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I just decided to get a bbl fat transfer after...

I just decided to get a bbl fat transfer after discussing it with some other females who are also interested. I narrowed it down to four doctors. Dr Perry. Miami , Dr. Schulman and Dr. Michael Jones in New York or Dr Alkon in New Jersey. I have consultation set with three. I like all their before and after pictures but I guess which ever seemed to be more knowledgable in person will help me make my decision. Another factor is I would like to get it done in late June so I can at least enjoy the summer with my new body. If any one have any thoughts as to who I should go with please feel free to let me know.

First consultation

So i went to dr. Jones in ny. Free consultation my butt. You don't see the doctor first of all I saw a nice young lady can't remember her name I think it was mei. Anyway she took me in a room and asked me what I wanted and I told her bbl with fat transfer with dr jones. She said yes that's his speciality. She then gave me a book with before and after pics the first few I couldn't make out what was the different she had to point out what was what. Then she told me the procedure included the upper and lower abs. Back flanks and upper back. And something else that they tAke from my blood and put it back so I can heal quicker and all of this for $13,000. There was no one there to examine my body and I don't get to see the doctor until I agree to do the procedure and put $500 down and then he will examine me to make sure that everything is good. So you telling I have to put $500 and no one can tell me before if this will work.or So Jones is a no no for me.... I also spoke with Norma from Dr. Perry office to get information on how to get a consultation with Dr. Perry. She was nice so let's see how that goes.

Sooo... I'm going with Dr. Hassan.

Yep going to Miami. My surgery is June 27. So excited not even nervous. I guess when I get on the plane!! But can anyone recommend where I should get massages from? And should I buy my garment before I get there or wait to but it there!??


So here are some pictures of me now. I can't wait to see what my end results. Will be. I'm nervous but not really. I need to fill in those dents. Lol.

Massages... Vanity!!

Can someone please tell me how much are the massages at Vanity?? Thanks.

One more month!!

Im counting down. Just one more month. I can't wait!! went out last night layered up so it will not be a shock when I come out with my new body. I did notice one lady and her butt was just not right. She was tall and It looked so fake like it was on the wrong body. I hope I don't look like that because I'm tall and forget about it if I put on heels it's over. I wanted to ask her but you know how females are. Lol. I'm so ready!!

I'm sick.

Why I'm i sick ?? Ugghhh. I guess it's better now then later. My allergies are making me have asthma symptoms. My pcp tried to give me steroids and then he say I may have to postpone my surgery because it's not good to take steroids and then have surgery. So I'm like why in the hell would you tell me to take them. What the hell. He really doesn't know all I'm doing to have this surgery. Plane tickets, rental and condo. Hello!! Of course they are sitting on my dresser. I also called vanity and they told me don't take them. They were quick with that response. I'm counting down. Oh spoke to a family member who is also not happen about her butt. But she got butt shots which help but I too scared to do that. I rather do it the right way. I told her that I'm going to do it and that I wanted a nice shapely butt. She said your stupid cause I would get a big stupid butt. Lol. I was in tears!!

One week away.

Can't believe it. I'm so excited to get my bbl. leaving Thursday for Miami. I have this weekend to make sure I have everything on my list. Still haven't gotten anything from vanity. Uuugghhh they are too much!! Will call tomorrow to follow up.

So I got the call.....

Ok wasn't nervous until now. Wow.

It's time.....

I'm here at vanity... Waiting to get started. Right now my stomach is killing me because I am so nervous. There a lady next to me who will be getting Breast implants. She nervous too. Well pray for us.

I made it.

So it's been difficult but my boyfriend has been very supportive. Let me start with my consultation with Hasan he was very blunt in telling me that the fat from my stomach would not be good due to the scar tissue I had from my prior surgery. But he will lipo my back and upper n lower. He also removed some of the fat from my hip bone he said it was too high. He said that I would be a challenge. I said but doctor when you reviewed my pics you said I would be a good candidate. He said oh really. Well welcome to Miami. So just so everyone knows he didn't review my pics that I sent in. Well with that said he said he would not charge me for the extra areas.

