21 Yrs Old . Getting Bbl with Ayman Shahine - New York

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Hey everyone im 21 years old and expecting a bbl...

Hey everyone im 21 years old and expecting a bbl with ayman next month . I chose him because hes here in nyc . My first choice was duran but dominican republic seems so risky 2 girls recently died over there this month due to bacteria . I went for a consultation and met one of his staffs but not him yet

Wish pics

I weight only 122 pounds im a little petite but i have fat around my back and stomach . Nothingg too serious


Does is matter if the garment is the one that it short instead of the ones that are above your knees , i a little worried of it ends up creasing my butt after surgery

New bbl journey in progress

So i did my bbl a year ago with ayman , not happy at all first of all i got there i waited from 9 pm till 8 am to get surgery . Then i go inside he starts the anesthesia process and that was hell . He pokes you with a needle like 100 times all over the areas that are being lipoed . Your body swells up and when he was cutting the incisions to enter he canula i felt it and told him i neeed more anesthesia , then as he starts sucking my fat out . I felt some spots and i again told him i felt it and he was getting upset and impatient telling the "nurse/helper" to hold me . But it hurt like hell which is why i kept moving . He then talks to his workers with a certain weird language which i find highly disrespectful . When he injects the fat in your butt that shit hurts and he gets upset if you move or cry out . He was on the phone while doing that . After i was done his workers wrap me up in those potty pads you use for dogs to pee on . And didnt even walk me out my mom had to come . Weeks past and swelling was going down and i started noticing areas with fat . That werent properly lipoed . Including back . My outer thighs fat turned into lumps i had to get really hard massages so the fat can go away there and the lumps can get removed . He doesnt even mold your butt after he injects your fat . I went 3 times!!!! For post op apppointments i left at 2 am waiting all times . And today i look the same as when i went it probably a little slimmer waste but my butt looks worst then how i had it . Looks like it went down . And trust me when i say i always had a perky butt . Im doing cabral or dra cynthia disla this november though ;) and his time with breast lift with implants
New York OB/GYN

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