24 Years Young and Finally a Triple a Threat (Face,Body and Personality ;) -NYC/NJ

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*Treatment results may vary

***Please be advised I`m extremely blunt and...

***Please be advised I`m extremely blunt and everything that is going to be written is based on my experience, research and opinion*** As stated before I`m 23, I have a stable job (Thank God) and I`m currently engaged. As everyone else, I have been on Realself for a while. I totally forgot when I started lol. But thank all the ladies who took time out to blog their journey. I live in Central NJ now but I`m a New Yorker and I work in Manhattan. Yesterday I went for a consultation with Dr. Daniel Del Vecchio and I plan to make my downpayment tomorrow to lock my date with him. He was cool and informative, he advised me he has done over 1500 procedures so I feel confident in him. The office was also beautiful and seemed clean. Shout out to CurvesICrave, I had the pleasure of meeting her yesterday and she was so down to earth. I will be following her journey, hopefully we get our surgeries around the same time. My first choice was Dr.Hasan butttt I dont have time to be playing games with Vanity and plus I would like met the surgeon before I put a down payment on a surgery. Never mind, the hastle of traveling on plane and their aftercare really sucks. At one point I also was thinking about Dr.Duran but I had the pleasure of traveling to DR on vacation and their was a communication gap then so I dont trust going back and there being a language barrier with this serious surgery. But I give PROPS to the women who have travled and got their surgery done overseas and in Miami. That just didnt seem like the right thing for me.Anyways, I`m 5'7 and weigh 190 (ugh) I was told not to lose any more weight butttt I have to figure something out to get rid of this lil double chin and tighten up these arms. I`m so nervous writing this, if anyone has any questions or if I missed something in the introduction please feel free to contact me. I plan on being very detailed bout everything that has to do with this process so excuse if my entries are long and boring. I will try to cut them down to the nitty gritty.


This is mainly for the ladies who are still searching for a surgeon. Please make sure they have credentials from the proper source. They should be certified by the AMERICAN BOARD of PLASTIC SURGERY,INC. You can search for any surgeon on the website https://www.abplsurg.org/ModDefault.aspx?ReturnUrl=%2f

Wish Pics

I totally forgot to mention that I have a hormonal condition called PCOS. I had it since my very first period. Due to this condition I struggle with my weight. I used to be very skinny when I was younger but obviously I gained a ton of weight now. But I have been maintaining it. I just had to state my condition just in case someone else was going through the same thing. Anyways, my chest is kinda big ( my fiancé is of course a boob guy lol ). I wear a 38D. Dr.D explained to us that he basically cant change the way our bodies are structured. For example, if you are an apple it would be pretty hard to shape you as an hour glass. Our butts and bodies come in many shapes and sizes. He just works his hardest to give us the best shape that we are capable of having. With that being said please have realistic expectations. I attached some photos I will try best to acheive. Please keep in mind, I also getting fat transferred to my hips. God knows I need them lol. Sorry if my grammar is off, my fiance is rushing me so I can play a video game with him lol. Hope all is well with you guys.

"The Stare"

So once again that" moment" has happened. When you feel someone checking you out, u see them starring at you then when u walk by they wanna get a quick glimpse of your booty. That part makes me cringe bc I know dam well I have no booty and I get all paranoid n ish. For them is prolly like someone handing them a box with a pretty bow on top , glistening gold but them when they open it up, ain't ish inside. Like wtf?! Lol ... I need Decemeber to be here already, I need the booty to go with the face and boobs( God willing) . Sorry just had to vent.


I just received the request for lab work via mail. So an EKG , CBC and medical clearance has to be submitted by Dec 10th. I`m in the mist of getting a new doctor so we shall see how this plays out. Also I forgot to mention I paid my intial deposit of $1,000 to hold my date by credit card. I will put up some cash but prolly pay the majority of it using a medical loan.I dont want to use all my savings plus I want to build up my credit some more. I will be sure to let you ladies know. Hope all is well for you ladies.

Quick question...

To all the vets, I`m curious did the bbl affect your breast size?

Last Couple of Days has been...

So these last couple of days have been so hectic. Found out last Monday my identiy was stolen. Hopefully, I stopped it before any more damage could be done. I`m praying this doesnt ruin my chances of getting a medical loan when the time comes. Today I found a new physician. We started up my medical clearance. So far we did the blood work and EKG. I just have to go to another facility to do a chest X-ray she suggested. I`m also praying that it wont be so expenisve. We shall see -_- . I`m scheduled to follow up with her October 16 so in the mean time I`m going to get the chest xrays done so everything would be together when I go back so I can get my clearance. Wish me luck ladies :)

Getting Ish* Done

Just got my chest xray done. Nj is dope (dont tell no one I said this lol) . I was able to do a walk in xray at a facility and spend less than 30 minutes of waiting time. Love it :) !!! So in 3 weeks time I should have my go ahead for medical clearance. Wish me luck .

So excited...

So Realself is about to get an app !!!! Finally!!! I just upgraded to the new sexy Iphone6s (my 4s was bout to straight up die on me) so I`m hyped. I`m just worried ppl gona see asses all over my phone since the screen so dam big. The whole world is going to be in my business lol. No update just needed to shout out Realself for the app. OOOO and those who are getting massages in BK. Casa Munecas ( I might have spelled it wrong) will be establishing a official website soon. In the meantime they have a instagram :)

Transportation issues

So my darling Fiance just advised me he doesn't have anymore days -_- . Wtf , so idk what Ima do now. Taking a taxi from NYC to my home (central no) I'm guessing is going to be pretty steep. Well at least my mom will be able to be in the office waiting for me after.

Deal !!!

Hey ladies just wanted to let ya'll know that groupon is having a deal on compression stockings. They are $10!!! Use area nyc or nj and it should pop up. Hope ya'll doing good out there :)

Dam I think I caught myself in the moment (Drake voice)

Sooo Ima feign. I was just fantasizing for at least a couple of minutes about how my life is going to be once I get my body right lol. I literally starred into space for a couple of minutes. I made up this whole idea about how I'm gona make sure I'm in the gym atleast 3 times a week and how Ima start playing basketball for fun with my man (bc my lazy ass just watches lol) . All the outfits Ima wear and ish. I made up a whole world in my head. Dam I'm excited. Earlier I was a little nervous now I just wana get it over with now.