Date of surgery. I arrived and when I was being prep I was told that I was a boarder line anemic. My numbers was exactly 12.0. Dr. Hasan said wow you are just getting by with the skin of your teeth. My procedure started at 6:47am. I was told that it would last 3 hours. I didn't leave recovery until 5:30pm of course my boyfriend was freaking out. I was not doing good at all in recovery. But I think her name was Marisol. She was there with me even thou she was the only one there helping all the girls. I really felt bad for her but she was my super star. Day 1 & 2 was hard. My temp kept going back and fourth between 99.9 to 100. My throat was killing me and just stopped on day 3. I continued to take all my meds and vitamins. Every one is telling me that my butt is huge but I don't want to resell look. I know I'm still swollen. And my friend came today. So my temp was definitely acting crazy. I'm able to walk around alittle but laying down is my friend. Hopefully it will get better after my massage tomorrow.

It's been 4 days.

I feel much better. I had my first massage yesterday. It was crazy I was draining so much fluids it was like a fountain. I felt bad for the lady it was going all over the place. But I was glad to get it out. I did hurt but I know it had to be done so I took the pain.
It's kind of hard while you are just laying on your stomach and can't do anything. I have been reviewing be reviews on vanity. All I can say is you get what you pay for. I mean there are reason why they are so cheap compare to others. And yes not many ppl on their staff speaks English. From the bronx so I'm use to ppl not speaking English and the little big of Spanish I know helped me. All u can say is they are not the best but I'm just glad that I'm made it to see another day. I pray that everything goes well. I'm not worried about my results all I know is that it would be better than I started. So I'm thankful for that.

Day 5

Feeling much better. I think the massages are helping with my progress off the pain killers. Still just taking antibiotics. I love my results I think it's more realistic now that most off the swelling had gone down. I don't have a huge butt. But it's nice and good for my frame. I have no more love handles or back fat at all. Dr. Hasan definitely knows what he is doing. He told me I would be a challenge. But I think he did a great job.

sorry bad ...

Sorry for the bad English and typos.

The Movement.

So I finally got a movement today. It's was hard but happy my body is trying to get back to normal. It's definitely a roller coaster regarding to pain. But I'm off the pain killers. Yesterday I had my 3rd massage with Blanca and she got fluids out just like the first one. My second massage wasn't with her she had to leave for a emergency. I see her again today hopefully she gets it all out. She is really good. It hurts but it's tolerable. Just taking everything day by day.

Tomorrow will make 1 month

Feeling great.... My stomach still gets hard as a rock and is lumpy. And my sides are still a little swollen. My back has healed. As for my butt after surgery I measure myself 10 days after it's was 43 1/2. Now as of today it's 44. I'm happy with my results. I have some dents but I think that makes it look more natural. If you didn't know me you would think I was born with What Dr. Hasan gave me. I'm back to work and driving I started 3 weeks after surgery. I'm using my boppy pillow for work and driving. Some people have asked did I do anything to my butt and I say I'm just working out. Haha!! The reason why I choose Dr. Hasan was because everyone I saw looked natural. Vanity is not a great place... Yes they are all about the money but they have some great staff like Blanca who did my massages and the lady in the recovery room. Who was clearly over worked. And Dr. Hasan was nice and honest with me about everything. Also I lost 10lbs since the surgery. Which I'm happy with. Oh my waist is 33. Still trying to get it down to about 30. But I don't want my body to look fake. So I'm find for now still wearing my phase 1 garment every minute of the day. I have 3 so I'm able to wash every other day. I haven't been wearing my faja often like I know I should.

3 months.

Tomorrow will officially make three months. I feel great. I still have tightness in the morningsome pain every now and then on my right butt check. But it's seems to just be the process I check it just to make sure nothing is wrong. I stopped wearing my faja at 8 weeks. I just couldn't take it any longer. Wasn't really a good idea. I did gain some weight nothing crazy. It's in my thighs and breast. I guess they compliment my need addition anyway. I did order some shapers because I know I really should be wearing something. I love my shape. It looks so natural. My asset is still the same size. My daughter keeps telling me it's huge. But of course if you are coming from a flat. It's gonna look huge. My stomach still a little lumpy I'm still just massaging it my self and I got a few lumps out. I'm happy and the bf is happy so that's all that matters. And other ppl notice and I just iqnore them. I really haven't told anymore about getting the bbl. most ppl think I just got the lipo and just have been working out. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.
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