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I'm looking to see if anyone has got a bbl surgery that really loved the outcome. I am new to this I'm 21 and I'm 5"9 I weigh exactly 170. The two picture of the cheetah underwear is me however the other is what I want it to look like. Could it be possible? Help! Need a good plastic surgeon


So my date to head out to Miami for the BBL (I accidentally clicked on butt revision ) nooo I'm getting the fat transfer to the booty! Im very frightened. I get a lot of anxiety so I feel like il freak out. I've wanted this since I was 15. Never have had a love relationship with my body. I'd say my face was always my boost. However I am the chubby one out of my sisters and mom and as you all who suffer from weight SHOPPING IS PAINFUL! I wanted to cry almost every time in the fitting room. Squeezing my fat back and staring into the mirror.. Turning around and seeing something I hated. I was once thin however I was build with no hips or butt.. Just boobs. I'm 5'9 I'm tall so I don't look huge but if I were to wear a dress il just look disproportional. I actually got my 4 wisdom teeth out 1 week ago and it was my first time getting put to sleep with anesthesia.. I was freaking out( I was more nervous about getting put to sleep than all the tools surrounding me that I was staring at. ) I'm mentioning this because I over came that!! My mother told I was sticking my middle finger up at the ladies in the room. IMF I have no idea.. Anyways please pray for me !! I leave NY the 29th and will get operated the 30th, my friend is coming with me and we both are getting it done on the same day except she's getting it done with Hassan! I forgot to mention I paid 5000 overall but my coordinator was helpful and she got me the discount which I'm getting lipo on my arms as well and 2 massages included as well as the faja.

22 Years Old. No Kids.

I'm very nervous. I'm 11 days away from heading to Miami to get the BBL with dr. Fisher. I've seen updates on his work and I'm loving all of then HOWEVER, I keep seeing that most of the ladies after math has complications (fluid -loss of blood) I'm very nervous and I get bad anxiety. Please pray 4 me!


So I just got a call from vanity telling me that Dr. Fisher will not be available the 30th of my surgery. To me, I was very discouraged and felt it was unprofessional considering now I have to see if I can change my flight (mind you I live in New York) now my friend who was supposed to get the same surgery the same day as me is left with with worry. She is having surgery with Dr. Hassan. The lady Gabriella told us we can reschedule to a sooner date October 26th and get to Miami the 25th. Crossing my fingers I can change this flight

Sorry I'm late! (2weeks)

Okay ladies and gents (if by any chance their is any) so I'm just going to be very straight up! It's been 2 week exact today since my surgery with doctor fisher! I feel terrible not writing my every day experiences but I have no idea how some of you ladies who've got this done can even have the energy to write on here!! Omg the first day of my surgery when I woke up I was in terrible pain! I mean HORRIBLE (I know I can't be over dramatic because my friend had it done the same day as me and she felt the same way) okay so I wake up and I remember being freezing cold (the nurse had put a heated blanket on me but still I was shaking) I remember hearing this one girl who had just woke up from her surgery shout and I mean SCREAM "help me , help me, omg give me pain killers!!" She kept going on and on and I just remember being freezing thinking to myself wtf hello I can't breathe (I was face down) so the nurse gave me Gatorade and a mask. Now, I'm very crazy I have no patience , let's just say my adrenaline from the pain and hearing this girl scream idk how I managed to get off the bed while nurse was with the screaming lady and u start trying to run out the room not knowing I had the I.v in my hand still so I tripped and the nurse yelled at me at sat me on my knees on a sofa in the room because I refused to lay back down. I remember crying to her asking her where my mother was (mind you my friend had got out the surgery before me so she went to take her to the hotel and then to get me. Thank god for the rented car and the hotel being close) my mom finally came and got me and the wheel chair tool me to car where I had to kneel on my knees. Okay so I took a 5-535 perkiset which did nothing but get me WEAK , not hungry and nauseous, constipated. Verse my friend who got doctor Hassan prescribed her something else, she seemed to have more energy. The next day was horrible. I wanted to throw up , didn't want to eat or walk. I just felt miserable and depressed (not to mention I got my period the next day) I just turned 22 by the way. Let's just say if my mom wasn't there I couldn't of done it. I feel bad now because I was a complete bitch. She even wiped my butt when I finally did number 2.. Which was a pain to do! For Halloween I was in hotel all week crying and depressed. It's 2 weeks now and in back in ny I feel a lot better. Still feel numb and itchy but nothing compared to the first 5 days. Talking from my experience I would never get cosmetic surgery again. I am still a bit traumiitized. But here are some pictures and videos of my new butt .

Nobody shows any love !!

Here is another picture


So I only had 5 massages while being in Miami 1 days after surgery... But it's been 3 weeks exact tomorrow and I have this lump in my stomach. Almost looks like a fibrosis .. :( the only location they have lymphatic massages is in New Jersey and I'm from upstate New York. So I'm kinda feeling down ???? also, I was wondering if anyone knew if I can get a regular massage (I feel like that's what it felt like when I got the massages) and if I can wear a waist trainer to give me compression ?

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Well here you go guys
Miami Plastic Surgeon

Love my results. Just wish he cared more about his patients and was able to contact and see us more. He basically gets handed the money , is very nice in person than disappears after surgery.

4 out of 5 stars Overall rating
3 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
2 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
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5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
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