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I am scheduled for surgery next Monday the 29th......

I am scheduled for surgery next Monday the 29th... I was really looking into just doing lipo in my abdomen because the last lipo I did 6yrs ago did no meet my expectations.. I was left with Fribosis ( mostly because I did ZERO massages and this is a must) However once I checked out DR Del Vecchio and all of his before and After pictures I fell in love with his work.. He is a exactly what I was looking for here in the USA ( didn't want to travel outside the country) ..so Tomorrow is my preop appointment which means THE day is almost here. During my first consultation he said he can get 1200cc from me which shocked me because one of my fears is not having enough fat! My friends think Im crazy for doing this but I have become very self conscience about my abdomen and side profile.. I think I just need a little more projection..Well everything is ready for next week.. I Have bought so many things.. Purchased the BBL pillow, the Leonisa garment, compression stockings, arnica pills, lipo foams ( recommended by my massage therapist) hanes wife beaters to wear underneath garment, even a juicer( to prepare green juices for inflamation).. I already booked a series of lymphatic drainage massages for after my surgery...Am I missing anything? Well dolls very excited And hoping for amazing results! Lets see what happens tomorrow during preop appointment! Will keep u posted...

Preop appointment... Check ?

Today was my propr appointment and it went very smoothly.. I was literally there for half an hour... When I got there Javonica gave me a whole bunch of forms which explained possible complications and outcomes as well as preop and postop care... So there you have it I literally signed my life away.. :( so scary to see all the things that can go possible wrong.. I pray that everything goes well)...I also pId my remainder balance today..Anyways when Dr D saw me he again assured me he can get the 1200cc however he advised I should try to gain a little bit of weight..the issue with that is that I dont have a huge appetite so here I am stuffing my face with nutrament.. I will tryto have 3 of there per days in addition to my meals...he says since I had lipo before I need a bit of lore fat..i wished he would had told me this before so I could have started earlier but Anyways will try my best to gain as much as I can. He also took my preop pictures which I agreed for him to share in his site since I felt the images I saw in IG were very helpful in making my decison... Oh Javonica also gave me my prescriptions and the surgery will take place in therye, ear & throat hospital..The nerves have started to kick in.. Next Monday probably around this time my surgery would be done.. Javonica advised she will call me on Thursday to give me my surgery time. She said the hospital gives the slots a couple of days before surgery. The next update will be after surgery ladies.. These are measurements preop:
Breast: 37
Waist 31
Hips 41 1/2

Surgery time received! 3 days till surgery!

So today JaVonica sent over my final payment receipt as well as my scheduled time for surgery. I have to be there by 9am but my surgery is at 11am. The hospital nurse called me today to ask me some question.. She was really nice and said she will call me back tomorrow as a reminder.. I'm like trust me I will NOT forget LOL. She said tomorrow she will give me the exact time and how long I will be there after surgery.. She said phase one of recovery is in bed and pain medication will be provided and something to drink. Then second phase is in a recliner and making sure I am able to walk and pee.. Yes and pee.. She said I have to pee before going home. Then I will be able to go home... The nerves have really kicked in today! Only 3 more days to go. I went to supermarket and bought all my ingredients for a green juice. My massage therapist said its good for inflamation and healing! I also decided to take my BBL pillow for a ride today to work.. Mind you I drive over an hour to work. The pillow was ok for the first 30 mins but then it got a little unconfortable. I wanted to try it to know what to expect after surgery. Well dolls the day is almost here and my nerves are up10 notches! Will keep you posted!

2 more days till!

Just wanted to add some before pictures in one one my jeans :)

Day 1-Post op pictures!! Couldn't be happier! :D

Hi dolls! So I'm official a Dr Del Vecchio doll... Dolls he is amazing!!! Loving my results! I know I am swollen but I can tell I will have great results once it goes down! I feel like crap right now but not horrible.. Pain is not that bad just took my first percoset and antibiotic.. I'm drinking coconut water right now which has electrolytes and crackers. Dolls will update tomorrow.. Feeling tired but wanted to make sure you saw my initial results.. Originally he said he could fet 1200cc and he was able to get 1500cc!! Happy happy! He texted me the pictures and reminded me to take off the garment tomorrow morning. Glad I chose him for this procedure! Ladies I highly recommend him.