Medical clearance ?

So today was my follow up appointment for my medical clearance. So apparently, I'm directly at the border for diabetes (Ima blame pcos lol) and that my chest exam came back abnormal -_- . So I was told that I might have scar tissue on my left lung or its just not fully opening. I was referred to a specialist. I'm guessing by now ya can tell I didn't get my clearance :( . So the journey continues. So far, I have spent $30 for the medical parts as of yet. Oooo and I was told I need to boost up my iron, so I shall buy some supplement today. Hopefully, I don't get nauseous. Hope all is well with you guys :)

Side note

Ladies today I got married !!! Just our moms n a best man JOP style on the jersey shore. I'm just mad I look like a piggy wiggy in my dress though... Can't wait to get this body on fleek lol

Attention Dr.D Vets !!!!(Please lol)

Quick question, what exactly did the pre op appointment entail ? What did you have to do in other words? Thanks in advance :)

Care credit

So today I was curious and decided to do my research and look for reviews. Omg the reviews are horrible for care credit. Now I'm nervous. Does anyone have experience with this company?

Medical clearance part 2

Today I went to the lung specialist per my pcp referral. He said that it's probably nothing I have to worry about and that we just have to cover all bases. If any military or law enforcement personal reading this "CYA" was used. But anyways, he made me go get another chest X-ray (hopefully my insurance covers this ) . Went to the place and was in and out in 30 minutes and customer service was excellent. The results are being sent directly to him via computer. Now all I have to do is the breath test on Thursday. And he said I should get my clearance from him next week. Hopefully everything goes good.

Dr.D is doing numbers

I have him on Instagram. Actually he was the only reason I created one. I still don't know how operate lol. But anyways, he just posted up 3 new photos and one of the ladies he put freaking 4,400 today. Now idk if this is both cheeks or for one. Either way I'm in shock. I would love to post the picture but I don't want to violate the woman's privacy and have no consent.

Pre Op Bumped up

So like some of my fellow Sisters going to DR.D my date has been bumped up too. My pre op date is now Nov 30 @ 3pm. Now I Gota move asap to get this credit thing figured out -_- but I'm excited :)

Emotional Rollercoaster

Last night I was prepared to write to you guys about how I would have to wait a whole year to get the body of my dreams. But God is good. First off let me tell you guys, please do not wait until last minute to apply for a loan like my dumb self lol. Yesterday I applied to CareCredit and got denied. Honestly, I was in shock. My credit score is great and my utility on my 3 credit cards are way below half. I also make in the middle 40s a year. I guess I didn't have many credit lines open. Anyways, determined I looked up what other credit dr d took and found surgery loans.com. I checked out there views and everything seemed legit so I applied and got approved!!!. One would think my story ends here but noooo. So apparently I filled the form out wrong. It asked how much gross income a month I got a month and I could add what ever else money I got from another source. So me think I was like well shot Ima put hubby income down too bc I have access to that. Well I was wrong. When they checked my counts to see what was coming in they told me I was short some money . That's when I told them I putt hubby info down too bc I thought I could. Well that was a negative, woman told me she has to put everything through her boss. So this morning, I came to a conclusion that I might just have to wait and everything happens for a reason. I was giving up ya . But then I got that call at 12 telling me everything was on. I signed the paper work 5 mins ago via online. I have to pay about $202 a month which isn't that bad and the interest rate was about 15%.Next all I Gota do is tackle that breathing test Thursday. Hope all is well with you ladies . Now I Gota make sure they sent Dr.D that money lol.

Shopping time !!!!

So the first item that has been purchased has been by hubby. He got me my bbl pillow by pilaport for my bday. Unfortunately it's on back order so we shall see when it comes in.

Please be aware

Ladies that are taking out loans. Please be advised the full amount that you take out my not go towards your payment. I just got a call stating that I would owe $225 more than I expected bc of fees. Thank goodness johana called me bc I would have been dumb founded when the time came to pay up.

Not looking so good ...

I had my breathing test today. The doctor who preformed it said that my breathing is ok but it seems like I'm restricted -_- . Shotttt I don't know how to take this. Also what the hell is wrong with my lungs?!?! Guess I have to wait til Monday to talk to my lung specialist :( Hopefully all goes well. Everything does happen for a reason though so im not going to stress it either way.

Lung specialist clearance

Yayaya!!!! I got cleared by my lung specialist. He said they will send the paperwork out Wednesday. So my doctor will get it probably this week. If not the beginning of next week. I'm so happy now. So all I need is that final clearance and I'm good to gooooo

Random thought

So yesterday I got a tattoo done for my bday :) . It was a tribute, my marriage date but I put it on my back. At that moment I realized I have soooo much back fat Omggggg. I'm praying Dr.D take all this fat from me... I think i may have more fat in my back than my front. Even hubby was dam ur shoulders thick as hell lol.

It has arrived !!!

I got my bbl pillow by pilaport today in the mail. I tried it on my chair and it fits and it seems to give me support. It is firm and not mushy. Smaller than I imagined. I wish it would have came with a casing though. Ladies who brought the same pillow what did ya use to cover it or even transport with it. I'm traveling from nj to Manhattan everyday via public transportation. I don't want my pillow on all them nasty surfaces. Ny transport is the worst lol. I'm from NY so no shade at all just facts.

Care credit update

So I just got a letter in the mail. You know that letter if you got rejected for credit they send you the reason why. Well it was because of that dam identity theft crap. The block on my credit I thought I had took off but I didn't realize the company who backs care credit were the ones who issued the credit cards to the ppl who stole my identity. I had to deal with them and they had put a flag I guess on my file. Soooo I did not get reject bc of my credit but bc I had to farther prove my identity -_- o well

Hips vs Laterials

So ladies help me out here. I'm really not understanding the difference. I'm now confused on what I want


Just got the green light from my doctor. But she said that blood work expires in 30 days. Since I had to do way more leg work than intended (the Lung specialist) my 30days are up. But when I first went called Johanna and asked her if I could get my clearance months ago she said sure. So now I'm confused on whether I need to do them again. I pray not. Any vets who went to Dr.D, how far ahead did ya start ya medical clearance and did you have to repeat it?

