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I’m finally getting my revision Rhinoplasty...

I’m finally getting my revision Rhinoplasty surgery next week with Dr. Phillip Miller! Before making my decision to go with this doctor, I saw a well-known surgeon in California and another two here where I live in NYC. Since I got my first rhinoplasty in Miami, it was such a difficult ordeal from me. Having to recover at a hotel versus the comfort of my home was hard, and what was even harder was not being able see the doctor in person during my freak out recovery moments through which I could only call and email him pictures. I feel safer now that I’m undergoing my revision rhino with a very skilled doctor in my own city, Dr. Phillip Miller, and the added bonus is that he is double board certified so I know I’m in good hands. Both the doctor and his staff answered all of my questions thoroughly and were very professional. They spent about an hour with me…. from taking pictures, to altering these pictures to my desired results post-surgery, and answering my many questions/concerns. Also I went in for a second visit with my mom so that she could get a feel for the doctor as well. The traumatic effects of my primary surgery not only affected me, but it affected my whole family. They experienced the emotional roller coaster with me from tears, to self- esteem issues, etc. It has been a journey full of lots of hardships.

I am definitely both nervous and excited for my surgery to happen next week. All I can do at this point is to put myself in God’s hands and trust that I will have wonderful results =).

I'll continue to update once the surgery happens….

So here are some before pics...

Here are some before pictures. I'm hoping for:
- a straight bridge
- eliminate the bulbous tip and achieve more refined tip
- more symmetrical and even nostrils (one is more flared than the other)

Surgery is on Wedensday! Will post some more then :)

Home from Surgery

Hi just got home from surgery :), still a little woozy

Happy Valentine's Day!

It's Valentine's Day and I'm stuck in bed recovering lol...womp womp. But I'm def not suffering from FOMO because its way too cold outside here in NYC hehe...feels like we're in the negatives eek.
So here is an updated pic of my second day. I got some bruising going on in my inner and under eye area. Now this purple bruising has turned into a light yellow today since I've been taking about 5 pellets 3 times a day of 200k Arnica montana and have been applying Arnica Gel as well in the under eye area. This along with a cold eye mask is helping to reduce the bruising completely. Oh I've also been drinking lots of pineapple juice which I read other rhinoplasty patients drank to reduce swelling.

So far everything is going ok aside from the fact that I still can't breath through my nose, which the doctor advised that I should be doing, but since I had a semi cold symptoms before the surgery I contributed the not breathing part to that. I also tried thoroughly cleaning my nose and I see some skin tissue inside the nostril area. Idk if this is normal, if it could be swollen skin inside the nostril or excess skin which was left in there (I really hope that's not the case). This is kind of worrying me, I will be checking in with the Doctor tonight on this to see what he says.

To be continued...

On My Way to Get This Cast Off =)

The Moment of Truth!

Here is a picture of my nose, 2 days after the cast came off. I didn't post one sooner as I was looking all crazy because the skin on my nose had a bad reaction from the tape and it being suffocated under the cast for a week. Thankfully my skin cleared up a bit and now it's just peeling a lot.

Sooooo I don't know how I feel about my nose yet. My brother says I look like Pinocchio =(...but I'm hoping that it's due to the swelling on the tip. The doctor said that my nose will start to come down after some time. Well on the plus side, the bridge is straight and I feel as though the tip is more defined compared to the first surgery where I was left with a swollen bulbous tip.
I have to remind myself that it's about improvement, not perfection. I will continue to post pictures as my nose progresses :)

P.s. Doctor's Work: I had a collapsing bridge due to the over filing of cartilage in the first surgery, so the doctor had to use radiated rib to sustain the bridge of my nose.
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