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So far I have only done the xonsultation with Dr D...

So far I have only done the xonsultation with Dr D and I love all the results ive seen so far. I will be giving my deposit within the next 2 weeks to set up a date. I am currently on leave once I return to work and get approved for my PTO I will give my deposit for April. Lookinf foward to great results !!

switched doctors to dr medina

So i changed drs to dr Taina Medina... had to go to dr in the summer for business and decided to get it done along the way. I chooce dr media due to the rapid response and recomendations from family in DR... I had to chooce between doing it here next year or doing it in dr this year.. i wanted to do it this year so i choose to switch doctors...

Switch to DR Medina from Delvicchio... Deposit Done the Xount Down Begins !!

Finally got my date july 4th, will be doing bbl, lipo full back, and boob implants. So far communication with Dr Media is amazing she replies to her messages thru wassap quickly and answers all questions. She is really sweet and not money hungry like the rest of the doctors in DR. I switched because I am traveling to DR in July for a family reunion so choose to get my procedure done along the way. Shes very informative! ! Love it !! Ready to be a Medina Doll the count down begins !

Looking to Change Date Eith Someone

Am scheduled for BBl with dr medina,i love her work nd her responsiveness to messeges on wassap. So far she is really caring. I looked at alot of doctors before I came to the conclusion that she will deliver the results am looking for.... Right now am looking to switch dates with someone for march ?

It's official

Officially am going to DR medina on 3/14. Ladies let me just say she is a sweer heart. She knew my situation and did everything in her power to help. She really cares about your needs as a patient. She answers her whatsaap daily ! I love it !

Before pics blahh

4 more days

As the day approaches I am getting more nervous cant even sleep !! Not because am scared but because it is nerve racking... I am excited to go to my country even if is just for sx I have 6 years I dont step foot in DR... Am a little upset because I cant find the Urinal and some other things I might need due to the last minute changes I choose to do. But I know everything will be great Dr Medina is the bomb !!!

Leaving to DR tonight

The closer it gets the more nervous am getting ... So my glight leaves today at 11 pm. Finally getting this over with. Ive been looking to get surgery for 2 years researching because didnt want to make a mistake and go to a butcher or someone who gets my results all mixed up. Spoke to Dr Medina assisstant for information as to when I have to go get the lab test and where. I am staying in my house with my cousin so I wont be needing the recovery house or transportation. So I have to go on Sunday to the clinic to get the lab work I dont think ill be seeing DR Medina since I know she doesn't work on weekends. I will keep updating my full journey :)

Out to DR

So today is the day I fly out to DR, as I write this review am on the plane waitting for everyone to finish boarding and off we go. Now am anxious is like -" you are really doing this huh" well yes i am. I will post more information on Sunday after my lab !! Cant wait too see my auntie y cousin after like 6 years... I will admit am a little sad because I am leaving my baby boy with his daddy and I miss them already .. Am too emotional but happy because am finally getting my dream body !


So am here finally, today am meeting up with DR Medinas assiatnt to make the full payment of my procedure at 3:30pm.. Meanwhile am enjoying a nice lunch :) ... So far Dr Medina has been very attentive, her assistant was supposed to contact me with instructions and she didnt so DR Medina reached out to her and she called me right away ! Still havent meet her but so far shes great really attentive !!

Made it to the flat sidee !!

Love itttttt everything medina is lovely !!! Ladies all i can say is prepare mentally because it hurst like hellll !!!!!! Not worst than labor pain but close lol... My assss burns nd my upper belly because of the compression

Day 2

So today marks day 2 after sx. Let me just say this is the most uncomfortable thing everrr!! Idk why in the world would i do this to my self ! But then i look at my figure and understand is all for the beauti, no pain no gain. First and foremost is not a horrible pain is just extremely uncomfortable! As well when u move it hurts is similar to the pain you feel after going to the gym for the first time. My first massage wasn't painful it felt soothing in my opinion. Ladies just know this ain't easy but worth it !

Day 5

So today i feel sooo much better. I had my 5th massage today with Annie. Ladies if u are getting surgery with Medina which I recommend because is the safest doctor in my opinion and as a Dominican myself and knowing the things that have been going on in DR with the surgery ladies please be careful this is no joke. I understand sometimes we want to get everything done perfect the first time nd end up putting our lifes in jeopardy. Is not worth it !!!! Medina is really careful with her procedures and extremely informative as to what you want to get nd what u expect. She is honest nd will tell u if this is possible or not. I've been home nd for the last 5 days any questions or concerns i have are answered any time no buts ! I think that is essential. Well back to my feelings lol annie is amazing with her massages she makes sure she drains the hell out of u lol really painful but u feel soooo much better afterwards it's amazing. I saw Dr Medina last week Thursday for follow up nd i have to go again on Monday for another follow up this is why i love her because she is on top of u and ur recovery and to me that makes her the best DR ! Nd i love my waist nd my results so far its looking good !!