Day 2 post op

Dolls I want to start by saying this is not an easy journey.. Laying on your chest all day is not fun. Last night I had a hard time sleeping . At one point I took off all my pillows and felt better but then when I woke up my neck was hurting.. My dad has been staying with me and has been huge help.. Make sure someone stays with you for a couple of days... I am having a hard time getting in and out of bedso my dad has been instrumental in helping me there and taking care of my kids .. So ladies I put up some pictures .. I am sooooo swollen.. My legs are huge... I will start my lemphatic massages tomorrow to start draining the water.. Dr D does not use drains by the way so I think is a good idea to start your massages earlier.. Check out my certified massage therapist her instagram is @rejuvefaceandbody her team is amazing and will help thru post op recovery.. Anyway check out the pics.. Cant wait to see final results.. My booty is still huge!! I hope it goes down seriously lol

Day 3 post op

Dolls I am feeling a little better today.. I can get up without feeling dizziness or sick. I took my first shower today.. The doctor says you need to wait 48hrs before showerind.. My arms are still so sore.. Since I use my arms to move around they have become very tender..today I am feeling a little normals and my butt is very hard.. Ladies the hardest part if sleeping OMGEEE last night I was able to sleep a little better too.. But that first night was horrible.. Getting ready to go and get my first massage.. Im glad I ledt it for day 3 becuae yesterday I wouldnt be able to make it. My legs are less swollen too! Yesterday I couldnt even see my knees.. Will continue to keep you guys updated!

Day 4 post

I am feelig a little better today as I said before everyday is a little better. Getting ready for round two of massages.. The massage drained so much liquid from my back which was insane! The massage was a little painful but I felt relieved afterwards.. Sleeping is the worst still.. I still have not found my confort spot so its annoying. I ordered a lawn chair and is sitting in the post office! My hubby is going to pick it up today.. I need to start facing forward I am tired of laying on my stomach.. So dolls get ready to be annoyed by spending so much time on ur belly.. Get mentally prepared.. Anyways ladies I have been drinking lots of green juice ( cucumber, celery, granny apples and a little pineapple) this helps with inflamation and makes you pee like crazy.. I have also been drinking coconut water and smartwater which has electrolytes.. I am posting some pics from today day 4.

Massage therapist information

Hey dolls.. This is the place I am currently doing my massages! This place is amazing and the girls there will help you with your post op recovery.. Lymphatic massages are good for post surgery because they prevent fribrosis.. My last lipo 6 yrs ago I failed to do massages and as a result I got a lumpy stomach... I didn't know they were necessary..anyways this the business contact info. The instagram page is very informative so if you have instagram check them out.

Day 6 post op

Dolls today has been a rough day. I have beem unable to do #2 since surgery day. I tried going last night and I did a little tiny bit, then this morning Intold myself I was going to try again. When I woke up I was feeling good so I Was happy about that. I tried to go before showering so I brought my BBL pillow with me which was tremendous help. So, I tried so hard that I was able to do more but I hurt my back trying and got really light headed and almost fainted in the bathroom. I was supposed to get my 4th massage today but I had to cancel it because I was having difficulties walking. :( ..just when i thought things were getting better I feel like I am moving backwards. I have been laying in bed all day with pain in my lower back..i really hope this goes away soon! I measured my booty today and it look like it has not lost any volume yet.. I am measuring 44 inches. Prior to surgery I was 41 1/2. I managed to take a pic while laying in bed.

Day 7

DollsI am still having back pains.. So annoying if it wasnt because of that I would had been feeling much better.. I bought Doan's tablets and I am starting to feel better... Tomorrow isnmy post op appoitnent with Dr D and I hope I am able to walk out of my house with bo issues.. I need to be better by tomorrow. I managed to take some pictures earlier today..i feel like i am swollen in my lower back but The booty is still popping lol.

Day 9

Well dolls I am

Day 9- updated

Hey dolls sorry my last update did not go thru. It posted right when I had started typing! Smh!
Anyways I am feeling much better today! I would say 70% my old self. I still feeling like I am swollen not by much but still some specially on my lower back area. I went for my fourth post op massage today and it felt so good. I did a post op healing wrap and OMGEEE it felt so good! It helps with the bruising and the pain. I can tell you I was feeling less stiff when I left the place. Something to consider! I have some before and after of the healing wrap. My pics were posted in her IG page. I also added some pictures I took today before I left to get my healing on....oh! I got the lawn chair but dolls I don't know if My hubby did it wrong but i dont find the chair comfortable!! :( everytime I get on it my back hurts.. So I have been using it very minimal..during my massages another girl saw me and told me she loved my results.. :) happy girl! Well dolls will continue to keep you posted!!

Day 10- my jeans don't fit!