Medical Clearance Saga Part 2 lol

So I just sent off my paperwork via email. Just hoping now I get the green light from Dr.D office. I'm dreading having to repeat blood work bc my doctor office is hard to get appointments and I'm saving my sick time for the surgery. Sooo -_- blah lol


So today was pre op. Was fast and simple. I signed my life away lol. Javonica gave me my packets with instructions, garment info and such. She was sooo nice. I also made my last cash payment , the rest I will pay with my credit card. During the meeting with Dr.D he took photos of me butt naked in all types of angles Lmaooo. He told me he will do my whole back, stomach and inner thigh bc they are rubbing together. He also kept saying I'm going to have really good results. They gave me even more confidence like I was in high school getting "gases up" by some boy lol. He told me he was gona give me a shelf n I was like heckkkk nooo. He then switched it to a nice slope. I forgot to mention hips. I shall day of. I swear I keep forgetting things when I get there. I believe I'm in great hands though so I'm not gona stress it. The only question I really needed the answer to was when I could have sex lol. He said 3 weeks, 2 if it's really gentle . Ooo quick question for ya , what measurements are everyone posting up? Like are u guys posting up the butt measurement too (is so how)? Or just the bust, hips and waist?

Pre op (forgot to mention)

Sorry ladies I forgot to mention my surgery is scheduled for December 21 @ 7am. Also javonica said if you are buying the expensive garments buy them 3 sizes bigger bc they are too tight


So I'm iffy about massages right now. Javonica said to wait until I get a go ahead by Dr.D but I seen ppl say it's better to start day 1 or 2 post op. Can anyone who waited share their experience ? Or anyone who didn't get any let me know ... Any advice ladies

Supply List

As stated before I plan on buying only the items I absolutely need. So far I came up with this list. If you guys see anything missing that is vital let me know please.
BBL Pillow - $100 (actual website)- already brought (need to sit after 3 weeks)
Cocobutter oil $6 (Harmons) - to nourish and soothe skin
Dial Anti bact $2.50 (Harmons) - to wash pre and post operation
1 Faja - for compression
spanx - (target ) - for compression when not wearing faja
Compression Socks - (groupon)(mg 30) - to prevent embolism and leg compression
Panties $8 (Walmart) - dont want to ruin the ones I have ;)
Tank tops $13(Walmart)- to wear under faja to prevent burns
Go Girl-(Walmart) $10- to use the bathroom at work
lipofoam $18 (amazon)- for compression in garment
Adominal board $ 30 (The pink room)- for compression in garment
Triangle board$15 (The pink room)- for compression in garment
Sweat pants $ (3pair) - need loose clothing
Pedialyte $42 (pack at walmart)- for electrolytes
shower curtain- $5 (walmart) - to prevent stains on car seat, couch and bed
As you can see I only purchased one item so far :x dont judge me .

Have any of you tried...

Hey ladies, have any of you ladies ever try Iodex ? I'm wondering if it helps with scar. I heard its good for healing and soreness though and it's wayyyy cheaper than the other products.

Measurements with 19 Days to go :) and Supply Update

Time is winding down so I wanted to provide you guys with my current measurements and updated pictures. Please dont laugh at them I promise they will be better in 19 days ;) . So here they are :
Bust - 40 ( measured across nipples with tape parallel to floor)
Waist- 36 ( put tape 1/2 inch above belly button) (sad I know :( )
Hips- 41 ( placed tape right across the widest hip portion) (shocked me )
Butt- 42 1/2 ( placed tape middle of butt ) (wtf I`m i doing this right lol?)
If so then I def need a lift and cheeks to be filled out. I`m 5`7 and I currently weigh 192 (ughhhh hopefully it because I just ate). Anyways, today I purchased all the supplies I had to buy online. I brought the lipo foam on amazon for $7.50 each. I purchased 5 sheets. I also brought a product called Iodex to help with soreness, prevent infections,scarring and bruising. I purchased it for $18. Steep but it has awesome reviews. I had to buy these online now because you know how amazon deliveries get around xmas so I wanted to guarantee I have them both. I still have to purchase :
cocobutter oil - from harmons and I have coupons
dial anibacterial soap - from harmons and I have coupons
1 faja - the pink room
spanx - target
compression socks/ and or anti embolism stockings - groupon wouldnt acknowledge my zipcode
soooo I have to buy this in store
panties- from walmart
under shirts - from walmart
go girl - from walmart
ab board - the pink room
triangle board - going to make from extra lipo foam sheet
sweatpants - Champion sweats from Modells - Ladies they are having a sale for $15 !!!
pedialyte - pack from walmart
shower curtain - from walmart
bendadryl- from harmon
tylenol - from harmon
ginger tea - from shoprite ( helps with nausea, swelling and inflammation, helps with the intake of viatmin C)
I wont need arnica gel or scar away products because I brought the iodex and I`m not going to buy the hibclens because they take away too much bacteria from the body. Some doctors dont like. We do need bacteria on our body to protect it so I`ma stick with the dial soap Dr.D suggested. I`m talking about the good baceria though.P.S sorry the pictures are side ways.

Final payment made !!!

