationship with a cosmetic surgeon. They are as vain as they want to be. The only relationship you need to maintain is with your primary doctor. Your relationship with your cosmetic surgeon is going to last until you get the surgery.

you're never going to hear from the doctors again so try not to get so upset if they dont seem caring enough. I only want to develop business/financial relationship with my cosmetic doctor. When, where, how much, Can you deliver my results. They are not paid to care about you. I see reviews where they said this doctor made them feel good and this doctor made them feel comfortable in their skin. If you were comfortable in your skin you wouldn't be there asking for alterations. their just telling you what you want to hear so you can leave the deposit. so if a doctor says "this is not going to work, that's not going to work and you get your feelings hurt that you don't need cosmetic surgery You need emotional support. I also noticed that most people don't deal with the doctor after they've gotten the quote, that their relationship is with the coordinator, or the nurse. try to remember that and keep it moving. I was already prepared for the doctor to be technical with me. Now if your doctor has a nasty attitude and seemed uninterested in the procedure that he's going to give you then that's a different story. if your doctor's Technical and telling you what he can and cannot do and you need to lose weight or you need to gain weight don't get mad just do what they tell you to do. Honesty is the best policy! Let the doctor results speak for itself! I'm hoping my results come out good...

Finally, made deposit

So today I finally received my email stating that they were through the deposit amount and it also had 7 attachments

Pre-op medical clearacnce, Massages

I'm still scheduled for 10/17 pre-op /final payment and
surgery on 10/31. I was able to find a Massage therapist in New Jersey and spoke to her in depth, she was very familiar with BBL and Massages. I felt very comfortable. She said the massages she give are very Gentle and that she has set up specifically for BBL massages or she will adjust to my needs. She also stated it is essential to have them after procedure no matter what the doctor says. She suggested I wait until post op 1 week before starting the massages. She stated generally you would only need 5-6 massages once a week, but it is based on an individual basis. I have to let you know ladies that the massages in NJ runs between $60 and $150 per session!!!!!
I found a place 9 miles from my home. they are a little expensive, but it close enough to deal with the price. I'm going to book their package deal.
1- 60 min $80
1- 90 min $120
5-60 min $360*******
5-90 min $540
heard that its cheaper in Pennsylvania and New York but those towns are at least and hour away. so with tolls, gas, traffic and have some one drive 50 miles om either direction for me twice a week. Its not worth the trouble.

Medical clearance.
I will be going for that on 10/3. I have been taking iron pills. my last blood test was 15 for the iron, which is good for surgery, but I'm naturally anemic. so I have been taking iron every 4 days to keep levels up.
so I have to get
Physical and History
CBC blood work
Medical clearance letter.
will keep you ladies posted.

Gained 5 lbs,145 to 150lbs

So I gained 5 pounds very slowly. And it all went to my midsection and my thighs I am so tired of carrying this weight around. I'm at the doctor right now just did my EKG my blood work my physical and they're going to fax it over in 4 days and then I'm ready for 10/31

Blood count 11.4, need 12. WTF

So all my blood work and EKG came back great except for my hemoglobin which was 11.4 so I'm on daily iron pills 2 times a day and I'm drinking kale with orange juice smoothie

Blood Builder

So as I stated in previous post blood count is 11.4. I finally received a,call back from Dr Delvecchio. To make a long story short as long as I take the blood builder 3x a day he said I should be good to go for 10/31. Pre-op 10/17. Keep you posted

Massages a must!!!

I'm learning so much before my BBL. I have two massages places near my home. Learning so much from Instagram . Bella_barbies and purebeautycenter
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