23 Years Old; FINALLY Getting the Body I've Always Dreamed of ! - New York, NY

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I have officially paid for my surgery and now am...

i have officially paid for my surgery and now am counting down the days.
37 DAYS!
i need more preparation, not sure what to buy or prepare for, HELP?
I have a few things in mind/

- Maderma
- Go Girl [ already ordered ]
- BBL Pillow
- Epi Foam? is this reccommended?
- a whole bunch of camis for under the garment "faja"
- pineapple juice for the water retention
- body pillow [ already bought ]

PLEASE let me know what else im missing, this is just a rough draft.
Will post later on who i am moving forward with in NYC and why i chose them.


where do i begin? i have been researching BBL for about 6-8 months because im just tired of not getting the results i expected from constantly tiring myself out at the gym. i am 5"1, 190 lbs. BUT! all the fat in all the right places except my tummy ! YUCK! So, once i discovered BBL and how it uses YOUR fat, i thought ohhhhh boy how luck am i ! i can actually shape my butt into that round juicy booty i been squatting my life away to get! It doesn't hurt that my BF will be happy as well ;)
Anyways, i visited a few places in Manhattan. Majority in the same location, in the 50's by Park Avenue, Madison Avenue or between 5th and 6th. They were nice and clean, but the pricing was very unreasonable and weren’t offering any leeway in pricing.

I ended up moving forward with Dr. Gordon Andan in Advanced Cosmetic Surgery. I was offered a full BBL with liposuction of the lower and upper abdomen, flanks, entire back, arms and thighs. HOW AWESOME IS THAT?! along with a $2,500 discount for booking and keeping my appointment consultation from their website.
The office blew my mind so beautifully designed and fancy if i might say ! The receptionists to the left were a bit ghetto and rude, but otherwise the one i interacted with was a nice asian woman who had enough enthusiasm to fill that room 10x’s over. She had a BBL done BY the surgeon i was coming in to see and she showed me photos and she looked great and healed very well ! I was immediately excited.

When i first met Dr. Andan, he was extremely polite, he was an amazing listener, had me explain everything I wanted and what he could do. He checked the quality of my skin and pretty much sized me up. He then, led me to his office and broke down the procedure piece by piece, answered ALL of my questions before I even had the chance to ask them. He made me feel very comfortable and confident that he in fact knew what he was doing and could give me the results I expected.

36 day countdown officially begins NOW!


PLEASE HELP! my anxiety is through the roof and i need some type of calming from ANYONE who has undergone a bbl under local anesthesia. I am meeting with my doctor today to discuss what the procedure will be like and what my options are in the anesthetic department.

im just so scared im going to feel him poking and prodding me, that is an unbearable thought!

just please, ANY advice will help.


WOW, cant believe i am already here at the 2 week mark. Nervous as HELL, but extremely excited!

I had my Pre-Op Appointment yesterday with Dr. Andan and it went fabulously. He had me go over all of the paperwork and sign on that dotted line ! It was made 100% official yesterday and i took a hell of a deep breath.

Some details: i will be doing a brazilian butt lift fat transfer which includes: smart liposuction of my abdomen, flanks, and back and then a fat transfer to my booty, which is already a nice size, just looking for more volume, projection, and roundness.

He went over all of my 1 million questions and gave me a booklet on my procedure that definitely calmed me alot. it gave all details on what i should be expecting and how to prepare for my surgery, what i will be given, and what to wear.

I was given 2 antibiotics to fill before hand and then sent on my way with a gift bag that had Hibiclens in it for pre & post op.

My next posting, i will detail all of my purchases because i found it hard to get a steady list because everyone is different and bought a variety of things. i discussed everything with Dr. Andan and he basically told me to 1. RELAX! 2. STOP READING SO MUCH!!!!! 3. i needed maybe 6 of the 20 things i had on my list.

I am happy i did research and found realself because without it i would most likely be all over the place. i met an amazing real self sister and we have been helping eachother on our journey, cant be better than this !

14 DAYS TO GO !!!!!!

My Surgery Corner is getting PACKED !

My Shopping List Details :

- Gauze Pads [ non stick ]
- Adhesive Tape [ pain free ]
- 10 Cami's for under garment
- Cocoa Butter Skin Firming Lotion for elasticity
- Always Pads for leakage & discomfort
- Go Girl Female Urinal
-Boppy Pillow
- Arnica Montana 30C [ for bruising and swelling ]
- Chapstick
- Neosporin
- Stool Softener/Mild Laxative
- Waist Trainer for [1 month Post Op or whenever my garment is too large for me! ]
- Bed pads [ lots of fluid leakage first few days ! ]
- New Bed Sheets that i can ruin if need be
- Hibiclens [ day before surgery, day of and 2 days after surgery wash ]


- Maxi dresses
- Large underwear
- 2nd stage garment


OH EM GEE!!!!!

so, today was MY day ! BUT! i get a call yesterday and it just so happens that the medicine [ lydocaine] will not be available for my surgery!!!!! so i have to wait until the delivery comes in THEN they can tell me when i am going to have freaking surgery.

i'm so beyond frustrated, but it is better to be safe than sorry at this point in time. i'm expecting some aggressive lipo so dr. andan better snatch this waist up with all those drugs !

i will keep you all posted and hope that 9/9 is the date ! cause i am R E A D Y !!!!!!!


OFFICIAL DATE: 9/10/2015

IM READY !! ????????????????
New York General Surgeon

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