Yup called Javonica this morning and gave my final payment. My medical clearance got the green light also. I asked her if my weave was ok to wear bc it said no wigs on the paper . Lol don't judge me, just keeping it 100. But she said yea, laughed and shared her story. I also asked if it was ok to keep taking iron until day of and she suggested I stop Monday. I also have to stop taking my birth control. Hopefully my period doesn't go haywire. I hate functioning without my pills. So Sunday Ima cut out everything , vitamins, birth control and alchol. Well Sunday night bc I'm tailgating the Jets v Giants game ;)

DIY Massages

In no shape or form I`m suggesting everyone to do this. If someone is interested I found these links:




2 Weeks to go ..

So per doctor instructions today I'm delaying to take all medication (birth control), vitamins, supplements, and any over the counter drugs for pain until after my surgery. Yesterday was also my last day to drink it up. Shoutout to @MzBootyfull for stopping by hubby and I tailgating party. She is so cool and down to earth. Idk where she gona get the fat from for her bbl though lol. Countdown is getting real and I have yet to tell my boss I'm taking off lol smh. Ima sneak it in tomorrow.


Got my lipo foam by contour md today. I ordered 5 of them. I didn't expect them to be so small though. It also reminds me of pure memory foam. I think there def should be a cheaper alternative out there. I wanted to originally make a triangle for my lower back out of the foam but idk if it would be strong enough. I prolly will just use either some dog pads I have around the house (don't judge me lol) or a small towel. I received my Iodex the other day through the mail. I will be using it to help my scar areas heal and to help with soreness. I plan on filling my prescriptions and pick up some compression socks on Friday. Saturday I will be heading to the pink room with MzBootyfull. I will prolly pick up 1 Faja, an ab board. Hope you ladies are doing well out there :)

Sorry forgot

Forgot to add the pic of supplies. For some reason all my pics uploaded from my phone come out side ways. Idk how to work this app , it's killing me -_-

Opinions needed

So as I previously stated I have a weave in. I don't get it often I just got it for my party. I'm wondering know should I leave it in and get a wash and set before surgery or should I take it out and deal with my own hair (I throw in a ponytail)? I worried about having to constantly sit for long periods if I keep going back to get it washed or tighten ... But on the other side it is easy to maintain. So ladies especially the ones that have experience with weaves, what do you suggest?

Shopping Frenzeeeeee

So yesterday and today I been shopping and prepping bc in 9 days it's going down !!! First off let me start by saying , please don't start this journey officially unless you have disposable funds. Stuff adds up quickly. But anyways, yesterday I brought 4 pairs of sweats, a sweat shirt and hoody bc modells was having a sale. Sweats were $14 each. I also brought fleece leggings from them for 2for $16. Today I had MzBootyFull and I hit up The Pink Room. The one in Elizabeth was way too small so we went to the one in Union. The ladies there were so nice and informative. One even had the surgery years ago and she gave us tips. I walked away with only an ab board and a small body massager. They suggested to wait to get the Faja and waist clincher bc we won't really know what size we will be and the waist clincher would put too much pressure on our body too soon. They did not suggest it at all. After The Pinkroom which is decorated beautifully, we went to Walmart and brought a whole bunch of stuff. We brought literally the two last body pillows (the original boppy pillow) from the pregnancy area. Sorry pregnant women lol .I racked up on Pedialyte, under shirts, panties, sports bra with a opening in front, waterproof band aids, a cheap shower curtain and a whole other crap I wanted for my nieces and my house lol smh. Walmart is bad news, swear I always leave with a ton of things smh. MzBootyfull held me down with ordering my female urinal and compression socks online so that should be coming soon. All I have to buy now is dial soap, arnica tablets, more pineapples so I can freeze them, coconut butter oil, a spanx set ,candula or ginger tea (whichever my supermarket has) , Tylenol and Benadryl . I will get my stage 2 Faja 1-2 weeks after surgery as suggested. Time is going by so fast. Hope all is well with you ladies :)

Dr.D vets

Quick question , I read in the packet that it said to stay in the garment he gives for 24 hours then switch garment every day. Did you ladies do this?

Emotional Toll

So I'm getting that Rollercoaster feeling already. This wouldn't be a blog if I didn't say everything that's going on. So lately I been having nightmares every night . Ranging from me accidentally sitting on my butt, falling on my butt, being a porn star( weird right?) and etc. not to mention I'm already scared out my mind. I keep thinking like God forbid what if I don't wake up and get off that table. Can't turn back around now, 11 stacks( pretty sure I spent over this though) ain't nothing to blow at.

More shopping

While doing last minute xmas shopping I grab some things I needed. Even though dr d said I didn't have to take out my belly ring bc there will be no electronics I got bioflex rings from Spencer's ($13) anyways. Just to be careful, plus I don't want the metal digging in my skin like it usually does when I wear my Faja. I also went to a target to pick up the spanx set he recommended called Assests (lol) but they only had Camis at my target so I got another brand called maiden form . I got it 2 sizes bigger and it seems to keep things tight . So hopefully it works out . I will be altering between this spanx and the Faja dr d gives us until about a week later I will buy the stage 2 garment.

A Couple of hours to go ....

The clock is ticking. I wanted to let you ladies know my updated measurements and weight before the big day tomorrow. Today my breasts measured at 40, waist 35, hips 40 and butt 42. My weight is currently 187. Surprising because I thought I gained a couple of pounds. Tomorrow I have to be at the office at 7am. So I`m waking up at around 4:50am so that I can catch my Nj train at 5:45 I beleive. Im taking the subway there and my mom is meeting me. Hubby had no days as I mentioned before and he is also on call. After my mom and I will take a Uber back to Queens (her place) and he will pick us up after work. I never took a Uber before so tomorrow is really going to be new beginnings lol. So far my list of supplies I have brought has been way more than I expected but here it is
Iron Tablets
BBL Pillow by Pilaport
Lipo Foam
Sweatpants and hoodies
Fleece leggings
Ab Board
Manual Handheld Massager
Under shirts
Boppy Pillow
Bioflex Belly Rings
Tylenol Extra Strength
Go girl
Coco Butter Lotion
Compression Socks
Sports bra that opens in front
Clear water proof band aids
Cough drops
Prescribed medicine
Shower Liner
Disinfectant wipes
Feminine Wipes
Baby Wipes
Waterproof adhesive tape
Non Stick Sterile pads
Ginger Tea
Spanx set
I will get my faja Dec 27. MzBootyfull and I already set up a date to go get them. I`m packing my meds, a pair of panties, pedialyte, compression socks, sterile panties (given by Dr.D) and a shirt for tomorrow. MzBootyfull gave me the wonderful idea of just wearing the sports bra, hoody and sweats tomorrow. So I shall be doing that. This still seems so surreal. Ladies please keep CurvesICrave, MzBootyfull and I in your prayers. We all are getting blessed tomorrow :) .

