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Hey everyone :) I'm scheduled for BBL with Dr. D...

Hey everyone :)

I'm scheduled for BBL with Dr. D in a little over 2 weeks! I'm super excited and nervous all at the same time. I've been trying to gather all my supplies little by little so I don't rush at the last second. I had my labs and ekg done last week and I pay my balance this Monday.

I figured I'd document the procedure and everything after on here.

The only thing I'm still very much confused about are the garments!

I ordered a Veronique in XL, tried it on and it's very snug. But JaVonica told me that I only needed a Leonisa garment or a target Assets garment. I'm wondering if I should return the Veronique (very expensive) and try out the spanx type garments she recommended.

Any advice from the vets out there? Which garments did you love the most?

I read that Dr. Sej has his girls wear a steel bone corset after 2 weeks with the Veronique. Thoughts?

Final payments made!

Called the office today and paid off my balance! This thing just became real! Ordered what i thought i might need after reading tons of reviews on here. Heres what i have so far:

Arnica gel
lipo foams
ab board
stool softeners
thigh high compression stockings (30-40)
female urinal
arm compression garment (getting arm lipo too)
lymphatic drainage drops

anything else I'm missing?

Adding some pre op pictures


So I forgot to ask dr. D this question at my pre op. Hoping you ladies can help. How can I prevent fat necrosis? And how soon after the bbl can I tell that I have it (God willing I don't)? I've read every single bbl review of dr. D's and I don't see any case where he's had complications which is very reassuring.

Thanks ladies!

1 week to go!!

My surgery is next Monday! The snow storm delayed delivery of a lot of my packages with supplies so I'm anxiously waiting for them to arrive before then. Debating whether or not I should order a back triangle or if I should make one myself somehow.

Any of you ladies have instructions on how to make a diy back triangle?

6 days left

I scheduled my first massage for 3 days post op. So February 4th.

I'm waiting on all of my packages to get here. The blizzard we had over the weekend really delayed shipping. I'm hoping everything will arrive by the surgery date. Only thing left to get is the coconut water and soft foods for the recovery. It's quickly approaching!

2 more days and I'll be delvecchiofied!

Oh my god ladies! Surgery is on Monday! This whole thing seems so surreal. I can't believe I'm going through with this, but I know that I'll be so much more happy and self confident after I've recovered.

My last package came today so I think I'm all set for post op. I'll update next when I'm on my way to surgery!!

Today is the day

On my way to the city for surgery. I'm the first case today so JaVonica told me I should be out from surgery by 10-11. Wish me luck ladies!

I took preop measurements, I'll post those when I get home.

Hello from the other side

I finally have an ass and some matching hips to go with it! This pain is no joke tho; feels like I'm lugging around bricks on my ankles when I walk. Getting in and out of bed is a 10 minute ordeal.

Idk if this happened to anyone else but after taking a few steps I get out of breath and my heart rate goes thru the roof.

It took me a lot longer than normal to wake up from anesthesia yesterday, almost fainted twice when going to the bathroom...

I'll post standing up pictures and pre and post measurements a little later

Postop day one

OK as promised here is a more detailed review of surgery. I just changed into my stage to garment and let me tell you it was the most painful thing I've ever been through. I don't know how I'm going to be able to change garments every day. My mother has been very supportive and helpful.

The waist cincher that I left with rolled up overnight and now my lower stomach is completely filled with fluid. I'm hoping that my butt and hips go down a little bit.

I'm going to have my mom wear my other garment to see if she can stretch it out. I'm waiting anxiously for my first massage to get rid of this fluid thats causing a lot of pain.

Day 2 post op

So today I'm feeling a little better. It's easier to get in and out of bed. Took off my arm compression cause they were bothering me so much. I'm thinking he wasnt as aggressive as I would've liked in the arms. Will speak to him on Monday about that.

Momma stayed home from work for three days to help me. She's been a savior throughout these days. I'm so lucky she's been so supportive. I've been taking my percocets religiously on the 4 hour mark, along with arnica tablets and rubbing arnica gel. I've stopped taking the zofran because I'm pretty sure the anesthesia wore off and I'm no longer nauseous.

In terms of appetite, I've had none really. Just had a little guac and one pancake today. I've been going ham on the Gatorade, water and coconut water.

I'm attaching a picture of these drops I'm adding to my water once a day. They're called lymphatic drainage drops and are 100% herbal. They make you pee like crazy. I feel like my belly fluid has gone down some since yesterday.

Tomorrow is my first massage. I'm hoping my arms are as big as they are now because they're swollen not because there is still fat there.