Ladies my jeans don't fit me!!! One two pairs fit me!! I will wait until all the swelling goes gown to try again...some of them will not even go over my hip.. Not totally disappointed but now I will have to buy more lol.. Oh well!! Oh one more things ladies don't get the lawn chair. I sat on mine yesterday and my massage therapist said she saw a small dent accross my lower back and some liquid and fat had moved up!! I freaked out! I was feeling really stiff on my lower back and it was because of this..While i was sitting on it yesterday i felt pressure on my lower back where we made the cut for the hole.. I should have known better...but luckily she caught it on time..ok ladies here are some pics from today!!

Bruising and swelling is better!

Dolls everyday is a progress. The brusing is looking oking much better.. I just have a little bit left on my legs,but most of my upper body and butt is gone. I still have a stiff lower back and numbness there... My massage therapist had been massaging that area extra as well as my belly.. My back feels like a rock so freaking stiff... I will be going to my 7th massage tomorrow And I cant wait..i feel so good after the massages...It doesnt hurt as much anymore luckily. I feel like the swelling jn my booty is going down which is making the volume come down.. I mean I knew it would not stay how it was.. I have measured my hips and according to the measuring tape is still the same dimensions... I went from a 31 waist to a 27 And my waist is still swollen so I figure it will go down a little bit more and my hips went from 41 1/2 to 44 and it still at 44... My boobs remain the same at 37... I went ahead and order a new garment yesterday I feel like the one I have is already fitting me lose from my belly .. The new one is also from Leonisa but is the one that goea below your knee.. I wish I would had seen this one before... But I bought this one a size smaller. The leonisa garment reference # is 012727 and is only $40... I would recommend this one for those who are getting their thighs lipo since is below the knees.. Well ladies I posted some pics of the progress and the new garment.

Pictures of day 12

Sorry ladies it didnt upload on previous post

Stage 2 garment

Dolls my massage therapist advised it was time to change to a stage 2 garment.. Since i bought a package i received $50 off the garment..I def needed more compression because I was feeling as my stomach kept feeling swollen around my waist line and my back was stiff and hard. Today's massage felt great because she was focusing in all my swollen parts in my belly and lower back...this garment is super tight but I feel relieve in my lower back already... Anyways I finished my 7th massage today and feeling happy with my results! Here are some pics! My waist looks tiny!!

Garment info

Model # 9182
My garment is a size small.. The bag it was in was marked Medium by error. Even though I wished it was medium.. i would recommended getting a bigger size and getting it tailored if needed.

Day 21- looking good

Hey Dolls! Can't believe it has been 21 days already after surgery!! Time flies! Well A couple of things happened.. I went back to work and im already going on my 10th massage...geesh first week at work was no joke.. I drive 1hr 15 min each way so thats a challenge on its own.. I havd been using the bobby pillow and a smaller pillow on my back for support and that has been working out beautifully.. At work i have been using the bbl pillow and I also have a back support pillow I have akways used in the office so that has been working out... I do feel if i am seating for too long my thighs get really tight so when i get up I have to massage them a little bit because it bothers me... Advise for those of you getting thigh lipo make sure u get those areas massaged.. My thighs had a couple of bumps which have been massaged constantly during my sessions.. If it wasnt because of massage those areas would look worst.. They use ultrasound machines and manual massages to break those bumps.. So make sure dolls u get the donor areas massaged to avoid fribrosis! I have also been massaging myself at home. I watched some youtube videos on how to do at home..my butt measurements gave remain at 43 inches for the past 2 weeks.. My first week it was at 44 but it was because of swelling..I also lost like 3lbs after surgery and it was not kn purpose because I have been eating lol.. My waitbis currently at 27 1/2 amd before surgery I was 31inch.. My waist will get smaller because I still have swellng in that area.. But I am very satisfied with my results so fat.. Perhaps it will stay at 43 inches. :)

One month post op!! Loving it!

Ok ladies.. I can't believe it's been a month already! Times fly when you are having fun (said no one ever lol) God knows this recovery is not easy but is so worth it!! So I am still at 43 inches in my hips.. Its been consistent for the past 3 weeks or so..i hope it stays this size because its just perfect!! It has started to softened but one is softer than the other right now..my swelling has been reduced significantly but some of my body parts are still numb.. Especially my lower back and one of my abdomen sides.. My lower back and inner thighs felt really tight but in the past couple of days it has started to losen up.. I havent stopped using the bbl pillow at work and the bobby pillow for my drive.. I feel kind of guilty sitting straight on my booty so I am going to try to avoid the direct sitting as much as I can. I purchased a new garment and I absolutely love it!! Is from the brand "fajate" and I got it in google for $60 super fast shipping.. I attached pics of the seller and the garment style... It makes my butt and waist look amazing with clothes on and u cant tell u have a garment because is soft....The other garment I have makes my butt look weird lol and u can tell you have it on....i bought this one in medium because I didnt want the thighs to be too tight. It already fits in the last clip so I have to take it to get tailored..but anyways feeling happy with my result.. Everyone that sees me loves it and asks me who the doctor is.. He seriously did an amazing job.. Crossing fingers the fat stays there!! Lol

Garment free pics-one month post op

Ok so today I feel like a little rebel.. Decided not to wear my garment to sleep.. I have wore it religiously and only removing it for showers and massages.. I need a breather.. So while i did this I also took some pics.. So here you go.. I still have numbness in my lower back and parts of my belly.. So annoying!