Just an idea

Realself honestly has lead me to places I never expected. I have created genuine bonds with people totally unexpected. I love this website honestly and I believe everything happens for a reason. I appreciate all the genuine love and advice I have recieved during my journey from all of you ladies. The new year is about to start up and I was just thinking for the dolls close to the Tristate area we should link up during the summer. We should link up go out for drinks or even just a day on the beach and just shut down where ever we go lol. We done seen each other naked, heard each others personal stories,helped each other through pain why not met in person?

I'm here

It's about to go downnnn!!!! I'm here and waiting, took my Prego test. Answered questions and now it's a waiting game. Wish me luck

I made it

Hey ladies sorry I meant to write this update earlier but my phone was dying. So I woke up this morning at 4:50 am and made to the train on time. Matter fact I took a earlier one than expected. But of course nj transit had a delay for 20 mins 1 stop before entering NYC . My mom met me at Columbus circle 59st and we arrived at the office 7:05. Olga greeted us and she asked me questions about allergies and etc. I took a Prego test and Dr.D came in and said his hellos then waited to speak to the Anastesialogist (prolly spelled wrong lol). Couple minutes later Dr D and another lady came in and he drew me up. Omg it was like he was reading my mind seriously. He said he was taking out all the back fat out, my stomach fat, he said he was doing my thighs and then putting it back in another area . I have hips and laterals ladies. Too bad the picture does not do it justice. He left then Olga came in and told me they ready. So I went in and felt relaxed . I heard him say he had all "big girls " for the day so he Tryna give us 2400cc atleast . He booty crazy lol. Last thing I remember was him asking if it was ok to do my inner thighs and he asked if I wanted it big. I woke up shaking like crazy, I saw Another woman laying done and I knew curvesicarve was after me so I asked the nurse if that was her (of course I used her real name lol) she said yes and I could say hi. So I was ghetto and screamed hi lol . then I left a couple minutes later . They said I bounced back fast . A woman in front helped me call a uber and we left. Surprisingly the fare was only $50 from Manhattan to queens. The driver was really nice too. I'm sore mostly but I been Tryna walk around. My mom said my ass and hips are huge and hubby gave me a thumbs up. I wish I could fast forward time. I hope all the ladies that went through this today are doing well.

Forgot dr d texted me this

My photo

Day 2

According to Dr D instructions I'm suppose to change garment every day. So today I changed into my spanx set and put on my ab board , foams and compression socks. I still so sore and stiff I try to walk around all the time. Last night I woke up at like every hour and I was walking around. I put a pillow under my stomach and o stopped getting so stiff fast. Ladies please make connections. MzBootyfull held me down yesterday, we keep texting each other with advice and checking up on each other . She was a life saver and the only one that could understand what I'm going through at 3 am lol. My nieces are driving me crazy lol. One jumped on me but hubby here to tame them down. Ooo and my eye , legs and Cochie are so swollen smh. I hope all is well with u ladies.

So it's almost 5am

I literally wake up like every hour but I don't mind. This way I know I'm sleeping on my stomach not my back. I have two pillows under my knees and a pillow in between so my stomach could be on it. I also try to walk around and drink water in between. I seems to be farting alotttt. Each time the fart gets longer and longer lol. Sorry I know tmi

Taking my first shower

Was so awkward and kinda painful. I'm def swollen all over. Hope u ladies are well

Hubby so supportive (sarcasm)

So he's getting on my nerves a bit. Dude asks me to pull up my gown so he can see my body and then he laughs. IT NEVER FAILS. He laughs at my areas that swollen including my Cochie. He then goes on to tell me my hips look great but it looks like he did nothing to my butt even though I told him a million times it takes a couple months to see the results . Smh so frustrating.

Day 3

Wowwww wtf it feels like it's been forever. I can't believe it's only day 3. I'm over this I want to speed up time lol . Can't lie last night was my worst night. Irk maybe it bc my hubby out on my clincher dr d gave me ultra tight. Talking bout no pain no gain when I told him to loosen it smh jerk. I had to sleep with two head pillows and one huge pillow and my boppy pillow folded in half under my stomach so it felt like 3 pillows. My butt is still hard of course and gas is still flowing smh lol. I swear I have to use the restroom but when I get there nothing goes down smh.

First BM

So I was sleeping when I felt the rumbling and I realized it was not the time to push out a fart this time lol. So I went to the bathroom hurried tried to take off my garment bc it was not waiting for me. I grab a towel and rolled it up and kept it at the edge. I put my thighs on it and I just handled business. It was workkkk let me tell u. Plz take ur time.

Too much compression

These socks are killing me. Way too tight, so I started making slits at the top. My butt also feels like two big ass rocks. Def feel heavy . I should put up wide load on my back lol. Hubby has come around. My mom left last night so he has been helping me . He helped me take my shower today and actually was nice , made comments on how big my butt looks and that my body is going to look great and etc. Maybe he's getting his ish together

So I didn't wana stress it but I Gota ask

I just noticed one of my hips look like it's going down. I made the mistake of waking up on my side but I know this shouldn't effect it. Like one time really? But I just went to the mirror to look at my shape and noticed that side looks like it's going down a bit... Ladies with this experience, did u see it Come back or am I added out ?

Merry Christmas !!!

Just wanted to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays !!!! Hope all is well with everyone.