First shower

Pics after my first shower. Attractive, huh? Lol

Day 3

Woke up feeling energized lasts night shower really did a number on my strength but I seemed to have recovered well. My first massage is later today and I'm not looking forward to the pain. I plan on drinking an ensure and coconut water before heading over.

I noticed that there's no bruising on my inner thighs...maybe dr d forgot to do lipo there?!

Day four

Yesterday was my first massage and let me tell you that it was the most painful thing I've been through in a long time. The girl was barely touching my skin at the bruises and I was jumping and screaming in pain. She says that for the next two weeks she wants to see me almost every day because there is a lot of excess fluid in my lower abdomen and she doesn't want that to turn into a seroma.

As usual I woke up about every hour or two last night to use the restroom. I've been passing gas for the past two days but no BM quite just yet.

Last night was also the first time I've had a real appetite for food was able to eat a little something yesterday night and had a normal-ish breakfast this morning. My next massage is this afternoon. Hopefully it goes smoother than yesterday's. L

Day 6!! And TMI

Day 4:
-went for second massage, she put me under some warm red lights which promotes healing from inside out, gave me some calendula tea for inflammation, told me toss itch to ibuprofen cause I was taking too much Percocet.

Day 5:
bruising on arms and breasts seems much better. This day turned out to be my worst day ever. I realized that I hadn't had a decent meal since the day before surgery and that I was only eating a bite of food here in there and mostly relying on Gatorade water and coconut water. I was feeling so weak I almost fainted a few times on my way to the bathroom, I was restless after each step and could barely catch my breath. I realized that I needed more iron in my diet so I took a multivitamin, drink V-8, More ensure and ate a substantial meal. I felt five times better as the day went on. I felt constipated so I took some milk of magnesia and some stool softener's but no bowel movement.

Day 6:
Woke up much better but got three hours of sleep before I needed to use the bathroom for number one. It's much easier to move around and get up out of bed took my vitamins going to eat a nice chicken soup now. Took more milk of magnesia and all of a sudden I felt like there was air in my stomach and I was going to have diarrhea but TMI the stool by my booty hole was extremely hard. My mom is literally the best and ran to the store to get some enemas and we used one and in minutes I had the hardest bowel moment of my life. It was not easy at all ladies I'm hoping that the rest of the stool in my tract is softer and easier to pass.

Forgot to add pictures

10 days post op!!

Can't believe I made it to 10 days honestly. This recovery has been no walk in the park, ladies. I don't want to downplay this whole thing but please make sure you have the support system to get thru this. I've cried from the pain and the frustration tons of times. I'd like to think I'm past the "regret" stage but not being able to sit or sleep on my side still gets me sometimes. I can't wait till the 3 week mark so I can finally get on my back and sides.

My arms are always so sore from getting into and out of bed. I haven't been wearing my arm compression tho...

I saw Dr. D on Monday for my one week follow up. He said I had a lot of bruising on my mons pubis but that I should wear epifoams and that the bruising, and fluid that collected there would go away on its own. I asked about massages and he said he doesn't want me doing them. Idk tho since everyone else says they're vital. I've already had three massages so far.

Dr. D also said that he didn't take a lot out of the arms because if he had taken more then the skin would have started to sag. And he reached the limit of fat removal so he didn't do my inner thighs. I'm ok with that though. Any more lipo and this recovery would've had me even more stressed.

I'm going to a store later today to see if I can get a new compression garment. I've been in my XL Leonisa since the day after surgery because the thighs in the L are ridiculously small. And it's a pain in the ass (literally) to take off and put on when I need to have a bowel movement (which I now have daily).

My massage place recommended the fajate garment with the three loop closure thing so I can compress more as time goes on without having to buy a new garment.

Any suggestions on which you like best? I'm thinking of getting one that goes below the knees.

Almost 2 weeks

Feeling much stronger as the days go by. The bruising is slowly but surely going away. Getting out of bed is a little easier every day. I last longer on my feet. Still waddling like a duck. The only major problem is how stiff I feel when I wake up in the morning or after I lay down for couple of hours.

I've started using my lipofoams and my ab board to get rid of that fluid that was in my lower abdomen and it seems that helped a lot. I'm going for my fourth massage today. I went to the Faja store and did not buy a new garment because even the two XL would not go past my size since they're still very swollen and tender. I'm hoping in a few days past the two week mark I'll be able to get a different garment.

Almost 3 weeks!

I hit the three week mark this coming Monday! Feeling better everyday. At about 75%. Still numb around places of my back sore near my bra line unable to bend down to the ground 100%. There still some swelling and a little fluid trapped by my vagina but it seems to be going down and they're still little bruising around there too.

I take ibuprofen before my massages and I can tolerate them well.