Almost 6 weeks!

Hey dolls! I will have 6 weeks on Monday already! I feel real good ... I have started to sit directly on my butt.. Im still using bbl pillow at work. I'm afraid since I sit at work for so many hours its going to get flat lol...i like of of my butt sides better than the other.. I think one is fuller but then i take pic and u cant tell... The booty had started to jiggle and feeling more natural.. The stiffness i had in my back is gone thanks goodness.. The bumps i had in my inner thighs Are gone..I still feel swelling in my lower back and on one side of my waist..but will give it time to heal.. Its still too soon lol..my butt feels fluffier I dont know if its because is not as hard as before but it feels bigger...!

In love with my results! Thank you Dr Delvecchio!!

Dolls I am absolutely loving my results!! My bootie looks amazing!! I mean everything is not at 100% yet but almost there! I still have a little numbness in my lower back and feel a burning sensation and tighness in my abdomen sometimes.. But other than that everything is good..uploaded pictures I took just now at almost 7 weeks post op .. I am still sitting in my bbl pillow at work.. Its funny because I tried to stop using it and I felt unconfortable without it so I have been using it at work all the time lol.. In my car I still use the bobby pillow too.. Not sure if the continuation of avoiding the direct contact on my bootie has helped to get better resulst but I love it! I hope it stays this size!

2 months

Dolls its been two months already! Feeling so much better.. Just came back from a cruise yesterday and let me tell you I had people at the beach asking me about my body and people on my FB page asking me what I did.. Here are a couple of pics.. I am very happy with my results but I do feel like one cheek is a tad bigger than the other.. U cant really see it but I notice it.. I do not want to go thru this surgery again because of recovery time so I will leave as is.. Check it out me know what u guys think...

3 months post op

Hey dolls.. Cant believe it has been 3 months already! Geesh! It felt like it was just the other day. Well ladies I feel like my self again. There are times when I get a slight burning sensation in my abdomen not painful though. I feel this has to do with ghe lipo but other than that I feel great.. I am back to being myself.. I still use the BBL pillow at work but it already feels confortable so it doesnt bother me.. I want to start exercising soon to keep my booty toned lol.. Its has gotten fluffly and it gigles lol.. I still get compliments in the street and believe it or not is mostly from other girls.. A girl stopped me at the super market and asked me if it was all mine and if I can give her some .. Im like what? Lol but girls is seriously not that big.. I keep looking at the mirror to make sure is still there.. I do love the bump I have now from my lower back to my butt.. Is nice and round! Girls when doing this procedure be prepared with realistic expextations.. The first one is your butt will not remain the size you have right after surgery.. The first days is swollen and has water in addition to the fat that was injected.. Just make sure you get enough fat injected so that when it comes down you still have nice results.. Im very happy with mine.. I wish it was a tad bigger but I didnt have too much fat to grab from in the first place.. The second thing to keep in mine is that is a slow recovery and if you want the best results you have to follow the doctors instruction and not sit for as long as you can...also know alot of fat can be reabsorbed .. I know we are all spending to much money in getting this procedure done but know the fat can go away..i am hoping mine stays as is. They said after 2 months what you have are your final resuts.. Ladies I am having a little too much fun shopping.. The dresses look amazing but having difficulties buying pants so expect that to happen lol.. I have posted some pictures i took yesterday and today let me know what you guus think.. I am still at 43 inches at my hips so I guess thats good!

4 months post op

Hi Dolls its been 4 months already and I can tell you I feel like myself again! My bootie has taken a better shape and it has definitely fluffed.. I want to work out but I am afraid the fat will go away lol so I will hold off for now.. I am very very happy with my results! Dr D is the man! I added some pictures I took this week.
Boston Plastic Surgeon

When I first Dr Delvecchio he was friendly and straight to the point.. Explained to me the procedure and the required time off from work.. I work in an office en environment and sit for many hours which was a concern for him as well as for me.. He gave me tips on what to do but I absolutely needed to take at least 2 weeks off. Javonica the patient coordinator was very nice and worked with me to get all my medical forms and letter from work ready for surgery.

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