Update Day 4

I just wanted to update every one. So far I have kept my garment on 24/7 minus the time I use the bathroom and shower, I started Bms on day 3 I believe ( I did a blog for it so dont kill me if it get the days wrong). I did not take any laxative. Today I even used it twice (lord have mercy on me lol). I been eating lots of pineapple, and ginger tea. My appetite has been blah the first couple of days but its coming back. Matter fact I`m hungry typing this lol. Myself,my mom and hubby forced myself to eat when I was slacking. I ate turkey heros first couple of days and sausage and noodles, oatmeal for breakfast. I started making smoothes with pineapple, yogurt, raw oatmeal and silk soy milk. Some one has always helped me with my showering because I cant see everything and was pertified to touch my own body at first. Also I need help with my waist clincher or girtle Dr D gives post op.Hubby Is loving the body now I tell you that. He keeps admiring it now and telling me what he wana do ;). My butt def looks bigger. I will take pictures tomorrow. There has been products I did not use what so ever and products I have brought and still didnt use I will make a future post for this. For one thing I wish I brought knee pads. Im sorry this post is all over the place but I`m trying to type everything thats coming to mind real fast bc as we speak my knees are killing me bc I`m typing this on my floor. I also have only brought one change of garment. Tomorrow I plan on buying a or 2 leonisas from the Pink Room. If I havent brought up something you want me to talk about please let me know. I also still take the Oxy precribed and antibiotics.It feels like its been weeks though.

Finallyyy!!!(Day 10)

I been trying for the longest to update my review. For some reason RS wouldn't let me but I was able to comment on ppl pages. I feel about 85% better I want to say. Some areas like my sides and lower back are still sore. For the most part I see no fluid in any of the areas in my body. My stomach is hard and my butt is semi soft. Correction: he did not lipo my thighs. Kinda wishing he did bc I would have been hyped lol. I'm not gona lie, I slowed down with drinking so much fluids. Also everyday routines you sort of have to ease into them. For example, I went food shopping Tuesday and I was tired by time we got to the third aisle. Walking my dog was a no no bc I had a hard time bending down picking up her poop. My dog is a weirdo, she doesn't just do it in one spot so I was bending all sorts of ways to pick everything up while praying I wouldn't fall in it lol smh. I have been wearing shape wear mostly and just the Faja the doctor gave me post op. I brought a Leonisa from the pink room and have the spanx out fit I brought from target. I'm currently just using an ab board and back triangle. Honestly I think I can get rid of them pretty soon. I prolly take them off once I go back to work Monday. I feel like my incisions are healing nicely except the ones I have on the side of my lady parts. I seen it crust of yellow stuff sooooo I'm been putting Iodex on them. Hopefully they clear up soon. He puts in dissolve stitches so we don't have to worry about getting them out. They fall out themselves. Once I'm feeling 100% and able to sit , on a personal note I owe myself a pedicure bc I been neglecting my feet for sure. I never knew I could get so Ashy. Like I can blow the dust off my lower legs lol smh. I also need my eyebrows done. I'm hairy so I'm working everywhere!!! My woman parts haven't seen this much hair since my teens lol. Today I shaved my under arms to be nice to myself and I thought I almost broke my razor lol. Oooo man shaving is going to be so crazy when I'm able to. Anyways, I haven't tired on any of my old clothes bc I kinda wana shock myself when I'm able to wear what I want. Also I believe my hips are not going to be even. It's a risk we assume with this surgery. I believe my body absorbed the fat more on that side. It sucks but hey it is what it is. We shall see in the next 3 months what it turns into. Anyways, ladies Happy New Years!!!! May the new year bring us healthy, successful, loving and big booty filled lives :)

11 days

So I feel about 95% I want to say so it's kinda scaring me. Like it's only been 11 days. Today I tried on a old dress I used to wear with my old Faja bc there was no way I could rock it without. I loved it!!! Even hubby was like dam (in a good way) you don't need no more suit under that. The only thing that is nagging me at this point are my hips. Any bets have experience with this? I doubt they will even out. I caught myself thinking about a round 2 to even them out (yes I think I'm crazy) lol. But all in all, everything is going good. I decided not to put any foam, ab board or triangle in my garment today soooo lets see how this goes. Hopefully I don't blow up like a dam blow fish. I also need to get smaller garments bc I can feel I have space left. Some areas are still sore and I still can't bend over all the way but hey it's one day at a time right ? Some pics are attached . Pre warning please excuse my junkie house. Hubby don't know the definition of cleaning and Of course I been out of commission.

Tmi but I noticed ....

I know this might be a bit much for some ppl but I have noticed my bms have been on point. I say I go atleast twice a day now. I have also noticed when I Gota go to the bathroom I have to go at that moment or it feels like Ima use it on myself. Hopefully, that goes away. No one has time for that.

Officially 2 weeks and Back to work

So let me recap. I live in NJ but work in Manhattan. This I travel public transportation everyday. Traveling was ok. I stood up for both trains and on the way and coming back from work. Unfortunately I having a sitting job. As much as I tried to delay sitting I couldn't. I used the bbl pillow by pilaport on my chair and omggggg it was the worst thing ever. It felt so awkward. Not to mention my thighs were so sore and it made me lean forward awkwardly. I can't wait til I don't have to use the pillow anymore smh. I counted the hours today just waiting to go home bc sitting was a no go. I had to get up every couple of minutes and act like I was doing something. I had this brilliant idea of just wearing my Leonisa with no ab board or back triangle (sarcasm). My body was screaming at me about how stupid I was. My flat stomach now looks like I'm bloated and my back is also a bit swollen. So now I'm doing emergency repair with everything on including the waist clincher Dr D gave me. I walked quite a bit today so that maybe be the issue also but Ima keep it safe and wear my board or atleast foams to work. I can't wait until recovery is over smh. I also tried to buy some slacks from H&M on my lunch break -_- they couldn't even go passed my hips. Hope all is well with you dolls though.

Quick job pics

My job bathroom is typically busy but it has an amazing mirror so I was like hmmmm let me take a couple pics real fast. Today I'm wearing all black bodysuit, with black fleece leggings and to hide the booty a large knee length sweater. Please excuse my leggings are high as hell. It goes pass my belly button lol.