I go back to work on Tuesday and that's the day that I'm going to try to sit down a few minutes for the first time in three weeks I'm actually really excited. I'm going to try to not sit on my butt for a long time until the four week mark and after I see Dr. D for my appointment that week.

3 weeks today!


Tomorrow night is my first night back at work (I'm a nurse; 12 hour shifts). I sat for a minute today. I'm nervous about tomorrow since I'm going to have to sit eventually. I haven't told anyone at work about the surgery.

Have any of you vets sat at the 3 week mark? Or did you wait longer? What about sleeping?


Ladies I have a question:

This coming Monday will be my 4 week post op date. I've been sitting at work without any pillows for two days for about 15-20 minutes at a time for a total of 5 times in 12 hours. It's safe to sit on the butt at this point now right?

Dr. D said that I can't sit for 3 weeks so I'm assuming it's ok now. But my massage girl told me I shouldn't sit on it for 8 weeks! That's insane!

Can some of you share what you did?

Also, I've been wearing my XL Leonisa since post op day 1. Should I be changing into a smaller garment? I bought a 2xL dprada today but I'm scared it's going to flatten my butt.

4 weeks finally


4 weeks finally

Saw Dr. D today. He said everything looks great. I wore my 2xl dprada to see him and he says he doesn't want me wearing anything on the butt anymore. He wants me to get a waist cincher. I think I'm going to get one that has no steel bones.

I pointed out that my left butt cheek is a little flat on the cotton part compared to my right one which is nice and round. He says he noticed it (wasn't just me imagining things). He wants me to massage the area softly to loosen up the tissue with the hopes that it'll round out.

He said massages are a green light now (I've been getting them since week one tho). The sensitivity on my butt should go away and is normal.

He also said that since I'm 4 weeks I can sit and do anything now. I'm still going to limit it as much as I can.

Also went to rejuve before my appt for the first time just cause I was in the city and thought "what the hell I'll get a massage while I'm here"
She did cavitation, radio frequency and maderoterapia along with a manual massage. I might get an endemology package there once I finish my massages from the place in queens.

Trying on real clothes

In love. Still swelling on my belly

Selling fajas!!!

Hi ladies I'm selling my Dprada faja in 2XL that has only been worn about three times always with an undershirt and underwear underneath and I'm also selling my Salome thong faja in medium that I've never worn. Both come with original packaging.

Fajate DPrada in 2XL $150
Salome in Medium $60

Please let me know if you are interested.

Fajas for sale - updated prices

Hi ladies I'm selling my Dprada faja in 2XL that has only been worn about three times always with an undershirt and underwear underneath and I'm also selling my Salome thong faja in medium that I've never worn. Both come with original packaging.

Fajate DPrada in 2XL $100
Salome in Medium $50

Please let me know if you are interested.

Faja thoughts

Hi ladies!

It's been a little over 7 weeks post op and I feel awesome. My belly and back still feel tight sometimes. I can sit on my butt now but laying on my sides can get uncomfortable sometimes.

I have to say I'm glad I got the Leonisa for the first few weeks; made it easier to take on and off when I could barely move. But I have to say I'm glad I got a tighter faja after the first month. The fluid that was left in my lower belly has gone down significantly and my waist has gotten smaller. The DPrada is a must in my opinion. Make sure you use the ab board too. The longer and bigger the better.

I would have liked to have gotten the long leg Leonisa (past the knees) because I have really fat thighs and the one that Dr. D recommends come to mid thigh and I got varicose veins from it.

Massages for sale. 4 months post op

Hey ladies! It's been just a little over 4 months post op now and I think the fluff fairy has arrived. I still have a little fluid on the lower stomach area but it seems to go away when I stay away from salty foods. I haven't been back to see Dr. Delvecchio for the 3 month follow up because I've had to move to Philadelphia to take care of my father who got in a devastating car accident back in March.

With that said, I wasn't able to finish my massage package at Gorgeous Spa (I bought 12 for $600. I've only used 6 massages). They don't give refunds but the owner told me that I can transfer my massages to someone else.

If anyone in the Queens area is interested in 6 massages for $300, message me please!

The ladies at gorgeous spa are great and they know their BBL massage stuff. They'll let you know when it's time to go down a size in your faja.

By the way, their Instagram is gorgeous_spa. Check them out!

Almost 9 months out!!

Loving my results so far!! The booty isn't out of control in size and I think it matches my frame perfectly!! I've been going to the gym 2-3 times a week so see if I can even my belly out since it's a tiny bit lumpy. Not too bad though so I can live with it. Also to work on those arms since I don't really see much of a change in them after the lipo.

Never went to see Dr. D after the 3 month appt I don't think.

I'm going to start using bio oil on the scars to lighten them up. They're a light brown right now.
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