Day 8

I am starting to feel like myself again! I love it that the first horrible days are done. I no longer have any pain from lipo or anything just extreme discomfort on my booty from the bbl. The massages are less painful because I barely have any liquid now. Ladies just a little tip if u want that drain out soon please get massages daily after the first one thats what i did and the drain could come out this Thursday or on Monday. Yes they are really painful but worth it if u want to heal quickly. As well if u try to buy the medication u need for sx over there is cheaper than DR here they are expensive!! Expect to spend 200 dollars on the medication, as well they add 150 dollars for ur surgery cost for am insurance. Massages were 30 dollars for me because she had to come to my house and i was a little far from the clinic !



A pic more than one not uploading



Hate that is only uploading 1 at a time


Day 10

So the drain came out on day 10 Dr Medina advised me not to but it had to come out because i had to leave Saturday and I wasn't coming back with the drain on, i know how stick things are when u have surgery in DR and no one wants to touch you. She explained how i run the risk of a seroma and made me sign a paper and I understand l. I go back to work Monday and I can't return with the drain my company won't allow me in. After the drain comes out u feel like urself again instantaneously! She does have a doctor back in the states that could drain me in case of a seroma, i removed it and i didn't have like a lot of liquid i had but not a lot. I was at 80cc or so in 24hrs less than 100ccs but the drain had to go because am too much of a scary cat to remove it myself on Sunday lol

Two weeks

So i am walking pretty straight by now. I have no discomfort. Only a little bit of liquid on my lower belly, am getting it drained, hope soon getting in contact with the Dr Medina recommended here in NYC. Aside from that everything looks great everyone loving my new body. My bootyy looks huge but I know is swelling wish it starts that way :)

More pics

3rd week update

So far so good, am still getting massages done in queens due to my back still being really swollen and stiff. The scar is healing supper good no problems. One of my back stitches opened but am using Tecassol powder and is closing quick. As far as my results I already love it and as the days go by I love it even more. DRa Medina did an amazing jobb Am in love. One thing i must say is that I feel soo much better, i feel soo much confidence is amazing. All i wear is tights and sweat pants and still get soo much attention anywhere I go because my body looks really good. One rhing i must say, I will never do this crap again lol yes i love it and all but goshh this dam recuperation process is hell..... Lol
Ladies be patient because every day ur body looks different, one day my butt looks bigger than the other lol or my waist looks uneven... Soo be patient you wont see real results until about 6 months !!

New dressess

Bought some dressess, it felt so good trying these onn and looking soo good... Fyi I had sweats and a shirt pluss faja on and still looks great !! I love the way my booty looks :)

4 weeks PO

Still love my results of course a few things I wish were done didn't like my hips I wish I had more hips but still not considering round 2 lol I will never ever put myself thru this again lol. Am still getting massages and getting drained as well from my back and my abdomen. Ladies the Maria E faja is extremely uncomfortable buy the Fajate fajas they are more confy. As far as my bbl I stopes using the pillow atfter 10 days it was hell trying to sleep with it. My butt hasn't went down at all I still have the same booty. My lower abdomen still has a little pouch from the liquid. I feel much better now and am back to doibg everything I did before since week 3 . Medina still in touch with me asking how I feel and to sedn pics to keep up eith my recovery

5 week PO

So I am officially 5 weeks PO, with all honesty I feel like myself 100% but my lower back is still sore and the whole where the drain was inserted is still closing, aside from that everything's looking good. I haven't been itching yet. Am still getting massages and am on a small faja on the last clip, am using the ab board because the faja was dividing my belly. My butt is still the same I thought it will be getting smaller and it hasn't nd is not swollen or stiff is very fluffy. Am still Washing my scar with anti bacterial soap, bd am still using the cream Medina used on my scar once she washed it. Am starting scar away this week to make my scar lighter. My scar is very thin. Am still in love with my results, ladies get ready for the attention is crazyy !! I feel a bit uncomfortable because am not used to all this attention but when i say it feels good !!! Dolls it feels amazing!!!
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