First Week of work completed

So I'm three days from being 3 weeks and I completed my first week at work. Let me tell you it sucked. By time went by it got better. My thighs were aching from sitting on the bbl pillow. I even put a sweater on it to act like a lil cushion but it's so dam uncomfortable. Especially standing up after sitting for a couple minutes.it hurt so much. My movement has gotten way better though. I can now bend almost to the floor. Not 100% though. I tried to have sex in the beginning of the week but it was not gona happen. My body was so sore still. But it has gotten better. Hubby is surely feels neglected lol. He keeps pitching and Tryna bite my butt though smh lol. I love my body thus far. I can't wait to start shopping for a new wardrobe bc none of my jeans fit this far. Hope you ladies are doing well out there.

First night out

Tonight I had to go out for my friend bday. We went out to eat so I had to bring my pillow. So we were in a fancy restuarant and I was clearly sitting on my pillow the whole night lol. So far things have gotten a lot better. I feel almost 100% normal. So normal that I almost sat on my butt just now. I bounced right up when I realized lol smh. I also took a shower and almost forgot to massage my stomach earlier. I'm also starting to have clear signs of booty greed. Some days I swear my butt looks so small to me but everyone is telling me they love it. Idk we shall see how it forms out. I wore a black dress out today with just my Leonisa and waist clincher the doctor originally gave me. So far my swelling is minimal. I have attached a couple pics for you ladies :)

Savings for Arnica products

I haven't used any arnica products by I know it's a big thing on here. I was going through my coupons and saw they had some for arnica in either this week or last week flyer. So keep a eye out ladies

Had a quickie lol

So of course I been telling you ladies hubby feels neglected. My body is feeling great so we got busy today. It was great and he def wasn't soft with it sooo i hope that doesn't bite me on the butt late (literally). Can't wait to fully heal. I have my post op appt tomorrow .

Post op appt

So my appt was for 10:30am. Of course I got there earlier than that time. I wanted and was out by 11. Dr D said everything looks fine. I was kind of worried about a stitch still left in one of my butt cheeks but he said it will come out. He said it looks like he didn't take out a couple of dimples but for me to wear loose garments so that it will even out. I asked him if I could wear jeans and he said yes. I also asked him if I could waist train and he said yes and that was a great idea. He told me to stick with the Leonisa when I asked him and Said I could start sitting but go slow. He took pictures of me and my appointment probably lasted about 5 minutes. I love Dr D but I felt so rushed this time. I understand he's trying to make money but shit I paid how much ? I was getting dressed and by time I put on my leggings he came back in the room. My reaction was to say sorry and he said he had a office full of people -_-. Like dude really? It wasn't like I been in the office for 10 minutes. It probably took me two minutes to get dressed and the reason why that took so long was bc I forgot to put on my underwear lol n I had on a million layers. But anyways , I'm officially 3 weeks :D no bruising and feeling good. Hope you dolls are good :)

When did you start....(vets)?

Good morning ladies, for those who been through the process or going through it... When did you start wearing jeans or plan to wear them? Also when did you stop wearing the back triangle? ...... Side note does anyone have javonica number?

Second week of work down

Hey ladies, I'm almost 4 weeks I believe. Just finished up my second week of work and it does get better as time goes by let me tell you. I officially have no more bruising. For the most part my body is not swollen much. It's just a lil on my back, sometimes stomach and my lips(below). Movement is so much better even though some motion does feel akward. Dr D said I could start sitting but I have been delaying it. I prolly start next week sitting without my pillow (even though I hate the pillow -_-) .i should have told hubby I could sit without the pillow bc he put in his mind that meant I was 100% healed up. No Bueno, I thought he wasn't going easy on me when we first started doing the do but geez he went crazy yesterday. I thinking like dam I hope my butt don't flatten from all this lol smh. After I ran to the mirror to check it out lol. I brought two more leonisas the other day but in size small. Ironically the same day I went to a mall near me and found out a store in there sells them and waist trainers so I had been going all the way to the pink room when I could have just drove up the block. I plan to go to them to get a waist trainer either tonight or tomorrow. I shall post pics with me in it when I get it ;) hope you ladies are well .

Waist training and unexpected sitting

So I ended up going to the mall yesterday and buying a waist trainer. They had Ann Cherry waist trainers and another brand called Curve EZ for the same price of $60. The woman said they didn't have my size in the Ann cherry (she might have been gn it) so I got the Curve Ez brand. Honestly they look exactly alike. They have the same patterns as Ann Cherry. I'm started training today and so far it feels on point. After the mall hubby and I ended up going to a bar to met up with a friend. I stood the whole time, had no problem. Drank on beer and did two shots. Omg idk whether it's bc I haven't drank in a while, I was hungry or my body is just reacting different now but just that little bit of alchol made me type tipsy. After we went out to eat. Ladies I didn't have my pillow ughhhh. I was trying to delay sitting directly on my butt until the exact 4 weeks mark. So I ended up folding up my jacket and sitting on it (ghetto I know lol). It was so awkward and I had to get up a couple times bc it felt sore. When I got home and looked in the mirror I swore I had crushed my butt but hubby telling me it's all there -_-

The Nights

I don't believe I spoke on this. Last night was so horrible I just knew I had to speak on it. I probably woke up about 6 times last night smh. Ladies please be prepared. Make sure you buy tons of pillows please. At night either my neck starts to hurt or my lower back. It's weird bc before the surgery I would sleep on my stomach every now and then. But this is horrible. I'm almost 4 weeks, I can't wait until this stops.


When did you ladies stop wearing your ab boards and back triangles ?


Hey loves, nothing new to report. Waist training officially. Appetite is def decreased. Went out to eat today and I only ate a couple of bites. Hubby loving the new body ;) Tonight Ima try to start sitting on my butt. Hopefully no serious volume loss. Hope you dolls are doing well. Also excuse the rawness. Idc about editing and idgaf if anyone recognize my body. I live in my truth lol , I paid for its mine ;)

So I'm scared ladies

As you ladies know, I have been trying to waist train. Well now it looks like the trainer may be displacing I guess liquid to other areas in my body. I have no clue what is going on but my stomach looks funny (kinda lumpy) bc some areas are caved in while others are puffy (it's soft not hard) the area most puffed out is around my belly button and right at my hip line leading to my lady parts. I just took it off and now I'm wondering if I did perm damage smh.


