30 Year Old Mother of 1 Ready to Take the BBL Leap!

Hey my beautiful RS ladies! I'm not going to get...

Hey my beautiful RS ladies!

I'm not going to get into my whole life story, so short version is I was slim, gained weight, got lipo, had a baby and gained more weight! So now I'm ready to change my life and get snatched. I have been doing some research and when I say research I mean reading some of you ladies awesome reviews and following some plastic surgeon's ig pages. But, now I want to get serious and start this journey. I have so many questions and I don't even know where to begin! What I'm looking to get is a BBL, lipo in my thighs, arms, and flanks....now I haven't decided if I should get lipo in my stomach or just go balls to the wall and get a tummy tuck. My 2 concerns with both options is 1. I've had lipo in my stomach and the fat can definitely come back 2. I'm afraid of the TT scar, I've seen some pretty nasty scars even years after the surgery. But the biggest question I have for everything is whether to go to an overseas doctor (DR or Colombia) or not to risk it and just find a doctor in Miami. I was hoping to have this surgery early next year so I know I need to get it together! Any insight, tips, ideas, questions, or recommendations from you lovely ladies would be so greatly appreciated!! Thanks Dolls!
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