Hey ladies , so it's been 5 weeks and I started sitting about 3 days ago. Not for long periods just little spurts. It feels weird like i have two bean bags in my back pockets lol. I also get a sore feeing in my thighs of burning sensation on my back. But all is well. My stomach has smoothed out so everything is all well. Still healing up though. One day at a time. Booked the honeymoon so I can't wait to go shopping ; .

Back :D

Hey ladies, I been creeping on here on and off (yes I still creep lol). But I know I haven't been updating like crazy. Honestly, after the first month, maybe a couple weeks things start to slow down and life goes back to normal. My stomach if still hard but softening up, the bump on my side seems to be going down and I seem to be getting a cuff in my checks :D. I started sitting. That has been getting better. Gota ease into ladies, day by day. I also started going back to the gym. My lipo areas burn sometimes especially when I go to the gym and a bit after. But I felt worst lol. No pain no gain right? I'm obsessed with shopping but my pay periods ain't matching up with my obsession so lots of window shopping Lmaooo. I can't wait to start buying things from fashion nova. There clothes look amazing. I had ordered a pair of pants from them but had to send them back bc they were too small :( . I plan on buying some things this week so when I get them I will show u ladies . In the mean time,I attached some updated pictures. Notice I'm wearing the same panties from the beginning of my journey. Major difference . I love my body. Please if you are financially stable do not hesitate on getting a bbl. this has changed my life dramatically. Ooo and hubby get can't enough of it. He likes a dam rabbit lol.

Sharp pains

One they are the worst today. I getting attacked on my stomach, side and now butt :( I can't wait for this stage to be over. This is killing.

Happy V Day ladies

Stopped in Victoria Secret and they end up telling me I'm a 36DDD smh. Mind u I was a 38D. Anyways grab something since I always wanted to dress up and y not today ;) .

2 months update!!!!

Hey ladies, checking in with my 2 months update. Sorry I'm not on here as before but life does go on and recovery starts to slow down but it is a long journey so if you are impatient I suggest you keep it moving bc this recovery is not one two three. No more shocks but I still have some swelling especially doing certain excercises. Pretty much nothing has changed. I'm just working out more. I do not have any scars and my butt is semi hard. I'm currently in a size small waist trainer I brought from Ska store. MzBootyfull and I spent the whole day at the mall yesterday lol. Love shopping now. My current measurements are 38/30/44. As far as supplies go in going to list the items I have brought for and during this journey , please be advised my surgeon stitched up my incision marks so I didn't have any drainage leakage. That's prolly why I also do not have a scar. Here is the list though : iron tablets , bbl pillow by pilaport, Iodex, lipo foam, sweats, hoody, fleece leggings, an board, massager, under shirts, panties, boppy pillow, bio flex belly rings from Spencer's , Tylenol extra strength, Benadryl , go girl, coco butter lotion, compression socks, sports bra that open in the front, clear water proof band aids , cough drops ,prescribed medicine, shower liner , disinfectant wipes, fem wipes, regular baby wipes , gauze , waterproof adhesive tape , non stick sterile pads , pineapples, Pedialyte , ginger tea , ginger , 3 leonisas . For the most part I used almost everything but the gauze, adhesive tape and sterile pads. I did not get any massages, use any arnica products or scar removal products. I brought candula tea but honestly it was a waste of money. I just drunk the ginger tea and put pineapple skin inside of it. I drunk that religiously. I also ate pineapple religiously and Pedialyte at the beginning of recovery. Things have slowed though and I'm fully sitting on my butt now. It now longer hurts but if I lay on my back for too long I get a burning sensation. Hope is all well with you ladies.

Alcohol tolerance

Since the sx I feel like my tolerance has gone down tremendously. Before I used to treat wine coolers like juice/soda but now 1 gets me tipsy. Idk if other dolls are having this issue but I wanted to let u ladies know.

3+ Months Post Op

Hey ladies, it's been a couple weeks after 3 months. I hope all is well with you guys. I have been trying to live it up. Kind of got lazy with exercising for a bit but I'm back on my grind. I also started using lemon for my scars I just realized I got. Yea I know sounds crazy but you can't see them unless I bend over. I was acting stupid with hubby and he was filming me twerking when I looked at the video I seen it . There are not so bad though, just two dots under my cheeks. It just looks unattractive to me. So I started to use lemon bc lemon is a natural skin bleacher. We shall see how this turns out. Have my honeymoon end of May sooo yo know I'm trying to be on fleek. I attached some pics for ya. Unfortunately, I don't think the fairies have come yet. But everyone has been complementing me, I love my body and so happy I did this when I did. Even thinking about a round 2 still but I need to buy my house first. Through this journey I have met new friends through this site and gained a lot of knowledge and confidence through you guys. I had Instagram but I shut it down, wayyyy took much negativity. It's getting hot out there (semi if you in the tri state lol) hope to see more ladies on the other side soon ;) . Ps : we still have to plan that beach trip ladies !!!!

6 Months !!!!

Hey loves, can you believe a half a year has pasted? Sorry I meant to update yesterday but got side tracked. Well let me start by telling you guys i feel 100% back to normal. My butt is def still here and people go crazy over my body. I have seen people I grew up with recently visiting my mom house and everyone raves about my body. I love it and my hubby def love it. He cant get enough of hitting it from the back ( i know tmi) but its amazinggggg lol. I believe I changed into a new person though. Before I used to just throw on clothes and not take much though into how I looked but now my outfit, nails and hair gota b on point and of course I brought lots of new clothes. I went on my delayed honeymoon the end of May and it was amazing ladies. I never felt so good in a bikini. I attached pics of my vaca to show you ladies the current body. I hope all is well with you ladies. Feel free to ask questions. Also dont forget we need to link up for a beach day ;)
Boston Plastic Surgeon

So far the consultation left me with confidence that I have choosen the right surgeon. He eased me with his humor but was also informative.

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